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06 Amazing Spots in Booderee National Park

Booderee National Park is a fantastic location for education and vacation. It is located in New South Wales, Australia. This national park has a majestic Pacific Ocean and expansive botanic gardens.

Booderee is an aboriginal location in Australia. The managing communities of Booderee National Park are Parks Australia and the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community. They work together for the welfare of this park.

This national park has historic relics overlooks and outstanding campsites. It has fantastic water locations. You can enjoy near crystal clear waters. This national park offers quick and easy entry for visitors.

The managing community also suggests booking early tickets. You can pre-purchase online tickets. So that the visitors will not face any issues at the time of entry.

1. History Of Booderee National Park

Booderee National Park has a vast history. Earlier, it also had a different name. It was known as Jervis Bay National Park. This name was given because it is located near the Jervis Bay Territory.


This reserve was spread over two different sections. One is Jervis Bay and the other one is Wreck Bay. It was established in 1992. At that time, an aboriginal community lived here.

In the year 1995, the area of the park was shifted to Wreck Bay. So, its name changed to Booderee National Park. The meaning of the word Booderee is Plenty of Fish in the local language of the Wreck Bay aboriginal community.

This national park has won international awards in 2010. In ancient times, there was a lighthouse in its area. But it was built in the wrong direction due to which it was destroyed later. That lighthouse was named as Cape St George Lighthouse.

2. Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community

The Wreck Bay aboriginal community lives in the Wreck Bay. It is managed by the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council. The people of this community speak local dhurga language.

It was the first European community to settle there. Now, in the current era, this community lives in a Wreck Bay village. This village is a private area now.

The community council and the National Parks Australia team work together for the welfare of the community.

Booderee National Park
Image by Dave Broadhurst from Pixabay

3. Places to Visit in Booderee National Park

Booderee National Park is a marvelous location. It is one of the most fascinating national parks on the continent. It contains beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, campsites fill, botanic gardens, and pristine native bushland.

You can visit this national park along with your family and friends. Many schools and colleges organize trips to this national park as it has botanic gardens. These gardens teach a lot of things to students about plants.

On the other hand, it is a fantastic location for vacations. So let’s discuss them in detail.

3.1. Jervis Bay Botanic Gardens

Jervis Bay Botanic Gardens are the best area of this national park. These gardens have many varied varieties of plants. It contains all types of herbs, bushland, trees, shrubs, creepers, and climbers.

There are many medicinal plants present here. This place aims to teach about the importance of different plants. These are also used for the scientific purposes.

Booderee National Park
Photo by Love on Unlimphotos

3.2. Beautiful White Sand Beaches

There are many beautiful white sand beaches in this national park. So, the visitors can enjoy many adventurous things. This is the perfect location for watching sunset and sunrise.

Image by bordallopaula from Pixabay

Many visitors wake up early to watch the sunrise. At this location, you can enjoy sandcasts and playing outdoor games. Watersports are also enjoyed here.

You can enjoy kayaking, parasailing, swimming, snorkeling, water surfing, and many more. At night, many people enjoy the bonfire and picnics.

3.3. Cape St George Lighthouse

It is a famous lighthouse near the Jervis Bay. It is a historic site of this national park. This lighthouse was built in 1859. The recommendation to build this lighthouse was given in 1856.

It was a very huge lighthouse from 1864 to 1893. Many ships were wrecked on the South Coast of the area. But in 1899, the light was replaced in the perpendicular direction.

Due to this, the ships were not wrecked at this place. So, it become a historic place. It was listed in the Commonwealth Heritage List in 2004.

3.4. Extraordinary Native Wildlife

There are many animals and birds present in this national park. The best time to see wildlife in Booderee National Park is in the early morning or during sunset. The visitors also went out to see nocturnal animals at night.

This national park has approx 200 species of birds, 180 species of fishes, 37 species of reptiles, 10 different species of bats, 17 species of amphibians, and 30 different species of native mammals.

You can encounter swamp wallabies, humpback whales, bottle-nosed dolphins, kangaroos, fur seals, echidna, eastern snake-necked turtles, southern right whales, and many more.

Booderee National Park
Photo by kjorgen on Unlim

3.5. Native Bushland

Booderee National Park has amazing plant species. It has pristine native bushland which looks adorable. This place seems like heaven. Because it has a lot of greenery in it. You can find many different species of plants here.

The water near the bushland enhances its beauty. These locations are perfect for a family picnic spot.

3.6. Beachside Campgrounds

In Booderee National Park, there are many beachside campgrounds. This is the favorite location for youngsters and people who love adventure. The visitors can enjoy hiking and camping here.

You can also enjoy a bonfire at this place. You can easily watch dolphins and whales from this location. Wildlife photographers love to take pictures of fish from the beachside campgrounds.

Booderee National Park
Photo by gillespaire on Unlimphotos

4. Final Note on Booderee National Park

Booderee National Park is the perfect location for family and friends. It is the perfect location for both purposes educational and entertainment. This area is a fully natural place having lots of plants and animals.

You can receive a park pass if you are a permanent visitor to this place. Visitors have to follow a few rules and regulations of this place. You will get the guidelines from the official website of the Booderee National Park.

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Priyanshi Sharma
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