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Exploring Spring in Australia: 8 Essential Facts

Spring weather descends on earth, bestowing warmth on the foliages longing to bask under the sun. The world awakens to glorious sunshine and birds chirping, flowers blooming; Spring indeed is a season of hope, change, and radiance. But do you know when does spring start in Australia?

Due to Australia’s location with respect to other continents, it’s deemed a whole distinct world. The small continent is a spectacular stage of jacarandas, wildflowers in its glorious blooms, and many other flower festivals held during Spring in Australia.

Spring brings in warmer weather and umpteen of other changes. Trees are loaded with blossoms swaying in the sunshine; many flowers grow like daffodils and tulips cheering up the surroundings. Spring in Australia descends while bringing a refreshing change in the landscape of the region.

Wait! Before jumping on to Spring in Australia, let’s talk about all seasons that flip the pages of this beautiful continent.

Spring in australia
By Pedro Szekely on Flickr.Copyright 2022

Seasons in Australia

1. What Causes Seasons?

Seasons change because the earth rotates at an angle as it orbits the sun. It means that during the middle of the year, the northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere inclines closer to the sun.

The part which is in the closest proximity receives more light and heat in the summer months, whereas the far side of the sun has less light and heat and is colder.

Before setting out for Australia, it is essential to grasp some knowledge about its weather patterns, which varies richly across seasons. Remember that Australia’s seasons are not in sync with yours. Australian seasons are primarily in contradiction of what the northern hemisphere experiences, so if it’s summer up there, it’s winter down here.

spring in australia
By tatters on Flickr.Copyright 2022

2. Seasonal Variations

In the northern hemisphere, Australia’s seasons fall at opposite times to those. Each season begins on the first day of the calendar month and is clustered in groups of 3. Hence, summer is from December to the end of February, autumn from March to May, winter from June to August, and Spring in Australia is from September to May November.

When comparing items with the northern hemisphere, it is important to keep the first day of the month in mind instead of 20 or 21. By doing this, you can be sure to cross the globe without hindrance, depending on the weather.

So plan with this information on weather and rainfall in Australia’s capital cities.

3. Summer Months (December, January, February)

Hot weather, blazing sun overhead, nature drenched in golden sunshine are synonymous with the Australian summer. During this time, people find ways to enjoy the warmth of the sun and simultaneously keep themselves cool. The summer months are defined in the following way: summer, the three hottest months, December, January, and February.

It is the most preferred time for holidays, & people across Australia plan trips, travel tours either to other regions of Australia or a different continent altogether.

Apart from the vibrant natural conditions, summer also accompanies the season of ripening of soft fruits like peaches, juicy tomatoes and red bright strawberries. Home gardens are indeed a sight to behold, churning colourful fruits and vegetables throughout summer.

Beaches attract an overpouring crowd driving out the paleness and silence of winter months. Discover the white-sand beaches of Esperance, Kayak with pods of dolphins in Byron Bay or go hiking in Tasmania’s stunning trails.

spring in australia
by Rob Deustcher on flickr.Copyright 2022

4. Autumn Season (March, April, May)

After summers arrive, the autumn, also known as fall in some parts of the country. The three transition months, March, April and May, change the entire landscape and floral beauty of the country. The lush green vegetation cover imbibes the hues of bright orange, red, amber, yellow, and ochre, complementing the cool temperatures. Farm crops are ready for harvest, and the farmers start preparing fields for the next season, i.e. winters.

Trees of Orange and in cloud forests of Yarra Valley present breathtaking views at this time of the year. Tourists flock in considerable numbers to especially gaze at the red-gold shades of trees in Australia.

This season also brings about various traditional wine festivals, giving the invaluable opportunity to enjoy the finesse of its excellent wine. Also, behold the authentic ways of winemaking in the country.

5. Winter (June, July, August)

Commonly called ‘white winters‘ since snow covers the length and breadth of the region. The Australian Alps, south of the country, harbours expansive ski fields promising adventure in the form of skiing and winter sports. Grouped as the three coldest months June, July and August.

People who aren’t really fond of cold winters can try out multiple possibilities waiting in the Northern parts of Australia like Darwin and Kimberley. You’ll get warm days and cooler evenings, an ideal combination to go out and explore the incredible nature.

Cairns and Whitsundays experience balmy days with temperature, humidity levels, and an ideal water temperature perfect for exploring the Great barrier reef. Don’t forget to head out on a boat to spot the majestic & playful whales as they migrate north.

Winter wildlife is exceptionally lively. Visitors will be thrilled to witness kangaroos, koalas, pelicans, wallabies and many other representatives of different species. The underwater world looks beautiful too. One can enjoy a spectacular view of coral reefs by simply visiting one of the world’s many ski resorts. This is the ideal time to visit Australia.

spring in australia
By Tatters on Flickr.Copyright 2022

6. Spring in Australia (September, October, November)

Finally, the Spring in Australia is treasured with the refreshing weather, vibrant clusters of flowers blossoming, carnivals, travelling to kangaroo islands and many more. It is defined by grouping the calendar months like – Spring – the three transition months September to November.

The period from September to November is an exotic blend of the three seasons preceding the spring season in Australia. There are plenty of rainy days, with October featuring the wettest month of the year.

Garden & Flower Festivals

Spring brings with it the beginning of many festivals across cities and states, like the Floriade flower festival in Canberra, Kings Park Festival in Perth, Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers in Queensland and Tesselaar Tulip Festival in Victoria.

Sometimes often called the sweet flowering season, the time of Spring in Australia is sure to visit around and smell the beautiful fragrance of flowers in New South Wales, lilac city festival, Australian springtime flora festival, Jacaranda Festival in Grafton, Tulip Time festivals in Bowral, the Southern Highlands.

spring in australia
By denisbin on flickr.Copyright 2022
Melbourne Cup

Held in Victoria, It is the most prestigious annual thoroughbred horse race held on the first Tuesday of November in the spring season of Australia.

The Carnival is a world-class event that includes the best races, entertainment, fashion, culture, food and wine all in one place – Flemington. Enjoy and withhold the charisma of the nation-building celebration! Held within four days, it is unequalled in its respect for its culture and is an unforgettable social event of the year.

Including the famous Melbourne Cup Day, other three important race days: Victoria Derby Day, Oaks Day and Stakes Day, the Melbourne Cup Carnival holds a unique position in world racing. There is no comparable church anywhere that celebrates races of the perfect type like Melbourne. Isn’t Spring in Australia adorable?

spring in australia
By Chris Phutully/Flickr.Copyright 2022
Spring Activities

Spring is a good time inside and out. You can enjoy the beaches of Sydney. Don’t worry about dry skin because Spring in Australia is not as hot as summer. Go for a swim, or a boat ride to Manly or Bondi. Other great places to visit in Sydney include the Opera House, Harbor Bridge, Rocks, Royal Botanic Gardens, Hyde Park, Chinatown, Darling Harbor and NSW Art Gallery.

If you want to escape in peace, Spring is the perfect time to go for a day trip outside the city to find places in the northern territory, south Australia and Western Australia. For example, driving down the South Coast for good road trips, relaxation and fishing, jungle walks and whale watching in Royal National Park.

7. The Wet Season in Australia

Similar to the seasonal patterns of other countries, Australia also has four seasons round the year; summer, autumn, winter and Spring. However, in the far north, Australia witnesses only 2 seasons, the wet season and the dry season, due to the tropical condition of the region.

The wet season stretches for six months, starting from December and continuing till March. The wet season is also referred to as the monsoon season, with the average temperature touching 30 to 40 degrees celsius. High humidity is bound to occur as the air tends to hold a lot of water vapour in it.

Where To Visit

Travel to Katherine at the end of the rainy season to watch the enrapturing Nitmiluk Gorge flowing fiercely.

The rain forest is gripped with bright colours, and the waterfalls are full and spectacular. The Great Barrier Reef is relatively quiet at this time of year, so it is ideal for snorkelling and diving, though you should also wear a wetsuit to protect yourself from the elements. spring in australia

by Andrea Schaffer on Flickr. Copyright 2022

8. Dry seasons (May to October)

At the top end, the dry season runs from May till October, with temperatures ranging between 21 degrees – 32 degrees F. Sunny days with low humidity levels and a comfortable night make it an attractive prospect to tourists. It also offers recreational activities such as bushwalking, camping, and cycling.

This weather favours multiple events in Top End like Darwin festival, Barunga Festival, and also the very favourite V8 Supercars.

9. Which Season Gets The Most Rain?

Autumn is undoubtedly scheduled with rainy days. Autumn begins on March 1 and continues throughout the April and May months. Spanning the rest of the year, the amount of rainfall is minimal.

Cyclones occur between the months of November and April. This phenomenon is typical of the tropical regions within Australia. The northern areas usually experience heavy storms, incessant rainfall and also cyclones.

The Best Season To Visit Australia

Spring and autumn are believed to be the best weather months to travel in Australia. Besides, the continent has multitudes of places to visit within different time zones.

From December to February, the beaches in Sydney seem captivating to behold. March to May is the fall season when the whole of Canberra is illuminated with lights whiLE Melbourne gears up for the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Summers give an opportunity to take a dip in blue waters and also hike the overland track of Tasmania. Close to the middle of the year, from June to August, winters set in, promising a rip-roaring snow skiing in the Australian Alps.

So, get ready to behold the enrapturing Spring in Australia!

spring in australia
By Lenny K Photography on Flickr.Copyright 2022


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