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Lord Howe Island: 13 Key Facts

Lord Howe Island is a famous island paradise situated between the Australian continent and New Zealand. It is formed on the Tasman sea. You can reach this island by the routes of Port Macquarie, the Northeast coast of Sydney or the Southwest coast of Norfolk Island. The exact location of Lord Howe Island is New South Wales (Australian state).

The official name of this island is Lord Howe Island Group. There are a total of 28 island that comes under the Lord Howe Island group. Lord Howe Island Board is the managing authority of this island. The major islands that come under this island were Ball’s pyramid, Mutton Bird Islands, and Lord Howe Island Admiralty Islands.

The highest elevation point in this area is Mount Gower, and its elevation is 875 metres. This island paradise has the world’s southernmost coral reef lagoon. Lord Howe Island is listed as a world heritage site.

There are many natural attractions such as colourful marine life, volcanic peaks, pristine beaches, ned’s beach, palm forests, blinky beach, surrounding islets, diving sites, Malabar hill, marine park, pristine waters, white sanded beaches, balls pyramid, southern mountains, and Scott’s hole.

You will get luxury accommodation and self-contained apartments on Lord Howe Island. You can enjoy spectacular destinations, including subtropical forests, stevens reserve, and a great range of mountains. Three members can stay in a room, and the check-in and check-out times are fixed. There is a Gower Wilson Memorial Hospital on this island.

1. History of Lord Howe Island

There is a long history of Lord Howe Island, Australia. It starts before the year 1750. There are many activities like submarine volcanic activity, volcanic eruption, and indigenous people. For further information, we will discuss the history in detail.

1.01. Prehistory

Before the old settlement and European discovery, the island was surrounded by Polynesian people. Before this, there were no signs of humans. This island is similar to Norfolk Island and Pitcairn island. Various species of the biota of Lord Howe Island also resemble the biota of Norfolk Island.

1.02. From Years 1788-1834

In the year 1788, the first Europeans visited this island. At that time, the Lieutenant and Commander of the armed group visited it. They have observed the Ball’s pyramid and want to claim it under the British Crown.

Lord Howe Island
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That army group explore the island very well. They have observed the mountains, beaches, islets, flora, and fauna. Many European government ships are also seen after that first visit.

In 1791, Third Fleet Ships arrived in Sydney and wanted to construct a whaling industry. This industry was based on whale oil, and it was the most profitable industry at that time. In between this time, some American troops also visited the island.

1.03. From The Years 1835-1841

The permanent settlement for this industry was done in the year 1835. After this settlement, Captain John Blinkenthorpe commanded Blinky beach. Three people started a supply station.

There are particular huts for storing and supplying fresh water, sugar, wood, tobacco, vegetables, clothes, fish, and meat.

The first settler left the island in the year 1841. After that, Richard Dawson and Poole owned the island. They both are businessmen, and many employees work under them.

Lord Howe Island
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1.04. From The Years 1842-1860

Both the new businessmen have started the trade work between New Hebrides and Sydney. They have begun ship trading and exporting their goods. From 1839 to 1859, they collected 12 ships for exporting goods.

After some years, they started growing vegetables as well. The most cultivated crop on the island was Lord Howe’s Red Onion. This vegetable was very popular in the Southern Hemisphere. After 30 years, the crops were attacked by a specific disease called Smut Disease.

Some more vegetable crops grown on this island were taro, maize, potatoes, grapes, watermelon, pumpkin, passionfruit, carrot, and coffee. In 1855, Lord Howe Island was officially announced as a part of New South Wales.

1.05. From The Years 1861-1890

From the year 1861 to 1872, they collected approx 43 ships. In 1878, Lord Howe Island was declared a part of the forest reserve.

The first government administrator of this forest was Captain Richard Armstrong. In these years, the population of this area has increased a lot.

1.06. From Years 1891-1999

The palm nursery was formed in the year 1906. In 1932, the number of regular tourists increased a lot. In these years, the industry of palm seeds is also ted.

In the year 1981 Lord Howe Island Act was launched, according to which a Permanent Park Preserve was established. This park takes up 70% of the area.

2. Geography of Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island
Image Source: Depositphotos

The total area covered by Lord Howe Island, Australia, is 14.55 km sq area. This island is formed by volcanic activity. It is a crescent shape volcanic remnant. It lies in the southwest direction of the Pacific Ocean. It owns the world’s southernmost coral reef lagoon area. It is a world heritage-listed island.

The highest peak of this island is Mt. Gower. It is a famous park all over the world. It is located in Australia. You can reach this island by following the Sydney, Port Macquarie, and Norfolk island routes.

You can see the spectacular views of the island when you explore it. It has many beaches, islets, forests, marine parks, and mountains. Many islets and islands are part of this island. Some outstanding examples of these islets are Balls Pyramid, Admiralty group, Mutton Bird island, and so on.

3. The Climate of Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island
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Lord Howe Island, Australia’s climate is warm and humid during the summer seasons, along with mild rainfall. In winter, the temperature decreases, and the rain becomes uniform. Winds remain common during both seasons.

The windiest month is July. People can also experience storms and cyclones occasionally. The rainfall remains maximum on the north side and minimum on the south side. The coldest months are July and August.

The average temperature lies between 20 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius from July to September. In the summer season, there is 60-70% humidity. You will also experience cool temperate ocean currents here.

4. Demographics of Lord Howe Island

In ancient times, European and American settlers came to this island to live. After that, six generations of those settlers lived on the island. These people became the proper residents of the island. They have selected the profession according to their comfort and talents.

They have selected the professions such as farming, fishing, tourism, retailing, and industry. According to the 2016 census, there are 382 residents on this island. Those are 12% seventh day, 30% Anglican, 18% Catholic, and 22% have no religion.

If we divide them based on their age group, then 47% population is of the age group 25-54. Out of the total population of this island, 92% of people hold Australian citizenship.

5. The Economy of Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island
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When people start living on Lord Howe Island, Australia, they have to earn their livelihood and enhance the island’s economy. So, people began to create some industries. The first thing they exported was palm seeds.

They started an industry known as Kentia Palm Industry. The trade was started in the year 1880. They grow palm seeds and export them to nearby areas. This industry is a Sydney-based company which have 21 shareholders.

As the demand increased, they grew the seeds in more areas. In 1997, they got a certificate from nursery management for maintaining the high quality of sources. After that, they started to export the seedlings of palm seeds.

In the late 1980s, the company’s annual turnover reached 2 million dollars. Now, the industry is working, ane exportation is increasing significantly.

6. Governance and Tenure of Lord Howe Island

Land Tenure was the big issue which was faced from the first settlement. Every nation wants its Crown on Lord Howe island. Before 1855, Lord Howe’s island was under the British Crown.

In 1855, it came under the New South Wales government. In the year 1878 New South Wales government appointed Richard Armstrong as the administrator of Lord Howe Island.

In 1882, he was removed from the service, and in 1913, a specific board was formed for this island. It was a Sydney-based board known as Lord Howe Island Board of Control. This board also helps the Kentia Palm Industry, nursery, and tourism to do their work easily.

In the year 1953, an act was passed which was known as Lord Howe Island Act. The decision was taken to enhance the World Heritage values of the island. According to it, the matters of this island are directly conveyed to Ministry for Environment and Heritage. So this island is also counted as a World Heritage-listed island.

7. Tourism Facilities of Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island
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Lord Howe Island provides many facilities to tourists who visit the island. This island is very well known for its geology and marine park. Only 400 tourists are allowed to enter this island at a time. You can reach the island by plane from Sydney Airport.

Everything is present on the island that the tourists need. This island has a bakery, museum, club, liquor store, post office, general store, police officer, butcher, hospital, information centre, and restaurants.

It also has a power electricity generator, solar panels, public transport, internet access, fax facilities, a radio station, and a newsletter. This island also has luxury accommodation facilities.

8. Flora of Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island
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Lord Howe Island is very rich in vegetation. This island has many different shrubs, mosses, herbs, trees, plants, ferns, and climbers. It is a terrestrial ecoregion and has subtropical forests. It is a habitat for five endemic genera. These genera are Howea, Hedyscepe, Nigeria, Lepidorrhachis, and Lordhowea.

There are many habitats on this island where the plant species can grow. Plains, valleys, misty mountains, ridges, cloud forests, and mountain summits have various habitats.

The plant communities of Lord Howe Island are classified into nine categories. Those nine categories are submontane rainforest, inland scrub and herb land, cloud forest and scrub, shoreline and beach vegetation, lowland subtropical rainforest, coastal scrub and cliff vegetation, lowland swamp forest, offshore island vegetation, disturbed vegetation, and mangrove scrub and seagrass.

Some important plants that grow on Lord Howe Island are Kentia Palms, seagrass, mountain rose, pumpkin tree, kava bush, mushroom, curly palms, mountain palm, Fitzgerald tree, Corokia, and many more.

9. Fauna of Lord Howe Island

This island is full of animals. Many species of birds, invertebrates, marine life, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals exist. There are different species of animals which take shelter on Lord Howe Island.

We will discuss the variety of species of fauna in detail. To date, snakes or venomous insects are not reported on the island’s cliffs. But you will find tiger sharks on the island.

9.01. Birds

You can find 202 species of birds on Lord Howe Island. Out of which 18 are land bird species. This island has an Endemic Bird Area, or it is known as BirdLife International. A large number of Providence Petrel take shelter on this island. This bird species is one of the world’s rarest birds.

Some bird species are Red-tailed tropicbirds, wedge-tailed shearwaters, Lord Howe woodhen, Kermadec petrels, black-winged petrels, white-bellied storm petrels, Lord Howe silvereye, masked boobies, black noddies, grey tenets, Australian king parrot, Lord Howe golden whistler, and Lord Howe currawong.

The optimum habitats for all of these species of birds are different. All these birds are other in food habits, laying eggs, building nests, and breeding seasons. These birds choose their habitat according to themselves. So you can see birds at North Bay, Ball’s pyramid, Mount Gower, Pristine waters, and South Pacific ocean.

Lord Howe Island
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9.02. Endemic Species of Birds

A lot of endemic species of birds are found on Lord Howe Island. This island provides a good habitat to the endemic species of birds so they can live comfortably and increase their population.

Some of those birds are extinct, and some are in the endangered category. The managing authority of this island is trying to increase the population of these species of birds. All the necessary conditions and environments for the birds to live and raise their numbers.

The outstanding example of those birds is Lord Howe currawong, Robust white eye, Lord Howe fantail, Lord Howe parakeet, Lord Howe pigeon, Lord Howe golden whistler, Lord Howe gerygone, Lord Howe thrush, Lord Howe swamphen, Lord Howe silvereye, Lord Howe starling, Lord Howe woodhen, and Lord Howe boobook.

9.03. Invertebrates

There are many species of invertebrates found on Lord Howe Island. You can see many stick insects on Lord Howe Island. After the introduction of rats to the island, the population of stick insects is reduced.

There are many endemic species of insects which you can find on Lord Howe Island. Some invertebrates you encounter on this island are the Lord Howe stag beetle, Lord Howe flax snail, Rove beetle, rats, and many more.

Lord Howe Island
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9.04. Marine Life

The marine life of Lord Howe Island, Australia, is very rich. The marine environment is located near the pristine waters area. Approx 490 species of fish are recorded in Lord Howe Island. Out of which 13 species are endemic.

The outstanding example of marine life is Yellowtail kingfish, Bottlenose dolphins, Humpback whales, New Zealand bluefish, Sei whales, Sperm whales, Bluefin, Lord Howe island butterfly fish, Jobfish, Common toadfish, Nichol’s worm eel, Sand whiting, Hippocampus Coleman, and Arrowtooth lizardfish.

9.05. Reptiles and Amphibians

A variety of mammals, amphibians, and reptiles are found on this island. Some of them are endemic species. Those species are large forest bats, ship rats, Lord Howe long-eared bats, Lord Howe Island skink, Bleating tree frogs, Lord Howe gecko, Garden skink, and so on.

You will not find any snake or venomous insect on this island. Many species of reptiles, mammals, and amphibians are introduced to this island to save them.

They are in endangered condition and will become extinct if some decision is not taken in favour of them. So they are introduced to this environment and when they have to get comfortable with this habitat. They have started to increase their number.

10. Climate Change of Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island
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Recent research on Lord Howe Island shows Australia’s climate is changing. The risks of global warming threaten the whole ecosystem. The reefs are also at risk, and the water temperature is increasing.

Scientists have discussed many ways to overcome this problem. The first international conference on Lord Howe Island on the topic of global warming was in 2011. They discussed artificial photosynthesis and other climate change solutions.

11. World Heritage Listed Lord Howe Island

World Heritage Listed Lord Howe Island Group has a unique and diverse range of flora and fauna. It has intact ecosystems, cultural heritage associations, and natural beauty, making it unique. Lord Howe Island Group is selected as the world heritage site.

Due to these unique features, Lord Howe Island was listed in New South Wales State Heritage Register in 1999, on 2nd April.

Lord Howe Island was added to the Australian National Heritage in 2007. It was done based on a World Heritage listing. Along with Lord Howe Island, many adjacent sites include Ball’s pyramid, Muttonbird islands, surrounding islets, and coral reefs.

In 2017, the federal government’s ministry took several steps to make this island more luxurious and full of new facilities. They introduced new electricity generators and wind turbines. It will enhance the heritage status of Lord Howe Island.

12. Sports Played on Lord Howe Island

The favourite game of the people of this island is golf. There are two leading sports clubs in this island paradise. One is Lord Howe Island Bowling Club, and the second is Lord Howe Island Golf Club.

The golf club is very stunning and has spectacular views. It also has dining room facilities, and the food they serve is very delicious and offered at very reasonable prices. Both clubs are very famous in Australia.

Lord Howe Island Bowling Club is located on Lagoon Road, New South Wales, Australia. You can reach this club in less than two hours by following the Port Macquarie route. You will see many players practising in this club. Sometimes, many police officers are also trained in the physical activities of this club.

Lord Howe Island
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13. Things to do on Lord Howe Island

There are many things to explore on Lord Howe Island Group. There are many islands that are a part of this island group. They are known as an island paradise. You can enjoy hiking, biking, mountain climbing, beach party, swimming, and camping.

This is the world’s southernmost coral reef lagoon, so you can also explore this place. Many subtropical forests are part of this island, so you can easily explore those forests. You can also enjoy wildlife spotting and birdwatching.

Every tourist wants to try Lord Howe Island’s favorite activities are snorkelling, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, and surfing. There are many clu so thatso visitors can enjoy golf, lawn tennis, and lawn bowls.

Some other activities which you can try are kitesurfing, yachting, windsurfing, and boat trips. You can hike to Mt Gower mountain. You can enjoy bushwalking and explore the marine park.

Lord Howe Island
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Final Note

We have discussed Lord Howe Island, Australia. This island is not only famous in Australia but all over the world. The official name of this island is Lord Howe Island Group. It is situated in New South Wales, Australia. You can reach here by following the route of Sydney in less than two hours.

You can enjoy the spectacular views of this island from Mt Gower. It is because Mt. Gower is the highest elevated point of Lord Howe Island. There are many natural attractions in this place which will steal your heart.

Some of those spectacular destinations are pristine beaches, ned’s beach, settlement beach, pristine waters, balls pyramid, coral reef lagoon, marine park, permanent park preserve, admiralty islands, many endemic species, and southwest pacific ocean.

The east coast of Lord Howe Island and the surrounding waters looks very beautiful. You can get luxury accommodation on this island paradise. One of the most-rated lodges of Lord Howe Island is Capella Lodge. The check-in time of this lodge is fixed.

This is a very nice place, so you can plan your next trip to New South Wales, Australia, to explore the Lord Howe Island Group. Just take an interactive map along with you and explore the island paradise.

Priyanshi Sharma
Priyanshi Sharma
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