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What Are the Top 10 Dog-Friendly Beaches?

We have all gone to beaches some time or the other. But there are very few beaches where you can take your dog along.

For some people, furry friends are like their own children. So if you restrict them from taking their children along, dog owners will be offended. To avoid this situation, people have introduced dog friendly beaches.

The term dog friendly beach is new to a lot of people. Even if you want to take your pet along to a beach, you might not know which beach or beaches are friendly to dogs.

You can check out some beautiful dog friendly beaches below to avoid this confusion.

Top 10 Best Dog Friendly Beaches

Some of the fantastic dog friendly beaches are present in Sydney. They allow you to bring your four-legged friends and have fun in the different playing areas. You can also take a good swim in the sea. You can also indulge in several other fun activities with your dogs on these beaches.

Some dogs might get charged up by swimming, whereas some might not have the confidence to get inside the waters. There is something for them too. The dogs who do not like to swim can play and run around in the sand areas and the playing areas that most beaches provide. 

Some of the places also have off-leash dog parks. The advantage of having this type of park is that you will not have to worry about your dogs if they are allowed off-leash.

You can choose your favourite beach from the list provided.

1. Sirius Cove Reserve

Sirius Cove Reserve is one of the best dog friendly beaches on Sydney’s lower north shore. Apart from the beach, this place has a playground and a vast picnic area.

The beach is surrounded by a sandstone wall and is known to face the south into a bay. The bay, in turn, flows to the Sydney Harbour.

dog friendly beaches
Photo by Greg Jenkins on Unsplash

The water of this place is perfect if you want to have a peaceful walk with your dog. You can also choose to swim, but at your own risk.

The best part about this beach is that dogs are allowed off-leash everywhere. They are allowed in the off-leash areas, on the beach, and also into the park. Dog owners can relax here without having to worry about their dogs.

Sirius Cove Reserve is open every day except for the weekends.

2. Clifton Gardens Beach

Clifton Gardens Reserve is not only a beach but a trendy picnic spot. It has been in the limelight since the 19th century. The major highlights of this place are a fenced playground, a swimming place enclosed in a netted surrounding, picnic facilities, and mindblowing BBQ and change rooms.

The dogs love this place as it provides plenty of vacant space for them to run around. They can feel free to run around in the off-leash areas, on the playground, on the dog friendly park, on the beach, or even in the waters.

dog friendly beaches
Image from Shutterstock

One drawback about this place is that they offer restrictions to the furry friends on the facilities mentioned above. The dogs are allowed off-leash only before 9 am and after 4 pm from April to September. From October to May, they are allowed before 9 am and after 6 pm.

The famous Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Walking Track has Clifton Gardens Jetty as their major highlight.

3. Spit West Reserve

It is one of the best dog-friendly parks in Mosman. It is located south of the Spit Bridge, and at low tide, it also has a beach area.

On weekdays, dogs are allowed anywhere on the beach, in the park, and the waters. But on weekends and public holidays, the furry friends are allowed in the off-leash area much before 9 am and after 4 pm.

dog friendly beaches
Image from Shutterstock

Spit West Reserve also allows the dogs to swim around in the waters. The owner and their dog can have a soothing bath in the waters.

While swimming with your dog, ensure control over him to avoid accidents.

4. Rose Bay Beach

Rose Bay Beach is one of the most dog-friendly beaches in Sydney. It also allows dogs off-leash on the Rose Bay foreshore and other areas.

The best part about this dog beach is they have no time restrictions. It is probably the only dog-friendly beach in town that permits dogs to off-leash any day.

dog friendly beaches
Image from Shutterstock

Towards the western side of Rose Bay Beach is Rose Bay Park. Dogs are allowed there as well. Many people, including the local dog owners of that region, allow their dogs off-leash. The dogs are officially said to be kept on a leash, but that is not always the case.

Do not forget to check this place out whenever you are in Sydney.

5. Kutti Beach

Kutti Beach is a beautiful location in the south of Watsons Bay. It is situated at a 10 min walking distance from the Ferry Wharf.

The path of reaching its place is quite challenging, so it is advised that you have a proper grip on your dogs. They might topple and hurt themselves if you leave them open before reaching the beach.

dog friendly beaches
Image from Shutterstock

Once you reach the spot, you can stop worrying. You and your dogs can have the best time in the world on this fantastic dog beach.

Finding the right place for a car park might also be a task here. To ensure hassle-free parking, make sure to park on Hopetoun Avenue.

6. Lady Robinsons Beach

Lady Robinsons Beach is a trendy dog-friendly beach in town, and it was declared a dog-friendly beach in 2018. Since then, it has gained immense popularity.

The area of this beach is smaller as compared to the other beaches. But that does not have any effect on the dogs. They are seen running around and enjoying their time here. The small beach allows the dogs to interact and socialize with other dogs more easily.

dog friendly beaches
Image from Shutterstock

Want to know the best part about this dog beach? The dogs are allowed to go off-leash 24/7 without any restrictions.

7. Silver Beach

Silver Beach has a dog-friendly section towards the west of Bonna Point Reserve. The section towards the west reserve is selected because this side of the sandy beach receives significantly fewer tides and therefore is perfect for dogs to play around.

dog friendly beaches
Image from Shutterstock

It is a sandy bay that provides the dog and the dog owners with a perfect place for relaxation. Without being tense about their dogs, the pet parents can have a great time with their close ones here. You can also take a sun bath, read a book or even build a sand castle on one of the best dog-friendly beaches in town.

8. Greenhills Beach

Greenhills Beach is a unique place located adjacent to Wanda Beach. It is the only ocean-facing dog-friendly beach in Sydney. Regarding its location, this beach receives a lot of crowds on the weekdays and the weekends.

If you want to visit this place, especially on weekends, make sure to come as soon as possible. It is because, during the weekends, this place gathers the most crowd. Therefore, people often face a scarcity of parking areas. Reaching Greenhills Beach in time will ensure that you get hassle-free parking.

dog friendly beaches
Image from Shutterstock

The beach is extended over a vast area, ensuring complete freedom for both the owner and the dog. Pet parents can play around with their pets in various beach areas. They can also take their dogs along for a good swim session as the ocean here has calm waters.

It is still advised that the owners have proper control over their dogs to avoid accidents.

9. Horderns Beach

Do you want to know the most fantastic part about this dog beach? They offer on-leash and off-leash sections for the four-legged friends throughout the year.

dog friendly beaches
Image from Shutterstock

Horderns Beach also has areas where the dogs can feel free to enjoy themselves without hesitation. The beach also has separate sections for the pet parents where they can sit, chill and relax while their babies are having a lovely time running around and making new friends.

10. Bayview Dog Park

Bayview Dog Park is one of the most famous dog-friendly beaches in Sydney. It is located on Pittwater Road.

It has beach access in Pittwater and massive grassy dunes. The dogs can freely run around in this area without any fear.

The members of this beach also provide a mobile dog-washing service every weekend. You can try this out if you think your dog desperately needs a professional wash.

Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Apart from the beaches mentioned above, there are some other amazing dog-friendly beaches in Sydney that you should check out.

1. Mackerel Beach

Mackerel Beach is located on the western shores of Pittwater. It is also surrounded by a national park and is one of the most beautiful dog-friendly beaches on the list. To visit this place, you must first reach Palm Beach. It is so because you can only reach Mackerel Beach via Palm Beach. The scenario will be different if you have your private boat.

dog friendly beaches
Image from Shutterstock

Most of the time, the beach allows the dogs to go off-leash except for special days and occasions. They can feel free to roam around on the beach anytime between 9.30 in the morning and 5 in the evening.

The only drawback is they do not allow dogs in the water. So if you are planning to have a good swim with your dog, this might not be the place for you.

2. Rowland Reserve, Bayview

Rowland Reserve is the perfect place if you are looking for a dog-friendly outing. It is situated in the northern reaches of Sydney.

It is one of the most popular dog beaches, allowing dogs to go off-leash throughout the day. They do not have to follow instructions and can enjoy their time here to the fullest. It is one of the reasons for the rapid popularity it is gaining within no time.

dog friendly beaches
Image from Shutterstock

This place’s environment is calm and soothing and, therefore, can be the perfect weekend getaway.

Rowland Reserve is best for people who love swimming but are afraid to enter deep waters. It has waters that are not very deep so that everyone can enjoy them equally without facing any fears.

3. Curl Curl Lagoon

Apart from the dog beaches, you will also find some dog-friendly areas in the lagoons at the back of the beaches.

The Curl Curl Lagoon is one such place. You can see your dogs off-leash here for the whole day without thinking about any problems. You can also join or sit back and have a relaxing day while you watch your buddy having fun in the sand and the waters.

dog friendly beaches
Image from Shutterstock

Please check before going to any lagoon. It is advised so because the lagoons generally get polluted after heavy rainfall. So if you leave your dogs here after a heavy downpour, they might fall sick.

4. McCarrs Creek Reserve

At the end of the list is McCarrs Creek Reserve. It is another perfect place for having immense fun with your dogs.

It is not a proper beach, but it will provide you with most beach facilities. You will find clean swimming water, off-leash dog areas, and more.


Dogs need a vacation as much as we do. It is essential to take them out once in a while. If you do so, they will have a healthy mental state and always be happy and cheerful. Keeping them locked in a room or inside the house for an extended period might make them more furious and less friendly. 

Listed above are some best dog friendly beaches to spend a great time with your dogs and loved ones. Select one according to your convenience, and get ready to have a fantastic day at the beach with your four-legged buddy.

Annanya Chakraborty
Annanya Chakraborty
Annanya is a freelance content writer from West Bengal, India. Her blogs are not restricted to a certain domain but range from food, lifestyle, travel and a lot more.

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