Explore 7 Most Beautiful Byron Bay Beaches

Beaches in and around New South Wales are impeccable. You go speechless when you are around those stunning waves; they are wild, intense, erratic, and the very next moment, they are so calm, serene, peaceful. One such beach area is Byron Bay Beach. On the northeastern side of Sydney, Byron Bay Beach is located.

Byron Bay’s beaches attract a massive number of tourists. The bay area started as an esteem industrial port town in its initial days. But gradually and steadily it converted into the most visited holiday spot.

Beaches in Byron Bay have been entertaining tourists since the 1960s. Some of the extremely best Byron Bay Beaches are enlisted below. These would definitely leave you awestruck.

1. Belongil Beach

Belongil Beach is located towards the West of Byron Bay Beach. The beautiful views of the whole Byron Bay beach can be experienced by going for a Byron Bay Lighthouse walk. You could stop at Byron Bay’s Main Beach as well.

Belongil Beach extends up to 2.5 km. It finds its way between Belongil Creek’s mouth in the West and the seawall and Byron Bay car park in the east. The beach is so calm and a perfect relaxing destination for families. This place is a favourite spot for dog-walk as well.

It is also most pleasing for those who love long walks. Yet, it is less crowded than Main Beach. This fact makes Belongil Beach safe for swimming as well. Visitors often find it more suitable to swim in the Southern end nearest Byron Bar.

Byron Bay Beach
by Bex Walton/Flickr.Copyright 2022

In 1921, about 2000 tons of passengers steamship called Wollongbar got stuck in the surf in Belongil Beach. This place is now a popular tourist spot named ‘The Wreck’. The Wreck is towards the north of the seawall and is a famous surfing spot. The shipwreck can still be seen over there.

Another place, Cavanbah, is a very sacred place where you will find the origin of the Arakwal Aboriginals even today.

Other Attractions

  • A 50m long Swimming Pool is located at the top of Jonson Street. Some particular days and timing are fixed for the visitors visiting the Pool. Before going, it is advisable to get the updates.
  • SS Wollongbar Shipwreck is another fun place to visit, with so many offerings at the site.
  • The Belongil Estuary shelters many beautiful birds and other wildlife species. The endangered Little Tern is one of them. Get a pleasant experience of the place by walking through Byron Bay Beach.

2. Main Beach in Byron Bay Beach

Byron’s Main Beach starts from the car parking at the end of Jonson Street. It stretches up to Clarkes Beach and The Pass in the East. So basically, it is located on the northern side of the Gold Coasts. It is the central surf zone of Southport, so it was named the Main Beach.

It’s a perfect place for the activities like swimming. There’s a park at the back of the main beach. It is equipped with all requisites for the visitors. It includes a washroom, playground, picnic tables, barbeques.

Byron Bay beach
by S B/Flickr. Copyright 2022

Other Attractions

  • Its bathing pavilion, called the Pavilion 34, steals the show of the beach. The beach cafe has many things to offer for its visitors. Its famous Chiko rolls, potato scallops, pineapple fritters, fish, chips, wafers and what not.
  • Down to Tedder Avenue, you will find many restaurants, cafes, boutiques, bars lined up to serve you their best.
  • Wanna shoppe! Then head towards the Marina Mirage and the best hotels like Palazzo Versace. 
  • Don’t forget to visit the Southport Yacht Club if you are fond of boating.
  • The theme park, Sea World, awaits you to show you the real Byron Bay Main Beach.
  • Julian Rocks are home to innumerable aquatic lives.

It is the favourite place for the surfers. Even the lifesavers guard the site all year round. Their clubhouse, named Byron Bay Surf Club, is located at the centre of the beach. It is one of the oldest life-saving clubs in Australia.

3. Clarkes Beach

Clarkes Beach is located between Main Beach and The Pass. A perfect spot to experience the beautiful sunrise and sunset. It is an ideal holiday destination for families.

Clarke Beach is perfect for swimming. The waves are very calm, and people can also learn to surf in those waves. Such programs and events are occasionally held there.

Other Attractions

  • Just enjoy the silent breeze of the over esteem beach along your walk on Cape Byron Walking Track.
  • When you move towards the Cape Byron Conservation Area, you will find Captain Cook Lookout. It has perfect scenic views, golden beaches. It has requisite amenities like washrooms, car parks, picnic tables, drinking water.
  • This place has much to offer to the little kids. A decorative natural playground with slides and rides makes this place comfortable for vacationing with families.
  • Experience the Kayak tour from Clarkes Beach with Cape Byron Kayaks or Go Sea Kayak. The beautiful insight of the water and dancing dolphins would leave you mesmerized.
  • The Beach restaurant would allow for glancing at some of the beautiful shore sights. You will have the best experience of food, wine and other kinds of stuff.
  • Reflections Holiday Park is in the vicinity of the beach. It would offer tents, caravans, cabins to rest your day out and relax.
Byron Bay beach
by Stephen DeBrass/Flickr.Copyright 2022

What’s More

There’s a local non-profit group called The Recreation Commission, which includes a group of citizens from Clarke’s Beach Town, including many volunteers. They offer Youth softball, afternoon tea and tunes for seniors, and many more holiday activities.

Clarke Beach area is a good business centre as well. The Newfoundland Distillery Company of Clarke Beach has one more feather added to their hat. The company’s famous Chaga Rum was announced as one of the best-spiced Rum in Canada. It fetched the trophy home from the World Rum Awards in London.

4. The Pass

The Pass is located towards the end of Clarkes Beach, where Fisherman’s Lookout is also located. It’s a very popular surfing spot on Byron Bay beach.

The Fisherman’s Lookout is a must-visit. The visitors will have the best of the views of The Pass, Clarkes Beach, Main Beach, all at one go. People enjoy glazing at the dolphins and the whales.

You can also pamper your tummy with the best of the breakfasts, lunch at The Pass Cafe. The Pass Cafe is located at the back of Brooke Drive.

Other Attractions

5. Wategos Beach

Wategos is one of the pretty beaches in Byron Bay beach. Its located on the northern side of the Cape Byron Lighthouse. Wategos lies between Cape Byron and Fisherman’s Lookout, below Byron Bay lighthouse.

The waves there are calm enough for the newbies to learn surfing. Positivity surrounds everywhere. You can experience the beauty of Wategos by Cape Byron Walking Track.
Street parking is insufficient alongside Marine Parade, behind the beach.

Must-Do Things At Wategos

  • This place is a perfect picnic spot. So get some snacks, or food, some drinks. If you are a good cook, you can also cook something along the beachside barbeques or picnic table. It is really fun!
  • If you love to surf with freedom and are a longboarder, you are at the perfect beach for surfing. You will never find this place busy or crowded, and you will have a room of your own.
  • Wategos Beach offers spectacular views of the Byron coastline, which would definitely leave you mesmerized. Your luck could make you have the sight of wild kangaroos and laughing kookaburras.

There are many luxurious pocket-friendly accommodations you can arrange for you.

Other Attractions:

  • The coastline and the hinterland areas between Byron Bay and Gold Coast boasts. It has some beautiful beaches, lakes, spectacular waterfalls. Lots of fun-filled activities are also there.
  • Broken Head Beach
  • Killen Falls
  • Dreamtime Beach
  • Cabarita Beach

6. Little Wategos Beach

Little Wategos Beach is located towards the easterly beach in Australia. The beach stretches for about 150 m. Enjoy the serenity of the beach via sidetrack at Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk.

Activities like swimming, sunbathing, rock fishing are conducted here. Swimming is safe here, as the surf zone is continuously patrolled in summer. But, you should consider your safety equally important as strong ocean currents can be hazardous.

7. Tallow Beach

Tallow Beach is located towards the south of Cape Byron. It lies in the Arakwal national park connecting Broken Head towards the South. You will find a perfectly stretched track of sand in Tallow Beach.

If you want the best of the views of the Tallow beach, follow the lighthouse road. It would serve you with some amazing sights you have never seen before.

Cosy Corner, located at the beach’s northmost part, has the best surfing waves. Tourists love going to this place for Whale watching, bird watching, beach fishing. Sometimes people go there just for relaxing. During summer, you will be able to see Osprey and White-bellied sea eagles as well.

Although small, Awakral is a beautiful national park. It has a nature reserve of diverse endangered fauna and flora.

Byron Bay Beaches
by Martin7d2/ Flickr .Copyright 2022

Byron Bay beach is busy all year round. Many exciting music festivals are held here—Splendour in The Grass, Bluesfest, Falls Festivals. The best time to visit Byron is in the autumn and winter months.

Byron Bay beach brings you the best moment of your life with so many of its godly attractions. So hurry up, don’t waste your time. Mark your calendar with the busy Byron Bay Beaches Tour.

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