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11 Fun Things to do in Port Macquarie

Wondering about things to do in Port Macquarie? Then you have many great options, like visiting the wildlife park, experiencing the port Macquarie camel safaris and whale watching are fun things to do in Port Macquarie.

Port Macquarie is a coastal town in the heart of a beautiful region full of outdoor tours, beautiful beaches, delicious new products including oysters, and fun trips. Thereby, this is one of the best places to visit in NSW.

It is the second most eastern point in Port Macquarie NSW and a great place to watch whales between May and November. At Camden Haven, walk past Kattang Nature Reserve to Perpendicular Point and see whales passing by. 

The city is a beautiful place to explore amazing national parks, beautiful waterways such as the Hastings River, 18 sandy beaches and the sea. Enjoy the beauty of nature with outdoor activities, including sky skating, paragliding, horseback riding, surfing, boating, cycling, water skiing, kayaking, golf and fishing.

11 Fun Things to do in Port Macquarie 

1. Enjoy Port Macquarie Coastal Walk 

Coastal walk
Photo by cascaras from Pixabay

Are you making a list of things to do in Port Macquarie? The article has got you covered. A fulfilling coastal walk around is something you must experience when you are in Port Macquarie and if the weather permits you to do so, then it is a fun way to roam around at your own pace and admire the beauty around.

Start the trek from the Town Green foreshore in Port Macquarie, turn the coast past Town Beach, Rocky Beach lookout, Nobby’s Beach and Harry’s view over to Shelly Beach and head to Sea Acres.

Get Caught in the Beauty of the Nature

You will see a few historical sites along the way and enjoy the amazing ocean surroundings around which is among the best things to do in Port Macquarie. Between May and November, you may see a whale or two on its annual migration so don’t forget to record your vision.

The tour ends at the Tacking Point lighthouse. However, you can split it into short sections if you feel like a short trip or travelling with children. There are opportunities for barbecue and swimming along the way, including at Shelly Beach and a beach cafe at Flynn’s Beach.

You can reschedule the trip to Tacking Point Lighthouse and head to Port Macquarie. The trek is nine kilometres (one way), where you will walk on the beaches and there are many sections with stairs and viewing areas.

2. Visit the Sea Acres Rainforest Centre

Near Port Macquarie, the Sea Acres Rainforest Centre is the gateway to your rainforest experience. A visit to this place is one of the best therapeutic things to do in Port Macquarie. The friendly staff provides information, and there is a cafe where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and lunch.

Eco Exhibitions offer a wealth of information about the local Aboriginal culture and the rainforest environment. There are also regular exhibitions of local artists’ works, as well as a gift shop with lots of unique natural items, gifts, crafts, teaching toys and games.

Talk to the friendly staff at the Sea Rainforest Center – they are experts in the area so they will be able to tell you all about the Sea Acres Aboriginal bush tucker and Discovery Tours.

More About the Rainforest Center

The Rainforest Center has a theatre that hosts a variety of local events and educational activities throughout the year and a once-a-month rainforest meditation gathering or a rainforest meditation session which is a bit popular here.

Stretch your legs along the shores of the Sea Acre’s Rainforest, or the nearby Rainforest Café, and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

3. Embrace the Beauty of Port Macquarie Beaches

Visiting the Beaches is among the fun things to do in Port Macquarie because it has beautiful beaches and these beaches are top attractions here. The oceanic views and the breeze are so calming and ideal for your vacation for the whole family.

Port Macquarie’s beaches are worth visiting and relaxing on the seashore and are among the relaxing things to do in Port Macquarie which should not be missed.

(a) Town Beach

Town Beach is very popular in Port Macquarie because of its location near the city centre. The beach is monitored for most of the year and has modern toilets and showers with a Kiosk and a long-distance car park.

The 600-foot-long (600 m) sea, which runs between the river bank to the south and the 15-foot (15 m) rough land, is held by the Pilot’s flagstaff. Families enjoy open grassy areas with shade overlooking the beach with picnic areas.

There is a kiosk that offers delicious fresh food, delicious coffee and a seamless view along with the sea breeze. Nearby is a modern playground with outdoor gym equipment and a ski park.

Town Beach is a popular destination for boarders due to its many bars and protection from the south winds. When the barriers and the waves are right, the sea can catch a massive southeastern swell.

Inside the breakwater, there is a place called Flagstaff, which breaks through the sand in a major uprising in the south.

(b) Lighthouse Beach

Things to do in Port Macquarie
Photo by Jack Bassingthwaighte from Unsplash

Lighthouse Beach is located seven miles (7 km) south of Port Macquarie and is nine miles southeast of the sand overlooking Lake Cathie. If you love surfing, then this is your answer to things to do in Port Macquarie as it is a favourite surf beach among people that offers protection in the northern summer areas.

The lighthouse beach takes up all the sophistication available so it is ideal for medium and high surfer users, and powerful short rides. It is also ideal for a long-distance beach trip, camel rides, outdoor fishing and 4WD access to the southern end. The beach is monitored during the school holidays (on the northern edge, near a surf club and cafe).

Visit the historic 1879 Tacking Point Lighthouse, built as a last resort along the beautiful coastline, and enjoy the viewing area for a spectacular view of the coast. It is a great place to watch whales from May to November.

South of Watonga Rocks on this long beachfront, the perfect place to take your pet friend to play on the beach for the entire day. You may allow your pet to deviate from the leash from this point, but please be sure to check the signs on the beach for details on prohibited and unrestricted areas.

(c) Shelly Beach

With a natural harbour and a long white sandy beach surrounded by beautiful rainforests, you are guaranteed to find a comfortable place to rest in nature. A day spent at this beach is also among the amazing things to do in Port Macquarie.

Things to do in Port Macquarie
Photo by Michael Wan from Unsplash

Ideal for families with young children, there are plenty of shaded areas for daylight, picnic tables and barbecues. You may see turkeys and goanna living in the area as you enjoy the amazing community art on display. This is a popular place for weddings- ideal for the destination wedding.

(d) Nobbys Beach

If you are looking for things to do in Port Macquarie while taking your dog along, then Nobbys Beach is an amazing beach in Port Macquarie. It is also a dog-friendly beach just like a lighthouse beach, built at the height of 400 feet (400 m) of white sand between the 30-foot-high Nobby Head and the rocks south of Flynns Beach.

This beach is characterized by its combination of rocks that live in the middle of the ocean. It is protected by the headland which makes it a great place to swim.

Photo by 17933597 from Pixabay

The rocky nature of the coast also provides excellent rock fishing, with numerous famous dunes and a rocky outcrop. The sea is not monitored, so be careful when swimming on the beach, or check safe maritime guidelines to monitor current conditions before swimming.

Due to the calm, protected water and coastal rocks of this beach, surfing is not recommended here.

You can enter the beach through stairs, connecting the car park and the sea. This is located on the southern edge of the beach behind Nobby Head, or you can reach the beach from a rocky platform on Flynns Beach.

Another way to get there is through Kenny Walk near Pacific Drive. It is a 5 to 10-minute walk around the beach with amazing views.

(e) Flynns Beach

Visiting Flynns Beach is yet another one of the amazing things to do in Port Macquarie, located about two miles (3 km) south of Port Macquarie. It is about 1,600 feet (500 m) high and lies between two rocks to the north and south.

It has good protection from western and southern winds and is worth learning to go to the surfer most of the year. The Surf Club has a kiosk that serves food. There are plenty of accommodations available during the short walk to Flynns Beach.

(f) Oxley Beach

If you are planning to have a fun-filled day, then Oxley Beach is your destination as it is a picnic paradise. The rugged grass covered with tall Norfolk pine trees descends along the coast, and you will find covered picnic tables and sauces, all with a dream of stunning white sand and blue sea.

It is also located near Port Macquarie’s CBD, where you can collect snacks and drinks. After lunch, you can clear the calories with a refreshing swim or leisure or bike near the coast. Dogs are welcomed at Oxley Beach too, but they need to stay connected to the leash.

Oxley is also usually less crowded than other beaches in Port Macquarie. It is a great place to just put your towel down and dip into the pool, clay around in rock pools, take a cool dip, or throw a fishing line.

4. Enjoy the View on The Cruise on the Hastings River

Boat tour
Photo by Edgezone from Pixabay

It is the perfect way to spend your weekend or your day trip during your vacation with your near and dear ones. Sail along the beautiful Hastings River, board a Port Adventure and enjoy an unforgettable sunset.

Walk in the trenches and watch as the magic of colour change occurs while the sun sets slowly across the region. Cruising on Hastings river is worth experiencing because the captivating beauty of the sunset is something you can’t afford to miss if you want some wonderful things to do in Port Macquarie.

5. Taste the Vintage Beauty of Roto House

Roto House is a historic house located in Port Macquarie. Built in 1891, the rebuilt building, with its picket-fenced garden and a bull-shaped balcony brings visitors back to the past.

From the moment you pass the picket fence and enter the balcony with the Roto House bull’s nose, it feels like you are back in time. As you walk through the front door, which is covered with ruby lamps, you will enter a large hallway adorned with lanterns.

Built by explorer John Flynn in 1891, the 11-room mahogany-shaped mansion house housed his family until 1979. It is still lovingly cared for by the National Parks and Wildlife Service to this day.

It is currently maintained by the National Park and Wildlife Service. The house is rented for wedding parties and other special occasions. It shares its area with Koala Hospital, and that is why this place gets a daily crowd. This heritage site is a must-visit for all.

6. Make a Visit to Port Macquarie Museum

If you are out for recreation and it is a rainy day, then visiting the museum is among the best things to do in Port Macquarie in this weather. It is also a fun way to spend a day with your kids. The award-winning Port Macquarie Museum is easily accessible from the Port Macquarie CBD.

Exhibits of this Museum

The museum, its collection and thematic exhibits feature the stories of Port Macquarie’s rich and unique history and heritage. From the first settlers of the Birpai people to the settlement of the British people in 1821 to the modern history of Port Macquarie as a tourist destination and a changing sea city.

A nationally important collection includes Raphael Clint’s sundial, associated with the sentence of Port Macquarie, a Wedgwood private bowl from Lake Innes House, a sugar mill used to process sugar plants planted along the Hastings River, and Lionel Lindsay’s watercolour of Port Macquarie in the early 1900s.

7. Admire the View from Laurieton Lookout

Located in Dooragan National Park, North Brother Mountain offers a very accessible and panoramic view of the east coast of Australia.

The current view is over the magnificent Camden Haven Inlet with the Camden Haven River between Queens and the Watson Taylors Lakes. The view extends to Crowdy Head in the south and as far as Mount Yarrahappini in the north.

Picnic facilities and a grassy open space are great places to relax and unwind while enjoying the view. Easy access makes it a great place to bring guests and visitors to the area.

Fulfil your Dose of Adventure

You will find excellent travel routes that suit every level of stamina. If you want more than watching and are daring enough, then try the challenging Laurieton Track. You will pass through stunning blackbutt forests meeting with large old stumps, marking the ancient days of logging in the park.

This mountain is also a ‘mecca’ of para-gliders and hang gliders and is a view you can enjoy as it rises from the top.

Enjoy the Stunning Scenery

At the peak, there are lookouts- the reward for your efforts. The Laurieton Lookout faces north, with breathtaking views of the Camden Haven Inlet and the perpendicular cliffs of the Kattang Nature Reserve, with Grants Head in the distance.

The Don Johnstone Lookout faces south, over the lakes and canals of the Camden Haven River and heads to Diamond Head.

8. Spend a Fun Day at Billabong Zoo Koala and Wildlife Park

If you are wondering about things to do in Port Macquarie with your kids, then straight away visit the award-winning Billabong Zoo because here you can get close to Australian and rare animals. You can pat, stroke, feed, touch, hear and see more than 80 species of mammals, reptiles and birds.

They take care of more than 200 animals in the 10-hectare Koala and wildlife park. Enjoy their most popular zoo talks all day. Everything is free as it is included in the entry price.

Learn about their love of conservation as wildlife ambassadors and their world-famous koala breeding program. Book one-on-one encounters with the most special animals- cheetahs, snow leopards, koalas, red pandas, meerkats, and snakes. 

Exciting Things About This Park cum Zoo

Enjoy the playground, and picnic areas set in beautiful green gardens with peaceful koi ponds, hot food, snacks, ice cream, coffee and drinks at the big Zoo Cafe. It is a place with the perfect combination for Children’s entertainment as well as Education for kids and everyone. 

You can explore the Billabong Zoo Night Safari Activation Center, North Coast’s leading tourist experience of exciting, natural, night and authentic Australian adventure, located at Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie.

They have a service centre that provides event and conference venues, and a zoo-safari experience. They have also provided events with animal talks and collaborations, while you enjoy your event, and then continue the night trip to the zoo.

9. Enjoy at Bago Maze and Winery

Bago is a family-owned third-generation farm that celebrates local wine, production and family sacrifices. They are a short 30-minute drive west from the coastal town of Port Macquarie.

It is a family-friendly place with plenty of space for kids to run while adults enjoy wine and their products produced from the mid-north coast.

Navigate, run and get lost in the Bago Maze. The Lilly Pilly hedge maze is wonderfully designed. It is one of the world’s largest fenced-in areas with more than 2000m of lanes, bridges and fences, making it an ideal place for family exploration.

Their farm is located in a remote valley, surrounded by high eucalyptus gardens and national parks. They are an active farm that focuses on other types of grapes to produce the best wine in their winery.

Visitors can enjoy a wine tasting at their Cellar Door, browse local produce and lose their beautiful hedge maze. With 2,000 meters of roads, it is one of the largest in the world.

10. Wander in Whale Watching Cruise

Whale watching
Photo by dassel from Pixabay

After summering in Antarctica, about 16,000 humpback whales migrate north into the tropical waters, where they cross and give birth to young ones before returning to the south.

It is a great way to see these magnificent creatures on a whale watching tour. As they travel throughout the season, these boats will almost certainly ensure prior and personal information in a safe and comfortable environment. 

For an unforgettable water experience, Port Jet Cruise has it all. Feel the wonder of the sea on the Wave Rider – their massive 18,900-strong canoe will allow you to navigate the waves and walk up and down the spectacular Port Macquarie coast or speed up the amazing Hastings River.

11. Look at the Koala Hospital

Koala Hospital is located on the grounds of Roto House in Lord Street. It is the world’s first hospital dedicated exclusively to the care and maintenance of koalas.

Things to do in Port Macquarie
Photo by Ellena McGuinness from Unsplash

The Speciality of this Hospital

The hospital has a treatment room, eight critically ill units, a 24-hour rescue and treatment operation and several recovery facilities. The hospital has a research organization with the University of Sydney, Australia.

The walk and the guided tour take place daily at 3:00 pm – a coach tour is welcome between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm. Educational shows and group talks can be organized. The Koala Society of NSW Inc is a voluntary organization and your support will help save the koalas in the Port Macquarie Area.

Something to Take Away

Experiencing the Port jet cruise adventures is a must-do thing to do in Port Macquarie and the hello koalas sculpture trail is the best option to visit if you are with kids.

The cool climate, parks, gardens and trails in Port Macquarie make it an attractive hiking destination. The 9km coastal walk is a fun way to discover this beautiful place. One route is in the water, on a trip to see dolphins and whales. These things to do in Port Macquarie make it a worth visiting holiday destination.


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