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11 Amazing Vantage Points to Witness Sydney Fireworks

Sydney Fireworks is the most fantastic way to celebrate a memorable new year’s eve. Hold hands with your loved ones while witnessing the spectacular fireworks display at different Sydney points.

The fireworks are displayed two times. One in the evening known as the Family fireworks, while the main firework is held at midnight to welcome the new year known as the Midnight fireworks.

Read on to discover the two amazing Sydney fireworks and the best vantage points.

1. Sydney Fireworks

A few small barges docked at Port Jackson are used to add bring additional effects to the fireworks launched from Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. However, it is the fireworks of Sydney that are the highlights of New Year’s Eve Sydney Fireworks.

Sydney Fireworks
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Located next to the International date line, Sydney is amongst the first major cities to welcome the New Year with a grand celebration. The event has a worldwide audience with millions of viewers who witness the same online.

The city committee and organizers cater to at least 2 million people including tourists from Australia and foreign nationals witnessing the event.

2. History of Sydney Fireworks

The story of the New Year’s Eve Sydney Fireworks started in 1976. The new year of 1977 was celebrated as the Sydney festival with sail by decorated craft, dance, and music and culminated with fireworks from the harbour and adjacent areas.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge were used as a launchpad in 1983 to mark the 100th anniversary of these structures.

3. Effects of Fireworks

Over the years, the quality and the effects of pyrotechnics have improved drastically. Various effects have been introduced in the Sydney fireworks which attract millions of tourists every year for the New year’s eve fireworks.

3.1 Bridge Effect

Bridge Effect was introduced in 1999 which a magnificent lighting display on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The lighting in the Harbour Bridge complements the cracker show.

The Bridge effect is obtained by using rope lights attached to an electronic panel. The display is used to showcase a variety of symbols based on the New Year’s Theme. The bridge effect has remained unchanged ever since.

Sydney fireworks
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The Bridge effect was the brainchild of Brian Thomson in 2006. A word of advice is to avoid visiting Sydney bridge weeks before the events as the scaffolding and framework may have been rigged up and you may end up identifying the design and theme of the bridge effect even before the show.

3.2 Waterfall Effect

The waterfall effect was introduced in the New Year’s Eve fireworks in addition to the bridge effect. The waterfall effect is made using a stream of fireworks that fall from the bridge touching the water. Traditionally the waterfall effect is maintained as a golden stream though there have been occasions of deviations.

  • In the year 2000, the waterfall effect was in silver instead of gold.
  • The effect was turned into red in 2005 and even green was tried out in 2006.
  • In 2004, a torrent-style waterfall effect was attempted in which the flow appeared to slowly shift from south to north.
  • Towards showcasing their LGBT support, the New Year’s Eve Firework in 2017 had a rainbow waterfall cascading during the midnight show from the Harbour Bridge.

Australia has been a supportive nation of LGBT rights.  It was the same year that same-sex marriage was legalized in Australia.

4. Vantage Points for NYE Sydney Fireworks

The city prepares to host around 1 million tourists on Sydney New year’s eve. You may choose a paid Vantage point or a free one to enjoy these stunning fireworks.

4.1 The Greens, North Sydney

The Greens is the ideal place for you to celebrate new year’s eve with your family with kids. In addition to music and plenty of new year’s eve packages, the Green has an excellent view from the North Sydney venue to witness the fireworks.

For kids’ entertainment, a group of talented acrobats and face painters will keep the young fellows occupied. The prices are around $500 for a family of four which may vary annually.

4.2 Taronga Zoo, Mosman

With plenty of excellent harbour views, Taronga Zoo offers you an experience of a unique kind. It is a safe and fun-filled venue for families to relax and enjoy the new year’s eve fireworks.

Sydney fireworks
By stepheap on Unlimphotos

If you wish to experience a unique adventure with your romantic partner or you are just a single ready to mingle, do try out Taronga Zoo.

The prices of tickets are around $120 and vary every year. You can book your tickets from Taronga’s Zoo or online. The website claims that all the proceeds of the ticket sales go for the maintenance of Taronga and the conservation of the Zoo.

4.3 Mrs Macquarie’s Point

Mrs Macquarie’s Point is another exciting place to witness the new year’s eve fireworks. Being situated at the harbour’s edge, this large garden area is close to the harbour. Arrive early to avoid last-minute disappointments.

There are two amazing locations in Mrs Macquarie’s Point to witness the NYE fireworks:

  • Mrs Macquarie’s Point Gold is on the north-easterly part of Farm Cove which has a harbour view that looks over the Sydney Opera House.
  • Mrs Macquarie’s Point Silverpoint in the garden. It has bars that serve alcohol and numerous restaurants in form of food vans.

4.4 Bradleys Head, Mosman

NSW National parks run three family-oriented events at these beautiful locations. These events do not have alcohol services and are perfect for people of all ages to enjoy and watch the fireworks. NSW national parks have good vantage points.

4.4.1 Amphitheatre

It is the best place to celebrate NYE and watch the fireworks with NYE DJ vibing up the place. Uninterrupted viewing areas and BYO policy make it an attraction amongst the Youth. The price for tickets may vary between 200 -250 $ for a family of four.

Sydney fireworks
by Pakhnyushchyy on Unlimphotos

4.4.2 The Mast Precinct

It is another family-friendly location to celebrate NYE and watch the fireworks. You can enjoy the DJ music night long. The sale of tickets starts in September and is usually sold out by December.

4.5 Barangaroo Reserve, Millers Point

Barangaroo Reserve is amongst the great spots to watch the world-famous fireworks. It has a panoramic view of the Sydney harbour exclusion zone. You can spread your picnic blanket to enjoy the fireworks.

But do not carry alcohol with you. There are bar services that offer wine and beer. Live performances from the local community will entertain you night long.

4.6 Royal Botanic Gardens

It offers an amazing new year’s eve package with bars offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and an amazing picnic hamper. So group up with your friends and visit Royal Botanic Garden to watch the world-famous new years fire midnight fireworks.

4.7 Bradfield Park, Milsons Point

Sydney fireworks
By lovleah on Unlimphotos

Bradfield Park is one of the best free Vantage points to witness the NYE fireworks. It is a central vantage point that provides picnic-style services. This place crowds up even before the family fire displays.

4.8 Pirrama Park, Pyrmont

Pirrama Park is located on the western side of the Sydney harbour bridge and is a great spot for a picnic. For NYE, you will be required to book your tickets though it is free.

4.9 Bicentennial Park, Glebe

Bicentennial Park offers free entry into the park which is an excellent Vantage point. However, a booking is required for New Year’s eve. It has greenery and is a good place to watch the Sydney fireworks lightening up the night skies of the city.

4.10 Cahill Expressway

Another preferred vantage point by thousands of residents of Sydney city is the Cahill Expressway.

Do not forget to get your reservation. The opening times may vary. So check out the timing on their website before you plan your evening.

4.11 Darling Harbour

The Darling harbour is another harbour close to Sydney Harbour, NSW. The NYE fireworks can also be enjoyed from the Darling harbour. In addition, Darling harbour also has fireworks every Saturday similar to Sydney fireworks which lightens up the skies above Darling harbour.

The place crowds up at night. The waterfront restaurants serve a variety of cuisines at night and you can also enjoy bar services.


If you are planning to celebrate 31st December by witnessing the midnight Sydney fireworks, then you will have to book your tickets in advance. The sale of the tickets starts as early as September.

On 31st December, it is advised that you use public transport to avoid traffic due to road closures. There are numerous other places with good vantage points such as Goat Island, Observatory Hill Park, Watsons Bay, Cockle Bay, and Potts Point which is not covered here.


Dithiesh is a travel enthusiast with love for the Australian flora and Fauna. He loves reading about the unique life I'm Australia. He also loves writing and sharing his research on his blog.

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