When Is Summer In Australia: 4 Places You Can Visit

Australia is a continent that has a prominent and wide range of seasons. Summer, winter, spring, autumn and rainy seasons are Australia’s major seasons. Even though the seasons are pretty prominent, people have queries about when is summer in Australia?

When it comes to the northern and southern half of Australia, there is a slight change in the climate. The northern hemisphere generally experiences warmer weather as compared to the southern cities. The southern hemisphere generally has a moderate temperature with cool winters. However, in the northern parts of Australia, there are just two seasons, the wet season and the dry.

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Seasons are defined by dividing the months in the following way: Spring – the season consists of the three transition months, September, October and November; and Summer – this season consists of the three hottest months- December, January and February. Autumn – March, April and May are the transition months that mark up this season. June, July and August, are the months that mark up the winter season in this country.

By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea about the seasons, especially summer in Australia.

When Is Summer In Australia

The summer months of Australia are December to February. The northern hemisphere of Australia experiences humid, typical and hot days during the three hottest months, December, January and February.

The average temperature in Australia remains around 30 degrees during the summer. It can also rise to 40 degrees in the central region and places near the dessert, making it the hottest time of the year. In the summer, daytime temperatures can approach 100F, with dry and cold nights. If you are planning to visit Australia and cannot get accomplished with the heat, it is better to plan ahead of summer or during the winter season.

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The most significant feature of the summer in this country is that it experiences a parched season accompanied by zero rainy days.

Australian summers are sometimes the worst among the four seasons, and people often consider dry summers a significant turn-off.

When Is Winter In Australia

The most exciting season begins in June and lasts up to August. Most people are very fond of these seasons as people can enjoy various activities like swimming in the fresh waters of the Great Barrier Reef, scuba diving and many other exciting activities.

Some parts of Australia also experience harsh winters from the calendar month of June to August. The average temperatures in this country during the winter season do not exceed 20 degrees.

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June, July and August have a lot more to offer. You will be able to see the Koalas, pelicans and kangaroos during this time.

When Is Spring In Australia

Spring is considered the season of colours. The spring months are September, October and November. There is not much difference in the weather experienced during the spring and autumn seasons.

Spring is often referred to as the season of blossoms, the season where you can see fresh leaves and fresh flowers. In this season, you will be able to witness greenery everywhere you look.

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September to November is the most pleasant month in respect of climate. In these months, both the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere of the country experience moderate temperatures.

Watching the Cup Horse Racing of Melbourne is one of the activities that you can enjoy during this time.

When Is Autumn In Australia

Australia experiences autumn in March and May. During this time, many tourists visit this place to enjoy this country’s fantastic features.

The country is covered with red, brown and yellow leaves during this time. Many festivals like the traditional wine festival and gastronomy festivals take place during autumn in Australia.

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Not only in autumn, but Australia provides the opportunity of tasting fantastic wine from the vineyards throughout the year.

Places To Visit In Summer

There are some places in Australia that you can consider visiting during the summers.

1. Merimbula, New South Wales

It is considered one of the best places to visit during the summers. Some of the fantastic things you can choose to do here are fishing, visiting the impressive magic mountain and exploring the outstanding Ben Boyd National Park.

You can also opt to explore the uncountable lakes, rivers and water bodies.

2. Albany, Western Australia

Many people consider Albany as their favourite holiday destination. It is because there are plenty of things that you can do here to have a fantastic time with your friends and family.

Some fun activities include heading down to the dock to experience a barbeque of fresh seafood, visiting the Torndirrup National Park, and visiting the farmers market.

3. Robe, South Australia

The robe is the perfect summer destination for choosing your holiday spot according to Australia’s seasons.

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Some of the fantastic things you can do in this place are enjoy walking trails, sailing, paddling, or even fishing. This place is perfect for drivers, especially for a long drive through the beach.

4. Wye River, Vic

Want to have an experience of the coastal towns of Australia? Then this is the place for you. The place has fantastic views, surrounded by the Great Ocean Road on one side and the Great Otway National Park on the other.

Some of the things you can consider doing here are driving along the Great Ocean Road, indulging in playful activities along the beach and walking into the forest to witness the beauty of nature.


People often tend to be confused about when is summer in Australia. In Australia, seasons are defined by dividing the calendar months into various sections.

Summers in Australia begin in December and last up to January and February. Australia’s capital cities, along with the northern and southern parts, experience hot and humid temperatures during this time.

So if you are planning to visit any Australian cities during the summer, pack light and always keep yourself hydrated.

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