When Is Autumn In Australia: 3 Reasons To Visit In Autumn

Australia’s seasons are very prominent. The country experiences summer, winter, spring and autumn. All these seasons have different kinds of weather and influence the day-to-day life of the people in this country.

Autumn in Australia generally starts in March, unlike in the northern hemisphere. Read on to know more about when is autumn in Australia.

Some Facts About Australia’s Seasons

The northern hemisphere of Australia experiences different seasons from that of the southern hemisphere. People in the northern hemisphere generally experience two seasons throughout the year. Whereas those living in the southern half get to experience the Australian summer, winter, autumn and spring.

When Is Summer In Australia

December, January and February are the summer months in Australia. During these months, the weather here is hot and humid. December is considered the hottest month of all three months.

During this season, people are seen looking for various ways to keep themselves cool and save themselves from the hot scorching heat. Some people visit the beaches occasionally, whereas some sit in the shady areas of the gardens. Some people also consider this season the best for going on vacations.

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Warm days in Australia are also the best seasons for enjoying soft and unique fruits. Strawberries, peaches, and tomatoes have the best taste during this weather.

Sports lovers are also seen enjoying cricket and tennis during this season.

When Is Autumn In Australia

The season, also known as ‘fall’, experiences beautiful weather and transitions in this country. Autumn in Australia stays from March to May, which is considered the best weather. The month of March to May are also known as the three transition months.

Suppose you plan to visit North Australia during autumn. In that case, it is suggested to postpone the trip to the late autumn as North Australia experiences wet and stormy weather in the initial days of autumn. During this season, the country gets to see the transformation of the lush green environment into the orche, red and orange environment.

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During March, April and May, the leaves of most of the trees turn brown, yellow or red. After changing their colour, the trees eventually start to shed their leaves.

It is also the perfect season for harvesting crops. During this time, most fruits like apples and pears are ripe enough to be picked. People who love gardening and planting are also seen planting carrots, sprouts and cabbages during this time of the year. These plants will bear vegetables during winters.

One of the significant events in Australia, which is their football season, also begins during this time of the year.

When Is Winter In Australia

Winter in Australia is very prominent as it appears right after autumn in Australia. The winters that hit Australia recently are colder than they used to be a few years back. People in this country often experience rainy days and storms during this season. These rains and storms decrease the temperature even further.

People in some places of Australia also get to experience snowfall. Places experiencing snowfall are relatively cold than the other places in the country. People of these places often visit the mountains to enjoy the snow and experience various snow-related sports.

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During this season, most trees are seen without their leaves, some birds are seen here, and the others fly to different places. Some even move to other continents. All these birds return to their home country once the dry season is over.

It is the ideal time for the farmers to plough and prepare their fields for spring planting.

Rugby and soccer are the winter sports that the people of this country play during this season. At the same time, some are seen enjoying the cosy weather in their house by watching television or playing games.

When Is Spring In Australia

The spring season prevails from September to November. During this time, the country’s weather changes significantly as the weather starts to get warmer. Despite the warm days, the people of Australia experience a lot of rain during this season.

Trees are seen with new and fresh leaves. There are blossoms everywhere. You will be able to see new flowers and fruits bearing on most of the plants. The country looks radiant and alive during this time of the year. The rain makes everything look fresher and greener.

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Apart from the plants, animals and birds also experience the amazing weather of this season. Many animals give birth to newborn babies, and birds are seen laying eggs during spring. Some birds also make beautiful nests during September, October and November.

Wet And Dry Season In Australia

The seasons of Australia are divided into two main categories, namely – the wet season and the dry season. The wet season in places like Airlie Beach, Broome, Darwin and Cairns starts from November and lasts till about April. The weather during this season is generally humid, hot and rainy.

The dry season in Australia starts roughly from May and lasts till about October. During this time, the country faces dry and hot weather with significantly less or no rain. The southern half of the country experiences more distinct season changes than the northern hemisphere.

Reasons To Visit Australia In Autumn

Australia seasons are plentiful throughout the year and therefore is ideal for visiting. There are around three transition months for spring in Australia: September, October, and November. Likewise, there are three hottest months December, January, and February. For autumn, the transition months are March, April, and May.

But the best season to visit Australia is in autumn. Listed below are some reasons that make autumn the ideal month for visiting Australia.

1. No Worry For Excess Heat

Even though Australia experiences excellent weather throughout the year, this country’s summer might seem very humid for sure tourists. It is therefore suggested to visit this place during autumn to avoid this heat.

During the calendar months of autumn, the heat loses its intensity and becomes much more pleasant. The comfortable and pleasant weather ensures you can enjoy your trip to the fullest without worrying about the sunburns or getting drained by the harsh sun.

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You are going to experience warm days and cool nights during March. During April, you are sure to experience mixed temperatures. But if you are planning to visit the southern hemisphere of the country, it is better to keep your sweaters aside as of now.

May, the last among the autumn months, will provide crisp and cool nights. Some cities experience moderate temperatures during this time, whereas some experience cold weather.

2. You Can Pack Light

You can pack your bags depending on the place you want to visit If you are visiting the southern hemisphere of the country, you can always opt for light packing as this region does not experience cold weather during this time of the year. But if you are planning to visit the northern hemisphere of the country, you might want to pack some sweaters.

Generally, the Australian weather is not that cold; it is more to the bearable side. But if you ask a citizen of Australia, they are sure to tell you their freezing stories about the winters.

The Sub-tropical region of Australia experiences a mixture of hot and cold weather during this time of the year. All this adds up to packing less, so you will save a lot of money on extra luggage.

3. You Will Be Able To Save Money

You will be able to save money by visiting Australia during the autumn season because the peak time for visiting this country is summer. Most parents visit this country with their kids during the summer and summer holidays. As a result, the rent of the hotel rooms and homestays are at a hike during that period.

Some people also prefer to travel during the winter season. They find it pleasant and comfortable to travel during the winter rather than summer.

Keeping all these in mind, the crowd during the month of autumn in Australia stays limited. Therefore, the hotels, homestays, and transportation rent remains moderate.

Places To Visit During Autumn In Australia

There are some places that you can visit during the autumn season. Some of the top places you can visit during this are listed below.

  • Melbourne

Though you can visit this place in all four seasons, it is suggested that you visit Melbourne during autumn in Australia. You will also enjoy fantastic food and drinks at the Melbourne food and wine festival that takes place during this time.

  • Sydney

The advantage of visiting Sydney during this time is that you can experience the Royal Easter Show and the Autumn Racing Festival. You will be able to see the city decorated in more light.

  • Canberra

You will be able to witness the annual Canberra Comedy Festival that takes place during this time of the year.


Many people are often confused with the fact that when is autumn in Australia? It is one of the most common problems. The country experiences all six seasons, but some parts of Australia, like the northern territory and South Australia, have some climate changes.

People often visit this place during the summer and winter holidays, but there are many things that you can do in Australia during the autumn season. You can even visit Western Australia and spend some quality time there.

Feel free to visit any part of Australia during autumn and have a fantastic experience.

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