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6 Euphoric and Biggest Cities in Australia

There must be many places on your bucket list that you want to travel to before you turn 30. Out of all, Australia can be such a place that you must visit either in vibrant summers or in the frosty weather and explore the biggest cities in Australia. Australia makes it a perfect choice for traveling, or better yet, moving here and starting fresh as well.

Natural wonders, waterfalls, national parks, wide-open landscapes, beaches, and mountains are amongst Australia’s most well-known features and the best offerings on the planet. Australia is among the world’s most densely populated countries, with more than 10 biggest cities in Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and Perth.

Australia has significant and largest urban areas in the world and is the second-best nation in the world to reside in, as per the United Nations, due to its high quality of life rating. It is at the top because of its excellent educational opportunities, populous cities, long life expectancy, and socioeconomic happiness and well-being.

This article lists the biggest cities in Australia and the most populated cities in Australia which are worth a visit at least once in your lifetime.

6 Euphoric and Biggest Cities in Australia

1. Adelaide in South Australia

Photo by Thomas Gasson on Flickr

Adelaide city is the capital of Southern Australia, the largest city in the state, Australia’s fifth-most populated city, and one of the biggest cities on the Continent. This state capital, named after Queen Adelaide, was built in 1836 as the projected capital for Australia’s only freely populated British provincial capital. At present, it has a strong political presence amongst the local government areas.

Adelaide is the cheapest capital city amongst the most populated cities in Australia, and hence attracts students from all over the world. Adelaide’s housing and food costs are the lowest in the country.

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is famous for its festivals, delicious food, and quality wine areas which are just a few kilometers away from the city center. There is always something fascinating going on in Adelaide and some of the nation’s top restaurants and local bars with a crowded calendar of events.

What to do in Adelaide?

Adelaide is the capital cosmopolitan seaside of Southern Australia. The Art Exhibit of South Australia, that has throngs of amazing displays, including notable Traditional arts, and the Southern Australia Gallery, that is devoted to historical events, are both located on the River Torrens’ parkland ring.

Adelaide Fest international art exhibition in the city, including film and fringe events as well. Are you exploring what fun things you can do in Adelaide? This popular city will offer you everything you would want- art, cuisines, festivals, culture, and entertainment thrives throughout the city.

Bask in the sun on one of Australia’s numerous picture-perfect shores, explore stylish inner-city malls, dine at world-famous dining establishments, sip your way through a vibrant small bar culture, or enjoy some of the country’s best wine areas.

As one of the biggest cities in Australia, Adelaide rapidly earned the moniker ‘City of Churches’ due to the sheer number of churches built in the area. Many of these areas still exist, are in use now, and their exquisite architecture provides a fascinating glimpse into the city’s history.

One can enjoy the buzzing nightlife with delicious and traditional food eateries, a bustling café and bar scene, and a good boutique for shopping.

Adelaide – A Foodie’s Dream Come True

biggest cities in australia
Image Source: Depositphotos

Central Market in the city proudly calls itself ‘Adelaide’s food hub’ for a specific reason. With 80 shops underneath one canopy, it is one of Australia’s largest fresh fruit and vegetable marketplaces. It is equipped with a diverse range of products to choose from, including delicious bakeries and cafes, gourmet pies, sweet treats, and a prominent, delicious charcuterie.

It also offers live entertainment every Friday, as well as a variety of fests throughout the year, including culinary classes, edible gift-making workshops, kids’ school holiday projects, and even a vegan festival.

Adelaide’s eateries range from 16-course degustation to real Pepperoni pizzerias, African-inspired restaurants, and fine dining in ancient-style dining areas. You can hop on a culinary safari and taste your way across the city’s foods and beverages.

2. Perth in Western Australia

Photo by Pedro Szekely on Flickr

Landing itself on the list of biggest cities in Australia, Perth, Australia’s fourth-biggest city, is the heart of a metropolitan area that houses roughly three-quarters of the state’s population. The excellent venues for outdoor excursions are a lovely setting sitting atop the flowing Swan River, with a line of sparkling beaches alongside.

Sailing, diving, fishing, swimming, and rowing are all popular activities alongside the sunshine coast and picturesque Kings Park. Located in the heart of the metropolis, Perth is brimming with natural woodlands and panoramic vistas.

It houses the world’s largest collection of precious investment gold bars, Australia’s sole precious metal plants, and the world’s biggest and most successful gold coin, a one-tonne gold coin. This gold coin attracts various businessmen in this field to Perth.

The Best Experiences in Perth 

Perth, one of the biggest cities in Australia, is surrounded by the best natural landscapes in Australia. Western Australia’s capital is located where the Swan River joins the southwest coast and is amongst the most populous cities of Australia.

The city’s outskirts are lined with sandy beaches, the massive, riverside Kings Park and Botanical Garden on Mount Eliza, offering panoramic views to the viewers.

The Perth Cultural Centre, which includes its central courtyard, theatre, bookstore, and the Art Gallery of Western Australia, is home to the opera companies and state ballet. As per Mercer’s 2016 Quality of Living report, Perth is the world’s 21st greatest city to live in. This is a step forward for WA’s capital city, which was ranked 22nd in 2015.

As one of the biggest cities in Australia, Perth has been recognized as one of the safest cities around the world.

What is Perth Famous for?

Perth has fashioned itself as one of the world’s finest holiday destinations without ever trying. It has been recognized for its endless sunlight, gold coast, stunning beaches, soft-sand coastlines, picturesque, lively metropolis of small pubs, innovative eateries, and unique street art.

Perth is an urban paradise within Western Australia’s enormous natural landscape, which is why the residents adore it. Art museums, outdoor breweries, laid-back neighborhoods, and major events all coexist together. A journey to Perth is sure to be remarkable, with neighbouring wineries and even lovable quokkas.

3. Sydney, New South Wales in Southeastern Australia

Photo by Andrew Milling on Flickr

Sydney is the buzzing capital of New South Wales. Sydney, Australia’s largest city, is located on the country’s southeastern coast and, with its magnificent harbor and strategic location, is among the most important ports in the South Pacific.

The domed Harbour Bridge and the prestigious Royal Botanical Garden are alongside, making Darling Harbour and the Circular Quay port centers of riverside life. The Skywalk, an aerial platform at Sydney Tower, provides 360-degree views of downtown and suburbs.

Sydney is consistently ranked amongst the world’s ten best and most livable places. Globalization and World Cities Research Network has designated it as an Alpha World City.  The National Library of New South Wales, originally established in 1826, is also located in Sydney.

Discover Sydney and its Wholesome Culture

Sydney’s cultural life is vibrant and multicultural. The artistic, cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and traditional communities showcase many of the distinct cultures that make up Sydney’s tapestry. Sydney is a large international metropolis with a thriving artistic culture that includes musical, dramatic, visual, intellectual, and other forms of expression.

Only a few outstanding towns in the world provide unequaled swimming, sailing, surfing, cruising, and other outdoor recreation activities. Numerous beaches in the Sydney harbor are breathtaking and each is better than the previous one. Also, the surfing beaches to the south and north of the city are world-famous.

Head over to the Hunter Valley or Bondi, for example, which is only a short distance from the city centre. The gold coast and sunny beaches on the Palm Beach peninsula and in Manly are spectacular.

Buzzing Food Scene in Sydney

Amongst the biggest cities in Australia, one can argue that the best Aussie food in Sydney Harbour is also the best of the world’s culinary industry, served with the city’s signature flair.

While it is undeniable that you can find delicious food from all over the world in Australia’s largest metropolitan, there are several typical Australian dishes that you should try when you are here.

A variety of wonderful fish species from the lush Pacific waters off the coastline, as well as the hipster’s favourite avocado, are a must-try. You can also have a look at the 10 Best Restaurants in Sydney to dine in, taste the best dishes, and make the most out of your visit.

4. Brisbane in Northeastern Australia

Photo by Bertknot on Flickr

Brisbane, one of the biggest cities in Australia, also called ‘Brissie’ by the locals, is Queensland’s capital city, located in southeast Queensland.

Brisbane is a vast metropolitan located on the banks of the pristine River of Brisbane. Queensland’s Museum and Sciencecentre, both of which have intellectual exhibits, are perched upon the traditional zone in Southern Banks.

The Modern Art Museum of Queensland, among the nation’s biggest native art galleries, is one more place to go if you want to discover the best of the best places. Mount Coot-tha, the abode of the renowned Botanic Garden of Brisbane, looms over the beautiful city.

Brisbane was voted as the 39th best city on earth to raise a family in a recent worldwide study, topping out both Melbourne and Sydney. Brisbane’s health, safety, educational facilities, quality of air, and affordability all contributed to the city’s prosperity.

What is most Popular in Brisbane?

Amongst the biggest cities in Australia, Brisbane is Australia’s third-largest metropolis, offering sophisticated big-city delights in a sun-drenched riverbank environment. Even though Brisbane’s heritage dates back to 1824, it catapulted to prominence after organizing the World Expo in 1988 and the Commonwealth Games in 1982.

The bustle of this diverse Queensland metropolis can still be felt today at its various tourist destinations and exciting events. Brisbane’s culture is known for Queenslander architecture, springtime Jacaranda blossoms, the sea world, and its alfresco dining and food culture.

Top Things to Do in Brisbane

biggest cities in australia
Image Source: Depositphotos

Are you hunting for a cultural fix? Brisbane has everything you could want. Traditional art and cutting-edge innovative creations coexist with works by European masters in the Cultural Centre.  In addition, Brisbane is surrounded by greenery, and cleanliness, and is safe.

The landscape of lush bushlands, the queen street mall, biking, visiting nearby islands, and walking lanes crisscross the city, and a strong focus on creativity and innovation prevails in Brisbane.

The heritage-shortlisted Cultural Centre at the South Bank, located on the banks of the Brisbane River, as a wonderful, family-friendly day out. An outstanding assortment of museums, galleries, and performing venues can be found here.

5. Canberra – Capital City of Australia

Photo by Greg Schechter on Flickr

Canberra, as you must know, is the capital city of Australia and the 8th-biggest city nationwide and the country’s biggest metropolitan in Australia. It is exceptional amongst Australian cities to have a fully planned metropolis.

It is an entirely inner area and a planned city, which is unusual amongst Australian cities. Canberra attracts visitors from all around the world due to its dynamic universities, large student groups, and intercultural and political meetings.

Because of the vast nature reserves and neighbouring mountain ranges, it is sometimes referred to as ‘the Bush capital.’ Both, the  Parliament and the Executive are located in Canberra, which is the heart of the national government and home to numerous Australian national institutions. It is a city that represents Australian life and accomplishment and embraces the Australian spirit.

 The Majestic City

The city’s location between the two biggest cities of Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) is no coincidence and the tourists are very thankful for it. Lakes, galleries, museums, landmarks monuments, markets, restaurants, and shopping malls are all found in the city.

Canberra will not fail to satisfy anyone, whether it is for family fun, cultural events, food, wine, outdoors, or wildlife.

The famed Floriade, a festival of the city’s abundant spring blooms, is one of Canberra’s well-known celebrations. Every dawn, Canberra’s exceptionally pure skies are speckled with splashes of colour floating in the air as hot air balloon silhouettes make their serene courses high above the land. In Canberra, hot air ballooning is somewhat of an institution, as seen by the yearly ‘Canberra Balloon Spectacular’ fest.

Dishes You Must Try in Canberra

Canberra, being amongst the biggest cities in Australia, has a well-deserved reputation for being a foodie’s paradise. Fresh fruit, award-winning flavoured coffees, craft beer brewers, and snazzy wineries thrive here. However, as a local roster demonstrates, delicious food does not have to cost a fortune.

To begin, order the Caponata, a deliciously pungent Sicilian-inspired meal served with excellent polenta chips with cumin chilli roasted marinara. You can also have a platter of roasted duck and mushroom pancakes for a sensual thrill.

6. Warrnambool in Southwestern Victoria, Australia

Photo by The 3B’s on Flickr

Reserving a place for itself in the list of biggest cities in Australia, Warrnambool comes first. It is the largest city in Victoria, Australia, located along the Great Ocean Road. The golden Bathing Beach, the city’s main shoreline, runs directly in front of the beautiful Lake Pertobe Adventure Park.

The neighbouring Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village has a substantial shipwreck exhibit that illustrates the area’s seafaring heritage. Shelly Beach is a part of the Thunder Point Coastal Conservancy, which is known for its rocky ocean landscape.

Logan’s Beach Whale Viewing Platform is located to the east. Warrnambool resides between the Merri and Hopkins Waterways on Lady Bay (sometimes known as Warrnambool Bay). Logan’s Bay, where whales give birth every year, is known for its safe, secluded beaches, temperate climate, parklands, and gardens.

Australia’s Largest City and Pride

When in Warrnambool, explore the award-winning Flagstaff Hill Historical Village to learn about the dramatic history of the Shipwreck Coastline. One can also admire the antique beacons whilst watching a stunning sound and laser show recreating the famous Loch Ard shipwreck of 1878.

Tower Hill, 14 kilometres west of Warrnambool, is a great place to learn about the region’s history. Tower Hill Reserve, nestled in an abandoned volcanic crater, is a sanctuary for local vegetation and species.

Take a walk through the reserve with Indigenous rangers to watch kangaroos, emus, and lemurs up close and discover the local Aboriginal heritage. Explore the dynamic arts and festivals scene centred around Liebig Street’s southern end, and tickle your taste buds at renowned food outlets with the best cuisine.

A Delight for Your Eyes

Ipsos consistently ranks Warrnambool as one of Australia’s most livable regional cities, and its location on the brink of the enormous Southern Ocean gives plenty of breathtaking ‘wow’ moments.

It has also spawned a slew of historical marine sights. Warrnambool is located near the western end of a 243 km stretch of road that winds its way east around Cape Otway to Torquay.

Further beyond the Great Ocean Road, towards the southern end of Port Fairy Bay, there is an even more stunning landscape. Griffitts Island, now abandoned, is connected to the mainland by a walking causeway and was once home to a whaling station in the 1830s and 1840s.

Are you enticed by the dazzling city lights? Explore the biggest cities in Australia, from the suburbs of Sydney to the beaches of Perth. Living in a big city has a lot of perks, such as great nightlife, buzzing, safe clubs, greater career opportunities, better education, easier access to amenities, and a diverse cultural scene.

In this article, Australian Tales has done the legwork for you and shortlisted the biggest cities in Australia. If you want to explore more popular and buzzing cities, check out the Top 10 Cities in Australia. Moreover, wherever you go, you will surely never be dissatisfied, alas, Australia never fails to satisfy anyone.

Take a look at the biggest cities in Australia if you are having trouble determining which big city is ideal for you. Wishing you the best of luck and a happy journey.


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