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Things to do in Berry: 12 Amazing Things To Be Explored

Nestled in the picturesque countryside, Berry is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or a foodie, this vibrant town will uncover all the good things to do in Berry!

So pack your bags and get ready to embark on this unforgettable adventure in Berry, a perfect spot to explore.

Berry is a beautiful small village there. It lies in the Shoalhaven area of the New South Wales(NSW), South Coast. It is around 144 km away from Sydney. Let’s get some fair ideas about all the things to do in Berry.  

Drive to a BEAUTIFUL Village in Australia | Berry Town | Family Vlog

1. 12 Amazing Things to Do in Berry

1.1 Enjoy Donuts at The Famous Berry Donut Van

You must enjoy the most delicious warm cinnamon donuts at Berry Donut Van if you are a food lover. It is famous for fifty years. You can enjoy the delicious donuts with coffee.

The passers-by can’t control themselves from tasting the donuts there. It has become the must-stop shop for the people near the donut van.

Address: 73 Queen St, Berry NSW 2535 Australia               

things to do in berry
From: Famous Berry Donut Van

1.2. Visit Berry Farmers Market

Berry Farms Farmers Market

Berry Farmers Market is a goods mini-market. If you like to go shopping, then you should visit this place. It is famous for its fresh produce goods.  There, you get almost everything you need.

You get fresh goods there like vegetables, fruits, seafood, etc.  You can enjoy live entertainment there. It is a mid-week market. It opens only on Thursdays from 2 – 5 pm. 

Address: Berry Showground, Albany St, Berry NSW 2535, Australia. 

1.3. Visit Seven Mile Beach National Park

Seven Mile Beach National Park - New South Wales - Australia

Seven Mile Beach National Park is a beautiful place for nature lovers. You can have an amazing day out or weekend at this national park. You can do many activities there like picnics, swimming, fishing, etc.

It relaxes your mind when you walk through the beach. It gives you an amazing visual treatment. You get an amazing spectacular view there.

You can choose this place to make new memories with your family and friends. This place makes you feel free and relaxed from everyday hustling life.  

Address: Gerroa Road, NSW 2535, Australia

1.4. Explore Berry Museum 

things to do in berry
From Berry Museum

If you find deep interest in exploring history, then add this Museum to your bucket list. You can see historical records, photographs, arts and crafts, and historical collections there.

It was included in the New South Wales State Heritage Register in 2006. They don’t charge any kind of entry fee. This museum displays the history of Berry excellently. 

Address: 135 Queen Street, Berry NSW 2535, Australia

5. Visit Mountain Ridge Wines – Famous for Winery, Restaurant, and Art gallery 

things to do in berry
From Mountain Ridge wines

It is a beautiful place, like a complete package, as there are farms, market gardens, restaurants, and vineyards. The place is located in the Shoalhaven Coast wine region.

It is an award-winning restaurant. This can be an amazing spot for people passionate about tasting different foods and wines. Visitors find this place very friendly. You get a beautiful scenic view of mountain ranges from this region.

There are special offers on food packs on Thursday. There are also other tourist spots nearby Mountain Ridge Wines.

Address: Coolangatta Road NSW, Australia


things to do in berry
From Mountain Ridge Wines/ restaurant Guru

1.6. Explore Jervis Bay 

This marine park has very beautiful views. The place is very popular, especially for watching sea animals and birds.

You can enjoy watching the views there. It is like a home to whales, dolphins, penguins, seals, etc. 

TOP 15 JERVIS BAY Attractions (Things to Do & See)

Other beautiful things there are white beaches and crystal clear water. You can enjoy scuba diving and swimming there.

You can easily get various types of accommodation options there, like hotels, caravans, and camps. There is a town called Huskisson in Jervis Bay. This place has an amazing history of shipbuilding.

You can also explore the sea-watchings through cruises. There are other tourist spots also near Jervis Bay.

 Address: GC/1 Beach Street Huskisson NSW 2540 

1.7. Visit Kangaroo Valley

 Kangaroo Valley is located between the Cambewarra and Barrengarry mountains. It is just a two-hour drive from Sydney.

It is considered one of the gems in NSW. You can enjoy many things there, like mountain views, rainforests, wine yards, and very soothing river scenes.

Desiderata Kangaroo Valley 2018


There is also a welcoming pub. You can feel the very tranquil environment there. You will enjoy exploring the river and the beauty of the natural scenery. Accommodation facilities are easily available to stay. 

There are beautiful waterfalls just 20 km away. They are Fitzroy falls, and Gerringong falls. You can capture the beautiful memories in your camera. There,  a festival is held each year in October.

It is like a weekend event. This festival includes small market stalls, craft stalls, live bands, dance,  music, etc. Participating in this festival can be an amazing weekend time. 

Address:  869 Kangaroo Valley Rd, Bellawongarah NSW 2535, Australia

1.8. Stay at Silos Estate 

Silos Estate... on everyone' lips

It is an amazing place to experience your holidays. The accommodations are settled amongst beautiful landscapes and Wine Yard.

The premises are award-winning accommodations, cellar doors, and eateries. Silos Estate Winery has a helipad that offers an easy flight for people with choppers.

The scenery is very relaxing and soothing to the mind and body. There is also an art gallery at the cellar door. 

Address: B640 Princes HWY, Berry NSW 2535, Australia 

things to do in berry
From silosestate.com

1.9. A Walk to Drawing Room Rocks

After you visit this place, you will surely say that this place has one of the best views in NSW. You will like to go there again and again.

It is a beautiful trekking and picnic spot with very picturesque views. It offers splendid views at the time of sunrise and sunset. Hence, you get the opportunity to click many panoramic pictures.

You must walk very little to get incredible views, but some steep climbing areas exist.  

Drawing Room Rocks SOLO Walk/Hike at Berry NSW (Woodhill)

Furthermore, you get a warning sign there for trekking. But don’t worry; you just need to have the ability to work on a rough path. You should visit this place once if you love greenery, ocean, trekking, hill, and sunset views. The longer your eyesight reaches, you find lots of new things to visualize there. 

The interesting thing behind the name of Drawing Room Rocks is erosion. Erosion has made the rocks look like chairs and tables. So it is named Drawing Room Rocks. 

Address: Broughton Vale  NSW 2535, Australia 

1.10. Visit Hungry Monkey Cafe 

things to do in berry
From Hungry Monkey Cafe/

This place is people’s “First Choice Cafe” in Berry. This cafe is liked for its calm environment. It is away from the busy main roads. You will get a wholesome menu there for three meals.

Visitors have reviewed good comments about the food taste in that Cafe. White Horse coffee is very popular there.

On top of that, a wide range of cocktails are offered as complementary to each meal. Finally, your appetite gets satisfied when you taste the boutique burgers. 

Address: 23 Prince Alfred Street Berry NSW 2535 


things to do in berry
From Hungry Monkey cafe. Berry

1.11. Enjoy Nature’s Beauty at Shoalhaven Heads

This place is located between Mount Coolangatta and Seven Mile Beach. It is a beautiful small coastal village surrounded by greenery. You can enjoy many activities there, like horse riding, fishing,  photography, etc.

Shoalhaven Heads Promotion


Comerong Island is located at the southern end of Seven Miles Beach. This Island is especially recognized for its shorebird population. You will enjoy a picnic there in a cool and green environment.

You can also explore the famous  Coolangatta Estate winery. This winery is located near the foothills of Mount Coolangatta. Accommodations like villas, caravans, etc are easily available at all suitable budgets. It won’t take more than a two-hour drive from Sydney along the splendid Grand Pacific Drive

Address: 51 River Road Shoalhaven Heads NSW 2535, Australia

1.12. A Walk To Apex Park 

things to do in berry
from Apex park Berry

Apex Park is a beautiful park and picnic place. It has a very lush green surrounding. You can spend your weekend time there with your family.

The environment is very relaxing. It has a dog-friendly environment. There is enough parking space.


Above mentioned spots are really amazing places in Berry. Interestingly, you don’t have to travel long to go from one place to another.

You can have great enjoyment in doing the above-listed things in Berry, Australia. 

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