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North Stradbroke Island: 5 Incredible Things

No place can be better than Australia’s North Stradbroke Island when you’re up for bushwalking, surfing, sandboarding, or even whale watching on a sandy beach with a cold beer. It’s the second-largest sand island in the world—known as Minjerribahh by the traditional owners—the Quandamooka people.

North Stradbroke Island—the little piece of land paradise and Queensland’s most popular holiday destination is a perfect place to plan your trip with your loved ones. And the reasons? Its twinkling turquoise-blue ocean and beaches, rainforest walks, freshwater lagoons, abundant wildlife, and so on.

So, keep reading this article if you wish to plan a summer holiday and want to know the top things you don’t want to miss out on North Stradbroke Island.

1. Indulged in stunning beaches on North Stradbroke   Island

North Stradbroke Island
Photo by Redland City Council on Flickr, Copyright 2022

North Stradbroke Island is the ideal holiday destination for its scenic beauty in Australia. And when it’s about the beaches, then you’re in great luck. The unique position of the North Stradbroke Island which is separated by the Moreton Bay from the mainland— is responsible for making it the most famous island in the world that has amazing freshwater beaches. 

Cylinder Beach

Have plans with family? Make a stop at Cylinder Beach —a scenic cove between Cylinder and Home Beach headlands at point lookout. With smaller waves, camping areas, and good accommodation—this site has been recognized as the best beach on North Stradbroke Island by Surf Life Saving Queensland in 2018 and 2019.

Main beach

If you want to experience powerful surf breaks, set your goal at the Main Beach—a popular surfing beach famous for fishing and family camping on North Stradbroke Island. So, if you’ve got a four-wheeler and a permit from Minjerribah camping, you’re all set for this beach.

Flinders Beach

Are you up for an adventure? Then don’t forget to visit Flinders Beach—a wonderful beach with camping areas from Amity Point to Adder Rock headland, Point Lookout. This beach is suitable for swimming and surfing with moderate surf waves, just like the Main Beach. But keep in mind, it isn’t as safest as Cylinder Beach.

Home Beach

If you want to see some fishes swimming around you, visit Home Beach—a breathtaking one famous for its freshwater lagoons, camping areas, sunny views, and also dog-friendly.

According to the latest news by Surf Life Saving Queensland(SLSQ)—all the members and the other third parties 16 years and above should be fully vaccinated by 31 March 2022.

2. Exploring the tourist’s delight— North Stradbroke Island’s Lakes

North Stradbroke Island
Photo by Stephan Ridgway on Flickr.Copyright 2022

Ah, the lakes-the unique natural formation of this tropical island. They are glorious and carry some cultural values for the locals.

Blue lake

Take a walk to the Blue lake through the woodlands, and you’ll get the feeling of walking through some cultural paradise—famous for its stunted eucalypts and flowering heath. This blue lake is also known as Karboora—means deep silent pool’ by Quandamooka people and is a famous site for the Naree Budjong Djara National Park of Stradbroke island.

Brown Lake

Brown Lake or Lake Bummiera is a hidden treasure of North Stradbroke Island if you want to feel calm and peaceful for a while. This lake is famous for its tranquil waters, and wildflowers dotted the surrounding bushland during spring.

The secret of this brown colour is nothing but the pure rainwater stained brown by the native tea trees—carry some special cultural significance for the local Aboriginal people. And a tourist’s love for its popular swimming place and picnic spots just 3.5 km away from Dunwich.

3. Staying at three little townships on North Stradbroke Island 

North Stradbroke Island
Photo by Redland City Council on Flickr. Copyright 2022

Here is another reason to stay for a little while in North Stradbroke Island. Not just famous for the freshwater lakes, endless sandy beaches, and camping areas, the island has the three most famous townships that will give you a village-like atmosphere in Queensland.

Point Lookout—the best whale-watching site 

If sandy beaches, sun, and camping grounds, are on your bucket list, go for Point Lookout. Start your day surfing at Flinders Beach and Main Beach; if you have plans with barbeques, go straight to Cylinder Beach, Home Beach, and Adder Rock.

Oh yes, don’t forget to visit the north gorge walk to spot some sea life and finish your day at Straddie Hotel, or in some resorts with your favourite cold beer.

Amity Point—the dreamland for the fisherman

Want to go camping on Stradbroke island? Visit Amity Lookout—the most relaxing fishing village. It offers affordable camping grounds for tourists and Brisbane families.

Start your day by camping early in the morning; spend your afternoon in some holiday houses; explore the abundant wildlife by spotting some koalas, whales, and dolphins. Finally, finish your day at Seashells Cafe, or for some fresh seafood, give a try to Rufus King Seafoods.

Dunwich—famous for culture and history

North Stradbroke Island
Photo by Redland City Council. Flickr.Copyright 2022

The largest town on the island, Dunwich, holds special cultural significance. This place on Stradbroke Island offers suitable accommodation options for tourists with a passenger water taxi or vehicle ferry.

The town is home to local cemeteries, military sites, museums, and indigenous art galleries. What’s more—if you’re in Dunwich, you can get quick access to Blue Lake National Park and Brown Lake.

4. Feel the real connection with nature on North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island
Photo by New Matilda on Flickr. Copyright 2022

Hang out with local wildlife

No place can beat North Stradbroke Island for spotting and snapping the wild animals—a true Brisbane destination for catching a glimpse of these beauties. From spotting the Kangaroos at the top of the North Gorge to greeting the Dolphins at Amity Point at sunrise or sunsets( although feeding is not allowed)— they’re just everywhere.

You will find Koalas at Amity Point camping ground and Little Ship Club, and some other native animals like turtles and goannas on this island. Or, if you want to combine your luxury with wildlife, consider Minjerribah camping.

Watching the migrating humpbacks

Have binoculars? That’s great, now find a site anywhere on the top of the cliffs looking for these majestic beasts—some best vantage points are Whale rock on the North Gorge Walk, Point Lookout, or Cylinder Beach—now you’re all set to take a glimpse of the most popular Humpback whales.

As being located at the most easterly point of Queensland’s— North Stradbroke Island is just near Australia Humpback highway’—the route for their migration between June to November to the shore.

Exploring the underwater

If scuba diving is your thing, head straight to Flat Rock or Shag Rock to get a view of the native Leopard sharks, turtles, Manta-Ray Pod, and so on.

Don’t know how to dive? Spend some time at Manta Lodge; you will learn how to!

5. Doing fun activities on North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island
Photo by Redland City Council on Flickr.Copyright 2022

When it’s about fun activities on an island, North Stradbroke Island is a must-go. To all the thrill-seekers out there, you can satisfy your craving by sandboarding, surfing, camping, or simply joining the festivals or events on this divine island.

Sand Surfing

If you don’t like the waves, what can be better than strolling those sandy beaches with a pooch. The Flinders and the Home beach are perfect dog-friendly beaches on Stradbroke Island.

If you’re up for sandboarding, that is also fun doing on this island, just like snowboarding, but in a Queensland style.

Short trip on a 4WD

If you have plans to discover the kilometres of sandy beaches on this island, you can do that with a four-wheeler. But make sure you have the permit for the vehicles; otherwise, join a tour to explore the indigenous Quandamooka Festival on Stradbroke.

Make a stop at North Gorge Walk

North Stradbroke Island
Photo by Redland City Council on Flickr. Copyright 2022.

Undoubtedly, North Stradbroke Island’s most impressive activity and a tourist’s delight. You can discover plenty of spots in this coastal loop and also get the chance to explore some wonderful marine life if you take a stroll along the Point Lookout boardwalk.

Oh, if you have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to visit the Oceanic Gelati Bar located at the entrance of the Gorge Walk.

Adventure at Minjerribah Camping

Your trip to Queensland’s North Stradbroke Island will remain incomplete without spending a night sleeping on the ground while coming a little closer to nature.

Your top pick will be Amity Point and Point Lookout—the most popular place for having camping grounds with great accommodation. Main Beach and Flinders Beach offer beach camping facilities; Cylinder Beach and Adder Rock are famous for their amenities, like barbecues and toilets.

Or if you don’t want that traditional type of camping and want some luxury, go for one of the Minjerribah Camping with fully equipped cabins, unique Eco shakes, or Eco tents—that will connect you with nature while getting all the convenience at the same time.

Shopping and events at North Stradbroke Island

When thinking about the things to do on this island, shopping at the Point Lookout market should be on your list. Some stalls on North Stradbroke Island will offer you a whole range of local arts and crafts that includes jewellery, clothing, homemade honey that are not going to leave you empty-handed.

And if you’re looking for events to attend on this island, you can do that throughout the year. From Quandamooka festivals, Stradbroke Chamber Music Festivals, to Straddie Assault and Straddie Salute—there’ll be some great events just waiting for you all the time on North Stradbroke Island.

Exploring the History and Culture at North Stradbroke Island

Australia’s North Stradbroke Island should be your first choice when it comes to exploring the culture.

Learning the 100 building process for the Point Lookout Lighthouse, exploring some unique traditions of Quandamooka people, exploring the Salt Water Murris’ Art Gallery, or visiting the bush tucker garden trail at Terra Bulla Leumeah—immerse yourself in the island’s diverse history of Stradbroke Island. You would not regret it later!

Here, in this article, I gave you all the reasons that will definitely convince you to set your goals for this little piece of gem on Brisbane’s coastline. So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your bag and thank me later.

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