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13 Facts About the Hervey Bay Queensland

Hervey Bay is the capital of attraction and ruby of the Queensland crown. In fact, Hervey Bay Queensland is often called the whale watch capital of Queensland, Australia. Actually, all other attractions and facts are built around Fraser Island.

Captain James cook first came to be known Hervey Bay area in 1770 on his travelling to the east coast of Australia. In his travelling, he mistakenly assumed that the massive pool of water is a part of the mainland shore but he later understands that the Fraser is an island. Here is the list of rare top 13 facts about Hervey Bay Queensland.

The List of Facts about Hervey Bay 

1. Great Sandy Strait of Hervey Bay

The Great Sandy Strait is the home of Fraser island. The age-old sand takes you back in time. The stunning rainforest surrounded the coast completing a homogeneity of the great complexity of Hervey Bay Queensland.

The Hervey bay area has some surface water, shrouded by coral reefs and plenty of marine biology animals with fish. This is one of the protected areas of Hervey bay Queensland by UNESCO.

What is unique about the Sandy Strait is its biosphere of various diversity of flora and fauna. Especially marine life, the conservation of endangered sea turtles, Dugongs and international feeding protected ground for migratory birds, etc.

This great biosphere spanned over 1416000 hectares complemented by both forest and sand landscapes. In fact, approx. more than 7000 protected homes of various flora & fauna. This land is situated between the land and seas of Gympie and Bundaberg, near the east of Fraser Island.

2. Fraser Island of Hervey Bay Queensland

Fraser island Australia
Photo by Laurie Nevay on Flickr

This island is part of the beautiful Great Sandy National Park. It is protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 and Recreation Areas Management Act 2006. Fraser Island spanned from the farthest point of the 146 Km area of Hervey Bay, Queensland.

In fact, Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and holds a dominant feature of Hervey Bay, Queensland. It ranked among the priceless cultural inhabitant heritages like Uluru, Kakadu, and the Great Barrier Reef.

The landscape holds one of the greatest features like open wide white sandy beaches, and pools of black & white lakes, tall rainforests, amazing rattling ocean beaches for surfing, etc also surround this island.

3. Hervey Bay Boat Club

The Hervey Bay Boat Club was established in 1970 by a small group, with the intention of enjoying boating and fishing. This special place was made to be established as a small community gathering place. The club incredibly increased its members from 12 to more than 30000 in 2016.

The Boat Club of Hervey Bay Queensland is situated on the Urangan Hervey Bay marina and gives you some stunning views of Fraser Island. Ferry services are one of the remarkable attributes of the boat harbor drive. You can plan an entire vacation plan for the day to admire the absolute beachfront sites.

4. Whale Heritage Site of Hervey Bay

Whale heritage site Fraser island
Photo by denisbin on Flickr

The Whale Heritage Site which is a majestic site of Hervey Bay Queensland, is an initiative by the world cetacean alliance and is currently with the partnership of world animal protection. The world heritage site provides an outstanding platform for whale watching to admire the greatness of the gigantic mammals on Earth.

Encounter with the beautiful Humpback whales and some of the rare Dolphins in Hervey Bay, Queensland, with jaw-dropping views while they play around. The aim of WCA is to protect the cetacean species on a global level to preserve their race worldwide. The boat harbor drive is a wonderful place to admire whale watching in the calm waters.

A total of 87 cetacean species and additional 37 subspecies were identified, including whales, dolphins, and porpoises, which are listed and recognized by the IUCN or the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. This site is one of the most protected palaces among other Hervey Bay Queensland in Australia.

5. Hervey Bay Historical Village

More than 10000 exhibits from the Fraser Coast and Wide Bay area, The Hervey Bay historical village has been awarded multiple times, it features more than 20 historical buildings and a fully furnished cottage slab which was finished in 1898.

Various structures were built in 1981. For example, the Goodwood Railway Station, the first Dundowran Hall and original state school, and other service-providing buildings like a horse-drawn buggy shed, blacksmith shed, Hervey bay’s original methodist church etc.

The main attribute is the village festival which gives life to Hervey’s bay, things won’t make things interesting, but the people make it more lovable. On Sunday, the villagers get into their traditional dresses and take you back to traditional times. A historical drama place for Hervey Bay Queensland.

Historical students like this place more. It is more fun to watch the volunteer blacksmith do crafting in the traditional way, tread the 100 yrs old wood lathe, and some other making the wooden goblet. Using 100 years old machines and making several souvenirs is fun and exciting to watch.

6. Great Barrier Reef

This is one of the largest naturally made reefs by natural species. Home of various rarest species in the world. The Great Barrier Reef is located near another interesting island known as Heron Island on the south coast of Hervey Bay, Queensland.

There are almost 400 rare coral reefs listed, 1500 endangered fish species, and 4000 molluscs. This is the second-largest coral reserve in the world. This was listed in 1981, about more than 3,00,000 km is recognized and protected by UNESCO.

7. Urangan Pier of Hervey Bay

Urangan Pier Hervey Bay Queensland
Photo by John on Flickr

The core responsibility of this pier is to help deport or export goods and items from the offshores. This was constructed between 1913 to 1917. This pier’s basic items to export and import were sugar and coal items. But eventually, it became a well know tourist HubSpot.

Yes! It takes modification and adds some beautiful features to make it more attractive. The pier is located near the stunning coast of the south coral sea, Hervey Bay Queensland. It is approximately 1105 meters or above.

But it is an old age pier that requires renovation in order to do that it needs to close down, which happened in 1985. During its maintenance, some of its parts are required to demolish because the part of it shrinks up to 2800 feet down. It was demolished in 2009.

The best part of this is that the residents had developed their own annual festival known as the Urangan Pier Festival. Started in 1986, and from there it constantly grew its popularity among tourists. The theme of the festival is to celebrate fishing. That is why it becomes the favourite of tourist fishermen.

8. Pier Caravan Park

This creative park is located in Urangan park, where you will witness many caravans parked inside the park. This park was made in the middle of town, probably keeping in mind for the people to form fresh community relationships with strangers. Local cafes, restaurants, beaches, markets and marine places make it a suitable place to spend more time.

The special thing about this place is that they allowed pets without any charges. There are pools and other entertainment outlets where you can enjoy yourself with your kids and pets.

If you want to do shopping, then visit the pier market which is open on Wednesday and Saturday. Enjoy a barbeque, fishing with neighbours and doing a little chit-chat with strangers.

Palms Boutique Caravan Park

In palms Hervey Bay Queensland, there is another park present which is known as palms boutique caravan park. Same as the pier caravan park, this park is about a distance of 400 meters from the Torquay and Charlton Esplanade.

It offers a variety of restaurants and cafes to get together with locals. It is a great place to watch whales and plan your tour for visit to the Island of Fraser. This place with reasonable prices provides live entertainment and live music to make a memorable day.

9. Fraser Coast RV Park 

Harvey bay Queensland is really well known for its unique holiday destination. Like the Fraser Coast RV park which is a completely family spending area, the welcoming holiday park is only about 78 acres spread over the area. This place is well suited for camping, biking and even idle for RVs, motorhomes, caravans, tents etc.

The area’s landscape is unique to other natural parks. This park is full of shady trees and firewood for a fire pit. The area is luckily very near about 10 to 15 min to Fraser and Hervey Bay airport.

There are the iconic animal kangaroos and more than 66 species of birds in Hervey Bay Queensland in Australia. The theme lets you remember the 90’s when you see a very antique old wooden stove. There is an open bath style where you can enjoy bathing under the open sky.

10. Beautiful Torquay Beach

The fact is that Torquay is an accumulation of several beautiful beaches in Hervey Bay Queensland. It is situated beside the Great Ocean Road. The beach has multi-variety beaches which allowed you both safe swimming, Scuba diving and surfing. It is located near Rocky Point. Here is the list of the best beachfront sides.

(a) Torquay Surf Beach

In the south of the town, Surfing Torquay Beach is located. The wave is gentle and calm which is why surfing is the mostly preferred water sport among top water sports. The Torquay surfing beach annually attracts millions of people.

It generally starts from the Great Ocean Road and the fact is it is situated near the world’s biggest war memorial. This is one of the busiest beach holidays packed in Hervey Bay Queensland.

(b) Torquay Front Beach 

The Torquay Front Beach is a favourite place among the family gathering. Because of its warm and cool water environment, it is a relaxing beach holiday for families. This beach is also famous for several sports, like, swimming, surfing, etc.

They have facilities such as toilets, changing rooms, or BBQ sets. This is the perfect place for a picnic beach in Hervey Bay Queensland. The Hervey Bay marina attracts tourists with its coastal charm to give people the best natural beauty experience.

(c) Bells Beach 

Bells Beach is located near the south coast of Torquay, close to Victoria. Bells beach organised one of the best water sports competitions. In fact, this beach is named after William bell, a master mariner, who owned this huge property in the 1840s. Many travellers wrongly connect this with John Calvert Bell. 

It offers the Rip Curl Pro Surfing Competition, the waves are huge, and when you see the surfer ride the waves off, it will take your breath away from the most exciting beach of Hervey Bay Queensland in Australia.

(d) Jan Juc Beach 

Jan Juc Beach was originally called Bellbroe but it was renamed in 1923. The post office of Bellbroe was known as Jun Jue Beach which was built on 25 January 1862. The beach is situated between Rocky point to the east and Bird rock to the west. It is surrounded by beautiful high cliffs creeks and straits through the sand dunes.

Here, surfing sports also get organized annually, and Jan Juc Boardriders is the local surfing club of Hervey Bay Queensland. There are also delicious food items stalled and people enjoy this while watching jet skiing sports. Experience the marine environment and the water park with their family.

(e) Whites Beach

The white beach is located in Brunswick. A beautiful and perfect place for camping. The beach is surrounded by natural vegetation, but there is a lake. Also, there is a lot of space for the caravan parking area. It is a large sandy beach, and electric and water hookup are placed to accord families. Well, it is the best suitable place for beginners camping.

(f) Point Impossible Beach 

Possos is known as a point impossible beach which is situated on the northern fringe of the Great Ocean Road Coast. The community of GORC managed this vast beautiful land. This is also one of the favourite places for surfing or swimming with calming sounds and calm water.

Enjoy walking the bass strait and relax your day with a sunset. This place is the home of several endangered beach-nesting shorebirds, The Hooded Plovers.

(g) Addiscot Beach 

Addiscot beach is a 1.8 km stretched-long curved beach, which has faced the southeast coast. The border is glorified by a red, slumping cliff, composed of unconsolidated sand and clay. The cliff reaches a height of more than 80 meters.

It is sloped towards the eastern jarosite headland. The beach waves reach a height of up to 1 to 2 km. The place is best for swimming, surfing, fishing and also for extracurricular activities. It is among the few of the best places in Hervey Bay Queensland where you can experince multiple activities.

11. Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens

The Hervey Bay Queensland, botanic gardens are spread over more than 6000 years old of 26 hectares spanned foreshore dunes. It was built in 1974. Currently, this garden is a perfectly balanced mixture of plants which were taken from Wide Bay and the Great Sandy region to establish a natural landscape of rainforest and wetlands.

This garden is specially made to keep in mind those who want a peaceful environment, able to think that city life is busy and lousy. The botany gives a perfect nature to study books or for a walk and also for camping and other activity.

To roam, this garden one does not need any fees to pay, and it opens daily. If you love Orchid, then visit the Orchid house. This house contains more than 5000 types of Orchids. The Orchid house is a collection of various types of Orchidaceous family.

There are two famous display exhibits. Annually, one is the late summer, which is placed during February, March, and April, and the other one is in spring which is placed in August, September, and October. The exhibition is not just for display but also for sales.

12. The Resort of Hervey Bay 

(a) Bay Apartments Holiday Resort

The location of bay apartments holiday resorts is situated directly opposite the Hervey Bay Queensland beaches right across the Esplanade. The resort is well surrounded by the best well-known cafe, restaurants and unique fun outlets for roaming in the streets. You will feel inspired and fresh, especially at night.

The apartment rooms are well spacious, the floors are well carved with marble, inside you will be able to rest in the poolside and cafe areas and also spa areas or sauna. The bay offers you not only sanity but outdoor activities.

Play games, or take a relaxing bath. This place also planted some tropical rainforest, giving a feeling of spending your time in a forest, so you can relax for the day with a hot spa. In fact, this resort holds the most entertaining elements among other Hervey Bay Queensland resorts.

The Hervey Bay Queensland resorts are facilitated with the different parks, water slides and many playful items. engaging water equipments, an area for surfing and a big screen of water. The area special made to keep in mind for kids to have fun.

(b) Shelly Bay Resort

The Shelly Bay Resort is located in the Esplanade of Hervey Bay Queensland. The bay resort has spacious rooms and facilities to provide all kinds of Hervey Bay enjoyment. In fact, this bay has 3 separate floors, one is dedicated to natural vegetation, and others are exemplary man-made landscapes, with a touch of palm tropical trees in the surrounding.

This report provides one of the top facilities among other resorts in Hervey Bay Queensland. The top facilities it provides are a Lagoon walk, Car parking in the basement, racks of bikes, a half court of tennis and the most fundable attribute is the boat facility.

(c) Spa Oaks Resort

Spa oaks resort provides various facilities which include almost 5 spacious treatment rooms, and the speciality is they also have a room which is only dedicated to couples, also they have fully equipped changing rooms for both genders, Fact, the main attributes are their treatment like aroma therapy best in the world, customized facials, etc.

13. Mobility Corridor of Hervey Bay

The Mobility corridor is sided along with the Southern border of the Botanical Gardens. In fact, this is its most popular access point to the most beautiful tropical gardens. The place is a maze of Hervey Bay Queensland. The Mobility Corridor is construed in a systematic way for people to enjoy the streets.

Basically, the pathway is right corresponding to the Hervey Bay of Esplanade which is started from Point Vernon up to the Urangan and takes a u-turn right back to its origin which is Hervey Bay Queensland.

From the farsight of the jetty, you can encounter different rare fish, and also you can see the railway tracks from the far shore of the pier street most interesting are the ballast tracks which can be seen with minimal visibility at the end shore of the Mobility Corridor. The Pialba, Urangan railway lines are still a sight to behold even though the tracks are removed.

The Footnote

Hervey Bay is a place of an accumulation of beaches, world heritage sites, and some of the beautiful beach motels located in this area, like Emeraldene inn and Eco-lodge, which are located near the peaceful pialba region in Hervey Bay. The low tide and Arlia sands make Hervey Bay a more suitable place, like a vacation holiday park.

In fact, Hervey Bay stands out because of the world’s largest sand island. Hervey Bay holds some of the most spectacular views of whale-watching humpback whales, and the list is endless. This makes Hervey Bay, Queensland, fascinating. It is a world of within, holding the most heritages and records compared to any place in the world.


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