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Jervis Bay New South Wales: 13 Exciting Activities

Jervis Bay, located on the south coast of Australia’s New South Wales, is home to the world’s whitest sand and sparkling aqua waters. Jervis Bay New South Wales, has a land area of 102 square kilometers and is full of villages, forests, campgrounds, rivers, and other stunning attractions.

An excellent and beautiful destination, Jervis Bay New South Wales, is your go-to place for a great weekend with your family. The coastline is almost a three-hour long drive from Sydney. Jervis Bay serves makes an ideal family holiday destination for its crystal clear calm ocean water and soft and white sand dunes.

Jervis Bay is a sequence of holiday communities and beaches named Callala Bay, Huskisson, Hyams Beach, and Vincentia. Hyams Beach is one of the best Jervis Bay beaches and serves as a famous tourist attraction.

In addition, Jervis Bay New South Wales, has a beautiful park named Booderee National Park, one active lighthouse, and one historic lighthouse. The bay also has a small coastal part of Jervis Bay Territory.

Best Time To Visit Jervis Bay New South Wales

jervis bay new south wales
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You can visit Jervis Bay New South Wales, throughout the year. There is much to do at Jervis Bay in winter and summer. Winters are calm and quiet and make the paradise magical and enchanting.

During summer, you can go swimming, kayaking, and paragliding. However, booking your flight and hotel tickets beforehand is advisable as the crowd of tourists increases during the summer season.

Travelling To Jervis Bay

jervis bay new south wales
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It takes a 3-hour drive from Sydney to Jervis Bay New South Wales. In the middle of the ride, you can stop at Wollongong and the beautiful South Highlands. Traveling by bus is always an option to reach Jervis Bay. You have to take the bus from the Bomaderry Station to Huskisson. It will take at least 40 minutes to reach the destination.

Recreation At Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay New South Wales, is famous for several recreational and entertaining activities, such as sailing, scuba diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, and fishing. The few famous diving sites include Gorgonian Wall, scallop beds, Ten Fathom Reef, Middle Ground, The Labyrinths, and Bowen Island.

jervis bay new south wales
Photo by Basak Ar on Unsplash

Moreover, Jervis Bay NSW is also popular for dolphin and whale watching. The humpback whales migrate from the south and north and pass the protected waters of Jervis Bay New South Wales, to take a break.

Besides experiencing humpback whales and dolphins, you can also see minke whales, orcas, false killer whales, and sometimes even blue whales.

Best Things To Do At Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay has a lot to offer when it comes to tourists. You can take a walk across the beaches or enjoy your favourite water sports or some fishing.

Beautiful best Jervis Bay beaches include Honeymoon Bay, Nelsons Beach, Murrays Beach, Chinamans Beach, Greenfield Beach, and Caves Beach.

1. Walking On The White Sands

All the White Sands Walk beaches have crystal clear water and velvety whitest sand dunes. You have to experience walking on the white sands of Jervis Bay. The ocean waves are not too huge, thus making the beach an ideal place for children, swimming, and beach hopping.

You must walk across the beach shore to witness some of the splendid and beautiful beaches in Jervis Bay.

2. Camping

If you are a nature lover, camping is one of the popular things you can do at Jervis Bay. There are several campgrounds with open and grassy areas to park your van or car and set up the camp tent. Some famous grounds for camping are Honeymoon Bay Campground, Green Patch Campground, and Bristol Point Campground.

Moreover, the campgrounds have facilities for kitchens, BBQ areas, showers, toilets, and picnic tables. Tourists with minimum gear and equipment for camping can visit the Cave Beach Camping ground and discover the campsite by walking.

Moreover, you can also drive to the spot using a camper van. You can also take a rental caravan at Jervis Bay Caravan Park and Bream Beach Caravan Park.

3. Tasting Delicious Beer

You must visit the most delicious drinking joint Jervis Bay Brewing Co. if you are visiting Jervis Bay New South Wales. The drinking joint is run by some locals and offers some of the delicious brews of the Southern coast. The atmosphere is energetic and lively, accompanied by great music and finger-licking meals sold on food trucks.

4. Relaxing On Hyams Beach

jervis bay new south wales
Image Source: Depositphotos

Although there is not much to do at Hyams beach, you can surely relax and have a good time on the whitest sand beach. The beach offers great picturesque views and looks breathtaking.

You can even take some pictures for your Instagram posts. The splendid background and beautiful scenes will surely make your followers jealous.

It is impossible to skip Hyams Beach if you travelling to Jervis Bay New South Wales.

jervis bay new south wales
Photo by Jack Rowley on Unsplash

5. Jervis Bay Maritime Museum

Stop by the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum if you are a history lover and love to explore and learn new things. The museum holds several photographs, exhibitions, and artifacts that show and display the evolution of the maritime industry over the years. The museum also holds interesting maritime instruments, historical ships, and vessels.

6. Huskisson

jervis bay new south wales
Image Source: Depositphotos

If you are planning to visit Jervis Bay New South Wales, do not forget to take a walk at Huskisson. There are several things to do and explore in Huskisson, including cute cafes, cinemas, spa centres, food stores, and bookstores.

If you plan to camp at Jervis Bay, you can buy groceries and supplies from Huskisson. However, the market is a bit pricey. If you want cheaper groceries, visit the big supermarket near Vincentia.

7. Booderee National Park

Booderee National Park is one of the popular Jervis Bay national parks. The park offers many interesting things for the tourist, from trekking to kangaroos watching, and is situated on a peninsula.

jervis bay new south wales
Photo by NADIA LEVENETS on Unsplash

In addition, you can also visit the Cape St. George Lighthouse and take a sun bath on beaches like Caves Beach, Murrays Beac,h or Iluka Beach. The access fee to Booderee National Park is 13 Australian dollars per vehicle and is valid for 48 hours.

8. Booderee Botanic Garden

If you want to see and learn more about flowers and plants, do not skip visiting the Booderee Botanic Garden. You will love the atmosphere of this botanic garden, one of the famous Jervis Bay botanic gardens.

The garden displays a variety of native plants and flowers and their importance to the aboriginal Koori people living in that area.

9. Gosangs Tunnel

If you are an adventurous hiker, you must visit the Gosangs Tunnels in the Currarong area. You must follow the hiking trail from Abraham’s Bosom Reserve along the shore. However, the walk is very rocky and uneven.

You will discover natural rock formations and the splendid Mermaid’s Inlet. Lastly, you have to sneak through the 20 meters long Gosangs Tunnel. The hike covers an area of 5 km and takes almost 1.5 hours to complete.

10. Dolphin Sightseeing Cruise

jervis bay new south wales
Image Source: Depositphotos

The beaches of Jervis Bay New South Wales, are packed with adorable dolphins. You can easily spot dolphins from the coast by booking a cruise tour. During the long 1.5-hour cruise tour, you see plenty of dolphins playing in the ocean.

11. Point Perpendicular Lighthouse

The Point Perpendicular Lighthouse is situated at Jervis Bay’s southernmost tip. The lighthouse is also named the Turn Of The Century Lighthouse because it was first lit in 1899. The lighthouse offers some beautiful views of the shoreline and the ocean.

jervis bay new south wales
Photo by Stephen Tafra on Unsplash

12. Mangrove Boardwalk

Enjoy a calm and wonderful walk along the Mangrove Boardwalk. The walk showcases the local flora and fauna and is one of the popular attractions of Jervis Bay. A spot is also an ideal place for bird watching along with some crabs, different fishes, and mangroves. The boardwalk is a long 1.5 km walk and initiates from Jervis Bay Maritime Museum.

13. Paddle Boarding

One of the fantastic activities to do at Jervis Bay is stand-up paddle boarding. It is a family-friendly and easy water activity; you do not have to do much athletic activity.

This is the best chance for you to enjoy paddle boarding. The water moves steadily and will create no problem for your ride.  The paddle boards are big and well-built to make paddle boarding comfortable.


Jervis Bay New South Wales, is a region of great history as was as geology. The region has all the spots to cater to every person’s needs. Beautiful lakes, lighthouses, botanical gardens, beaches, sand dunes, restaurants, bars, and cafeterias exist. Jervis bay territory is a perfect destination for a family weekend retreat.

Ankita M Bose
Ankita M Bose
Ankita has completed her Masters in English and has a great interest in traveling and exploring beautiful destinations. She loves writing travel contents and also keeps an interest in exploring beautiful Australian beaches, deserts and wildlife. She will guide you through some of the popular and exciting destinations to visit in Australia from her research.

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