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Top 7 Best Beaches in Yamba Of Australia

This is a tiny town, but one of the best tourist spots. specifically, for its surfing beaches in Yamba. Yamba town is located in the region of Australia’s N.S.W state.

This town has some of the best beaches in the entire South Wales region. The reason may be related to its geographical location because the beaches are located in the South Pacific Ocean.

Well, the main point of view will be surfing in the article. Because there are some of the biggest waves that have been seen, which is enough to spine chill to mad surfing lovers.

Thus, let’s explore some of the top beaches in Yamba for surfing. Besides surfing, there are other great places to visit in Yamba, which will talk about later.

1. The Top Magnificent Beaches in Yamba for Surfing

Here is the list of top beaches, which are considered to be the best for experiencing a lifetime of surfing.

Pippi Beach and beaches in Yamba
Image from NSW gov Australia

1.1. Pippi Beach 

This is at the top of the list among all other surfing beaches in Yamba. The waves are always at their top-notch. Surfing on these waves will be a thriller experience for any surfer.

The mid-range mountains from far away surround the whole beach, which is enchanting. Long short grass fields covered the whole area. This zone is more suitable for beginner surfers.

Pippi Beach is a free tourist area. To accommodate the tourists it has facilities for car parking, and also a family picnic beach with showers equipped with toilets.

1.2. Turners Beach 

This beach is the first choice of intermediate surfers. Extreme wave splashes & collisions with ridges give any surfer a chill to the spin only to get a ride on those waves.

Turner’s Beach is the most preferred beach among all beaches in Yamba, NWS, because the beach holds a beautiful history. 

Yes! The Yamba lighthouse is a white tall tower that acts as a spotlight for the naval ships during bad weather, It was built around nineteen hundred ninety-five. 

However, the beach is infamous for fishing, the area is called the Break Wall Point. Overall this beach is a huge package for all types of activities. It provides services like car parking, toilets and street cafes. 

1.3. Main Beach 

This beach is for a sunset day walk of less than 4km of sandy trails. The main attraction is the long, relaxing short walk on a beautiful sandy beach.

Swimming is allowed, which is like a cherry on top of the cream. Because it has subtle warm waves  Thus, this beach is perfect for lovers.

Angourie Beach
Image from NSW gov Australia

1.4. Angourie Beach

The Beach is a thriller, every surfer in Australia holds a special place for Angourie Beach. Every splash of the waves leaves a frightening mark on the heart of a surfer.

For instance, Turners Beach and Pippi Beach are for beginners and intermediate surfers, but Angourie Point is for advanced-level surfers.

Thus, toilet facilities, picnic tables, and other public service facilities are available. The level of the waves is intimidating, and only the hearts of Braves can ride those waves.

1.5. Convent Beach

The beach is small in size but a very convenient and luxurious place. The Convent beach is situated right at the side of St ocean road.

However, not well for swimming, but calm and quiet in nature, this is the best holiday spot for peace and history lovers.

Before 1910, Convent Beach was called McKittrick’s Beach. A historical beach with the pleasantness of calm water.

This great beach has some of the best sites to admire the beauty of aquatic animals and vegetation.

1.6.Whiting Beach 

This great beach is an average beach in Yamba, which is located near a national park named Booderee National Park

The exact location of this wonderful beach is Blacks Waterhole Track, Jervis Bay NSW2540.

This wonderful beach is well known for its calmness and crystal-clear freshwater.

December is the best month for visiting and exploring this amazing beach and having the best experience of the beautiful waterfall located behind the beach.

This bay is well known for its calm, fresh water. The water level is not that deep, which is good for swimming and other water activities.

Spooky beach
Image from NSW gov Australia

1.7.Spooky Beach 

By the name Spooky or Spookies Beach, it is not spooky at all, maybe because it’s isolated from the other beaches. This beach is located at the southern end. Great for surfing.

Spooky is calmer than the northern end and has the same natural environment as the north end beaches.

On the south side of the beach is an infamous sidewalk that directs one to the famous Blue Pool.

The spooky beach is filled with many quality services, such as car parking, public toilets, amazing exploring spots, and picnic spots. Especially for surfing.

2. Conclusion

Yamba, in NSW, is famous for surfing, the Pacific Hotel, and especially for the oldest life-saving club: “Ocean Pool” which is built into the rocks of the southern exposed side. Yamba beaches are extremely well maintained.

For more information regarding the beaches in Yamba, one can check the official site of the NSW Government.

especially in Yamba Point, which is highly protected during the tourism period. Every weekend, the beaches get patrolled. The Back Beach at Angourie Point is the only protected surfing beach.

During the school summer holidays, the beaches get patrolled between September and December.

The northern and southern beaches of NSW are well-protected surfing reserves and excellent surfing beaches with fully patrolled life-saving services.

For surfers, these surfing beaches are like heaven. The large waves in Byron Bay, attract surfers from all over the world.

Yamba’s Main Beach is excellent as a sheltered beach and as a whale-watching platform. However, Convent Beach and Turners Beach hold the top spot as the best surfing beaches in Yamba.

These beaches are not only famous for surfing but also famous for easy access to amazing holiday spots, picnic tables, and swimming pools. Thus, they are amazing, sheltered beaches with high-quality hotel services and calm, quiet environments.

Yamba town is full of amazingness, it has national parks such as (only protected surfing reserves) Angourie Point Yuraygir National Park, and Booderee National Park.

The historical sleepy fishing village, a village carved by the rivers itself and dotted with patrolled beaches and the historical Clarence Village is also a major attraction point.

However, the town of Yamba not should be the only place to spend holidays on beaches.

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