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How to Start Scuba Diving?

Have you been overloaded with life recently? Have you tried everything to get distracted from all the storms, yet with no success? Then you need something that will turn your life upside-down (positively) and show a new perspective on life. What can work better than scuba diving? It is a thrilling type of activity; it is always an adventure and fun; it helps to heal your emotional wounds and strengthen your physical health. Scuba diving is pure enjoyment, as the colors, coral reefs, and marine life will capture all your attention and thoughts.

By taking up scuba diving, you challenge your fears and become closer to this world and its creations.

However, all the fun and pleasure result from proper preparation.

Who is eligible for scuba diving?

The eligibility requirements  for scuba diving varies from location to location. For example, in Australia, divers need to be at least 18 years of age. Along with it, the divers-to-be are obliged to pass a swimming test, proving the ability to float and swim in some states in Australia

What are the major steps to take?

  1. Watch the videos

Youtube is full of videos with diving experiences, and divers explaining all the ins and outs of this type of sport. If you feel it is the right choice for you, and you want to explore the underwater world, proceed to the choice of the diving school.

2. Do the research

Get to know scuba diving better – explore its history, read the reviews of professionals and competition reports, look into the performance of professionals. The deeper you dive informationally, the more confident you will feel underwater.

3. Choose the school

There are plenty of diving classes, offering the best service and fastest certification, however, speed is not in the focus. The absolute beginner needs to start with the A1 level, which will introduce them to the basics of diving, the equipment, and safety tips. You will learn to wear a mask and practice breathing with the oxygen mask on.

4. Prepare the gear

This is one of the most enjoyable types of shopping. When you contact the dive shop in Australia, you are open to a whole new world of things. Apart from being a fundamental part of your underwater protection, the scuba diving gear differs from other types of sport, thus, new experiences will start straight from the shop.

The basic scuba diving gear includes a scuba mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, and regulator. The qualified assistants will help you choose the proper shapes and sizes of the suit and accessories.

5. Practice basic skills

The basic scuba diving skills are:

  • Assembling the dive gear
  • Basics of underwater communication
  • Buoyancy control
  • Regulator recovery and cleaning
  • Flooded Mask clearing
  • Cramp release
  • Handling extreme situations (out-of-air in particular).

These are the basic skills to help you start and perform the first dive.

6. Certification

Getting certified and eligible for diving is the cornerstone of your safety and underwater performance. You need to demonstrate basic theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the enclosed area and open water. Going for a dive without being certified will not be allowed by many agencies, besides, the insurance company will not cover your expenses in the case of an emergency, unless you have a license.

7. Choose the destination

One of the best aspects of scuba diving is being unconventional. Typically, the best locations are in remote places and there are no crowds of people wandering around to take another photo. Among the hot spots for scuba diving are French Polynesia, Indonesia, Maldives, Todago, Portugal, Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Bahamas, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Micronesia, and Egypt. Each country will have something special, and every new location will be another eye-opening experience and feeling.

Scuba diving is a chance to change your life forever, improve your mental and physical health and see the world from a different angle. The pristine beauty of the coral reefs and the tranquility of the underwater world will also bring peace to your mind, helping to manage all your life issues and enjoy your life to the full. Don’t hesitate, and get down to the research, buy the gear, and set off to explore another part of our marvelous world.

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