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18 Best Things to Do in Jervis Bay

With beautiful white sands and stunning natural scenery, Jervis Bay is indeed a small paradise. From camping sites to peaceful cruises, there are loads of things to do in Jervis Bay. Spend your perfect holiday this season in Jervis Bay. You will fall in love with this small and cozy coastal home.

So,  pack your belongings for a solo travel. The boat trips and cruise rides will let you meet the adorable dolphins. Additionally,  whale-watching is a fun activity for solo tourists, friend groups, and families as well.

All the beaches in Jervis Bay are equally attractive. There are activities for kids and adults alike. So,  are You in for an adventure for a lifetime memory of a beautiful vacation at Jervis Bay?  Find out the 18 amazing things to do in Jervis Bay.

1. White Sands Walk and the Beautiful Beaches in Jervis Bay

While visiting a coastal area the best thing to expect is, of course, beaches. With the world’s whitest sand beach, Jervis Bay beaches are most popular among their tourists.

There are plenty of white sand beaches in Jervis Bay. Each of them has a unique specialty that differentiates them.

Things to do in Jervis Bay
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Some of the most popular white sand beaches in Jervis Bay are Hyams Beach, Nelsons Beach, Blenheim Beach, Caves Beach, Steamers Beach, Wall Beach, and Murray’s Beach. So grab your bags and go for beach hopping to enjoy a day of White Sands Walk.

1.1 White Sand Beauty of Hyams Beach

The main attraction of Jervis Bay lies in the white sand beauty of Hyams Beach. It is considered the whitest beach in the world. You can take amazing pictures to flaunt on your social media accounts at Hyams Beach.

This is the next amazing activity that Hyams Beach is swimming in the waters. Cool your body and mind with the cool waters of the ocean.

It is one of the prominent beaches included in White Sands Walk. Tourists visiting Jervis Bay usually do not miss Hyams Beach.

While touring Hyams Beach at Jervis Bay, you can cherish the enormous stretches of beautiful white sands. You can also get a chance to spend some alone time in the serenity of the beach. There are plenty of secluded spots on the Hyams beaches to sit and get lost in your world.


1.2 Visit Nelsons Beach – Things to do in Jervis Bay

After Hyams Beach, the next best beach included in White Sands Walk is Nelsons Beach. It is one of the major Jervis Bay attractions. The soothing turquoise water at this beach makes it popular among the tourists at Jervis Bay.

Akin to Hyams Beach, a praiseworthy feature of Nelsons Beach is the spectacular view of smooth white sand. If you are in the mood for a refreshing dip, you must visit this beach.

A cool dip in the calm waters will put your mind to peach and relax your body. After a bath, you can stroll on the beach. Nelsons Beach will let you have a peaceful and memorable time away from the heavily crowded cities.

The Nelsons Beach is one of the favorite beaches for solo travelers. You can simply let your mind switch off its worries.

So,  what else makes Nelsons Beach unique from other beaches in Jervis Bay? Well,  you can enjoy a spectacular coastal walk along the shoreline. The walk also includes a small trek through a small section of rainforest.

You can trek through the rainforest which has well-marked signposts on the different trails. The waters in Nelsons Beach are also home to cute pods of dolphins that you will love to see.

A walk in Nelson Beach is indeed a must amongst things to do in Jervis Bay.  Nelson’s Beach is situated near the place called Vincentia. You may prefer to simply open your GPS to easily locate the different beaches in Jervis Bay or take a cab to this amazing beach.

Image by Lovleah on Unlimphotos.com

1.3 Visit Quiet Blenheim Beach – Things to do in Jervis Bay

The next beach on the list of amazing white sand beaches in Jervis Bay is Blenheim Beach. It is a lesser-known beach even amongst the locals. So,  it might not be a surprise if you don’t find a mention of this beach among the guides.

The Blenheim beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Jervis. There is a possibility that you may find the beach empty. Moreover, this beach finds its name as one of the least visited beaches in Australia.

But,  why are we recommending this beach if it is the least visited beach? Well, this beach is hidden away under a beautiful cavern, silky white sand, and lush green rainforest. Being almost untouched by humans,  the Blenheim beach is the closest you can get to nature.

It is a paradise for nature lovers. You will have to make an effort to visit this amazing beach. The beach will give you an experience of having a private beach to enjoy. So, trust us. The extra efforts required to reach this exotic beach will be effort it.

The beach is a natural beauty. It’s jaw-dropping view will make you spend the whole day enjoying the beauty. Therefore, Blenheim Beach is a must-see place in Jervis Bay.

1.4 Take a Cool Dip at Cave Beach

Of the things to do in Jervis Bay,  visiting Cave Beach is the favorite amongst the tourists. The reason for being popular is the great waves for surfing. Surfing is the  most sought-after activity at Cave Beach.

Things to do in caloundra
Image by Kanenori from Pixabay

The waves in Caves Beach are perfect for you to surf the whole day.  Don’t worry if you are a newbie for surfing.  Many small businesses are running near the beach that are willing to teach you surfing for a small amount.

The waters in Cave Beach are also perfect for rejuvenation with a cool dip. So,  if you are in Jervis Bay,  you should not miss the chance to take a dip in Caves Beach. Encountering Kangaroos is also a common event en route to this beach. Be advised not to tease or feed these kangaroos.

The Cave Beach is an amazing beach with  smooth sand and panoramic views. If you are a social media influencer, then this is the beach for you. You will find influencers and photographers capturing some of their next content at different times of the day.

things to do in Jervis Bay
Image by Fyletto on Unlimphotos.com

1.5 Check Out the Hole in the Wall Beach

The Hole in the Wall Beach stands out amongst the beaches in Jervis Bay because of its name. This beach is named after the hole in the rocky sandstone walls that stand on the northern side of this beach.

This place is a natural wonder that is a must-visit the Hole in the Wall Beach, you have to take a walking trail. It is also recommended to visit this beach during low tides. During low tides, there is a chance to get closer to these beautiful natural landscapes.

2.  Things to Do in Jervis Bay Besides Beaches

2.1 Visit Perpendicular Lighthouse 

When touring Jervis Bay make sure to visit Point Perpendicular Lighthouse. The lighthouse is located en route  Honeymoon Bay.


Are you wondering what you will do in a lighthouse? All you need to do is climb up to the top. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the miles of beaches in Jervis Bay. You can enjoy the 360-degree view of blue ocean merging itself into the white  beaches.

Doesnt the view sound mesmerising?  If yes,  then do not forget to take your camera with you. You can click some amazing pictures for your holiday album. The views from the top of lighthouse will give you a feel of standing on the edge of the earth with never-ending beautiful views.

The Cape St George Lighthouse is another lighthouse located in Jervis Bay.  The view from the top is akin to the Perpendicular lighthouse and has a similar beautiful view.

However,  make sure to enquire about these lighthouse before you plan your visit. Few of these lighthouses are not  open for public access.

2.2. Whale Watching Experience – Things to Do in Jervis Bay

If you love ocean and nature,  then Jervis Bay is a must visit. While there are many things to do in Jervis Bay,  the whale-watching tour stands at the top of the checklist. It will be an unforgettable experience for you to experience the marine life at Jervis Bay.

Things to do in Jervier Beach
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Many businesses offer a cruise in a boat for whale watching. The cruise ride would take you outside the Jervis Bay for whale watching. You will get a unique opportunity to see the humpback whales. Enjoy the acrobatic skill of these huge animals and be ready to be mesmerised.

For a great Jervis Bay Whale watching experience, visit between June and November. This is the best time to fulfill your bucket list of admiring these beautiful whales. It will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Let us add cherry on the cake. You can also enjoy the cute pods of dolphins also during your whale watching tour. If you are lucky, you can get a close encounter with dolphins. These cute and smart dolphins can be seen all around the year.

2.3. Jervis Bay Maritime Museum

Every place has a glorious past behind it. The museums are the best place to know about the history of the place. The Jervis Bay Maritime Museum will fulfill your desire to look into the past of Jervis Bay. Whether a history buff or not, you will love Jervis Bay Maritime Museum.

You can dive deep into the remarkable history of this coastal town. Take your time to explore the various artifacts collections. These artifacts join together to narrate the historical past of Jervis Bay.


The collection is made up of different photographs, drawings, paintings, and maritime equipment. The highlight of the museum is the historic Lady Denman Ferry.

The Jervis Bay Maritime Museum is one of the major Jervis Bay attractions. You will surely invest your time at the musuem. Make sure you check out the official website for opening and closing timings before you here.

2.4 Cruise Experience Jervis Bay Marine Park

If you are still thinking about things to do in Jervis Bay,  then the list is endless. The next in list is a cruise.  Enjoy the beauty of Jervis from the cruise. The scenery is quite amazing when you look at the shore from a cruise.

The pleasant breeze and slow moving cruise is a different vibe in itself. A plus point is there is an opportunity to get a good view of the extensive cliffs and rocky headlands.

Check online websites for different budgets and durations of cruises available for this activity.


2.5 Enjoy a Fun Picnic Day at Booderee Botanic Gardens

If you looking for a family time,  the Booderee Botanic Gardens is the place to be. Here at Booderee Botanic Gardens, you get access to the various trails. Each trail is dedicated to a specific section of the medicinal plants and bush tuckers .

Things to do in jervis bay
Image by Welcome to All ! ツ from Pixabay

When visiting with family, you can enjoy a pleasant picnic day at the different lawns like Scribbly Lawn. With kangaroos and tons of plans in the botanic garden, the family can have a fun day here.

Some of the lawns have facilities like picnic furniture and electric barbeques. These gardens are the most suitable for a family picnic at Jervis Bay.

2.6 Visit Booderee National Park – Things to Do in Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is blessed with bountiful nature. The town owns some great national parks.  Visit Booderee National Park for another experience of life time. It is located at the southernmost end of Jervis Bay.

Booderee National Park  feels like visiting a separate tiny territory of its own. The beauty and greenery of this park make it an ideal place to visit.

Visiting Booderee National Park is amongst top things to do in Jervis Bay. Another good choice here is to go camping at the various great locations inside the park.

Booderee national park is a protected area. You can get assistance as required and the national park is safe. Check out the online website for more information before visiting Booderee National Park.

2.7 Scenic Views at Governor Head Lookout.

After visiting the National Park, visitors look for unique things to do in Jervis Bay. For those of you interested in marine life, you must visit Governor Head Lookout. It is Situated at the Southeastern tip of Jervis Bay. Governor Head Lookout is an admirable place for kids and adults alike.

The views from Governor Head Lookout cover the scenery of the entire bay.  Visitors can spot some dolphins, whales, and seals in the ocea .

To access the Governor’s head lookout, the route is about half an hour’s trip while returning from Murray’s Beach Jervis Bay on foot. Many of the dirt trails lead through the Booderee National Park.

2.8 Discover the Secret Gosangs Tunnel Walk

Take this walk to discover the secret Gosangs Tunnel. This is a unique walk includes visiting Abraham’s Bosom Reserve in Jervis Bay.

The trails will take you along the shrubbery to Gosang’s Tunnel. It feels like uncovering the secret small hole in the rocks. You can make use of this chance to climb about 20 meters. Once you reach the other side, you can meet the striking cliff of the sea. Take your time to rest on the rocky ledges and admire the beautiful whales swimming near the Jervis Bay coast.

2.9 Have a Beer at Jervis Bay Brewing Co

It is time for a drink of course!  . Jervis Bay has plenty of amazing options. Visit the Jervis Bay Brewing Co. for a cool mug of beer.

Things to do in Jervis bay
Image by Steven Hodel from Pixabay

Jervis Bay Brewing Co . is the most popular hang-out place for locals and visitors alike. The reason is the deliciously crafted beers that will refresh you after the long footwalks.

Hit the place with your friend’s group or alone. The ambiance is always warm and welcoming. Visit the place once and you will keep coming back to Jervis Bay Brewing Co. during your stay and also for the next visit too.

2.10 Take a Casual Walk at the Mangrove Boardwalk

If you are not fond of long walks, try a simple and short walk at the Mangrove Boardwalk. This boardwalk begins just at the Northern side of Huskisson close to the Maritime Museum. It follows along a path that reaches to the Currambene Creek.

This short and simple walk is even less than two kilometers. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and pleasant weather during the Mangrove Boardwalk. Mangrove Boardwalk is a great way to explore Jervis Bay.


3. Camping Site in Jervis Bay 

Camping is one of the adventurous things to do in Jervis Bay.  There are plenty of spots for you to set up your campsites.  Few of the campsites are mundane while the others stand out with excellent facilities.

Things to do in jervis bay
Image by anurag kaushik from Pixabay

Here are the few famous campsites where you can set up your camp.

3.1 Green Patch Camping

Among the camping sites in Jervis Bay, the Green Patch camping site is very popular among campers. Scenic lagoon views surrounded by tall trees will welcome you to spend a day or two.

Things to do in jervis bay
Photo by Daan Weijers on Unsplash/ copyright 2018

This site is always booked in advance for peak seasons like summers. So, make sure to book your spot at least a month before your trip. Check out the online websites for complete information.


3.2 Adventurous Honeymoon Bay Camping

Adventure lovers looking for thrill while camping can opt for the Honeymoon Bay Camping site at Jervis Bay. Alongwith  camping, you can enjoy snorkeling and various  water sports near the rock ledges at the site.

In addition, the view is just jaw-dropping. Adventure lovers must  book their place in advance before camping here to avoid last minute disappointments. Take a look at the online website to book your favorite spot.


3.3 Cave Beach Camping for Camping Lovers

Cave Beach is best known for its camping site. You can merily enjoy a three-day camping here. Cave beach camping tops the  list of things to do in Jervis Bay.

The campsites at Cave Beach have ample facilities such as toilets,  showers and  barbeque facilities. Thus, having a barbeque night at Cave Beach is the best activity to do on this site.

The Cave Beach campsites are filled with campers all year round. If you are visiting during peak season, book your place a month or two in advance. Check the complete details regarding Cave Beach Camping on the official website.

4. Frequently Asked Questions – Things to Do in Jervis Bay

Q 1. What is Jervis Bay popular for?

Answer: Jervis Bay is most popular for its whitest sandy beaches in the whole world.

Q 2. How many days do you need to complete the Jervis Bay tour?

Answer: To complete the entire tour of Jervis Bay you need at least 2 to 3 days.

Q3. Is Jervis Bay a nice place?

Answer: Jervis Bay is a spectacular coastal town to spend your holiday or weekends at.

5. Conclusion – Things to do in Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is a stunning pretty coastal town. There are some pretty nice and fun-filled things to do in Jervis Bay. Though it is not very popular like other Australian locations, but its an added advantage. This makes this place your sweet secluded paradise.

You will feel like living among some simple warm people and in a separate world of your own. Whenever you feel like getting lost in your sweet heaven away from the crowded world. You are most welcome at Jervis Bay!

Have you ever been to Jervis Bay before? How was your experience?  Tell us in comment section about things to do in Jervis Bay.

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