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What Are 8 Things To Do in Rainbow Beach?

You can find Rainbow Beach in the Queensland area of ​​Australia. This rural town is famous as a tourist destination. Rainbow Beach is popularly associated with Fraser Island, Great Sandy National Park, coloured sands, beaches, and wildlife.

Visit Rainbow Beach and explore the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island, which will blow your mind. Rainbow Beach of Australia provides you with plenty of services for your tourist needs that you will be confused about where to start.

Head over to Rainbow Beach and enjoy some of the most beautiful sceneries. Rainbow Beach gives you breathtaking views and offers a surf experience, swimming, and colourful sands that add to your tour or visiting activity (whether you’re a local Australian or tourist).

You can have fun together with your whole family at Rainbow Beach. This place is open to all tourists from all over the world.

Here’s A List Of The Things To Do In Rainbow Beach:

1) Tour Of Coloured Sand

things to do in rainbow beach
By: Sofia Cerqueira/Unsplash

With its breathtaking coloured sand dunes, this beach marks the southern tip of Fraser Island from Double Island Point to the Inskip Peninsula. It is situated on the beautiful cliffs beach, situated 2 KM East of Rainbow Beach and gives you a mindblowing ocean view. When you see this beach, you will not believe how beautiful these cliffs are, explaining how the town stays true to its name because of the beautiful rainbow hues around the beach.

Around the beachside, you’ll come across numerous turtles, manta rays, stingrays, soldier crabs, and birds, making your adventure tours unique and memorable. In the meantime, you can lose yourself in nature by taking a 30-minute walk through the Pippies Beachhouse. There’s a possibility that no beach could give you an experience like the rainbow hues of this beach town. Among the most extensive sand islands of Rainbow beach, these cliffs are perfect for long walks.

Made of natural and coloured sand, these beachside cliffs have set themselves apart from other beaches, due to which people love to visit here. People often choose to tour this beautiful destination as a part of their retirement getaway.

2) Set Up For 4WD Tours And Camping

things to do in rainbow beach
By: Will Kennett/Unsplash

Rainbow Beach is famous for its colourful sands and natural environment, which attracts everyone to it. After visiting this beach, most people think about swimming, surfing, and fishing which are its quality. There are many things to do at Rainbow beach for you.

This beach extends from Inskip Point to Noosa, and it’s a popular gateway to the famous Fraser Island. Tourists are often encouraged to indulge in 4WD Tours and camping while spending their time here.

4WD and camping are pretty popular as you get low tide here. Driving around the town, you’ll see some of the most exquisite views of the coloured sands, which are pretty breathtaking and unforgettable. If you drive on this beach, you will feel as if you’re travelling through a gateway to heaven.

This beach is very busy with camping and four-wheel-drive vehicles, especially during summer. You should visit its Double Island Point with a four-wheel-drive vehicle and the beach, which gives you many adventure activities.

3) Visit The Scenic Double Island Point

things to do in rainbow beach
By: Nick Sarvari/Unsplash

Double Island Point is a scenic headland attracting tourists close to the Noosa North Shore Cooloola, Rainbow Beach town, and Great Sandy National Park. Here, you can experience the grandeur of nature’s sculpture in sand. There’s a 19th-century lighthouse that stands high on these cliffs, with views over the Pacific Ocean to Fraser Island.

Double Island Point lighthouse is famous for its high scenic views, a great place to spot turtles, dolphins, and whales alike. This island is also perfect for kayaking with dolphins. Double Island Point is the hidden gem close to Rainbow beach. The quickest way to visit the Double Island Point is by a four-wheel-drive vehicle along the beach.

Marine wildlife is abundant on this island, making it home to dolphins, humpback whales, turtles, manta rays, stingrays, and soldier crabs. People catch fish and crab by camping near the beaches; it’s a perfect place for indulging in your fishing hobby.

You can enjoy the incredible sunrise and sunset views on Rainbow Beach. Double Island Point is a beautiful headland that offers mesmerizing views by the beach and out toward the sea. People often visit Rainbow Beach just to hike up to Double Island Point.

4) Don’t Miss Out On Carlo Sand Blow Views

things to do in rainbow beach
By: Centophobia/Flickr

Carlo Sand Blow is a natural, beautiful “moonscape” dune that traverses Fraser Island. People like to come here a lot because of its beauty and sunset views (along with sunrise) which gives comfort to your eyes.

After reaching here, you can see the Tin Can Bay spot, which is perfect for sunrise and sunset. It’s essential to take a water bottle with you while walking around this spot because it can get scorching here during summer.

This place on Rainbow beach is 75 miles away from Great Sandy National Park, which you should also consider visiting. Tin Can Bay’s sky and entire land are colourfully visible, reflecting its uniqueness. Even though this place is away from Inskip Point, it is adept at pulling people towards itself.

Once you get here, these mesmerizing views will stay with you for a lifetime. There are good parking options available close by as well.

5) Camp At Cooloola Recreation Area

Cooloola Recreation Area can be found as a part of the Great Sandy National Park. This area accurately represents the vast landscape of Queensland’s stunning coastline, rich with wildlife and woodlands, perfect for nature enthusiasts to escape from the city life.

This vast national park is worth visiting if you are staying in the city of Rainbow Beach or on your way to Inskip Point, Tin Can Bay, or Fraser Island; then you can visit this national park which gives outstanding views. This park is the best among the many National Parks around Fraser Island and Rainbow Beach.

Camping in this area would require a permit that you can check on the official Queensland website to plan your next vacation here.

6) Go Diving At The Wolf Rock Dive Centre

things to do in rainbow beach
By: Chase Baker/Unsplash

Wolf Rock is a dedicated marine sanctuary located at Double Island Point. For those who crave adventure, you can dive with the spectacular Grey Nurse Sharks year-round through Wolf Rock Dive Center, along the beach with Rainbow Beach Horse Rides, and enjoy horse riding for a full view of Rainbow Beach.

You always get to see some spectacular Grey Nurse sharks during your dive here, and the friendly staff will be there to assist you at any point. You can enjoy your time here freely without worrying as safety precautions are one of their top-most priorities.

In summer, the water of Wolf Rock is hot, due to which Zebra, Shark, Wobbegong Sharks, White-Spotted Eagle Rays, and Bull Rays are found in large quantities. But, this is one of the most famous and sought-after natural dive sites in the entire world. Wolf Rock comprises four volcanic pinnacles, which are much higher than the ocean level. But celebs and dive pros fly to Rainbow just for this.

You can do Wolf Rock with boat tours, giving you a natural adventure feel. These tall volcanic rocks bring in a large abundance of marvellous sea creatures, and many creatures come here so that they can breed, feed, and clean the water. This place is considered one of the best dive centres in Australia by many people who have visited it.

7) Visit Hervey Bay

things to do in rainbow beach
By: Tim Foster/Unsplash

Hervey Bay is one of the most popular places in Southern Australia, where you can enjoy heartily. Hervey Bay extends from Noosa & Sunshine Coast to Fraser Island, due to which the activities of whale watching increased significantly. You can take a tour of this bay with the Gold Coast & Brisbane Backpacker and enjoy the beautiful view and the valleys.

Hervey Bay is close to the popular tourist destinations of Fraser Island and Rainbow Beach, so it gets plenty of tourists every year as well.

Hervey Bay is budget-friendly for anyone where you can enjoy with family with less budget. This bay has gained popularity based on its beauty and calm atmosphere. Hervey Bay looks a little different from the Sunshine Coast, where you can feel that this place is a paradise as its coloured sand is quite breathtaking. Hervey Bay is at the forefront of the list of whale heritage sites as well.

Looking at this Hervey Bay road off the thrilling drive, you will say that there are many things to do in Rainbow beach. Playground and water sports are available here for your kids so that your kids can take Paddle Board Lesson. And at the same time, kids can be taken to the dive site and learn them quickly. But, you should visit Hervey Bay only with those who are called experience tour guides so that you can be safer.

You can learn more about Hervey Bay from their website.

8) Visit The Beautiful Poona Lake

Poona Lake is located in Queensland, Australia, famous for its freshwater, and it’s close to Cooloola Recreation Area. This lake is famous for swimming, and people enjoy walking around this beautiful area. According to the tourist, this lake is relatively calm where you can give peace to your mind.

Poona Lake is a beautiful tea-coloured freshwater lake surrounded by a white sandy beach. To enjoy this lake to the fullest, you can walk 2.5 km from the Bymien picnic area to reach Pippies Beach House. This place is perfect for fun things to do in Rainbow Beach.

On this lake, you get to see two walking tracks. The first track goes to the road via Gympie and Freshwater, and the second walking track is the campground track and the Bymien Picnic, with the help of which you can reach Poona Lake.

Both these walking tracks will give the best experience to your journey. That’s why many people travel here to see the abundance of rainforest, flora, and fauna that surrounds the area. And people come to this large freshwater lake because sandy banks offer peace.

This lake near Rainbow Beach gives a pure experience of swimming, fishing, and hiking. Most people come here for hiking because of the calm and serene atmosphere. The trail isn’t challenging, so it’s perfect for a family hiking trip that can include kids as young as toddlers. It’s a part of the Great Sandy National Park.

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