10 Fun Activities at Bondi Beach of Sydney

Bondi Beach is the most visited tourist site in Australia, with a population of around 11656 residents. It is also seen that Bondi Beach receives a total of 2.7 million visitors each year.

Although the beach is 1km long, the surf lifesavers divide Bondi Beach with red and yellow flags to protect tourists.

1. Things to do at Bondi Beach Sydney

The stunning coastal areas surrounding Bondi Beach offer a marvellous sunrise with swimming and surfing facilities. Near the Beach, you can learn to surf from experts accredited by the surf school.

The rescue team keeps on monitoring the Beach as the surfers and swimming people might get in some trouble. Waverly Council lifeguards patrol the shores of the Beach to keep the beach’s environment safe.

Bondi Beach
Image by Lee Chandler from Pixabay

It is among the famous beaches for refreshing morning swims where you can find public showers on the beach to wash off the ocean salt after the swim. While in October and November, you can join an outdoor exhibition of artwork by different artists.

When you visit Bondi Beach, you must try these things.

1.1. Enjoy the Coastal Walk at Coogee Beach

You can enjoy Sydney’s most beautiful Coogee coastal path, which is in New south wales Australia. Coogee beach is a favourite among families where you can enjoy rock pools, parkland, and barbecues. While visiting Bondi Beach, you can find the Bondi Icebergs swimming club, which is famous in Australia as the most photographed pool.

Image by Elca Kho from Pixabay

Coogee beach at the south curves offers a park that holds lawns and a playground for children. Coogee beach becomes the ideal place to have a coastal walk as the pathways hold magnificent ocean views.

The best time to visit the beautiful beach is around May, the late springtime when there are fewer crowds. As the beach does not allow alcohol, the restaurants serve fantastic refreshing drinks that can be fun to drink while looking at the views.

1.2. Refresh Oneself Through Yoga

Yoga helps a person to reduce his or her mental stress providing mental and physical balance as well. The beautiful views with the heavenly breeze and calm atmosphere help you with the additional stress and help you enjoy your time here at Bondi Beach.

You can energize yourself through yoga classes, which are famous in Australia’s Bondi Beach. They provide a trained instructor and help everyone learn different asanas. One well-known class here is Bondi Yin.

Bondi Beach provides an amazing environment to do yoga and the best time to meditate is during the early sunrise accompanied by the rhythmic sounds of the shores.

1.3. Ride the Waves Through Surfing

Australia is the best destination for surfing and they have multiple surf schools and surf shops at Bondi. You can even get rental surfboards and surfing lessons from experts here at Bondi Beach.

The best time to come surfing is the month of July when the sea waves are stable. Surfing is part of Australian culture and the sandy beach with clear crystal water makes the surfing experience even better.

1.4. Try Bondi’s Iconic Icebergs Outdoor Pool

Icebergs are the famous outdoor or ocean pool of Bondi near the ocean waters at the southern end of Bondi Beach. You are sure to have a unique swimming experience.

Source: Bondi Icebergs official website screenshot
Courtesy: Bondi Icebergs

The oceanic views and the waves coming towards the pool make the experience unique and this thing attracts tourists. The centre pool here is of Olympic size, with eight lanes, and is considered the most photographed swimming pool.

1.5. Explore Local Weekends Market

To get in touch with the natives, you must visit the Weekend Markets, which are lively and friendly. Bondi Public School helps to host the Farmers Market every Sunday.

The market provides Australia’s best homegrown, organic fresh fruits and vegetables. They even provide dairy products with seafood, honey, and local jams. The Bondi Market is known for handicrafts and clothing with beautiful jewellery.

1.6. Go Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

The most popular water sports in Bondi are scuba diving and snorkelling which are great for everyone. You will get many diving centres that provide guided experience and equipment as well.

You can complete the course related to the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), within a few weeks.

1.7. Attend the Kite Flying Festival

Kite flying is the most celebrated festival organized in September that attracts lots of tourists. The kites of different sizes and shapes fly high in the sky, which looks amazing.

Around this time, you’ll get a different fair at the beach with live music, dancers, puppet shows, and lots of delicious food stalls. The environment becomes friendly and jolly for the visitors but children absolutely love this festival.

1.8. Get a Cultural Glimpse at North Bondi

North Bondi is one of the coastal eastern Sydney suburbs that attracts many visitors for its coastal walk. The north end of it is the Bondi Surf Pavilion which is regarded as a marvellous beach cultural heritage with beach culture.

Source: Bondi Pavilion official website screenshot
Courtesy: Bondi Pavilion

Bondi Pavilion is an environment that has been around for 90 years had been a space of interaction between communities. People gather here to share their culture and tradition. The place becomes a creative space with arts opportunities.

9. Explore the Beautiful Street Art

Australia is the capital of world street art. The walls are painted beautifully by the local street artist which attracts the tourist.

These artworks are temporary, and they keep on changing.

10. Check out the Aboriginal Walking Tours

Australian Aborigines are the local groups and in order to understand their culture you should join the Aboriginal Walking Tours.

Coastal Walk
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

You could see the Aboriginal rock art engravings and encounter their cultural fascinations and how they used to live earlier.


Bondi Beach offers a great destination for holidays with the world’s best restaurants, surfing, and swimming. You can explore the vast stunning oceanic views. The vibrancy of annual sculptures by the sea in October and November by international sculptures enhances the Tourism Australia factor.

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Sara Faraz
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