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5 Famous Beaches In Queensland

The beaches in Queensland are famous tourist locations to visit. These beaches fascinate you with their clean water and beautiful natural surroundings. Most of the beaches are located around the suburbs of Queensland.

1. Famous Beaches in Queensland

There are many popular beaches in Queensland. Following is the list of the top 5 famous beaches in Queensland.

1.1. Mermaid Beach

The Mermaid Beach is situated on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It is a coastal suburb region, where the population was about 7,329 as of the 2021 census. HMS Mermaid was the cutter of this beach. The beach took its name from him.

In the year 1823, John Oxley, the explorer, found the Brisbane and Tweed, nearby rivers. At that time, he was sailing aboard the Mermaid.

The US serviceman used this beach during World War II. However, it was named Miami Beach as well as Los Angeles Beach to the southern region. In an auction in 1924, entitled to the “Mermaid Beach Estate”, seventy allotments were advertised. The auction was held by the R. G. Oates Estates.

Located on Broadbeach and Mermaid Beach, there were three estates to be sold. The ‘New Coastal Road’ dispersed these estates into two parts. It was running through the Gold Coast. Nobby Beach and Magic Mountain were established in the year 1962.

On November 11, 1977, Ralph Wicks dedicated the St. James’ Anglican Church. He was an assistant Bishop. Ron Williams, an assistant Bishop approved the closure of this church on August 15, 1993. As of the 2011 census, the population of Mermaid Beach was 5,722. In the 2016 census, the population was increased to 6,533. Later, in 2021, it was recorded as 7,329 people.

The Beach has no schools. But, on the neighboring Broadbeach, it facilitates primary schools. Further, there are secondary schools on the Mermaid Waters. Moreover, Broadbeach Waters, Mermaid Waters, Mermaid Beach, Coral Sea, and Miami Beach are neighboring suburbs around the beach.

1.2. Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is situated on Whitsunday Island, Queensland, Australia. You can access this island from Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach. It can be accessed by helicopter, seaplane, and boat. Also, the beach resides across Stockyard Beach, situated on Haslewood Island. This beach is also known as Chalkie’s Beach.

It is most notable for the crystal white silica sand. In addition to sand, the turquoise-colored waters is also a recognizable feature of the beach.

The beach also facilitates camping sites and the barbeque tour around it. EP Bedwell discovered this beach and also named it in the year 1879. He was a staff commander.

The name Whitehaven is originated from the name of the town with the same English name. However, it is just one name out of many names suggested at that time onwards. In 2008, Keep Australia Beautiful awarded this beach with Queensland’s Cleanest Beach tag. It was a Beach Challenge State Award.

CNN.com entitled This Beach as the Best “Eco-Friendly Beach” in July 2010. Cigarette smoking is entirely prohibited on the beach. Also, the dogs are forbidden on the beach. Bright White Sands is the most notable feature of this beach. It contains 98% of pure silica.

Whitehaven is renowned among tourists for swimming as well as gathering the bright sand. It is one of the most famous beaches in Queensland. Visitors can enjoy the Barbeque lunch here.

Also, you can book for camping at the National Park camp facilities. For constructing a long walking track along the beach, the government announced a 3.9 million dollar investment in it.

Beaches In Queensland
By sbe_musik on Pixabay

1.3. Ellis Beach

Ellis Beach is the famous local beach in the region of Cairns, Queensland, Australia. The population of the beach here was merely 24 people, according to the 2016 census. Initially, Ellis Beach came under the Tjapukai (Djabugay).

It was a traditional Aboriginal country. Further, the name of the beach was named after Dick Ellis, according to the records of the Cairns Historical Society.

He resided at this beach at that time. During the construction of Main Roads in the 1930s, he lost his one hand. The government of Queensland built a house at Ellis Beach for him. It happened during the 1940s. Later, Dick Ellis died in the year 1960.

The region had no houses at this beach before World War II and was unnamed. It gained its name during World War II as Ellis Beach. At Ellis Beach, there are numerous Mango Trees. However, it is believed that Mr. Ellis tended these trees.

Later, the Cook Highway was built along the way. The authorities of the highway planned to plant the different variety of trees on both sides of the roadway.

Mango Trees were suitable for this purpose. Also, many original varieties of trees have survived, along with lots of flowering trees.

However, the beach had a population of 30 people as of the 2006 census. The Ellis Beach Surf Lifesaving Club usually resides on Ellis Beach. It often hosts many events and competitions here.

The Macalister Range, Ellis Beach, Palm Cove, and Coral Sea are the neighboring suburbs of the beach.

1.4. Mission Beach

The Mission Beach is a coastal locality and town, which resides in the region of Cassowary Coast, Queensland, Australia. The population here was 815 people in the 2016 census.

The Coral Sea bounds this beach on the eastern side. About 5000 years ago, the region was the home to the Djiru people. They were the rainforest-dwelling people.

Many remnants of ceremonial sites, fish traps, middens, and rock-shelter paintings are situated around Dunk Island and Mission Beach. Wet-season villages comprised of dome-shaped huts made of paper bark and palm fronds are built by the Djiru people. Also, they constructed large swords of wood.

In 1770, James Cook sailed through the region named Dunk Island. He was a lieutenant explorer of the British. Allegedly, Captain Owen Stanley named the Clump Point in 1848. He was the captain of the HMS Rattlesnake ship of the Royal Navy. On February 26, 1872, a ship named Maria brought 75 people the New Guinea. It was wrecked upon the Bramble Reef.

Afterward, the surviving people escaped on 2 rafts and 3 boats from the sinking ship. Out of which, the two boats made it to Cardwell’s British settlement. While the other 2 rafts and a boat were somewhere washed along Mission Beach.

Beaches In Queensland
By moremilu on Pixabay

Along with the captain, about ten crew members were found dead. As to records, they were murdered by the Aboriginal people on the beach.

Moreover, the beach has no schools. Children must go to the Mission Beach State School on Webb Road in Wongaling Beach. It is the nearest school there.

However, the Tully State High School is the government secondary school in Tully. Further, Djiru, Wongaling Beach, Mission Beach, and Coral Sea are the neighboring localities around the beach.

1.5. Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is a coastal locality and a rural town situated in Gympie Region, Queensland, Australia. Also, the population here was 1,249 people as of the 2016 census. It is one of the most famous beaches in Queensland. It is notable for itself first and then as Fraser Island’s gateway.

beaches in queensland
By thiemen on Pixabay

Wide Bay in the Coral Sea bounds Rainbow Beach from the eastern side. It has the sand dunes that are rainbow-colored. This feature gave the name to this beach. It is believed by the Kabi people’s legends that a spirit showed by a rainbow named Yiningie gave these colors to it.

By road, it is located about 239 kilometers from Brisbane, Queensland. Also, it is 75 kilometers away from the Bruce Highway in Gympie.

The war memorial of the town is situated in Laurie Hanson Park. It is built to commemorate the people who died during World War I. On January 28, 1986, the Rainbow Beach State School was established. According to the 2011 census, the population here was 1,103.

In the year 2012, the Rainbow Beach Library was started for the public. This beach in the coastal locality is a great location for tourism. It is ideal for holidays, swimming, fishing, and many other activities.

Also, it facilitates caravans, hotels, motels, and parks for visitors to stay and enjoy. The neighboring localities here are the Cooloola, Inskip, and the Coral Sea, including Rainbow Beach.

Moreover, it is spread over an area of about 14.3 square kilometers. However, the locality was established in 1969.

2. Conclusion

Queensland is a renowned state in Australia for tourism. In addition to the theme parks and amusement parks, it is packed with phenomenal beaches.

Above mentioned beaches are the top-notch beaches in Queensland. The natural beauty of these beaches is incredible. These are also the cleanest beaches in Queensland.

People from all over the world visit these beaches and localities to spend their vacations. Also, it is a great way to explore the natural beauty along with the rural localities of Australia.

Many of the beaches have a history related to World War I and World War II. Some of the beaches are thousands of years old, which is exciting to know and wander around.

Activities like swimming, camping, fishing, and boating are usual here. You can enjoy these activities with your friends and families and have fun together.

Narayani Bhardwaj
Narayani Bhardwaj
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