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17 Best Things to do in Port Fairy this Year!

Planning to go to Port Fairy’s town? Worried about activities to do in Port Fairy? Then the given list below is perfect for you.

Port Fairy’s a town that has a lot of things to do. It is a mix of long beaches, many eateries, and bars that go way back. This town also has a great history and beautiful scenery like battery hill.

You can also see a lot of local art on almost every corner. No matter which time of the year you are visiting, there are lots of things to do in Port Fairy. The list below is mentioning the 20 things to do in Port Fairy that can make it worth it.

1. Where is Port Fairy?

This town is located almost 290 km Southwest of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is the perfect weekend getaway site for families, couples, and even friends.

It can also be a stop for a big Great Ocean region Trip as it lies on the Prince’s Highway in the Moyne Shire. It is the point where the Moyne River enters the Southern Ocean. The easiest way to reach the town of Port fairy is via road.

This seaside town is all about history and has centuries-old communities, charm, stone homes, and buildings. Port Fairy is also famous for its calm and relaxing beaches. There are so many things to do in Port Fairy.

It was also voted number 1 in Top Tourism Town Awards 2021. As it is a famous tourist site in Victoria, there are good hotels and cottages to rent out.

things to do in port fairy
Image by Penny from Pixabay

2. Top 17 Things to Do in Port Fairy to Enjoy the Fullest

Port Fairy has a lot of things to do, and it can be fascinating. Given below is all about the things to do in Port Fairy.

2.1. Take the Port Fairy’s Historical Walk

The town hosts more than 50 beautiful buildings that go back to the 19th century. These buildings are also listed with the National Trust like the infamous two cottages with 1 chimney. There is also a shipwreck heritage walk too.

To know more about the town’s buildings and history, an expert guide goes on Port Fairy’s Historic Town Walk. The guide helps you explore the history and learn the old stories about the events here.

Port Fairy is also one of the earliest settlements in Victoria. It goes back to the 1840s.

The tour does cost a fee for adults, but it is free for children.

2.2. Learn Surfing from Port Fairy’s Surf School

Ever wanted to learn surfing? This is the perfect place to study. Try the Port Fairy’s Surf School for size. Classes are taken by qualified coaches. It is also the longest-running school for surfing on the Southwest coast of Victoria.

The lessons are made as per every possible level of fitness in a safe surrounding. The staffs and teachers here are friendly and great. They do offer classes to everyone from 7- to 70-year-olds.

The coaches take you to Safe East Beach for practice and give you all tips to have a great first ride. There also offer other water sports like Paddle-boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling.

things to do in port fairy
Photo by Tim Davies on Unsplash

2.3. Explore Griffiths Island and Lady Julia Percy Island

Griffiths Island has great scenery that ranges from a walk to a lighthouse. It spans almost 1.5 km and is where Moyne River meets the Ocean. It is the silent part of the Port Fairy’s town.

The view is awesome, and the walking trail leads to the Lighthouse. Griffith Island has small beaches that are worth strolling. You can also swim and paddle in the water. The only con is that there is no supervision, so be careful.

You can even see local wildlife like seals, wallabies, and more. But sadly, a full lap of the island isn’t possible. The view from Lighthouse in the evening is the best.

Lady Percy Island is a small piece of land 22 km southwest of Port Fairy’s town. This island is also known as Deen Maar’ in the indigenous ‘Gunditjmara’ language.

Percy Island hosts the largest fur seal group in Australia. It also has more than 2,000 couple of Little Penguins. You can even see native penguins locally.

You can go to the island on a boat for sightseeing which can take almost 4 hours or so and it goes from Port Fairy.

things to do in port fairy
Image by Penny from Pixabay

2.4. Stroll on the Wharf Area

As the name suggests, this is the Wharf of the region. It is one of the busiest places in Port Fairy. The marina houses luxurious yachts and weathered boats in various rows. There is so much to do here.

You can walk along the boardwalk, take a boat by the Moyne River and go fishing. The place also has some great places to stay and eat. Griffiths Island at the tip of the wharf has a playground to play and space to have a picnic.

This place was a main departure area during 1850 and so.

2.5. Try Wine at Basalt Winery

Basalt Winery and Vineyard is just the perfect place to try various wines in Port Fairy. It is just 9 km east of the Port. This winery has a unique way of understanding bio-dynamic farming.

They have also replaced the conventional way with natural options. The cellar doors here offer snack bars and wine tasting too. This winery also offers Spanish and French tapas. You can also learn about ancient winemaking.

The Winery does have a fee for wine tasting and also certain timing.

2.6. Visit the History Center

History is one of the prominent parts of this town. Port Fairy has some great stories, and this can give a clear insight into the town. To have this clear image of Port Fairy, visit the History Center here.

The center offers us to see re-enactments of the courtrooms, photographs, and displays that cover the various times of the town. They also sell local history publications too. Opening hours are seasonal.

2.7. Visit the Whale Bone Gallery

The place is used and run by local artists. The Whale Bone art Gallery displays some intriguing exhibits. It is in the small coastal village here. These include jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and more.

The exhibits here are the finest examples of creativity and talent in Port Fairy. The artists here use various products like glass, photographs, textiles, ink, paint, and even stones in their art pieces. You can see the Art Map in the gallery.

2.8. Stroll by the Port Fairy’s Beaches

The beaches here are the star attractions here. You can walk, swim or just sit and relax by these sandy beaches of the Shipwreck Coast. The town of Port fairy has 3 beaches. Visiting the beaches is one of the great things to do in Port Fairy.

Given below is more about these beaches.

2.8.1. Pea Soup Beach

This beach is a beautiful beach with pristine sand. It spans almost 1 km in length and is also clothing optional. It has a great view of the Ocean.

It is less crowded as compared to other beaches and is easy to access and is safe to swim. It is also known as Pea Soup Beach No.1.

things to do in port fairy
Photo by Kovid Rathee on Unsplash

2.8.2. East Beach

This beach spans almost 5.8 km with a long arc. It is located in Bay of Port Fairy. East Beach has fine sand and is perfect to relax or sunbathe during the day.

There is frequent patrolling at weekends but avoid the northern end as rip currents are strong here.

2.8.3. Killarney Beach

The beach is a silent and calming beach. It is a little out of town. The beach is dog friendly too. You can go fishing, safe snorkeling, and paddling in the lagoon.

Killarney beach is mainly visited by guests of nearby Killarney Beach Caravan Park.

2.9. Relax in the Port Fairy’s Day Spa

Need to relax after all the wandering and sightseeing? This is the place for you. This day spa has the perfect peaceful feel to it with total bliss and tranquility. It is the most relaxing things to do in Port Fairy.

things to do in port fairy
Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash

They offer facials, massages, many body treatments, feet treatments, water treatments, detox saunas, and more. These activities calm the body. Port Fairy’s Day Spa promise to keep its customers focused on the day and offer the best service.

2.10. Party at the Port Fairy’s Folk Festival

This festival was first started in 1977. It usually runs in early March every year. Port Fairy’s Folk Festival is one of the most loved and biggest festivals.

The festival is more than music, there are workshops, great food, drinks, crafts, theaters, films, forums, markets, and more. Some of the famous and favorite names include Eddi Reader, Sinead O’Connor, Tim Finn, and more.

To know more visit the official website.

2.11. Visit the Local Port Fairy Markets

Make sure to visit local markets to buy something unique as souvenirs. There are 2 local markets in Port Fairy. You can also have something delicious too. It is one of the great things to do in Port Fairy as it can be a great time.

The Port Fairy’s Farmers’ Market and Port Fairy’s Community Market are two different markets that are held by the Railway Place.

The farmers’ market has fresh products like local fruits, flowers, vegetables, wine, cheese, cakes, and much more. It opens on the 1 and 3 Saturday of every month and has a certain time.

The Community Market focuses on locally grown handmade products and produce. It opens on the rest of the Saturdays of every month and weekly during January. This market also has a certain timing.

2.12. Play Golf at Port Fairy’s Golf Clubs

Like to play Golf, book a time at Port Fairy’s Golf Club. It is an 18-hole link course. It goes through not ruined dunes and has a great view of the South Ocean. It is one of the fun things to do in Port Fairy.

It is a popular site for locals and this course is listed under the Top 100 Australian Golf Courses. It is also quite affordable. The golf course has different timing for weekdays and weekends so make sure to check it.

2.13. Visit the Tower Hill Animal Reserve

This wildlife reserve is in a huge volcanic crater. These hills rise from the lakes. It is considered one important geological formations in Victoria. Tower Hill Animal Reserve was declared a National Park in 1892.

things to do in port fairy
Photo by Enguerrand Blanchy on Unsplash

This reserve was mainly used for grazing, but in the 1950s, locals planted 300,000 trees to restore the nature of the region.

There is a trail known as the ‘Lava-Tongue Boardwalk’ where you can spot emus, koalas, and more up close. There are lots of trails from the Tower Hill Game Reserve. The longest of the trail is 2 km which can be steep so be careful.

2.14. See the View at Crags View-point

This is a viewpoint. It is almost 10 km up the coast away from Port Fairy Town. This is also a part of Crags Coastal Reserve. It is a fraction of the coast of Victoria with old tree roots, and jagged rocks and have views of Deen Maar.

There are strange rock formations that are formed by 120,000-year or so-old tree roots. These rocks have unique patterns that have been emptied and are reinforced with calcium carbonate.

things to do in port fairy
Photo by Nathan Jennings on Unsplash

Crags also have a unique cultural heritage for the Aboriginal people and were used as a gathering place for thousands and hundreds of years. It is also listed as the National Estate of the Country.

2.15. Visit the Budj National Park

This park is a UNESCO Heritage in Victoria. Budj Bim Park has so much to do here. They are known for eel traps, dams, and weirs. You get to know about ‘Gunditjmara’ culture.

These activities include camping, walking, 4WD driving, and mountain biking. There is a long lake known as Lake Surprise which is 700 m for crater lake view and walks.

The lake is home to fish and many birds. This is the perfect place for naturists.

2.16. Go to the Hopkins Falls

This waterfall is impressive with 90 m of width. Hopkins Falls is only 30 minutes from Port Fairy town. It has an excellent view over the view platform or foot.

There you can see eels on the water and if you are lucky then you might even see platypus in the pools at the base of the falls.

Have a picnic here with great food and fishing or head for a walk. You can also get facilities like toilets and gas barbecues.

2.17. Go Whale Watching

Watching whales is one famous activity in Warrnambool. Visitors flock to Logan’s Beach platform each year from June to September. It is one of the unique things to do in Port Fairy.

things to do in port fairy
Photo by K B on Unsplash

You get to see Southern Female Right Whales that travel to the peaceful waters to calve. They often swim 100 m or so off the shore. There are specially made platform in the dunes that is free and accessible all the time.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Is Port Fairy’s town worth visiting?

Ans- With so many intriguing, and beautiful places, it is worth visiting. There are historical places like Battery Hill to visit too.

Q.2. Does Port Fairy have a Beach?

Ans- Port town have 3 or so beaches that are so pristine and worth seeing.

Q.3. Are there things to do in Port Fairy?

Ans- There are so many things to do in Port Fairy from water sports to just relaxing in the Day Spa.

Q.4. Where can I watch the sunset?

Ans- You can see the best sunset anywhere in Port Fairy’s town, but if you go to Griffiths Island or the Lighthouse the sight is far better.

Q.5. Is this town good for kids?

Ans- The Port Fairy’s town is very family-friendly, which makes it perfect for kids.

4. Conclusion

Port Fairy’s a small town that has some of the most beautiful places with historic significance. It is just hours from Melbourne, Victoria which makes it quite accessible too. It is a place that should be visited at least once.

There are so much more things to do in Port Fairy other than that mentioned above. Make sure to visit the town and try out the food, and wine and enjoy nature’s beauty here.

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