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12 Must-Try Things to Do in Palm Cove

Palm Cove is located in the Cairns Region of Tropical North Queensland, Australia. The name Palm Cove is given due to the palm trees in a line found on Palm Cove Beach. There are many suburbs around Palm Cove.

You can see many things in this place. Some of them are palm cove jetty, rainforest rock pool, lagoon pool, beach resort, coral sea, reef house, reef feast, Daintree Rainforest, double island, Williams Esplanade, and so on.

There are many couples’ boutique tropical escapes so that you can enjoy great facilities. Some of them are fresh seafood, free wifi, a day spa, gym facilities, local restaurants, shuttle services, resorts, and reef retreats. You can also enjoy award-winning craft beer in Palm Cove.

There are many accommodation facilities in this place. There are many restaurants, resorts, and apartments where visitors can stay. Some of them are Alamanda palm cove, Palm Cove Apartments, etc.

History of Palm Cove

Palm Cove, Australia, follows the aboriginal culture of Djabugay. In the year 1873, Britishers visited Palm Cove. That was a coastal expedition, and George Elphinstone Dalrymple was leading that expedition.

George and his group visited the lagoon and nearby areas in Palm cove. When the traditional owners of this place see the outsiders near the lagoon, they come out of their cramps. They asked them to leave their home as they didn’t want any new culture in their area.

In the year 1918, at the time of World War I, Albert Archdeacon, who was a priest in the Cairns region, added some more land to the area. They design new experiments on crops. The experiments are performed on the new ground.

During World War II, Palm Cove acts a base training camp for Australian soldiers. In 1986, the first international hotel was started in Palm Cove. It was named Ramada Reef Resort.

According to the 2006 census, 1,215 residents took shelter in Palm, which increased to 2,059 in 2016.

Palm Cove
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Geography of Palm Cove

Palm Cove, Australia, is spread over a 6.8 km sq. area. It is located on the Australian coast in Far North Queensland. Palm Cove has rocky headlands near Buchan Point in the north and long sandy beaches on the seafront.

The closest section of this place is the Great Barrier Reef Arlington Reef. This reef is located near the coral sea, which is the main source of coastal water between the beach and the reef.

Macalister Range National Park is located in the west of Palm Cove. This national park is a part of the World Heritage Area. Palm Cove is located in a wet tropical area, so the average temperature in the summer season lies between 24 to 33 degree Celsius. The average winter temperature of Palm Cove is 14 to 26 degree Celsius. 

Suburbs Near Palm Cove

There are many suburbs near Palm Cove, Australia. Elis beach, Macalister range, Clifton beach, Coral sea, and many more. These surround Palm Cove in all directions. This enhances the beauty of Palm Cove.

Palm Cove
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Attractions of Palm Cove

If you plan a trip to Australia, book a day to visit Palm Cove. It is a perfect place for family fun. When your flight reaches Cairns international airport, you can take any taxi or cab to get to Cairns region. Cairns and Port Douglas follow the same way.

Palm Cove is the perfect destination for a holiday. It has a beautiful beach, three swimming pools, a Williams esplanade, great range mountains, day spas, netted areas for a swim, resorts, restaurants, palms, a local paradise, and apartments. You can visit Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef from here.

The Palm Cove holiday is open for all and all year round. You can enjoy jogging, walking, cycling, fishing, scuba diving, wildlife watching, kayaking, and so on. Many local visitors plan a day trip to explore Palm Cove.

Things to do in Palm Cove

Palm Cove
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Palm Cove is a very heartwarming location in Queensland, Australia. It is located near the ocean. There are many things which visitors can enjoy here. There are many beautiful places to visit as well.

What to do in palm cove? You can visit the stunning beach, watch the beautiful palms, relax at the spa and enjoy the pool. You can enjoy surfing, walking, cycling, kayaking, biking, and many more. You can also enjoy the palm cove markets.

Let’s discuss all those activities in detail. 

1. Explore the Palm Cove Beach

Palm Cove Beach is a beautiful and scenic location. It has endless palm trees and a stunning shoreline. You can enjoy jet skis, kayaks, paddle wheel bikes, swimming, public barbecues, and fishing.

You can walk on the shoreline of the beach. You will enjoy the moment when the flowing water touches your feet.

After all the activities, when getting tired, sit and one end and watch the beautiful sunset scene. The setting sun will take your worries along with it.

Palm Cove
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2. Enjoy the Sands of Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is the cleanest and friendliest beach in Queensland, Australia. 

This beach has beautiful walking and cycle track. You can see heartwarming natural beauty scenes consisting of rainforest-covered mountains. You can visit this beach along with your family on a single-day holiday.

Palm Cove
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There are some accommodation facilities near this beach. There are some Palm Cove apartments near this beach where you can stay.

3. Spend the Evening in Silver Crescent Park

Silver Crescent Park is situated in the centre of the town. You can spend some time here and find yourself very close to nature. You will see the birds in the trees and hear the chirping sound of the birds.

The different colours of flowers look adorable. The flocks of birds flying here and there will steal your heart.

Palm Cove
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4. Explore the Palm Cove Market

It is like a tradition that you will buy something as a memory when you are out for the holidays. For such shopping, you will visit Palm Cove market. This market has more than 140 stalls.

This market started six years ago. This market has all the sustainable and handmade goods of Australia. The stalls are opened in the shade of ancient paperback trees or palm trees.

You can buy many local and handmade products like tableware, arts and crafts, massage, pet products, jewellery, soft toys, clothes, wooden figurines, perfumes, and wall decor.

5. Taste Your Favourite Food and Wine at The Reef House

Reef Feast is an annual street festival. It is 3 days event in October. This event generally starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. This event contains entertainment, music, dance, award-winning craft beers, food, fireworks, world-class grub, and circus shows.

This event is said to be a full entertainment package. All the interests of people are fulfilled in this event. Uncover the array of local events and activities in Palm Cove and the captivating Tropical North Queensland Area while enjoying your stay at the Reef House.

6. Watch the Wildlife at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure is a crocodile farm part of the nature park. This park is a very good opportunity for students to discuss the natural habitat of crocodiles and amphibians.

This park is World Heritage-listed national park. The main attraction of this place is the live animal shows. You can see some more animals like koalas, kangaroos, some Australian reptiles, and some birds.

You can travel to the crocodile farm and watch the lifestyle of the crocodiles. You can enjoy riding a boat cruise here. There is a cafe as well where you can enjoy croc kebab.

Palm Cove
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7. Enjoy Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage site. There are more than 900 islands here.

It has a coral sea, so the water is warm and clear, which is optimum for scuba diving. The divers can use dive boats and permanent pontoons for diving purposes.

Along with scuba diving, people also enjoy snorkeling. You can find numerous sea animals and plant species in the coral sea. In some particular seasons, you will also see migrating whales, coral spawning, and nesting turtles.

8. Explore Palm Cove by Bike Riding

A bike ride through this place will take approx 2 hours. On this ride, you will see every corner of Palm Cove. First, you will reach Kewarra Beach, where you can go swimming, and at the Kewarra Beach resort, you can stop and have some snacks.

Then you will move forward and explore Northern Clifton, Esplanade, Trinity Beach, Yorkeys Knob, Earl Hill, and Summit Trail. From Summit Trails, you will get a 360-degree view of Cairns. Next, you will move to Cattana Wetlands.

You can take a break at Cattana Wetlands and watch the views of the wetland. Then you will move forward to Moon Beach and can have your lunch here. You can enjoy your ride toward Smithfield Mountain Bike Park.

Then you will move forward to the Mareeba and Kuranda. On the way, you will see many pools, wildlife, natural sceneries, and so on.

Palm Cove
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9. Visit Kuranda

Kuranda is a beautiful place situated in the rainforest above the Cairns. This town has gorgeous art scenes, animal sanctuaries, and a market. If you visit Kuranda, then start your trip from Skyrail Rainforest Cableway.

Palm Cove
Image Source: Depositphotos

This is a perfect place where you will learn and watch the culture of Palm Cove. Here you will see the aboriginal group of people living in this town.

10. Enjoy Kayaking

The perfect spot for kayaking is the south end of Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia. From here, you will kayak towards the Double Island. You can spot many turtles here. Not only the turtles but you can also spot many marine animals here.

You can see sharks, dolphins, whales, rays, dugongs, and many more marine animals and plants. This kayak trip will end in just 30 minutes.

Palm Cove
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11. Visit The Rest of The Cairns Region

There are some more areas that you can explore. These areas are connected to nature and are less crowded places. These areas are Green Island, Cairns Dome, Daintree rainforest, Cairns Esplanade, and crocodile cruises.

12. Explore Mareeba the Whole Day

Mareeba is a place located near Palm Cove. This place is less crowded. The main attractions of this place are unique scenery, coffee plantations, rock wallabies, passionfruit wine, and hikes.

Accommodation at Palm Cove

Palm Cove, Australia, is situated in a beautiful location. It also has perfect accommodation facilities as well. Many hotels, resorts, and apartments allow visitors to stay. Palm Cove apartments offer various facilities to visitors.

We will discuss locations you can stay if you plan a trip to Palm Cove.

1. Peppers Beach Club Spa, Palm Cove

Peppers Beach Club Spa is a beautiful and refined location. It has big and airy rooms along with lush gardens. The rooms have chic designs, and they are contemporary. It has suites, spa rooms, a tennis court, an ocean, and clad mountains.

It has a rainforest rock pool, gold sandy beach, lagoon pool, and swim-up bar. It also has an open terrace for a party, a mini bar, a playground for kids, a restaurant, luxurious bathrobes, and so on. It has a reception desk for any help.

Palm Cove
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2. Mango Lagoon Resort and Wellness Spa Palm Cove

Mango Lagoon Resort has private apartments with all the facilities the guests need. It has a different section for the kids: a playground and a kids’ swimming pool where they can play and swim.

It is very close to Palm Cove beach. You can reach the beach by walking in just 5 minutes. All the apartments on the ground floor have a private courtyard. These apartments have a dining section, kitchen, private bathroom, and television.

The rooms are very spacious and have a single or double bed. Some more facilities which make these apartments more like homes are dishwashers, washing machines, ovens, ironing facilities, and freezers.

These apartments have a BBQ area, tour desk, Esplanade, fine dining options, and sun loungers. It has a rooftop pool and a terrace party hall. Along with it, you can enjoy the spa, and the location of the apartments is very nice. You can watch the sunset from the balcony of the apartment.

3. Sarayi Boutique Hotel

Sarayi Boutique Hotel is very famous in Queensland, Australia. It is located in tropical north Queensland. This hotel has the maximum facilities which a hotel can offer. It has two restaurants, spa facilities, a terrace party hall, an esplanade, a rooftop pool, and beautiful Palm Cove views.

The location of the apartments is very scenic. You can see beautiful ocean and mountain views from the balcony or window. Locals of Queensland often visit the restaurants of the hotel for meals.

 It also has a television in the apartments. Some more facilities are laundry and cooking facilities.

Palm Cove
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How To Reach Palm Cove

Palm Cove is a famous tourist spot in Queensland, Australia. The direct way to reach here is to follow Captain Cook Highway. This highway connects Cairns to Mossman. So by following this route, you will reach the Cairns region. From Cairns, you have to get to the local suburbs.

Many buses connect this route. So you can travel by those buses to reach the local suburbs. Hence, you have called Palm Cove.

Final Note

In this article, we have discussed Palm Cove, which is located in North Queensland, Australia. This is a favorite tourist destination for visitors. The nearest town to Palm Cove is Mount Buchan, and Port Douglas is also a beautiful destination. Palm Cove is perfectly situated around various heartwarming areas.

The main attractions of this place are rainforest, palms, sunrise views, restaurants, a resort, a beach, a reef house, a beach resort, a double island, a Williams esplanade, a great barrier reef, Alamanda palm cove, and so on.

There are various accommodation facilities present here. You can stay in a hotel as well as in an apartment. These hotels and apartments provide visitors with air conditioning rooms and all the necessary facilities.

So, Palm Cove is the perfect location for planning a trip. You can see the natural beauty and enjoy many adventurous activities. It is an ideal location for family fun. For more information, you can visit the official website of Palm Cove.


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