20 Fun Things To Do In Kangaroo Island

Things to do in Kangaroo island
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Have you ever imagined what Kangaroo Island is and what things to do in Kangaroo Island? Isn’t Kangaroo Island a bit different from all the islands you might have ever heard of? Are there only kangaroos? That’s why it is called Kangaroo Island?

Why not plan a trip to Kangaroo Island tours this time and visit this beautiful place called Kangaroo Island, South Australia? Let’s take a peek at this lovely coastal location of South Australia, which is the 3rd largest island known for its wildlife, wine, and food. If you are looking forward to having a trip ahead, you must add Kangaroo Island to your trip list. 

things to do in kangaroo island
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20 Things to Do in Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is a popular tourist destination in South Australia, and there are numerous activities to enjoy whether you are interested in food, scenery, or both. It is a perfect destination to brighten your trip with beautiful memories and events.

There are numerous things to do in Kangaroo Island. This beautiful island lures all the nature lovers and foodies with so many different species, nature reserves, and picturesque places like rolling green hills, coastal cliffs, sand dunes, fresh seafood, and local wildlife.

Also, Kangaroo Island is the protector of many species, almost one-third of the kangaroo island. There is a genuine encounter with some Australian sea lions, penguins, Echidnas, Koalas, and fish in the clear crystal water. Kangaroo Island has famous parks in South Australia, which are great tourist attractions and natural habitats for many species. You can also enjoy various adventure activities with the help of a guided tour.

Here are some of the best things to do in Kangaroo Island.

1. Flinders Chase National Park

The most famous tourist attraction is Flinders Chase National Park, covering all the parts of Kangaroo Island. It is at a distance of 110 km west of Kingscote. If you want to explore something on the adventurous side, you can enjoy hiking, boardwalks, forests, and park waterways.

This famous spot includes sculpted remarkable rocks, with some bizarre or indifferent shapes and sizes, situated on smooth rock. Near it lies the Admirals Arch, giving us a glimpse of an ancient cave. The most memorable thing about the Arch is that under it, at Cape Du Covedic, you’ll find thousands of New Zealand fur seals gather on the beach and entertain their guests with antics of their own in the water.

2. Vivonne Bay

The most popular, I’ll the most beautiful and iconic coastlines of Australia, and it is one of the frequently visited beaches located on the south-eastern coast. Picnics on nearby beaches on a sunny day somewhere in the ocean azure and along the stretches of white sugar sand.

If you are a swimmer, you must visit the northern beaches like Stokes Bay and Emu Bay, as swimming here in Vivonne Bay could be dangerous because of the thick bottom. You can also enjoy some sports activities like surfing only if conditions are favorable. Along with surfing, you can also do common activities like sunbathing and fishing, among the few things to do in Kangaroo Island with your family.

3. American River

American River is a small village mainly known for fishing, and it has beautiful resorts in its area. It lies near Isthmus, South Australia, part of Kangaroo Island, further heading to the Dudley peninsula. People living in this village are tied to the water of Kangaroo Island. This village is named after an American sailor who designed and constructed a boat here during 1803-1804.

You can also enjoy fishing, and if you’re looking for something more exciting, then whenever you visit the beaches, never forget to splash in the shallow waters of the shorelines. The American River in the Kangaroo Islands is famous mainly for its seafood.

4. Seal Bay Conservation Park

If you wish to meet Australia’s sea lions, there is no better location to go than the Seal Bay Conservation Park, as it’s the only place on Earth where you can see Australia’s sea lions. Amongst the best things to do in Kangaroo Island is to meet this playful creature while having a walk in the park.

Seals in Kangaroo Island
Image by Judith West from Pixabay

The home for the Australian sea lion, “Seal Bay” was founded. The majority of the sea lion population can be found here. In Seal Bay conservation park, you won’t find any cages or enclosures. Still, you’ll get to experience the wilderness and beauty of wildlife watching in Kangaroo Island and also get to learn about these endangered animals.

5. Surf the Sand Dunes at Little Sahara.

Surfing on the sand is so much fun. Yes, you heard it right. Surfing on sand rather than water. Sand dune little Sahara is a dune system on Kangaroo Island in the Australian state of South Australia, near Vivonne Bay.

The towering sand dunes are created by erosion and heavy storms caused by fires. The largest sand dune you’ll see has an elevation of about 70 meters and covers a distance of approximately 3 square kilometers. Surfing this Australian Sahara is one of the most daring and adventurous things to do in Kangaroo Island.

6. See the Penguins At Penneshaw Penguin Centre

The Penneshaw Penguin Centre provides knowledge about the small flightless bird found on Kangaroo Island. You can reach this place on the south-eastern coast by ferry terminal from Cape Jervis.

At the Penneshaw Penguin Centre, you are given a torch light to help you see the little penguins in the colony better at night. If you find the little penguin chick, consider yourself a lucky person. Witnessing the penguins could be one of the best things to do in Kangaroo Island.

7. Explore the Caves at Kelly Hill Conservation Park

The Kelly Hill conservation park is mostly famous for its cave system made out of limestone. Kelly Hill Caves are accessible only by guided tours. Also, you’re given two options to choose from for wandering into the Kelly Hill Caves when you visit Kangaroo Island or try outdoor adventures along with guided tours.

  • The first option is that you can follow the boardwalks and admire all the geologically remarkable rock formations in the caves. Walking trails can be good for claustrophobia on the ground as they lead you to the Hanson Bay wildlife sanctuary, where you can get in touch with nature, kangaroo island wilderness, local wildlife, forest, lagoons, and seascape.
  • The second option, if you’re thinking about doing something adventurous, then join the Adventure Caving Tour, and you can suit yourself with headlamps and helmets while going on this fun and enjoyable expedition. The adventure cave tour takes you underground, passing through little caves and tunnels, dragging your body on rocks, and clambering.

8. Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park.

Cape Gantheaume conservation park was formerly called Cape Gantheaume National Park. It is a protected area of South Australia located on the southern coast of Kangaroo Island. This place is mostly important for biodiversity. The freshwater lake lies within the wetland habitat of Murray Lagoon, where you can see multiple bird species.

This park has excellent walking opportunities for tourists, like whale-watching sites, seal bays and sea eagles. The D’Estrees and you can access Kangaroo Island Marine through this park entrance from ferry terminals to the Kangaroo Island ferry. The best refuge place for all the wildlife lovers on Kangaroo Island is Cape Gantheaume, Conservation Park. This conservation park is famous for its freshwater lake, the most important lake in this area. Murray’s

9. Go Dolphin Swimming

Among the most fun-loving things to do in Kangaroo Island is swim in the company of dolphins. The crystal clear waters around Kangaroo Island are the perfect spots where you can see dolphins. Join the guided tour at Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari for a closer look and some memory-making experiences with the dolphins for a nice snap.

10. Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

When planning a trip to Kangaroo Island, I recommend booking a five-day hiking trek along the coastlines of south-west Kangaroo Island rather than just one or two days. The distance of the trail is 60.4 km with 12.5 side return trips. A five-day trek is listed below.

  • Day 1: Sanderson outing
  • Day 2, Trip to Rocky River
  • Day 3, Trip to Maupertuis
  • Day 4, Trip to Grass dale
  • Day 5, Kelly Hill conservation park

i. A Trip to Sanderson Bay

To better view some popular sites in the wilderness trail, you need to head towards the east of Sanderson Bay, which takes you through the dense coastal mallee before coming into contact with the beautiful rock or geological formations.

The coastline down the trail offers an incredible cinematic view that leaves you awestruck. Also, if you enjoy the company of the trail down the coastline, you’ll end up at the Banksia campground, which is located near Sanderson Bay.

ii. Excursion to the Rocky River 

This is the land of platypus, “Platypus Waterholes,” where you’ll see many elusive and rare platypus. You’ll find a beautiful eucalyptus woodland forest as you walk by the rocky river, home to many native animals and birds. This trail has many interpretations.

iii.  Grass Dale Excursion

An adventurous trip amidst towering cliffs, massive swells, and a view all the way from Sanderson Bay to Cape Younghusband. It is a beautiful framework of remarkable rocks and the serenity of a wild landscape with kangaroos hopping out from their native vegetation areas to an open Grass dale section.

Adjacent to the Grass Dale property lies the Kelly Hill conservation park, Tea Tree campground, and Hakea campsite.

iv. Trip to Maupertuis Island

Start your visit with hiking trails following the southern ocean all the way from Snake Lagoon. Hike, passing along the rocky rivers. The walking trail then goes down 1.5 km to the Maupertuis beach. While going around this place, you’ll pass through the cairn all the way to the shipwrecked loch Slay, where it turns to the inlands of Hakea Campsite.

v. Trip to Kelly Hill Conservation Park

Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island’s most interesting location, is nearby. Kelly Hill conservation park is located on the south coast of Kangaroo Island. Kelly Hill conservation park is covered with bushland, trails, and woodlands, which is the most impressive natural beauty you’ll witness on Kangaroo island.

Visiting Wildlife Park or any park, whether it’s Flinders Chase National Park or Kelly Hill Conservation Park, or watching the limestone caves, adorned and dramatically dressed in rock columns, towering stalagmites, multi-colored shawls, and stalactites. These could be amongst the best things to do in Kangaroo Island.

11. Visit Admirals’ Archipelago 

Admirals Arch
Image by Michael Baragwanath from Pixabay

Another interesting place that could be added to your travel list is Admirals Arch or Admirals Archipelago. You’ll see the super-strong surf and big, massive waves here. Step onto the Admirals Arch, boardwalk, and your interest in ocean sightseeing will skyrocket.

Even if you try to ignore the beauty of this place, I guarantee you can’t. These massive waves literally hit anything they come across. Not shocking, but an awestruck sight to watch.

12. Visit the Cape Borda Lighthouse.

Another place which I would like to add to the list of things to do in Kangaroo Island is a place for nature lovers, Cape Borda lighthouse. To get here, you’ll need to park your car somewhere along the curb in the parking lot and walk all the way through the corrugated highway. This can be disappointing, but when you see dolphins and whales from the top of a mountain, all your disappointment will vanish within a few seconds.

Cape Borda Lighthouse in Kangaroo Island
Image by Michael Baragwanath from Pixabay

13. Snake Lagoon Hike

You’re probably wondering what kind of fun it would be to hike with snakes in this location. No wonder it’s an exciting but scary place to roam around in. All these thoughts must be coming into your mind while imagining this place.

The Flinders Chase national park trailhead will take you to this road. You make your way through brown, soft rocks and bushes. This is an attractive option for tourists who want a quick, simple walk on the hiking trails.

14. Yummy! Food Let’s talk about it.

How can you roam around or visit the exciting places and think about all the possible interesting things to do in Kangaroo Island on an empty stomach? You’ll need something tasty, healthy, and energetic to keep you going all the way to the hiking trails. Yes, I am talking about food. Without food, everything is not as exciting as it should be. So let’s discuss some foods which are among the best among all the things to do in Kangaroo Island.

All around Kangaroo Island or Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, there are so many cafes, restaurants, and food trucks spotted all around the area serving wines and locally sourced produce. Some of the famous places are Vivonne Bay General Store, Cactus Café, Kangaroo Island Smoke and Fire, and The Deck Café.

  •  Fire and Smoke KI

Eating could be among the best things to do in Kangaroo Island because you’ll need the energy to get around in this South Australia’s kangaroo island. Fire and smoke KI is not far away from Kangaroo Island, which is located at a distance of 200 meters from the Kangaroo Island ferry.

Fire and smoke KI offers you an exclusive menu listing a variety of seafood local dishes, ribs and steak, traditional brick hand-rolled pizzas, pasta, burgers, schnitzels cooked on low heat, desserts, and whatnot. The aroma of the place and the atmosphere get you super excited. Isn’t your mouth watering after reading the names of the dishes? Just imagine if the names of foods can make you drool, then you’ll feel like you are in heaven when you actually taste them.

  •  Emu Bay Lavender Farm and Café

If you want to start your day with something delicious on Kangaroo Island, I recommend that you apply your vehicle’s brakes. At the door of this café, Start your day with breakfast and continue your day with lunch at the door of this cafe. Ride through their lavender farms and products at their gate store. The setting of this café is unique, with delightful scenes and lavender scents all around. I bet you won’t be able to forget the aroma and scent of this Emu Bay lavender farm and café.

15. The Oyster Farm Shop

Wish that every month was an oyster season. Why are the months of February and March excluded? I would have enjoyed eating oysters throughout the year. Some shops are Kangaroo Island attractions which you cannot miss from your list.

When you visit Kangaroo Island, take your exciting trip away from trails and remarkable rocks to “The Oyster Farm Shop” and enjoy freshly prepared shucked oysters, which are washed in a beer and local wine tasting. There is also a place to stock up on seafood in South Australia’s Kangaroo Island.

16. Wine Tasting

One thing to which Australians will never say no is “wine tasting.” The region on Kangaroo Island holds a reputation when you talk about wine. Yes, you heard it correctly. So set aside some time for wine- tasting. The best places to visit on Kangaroo Island in search of wine are Wines from Amadio, Bay of Shoals, False Cape, Dudley, Islander Estate Vineyards, and Spring Road.

17. The Enchanted Fig Tree

Gastronomic dining The enchanted fig tree opens mainly from April to December. A long time ago, a tiny sapling was planted as a food source for the first settlers amid the nature and wildlife of Kangaroo Island. After 120 years, the leaves of the maple have formed an exquisite dining location.

As you’ll enter the location, a warm welcome by a Kangaroo Island spirits cocktail and some selected canapes. After entering this beautiful location, you’ll enter the majestic land where everything is covered by nature, whether the living room or the enchanting feast experiences.

18. Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Among the best things to do in Kangaroo Island is to kickstart your day in the company of nature which guides you with so much positivity and relishes your mind. The home of the natural habitat and most famous species of South Australia on Kangaroo Island, Hanson Bay wildlife sanctuary is a place for wallabies, koalas, kangaroos, echidna, and Cape barren geese, a variety of species of birds, and goanna.

 things to do in kangaroo island
Pintari/ Pixabay

To reach this 90-minute distance place, you can book a guided tour. You’ll find many experienced guides around the place who will help you tour this beautiful place and see the amazing wildlife.

19. Book a Quad Bike Tour

On an island that too, when it is Kangaroo Island, what could you expect? Something more adventurous and thrilled is a bike tour that takes you to a whole new level of experiences riding to the surf beaches, Australia’s top 100 beaches located in remote areas crossing natural scrub ( home to natural habitats like kangaroos, wallabies, and other wildlife.)

If you want to add some adventurous things to do in Kangaroo Island, I suggest just bring your long pants, camera, shades, and shoes. You’ll be given options to choose from the latest bikes from Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Polaris. You’ll be provided with gloves, helmets, and goggles for your safety. So enjoy your ride. Don’t miss it out.

20. Raptors Domain

They are all dedicated to protecting and conserving reptiles and birds through education, rehabilitation, and research. Their day-to-day presentations are interactive, exciting, and educational. They inspire all the tourists who visit Raptor Domain with the misunderstood facts about Australian critters and reptiles.

The birds here are known as ambassadors who greatly appreciate their habitats and species. The trainers here rescue many injured, sick, orphaned birds every year. All the trainers here share a special bond with every creature and bird in the Raptors’ domain.


When you first heard about this location, you probably assumed it was just a one-day tour, and you may have crossed it off your list of potential destinations. After reading about the fun things to do in Kangaroo Island destinations, you must have got an idea of what pleasure you could have missed. 

Kangaroo Island connects many sightseeing places, and it is also home to many wildlife species. Surfing on the little Sahara, Vivonne Bay, Stokes Bay. The sight of playful creatures When you visit Seal Bay convention park, you will see Australian sea lions and platypus, both of which are only found on Kangaroo Island’s south coast. What are you waiting for? Pack your luggage, and fly to the land of kangaroos, “Kangaroo Island.”

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