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9 Exciting Beaches in Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie is located in New South Wales, Australia. This vibrant land of the Birpai people is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Hastings River. Close your eyes and dive into an enchanting experience at beautiful beaches in Port Macquarie.

Apart from being popular for its wildlife, history, and nature reserves, the city is a world-class destination when it comes to beaches. The location boasts to have some of the most popular beaches.

1. 9 Popular Beaches in Port Macquarie

Beaches in Port Macquarie are renowned for their uniqueness owing to its scenic beauty, picturesque landscape, and excellent waterfronts. While some of them are good for adventure-packed outings, others can be visited for spending leisurely time and relaxation.

Listed below are a few of the best beaches in Port Macquarie that one can visit.

1.1.Town Beach

Town Beach in Port Macquarie is known for its spectacular sunsets across the horizon. The 600-meter-long beach is popular for its central location and historical significance.

The place is also a delight for history lovers. The Europeans came to Port Macquarie in 1821 and landed on Port Macquarie’s Town beach. History lovers can learn more about it in the Macquarie Historical Museum which lies in the vicinity. One can sight the Tacking Point Lighthouse, Port Macquarie Convict Barracks which is important for Australian history.

beaches in Macquarie
Photo by Ethan Smeets on Unsplash

One gets an opportunity during particular seasons to watch sea creatures like whales, and dolphins. Enjoy the coastal breezes here while taking a stroll and watching the stunning landscape vistas. If you are an art lover then the wall adjacent to the beach is worth being a spectator for. The wall is a canvas adorned with various graffiti art.

Town Beach is ideal for recreational sports. Moreover, the place is great for people looking for relaxation at the waterfront. The amenities here allow people to enjoy their time here comfortably. There are provisions for toilets, and showers to ensure a comfortable time for visitors

Fulfill your craving hunger here with the scenic vistas of the ocean in cafes, and dining. Town Beach is one of the most patrolled beaches in Port Macquarie.

1.2.Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach in Port Macquarie is a beautiful scenic destination to visit with your family. The Blue waters of the ocean hit the rugged and lush green terrain of the shores creating an exemplary scene to witness.

Beaches in port
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Shelly Beach is a natural tidal lagoon and sits adjacent to rainforests. The shaded spaces underneath the trees and waterfront view make the beach a perfect place to picnic.

Additionally, there are provisions made for seating, BBQ facilities, an outdoor beach shower, toilets and a car park. Walking trails ensure you explore the rainforests while catching panoramic views from lookout points.

The beach is famous for its water-based activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. One gets to witness the majestic sea creatures without diving relatively deep into the waters.

The beach is also renowned for watching the magnificent creatures -the humpback whales. If one wishes to catch glimpses of this gigantic fish then the optimum time to visit is between May to November.

Overall Shelly Beach is one the beautiful beaches in Port Macquarie to enjoy the oceanfront.

1.3.Blacksmiths Beach

The Blacksmiths beach is one of the pristine beaches in the city of Lake Macquarie, New South Wales. The beach is quite popular and located at a driving distance of 4 hours from Port Macquarie.

Blacksmiths Beach 4x4 Day Trip NSW

The coast of Blacksmiths Beach is a serene location to experience. The blue turquoise waters across the golden sand beach make the scene a picturesque setting. One can enjoy the beach by taking a stroll with your loved one or watching the waves in action while taking a sunbath.

Speaking of sports activities here, the waves here are ideal for surfing. Being a surfers paradise the beach is perfect for both beginners and experienced surfers. The conditions here are favourable for swimming and fishing. The sand dunes here pave the way for sandboarding and exploring the backdrop.

An additional experience to add to your list here at Blacksmiths Beach is birdwatching. The Swansea Channel nearby has several bird species attracted due to the estuarine environment. One can spot birds near the sand dunes and bushes.

Whether it be fishing from the rocky platforms, swimming or surfing or just leisure walks or some time with family the Blacksmiths Beach favours it all.

1.4.Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach is one of the exemplary beaches to visit in Port Macquarie. The beach is been named after the famous Tacking Point Lighthouse.

Catching the views of the beautiful oceanfront and landscape around will make it an unforgettable experience for you. The picturesque views from the beach of the surroundings feel unreal. The colourful sky at the horizon with rocky terrain and a Lighthouse jutting out of it and the blue waters create the perfect setting to make it stunning.

Lighthouse Beach - Port Macquarie

Lighthouse Beach is one of the safest beaches to swim in. With lifeguards patrolling the beaches, the place is ideal for swimming for kids and adults alike. Additionally, owing to the optimum conditions of the waves, the place is popular for surfers.

If you plan to enjoy a simple beach day, carry your binoculars around to catch glimpses of wildlife. One can spot local wildlife like dolphins, sea eagles, and kangaroos. Whale watching during their migration season is a unique experience to endeavour.

Let’s not forget the magical sunsets here due to the topography of the region. Don’t forget to get your camera to capture these beautiful moments here at Lighthouse Beach in Port Macquarie.

1.5.Flynns Beach

Flynns Beach is an attractive and popular beach in Macquarie. Located about 3 kilometres South of Port Macquarie, Flynn Beach is a stretch of 500 meters of beauty.

Flynn Beach is a very inviting and promising beach to visit in Port Macquarie. The sandy shoreline here is characterized by rocky headlands on the northern and southern end.

This region allows people to undertake underwater activities like snorkelling and diving. Gentle waves and lifeguards, ensure safe swimming here. There are surfing schools nearby that offer lessons.

Family holiday at Flynns Beach Port Macquarie

Apart from the regular sunbathing, surfing, and picnic facilities the beach also has coastal walk trails. This Coastal Walk Trail takes you through the nearby rainforests to explore the rolling landscape.

Kids here would surely be engaged with the playground facility, while adults can enjoy the BBQ facilities provided. There are many cafes and shops you can check out while at the beach to have quick refreshments. Keep a check on local events and festivals that happen here for special occasions to amplify your time spent here.

Capture these surreal moments here at Flynn Beach and live a memorable experience.

1.6.Nobbys Beach

Nobby’s Beach located in Newcastle, New South Wales is a perfect location for dog lovers. This dog beach is a stunning stretch of 400 meters of white sand.

The conglomeration of rocks at the centre of the beach amplifies the beauty of the beach. Moreover, the beach is home to the iconic Nobbys Lighthouse built in 1858. This historic landmark offers spectacular views of the surroundings.

Another thing that signifies the historical background of this place is the shipwrecks. The shipwreck walk takes you around this maritime historical story. Additionally, the beach has more historically important sites like Fort Scratchley.

best beaches in Macquarie
Photo by Lisa Summerour on Unsplash

Enjoying the coastal walk on this scenic beach and the Bathers Way coastal walk is a leisurely experience for walkers and cyclists. The waters here are a surfing paradise for enthusiasts, followed by other activities like fishing.

The picnicking spots here welcome you for gatherings and outings with your family and pets. The soft sandy coast offers a serene relaxation time for an individual to enjoy.

If you are looking for some social time here, then the cafe culture here is alluring. The dynamic suburbs of Newcastle East are inviting where you can enjoy your beverages, and meals whilst enjoying the shores.

Moreover, there are many music festivals, events, and surfing competitions that happen here to wake up the party animal within you. Need not worry about your vehicle since there are car parking provisions for visitors here.

The Nobbys beach has a lot to offer making it one the favourite beaches in Port Macquarie.

1.7.Oxley Beach – Beaches in Port Macquarie

Oxley Beach in Port Macquarie is a gorgeous beach to visit. It is located North of Windmill Hill Reserve and South of Flagstaff Lookout.

Oxley Beach is set amidst picturesque settings of blue waters with golden shoreline. The place is great for leisurely walks due to less crowd. However, the place is quite accessible and has amenities that support family picnics and gatherings. The amenities here include an electric BBQ, picnic tables, and exercise equipment.

 beaches in Macquarie
Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

The coastal walkway here takes you through the coastline while watching the beautiful views and wildlife at instances. Humpback Whale watching during their migration seasons attracts many visitors.

Fishing and surfing here are popular activities to undertake. Swimming and sunbathing near the shore is also possible owing to the gentle waters.

Oxley Beach has close proximity to restaurants and cafes. One can avail of the benefit of exploring the eateries while on a day out at the beach.

Oxley Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches out there in Port Macquarie.

1.8.Miners Beach

Miners Beach is one of the unique and gorgeous beaches in Port Macquarie to visit.

This secluded beach has a different setting than other beaches in Macquarie. The beach has a backdrop of green rolling landscape running for the entire stretch of the beach.

Australia Beaches: Miners Beach, Port Maqcuarie

One can enjoy the beauty of this beach while traversing through Macquarie Coastal Walk. It allows you to explore the beauty of the region while enjoying the scenic beauty of the ocean waters and horizon. You can catch a glimpse of wildlife here which includes kangaroos, wallabies and several bird species.

Water activities are popular here, but one to be careful about the rock formations at the beach during high tides. The beautiful backdrop invites many photography enthusiasts to capture the setting.

Being isolated and less crowded, Miners Beach is a perfect spot for one to relax and enjoy time close to nature.

1.9.Rocky Beach – Beaches in Port Macquarie

Just as the name suggests, Rocky Beach is a lovely beach with rugged rocky formations featuring the coastline.

Rocky shoreline, golden sand, rock pools and crystal clear blue waters amplify the beauty of the entire beach. The rock pools are spectacular to witness as they hold the mini ocean ecosystems within them.

Rocky Beach Lookout Port Macquarie

Enjoy watching the tiny sea creatures like fishes, crabs, and other creatures in the rock pools. The rock pools attract anglers for fishing. Moreover, watching other wildlife like birds, pelicans, and seagulls makes the overall experience exceptional.

Coastal walks allow you to soak the beauty of the coast and sea. Rocky Beach Lookout offers the best panoramic views of beaches to the North and South. Remember to visit Rocky Beach during the low tide hours for a hassle-free experience of a beach day.

The stunning rock formations and enchanting scenery pose opportunities for many photographers to capture the stunning moments. Rocky Beach is hence one of the favoured beaches in Port Macquarie.

2. Things to Do in Beaches in Port Macquarie

The coastal town of Port Macquarie is a diverse and vibrant place having many other places to explore around. Apart from blissful beaches in Port Macquarie, here are few well-known destinations to visit.

2.1.Sea Acres National Park

Located in the North Coast region the Sea Acres National Park is a natural setting all for you to explore. Sea Acres National Park in Port Macquarie allows visitors to walk through the woods while exploring the nature and aboriginal history of the region.

 beaches in Macquarie
Photo by James McTaggart on Unsplash

One can choose to take a guided program or explore all of the premises by themselves. The highlights of the park include walks through rainforests, coastal walks, and Sea Acres Rainforest Centre. The park does humanitarian work that includes the conservation of Australian wildlife.

There are educational activities and environmental studies offered to the visitors. Some of the additional things to do in Sea Acres National Park include encountering wildlife, birdwatching, sightseeing, swimming, strolls, swimming, and enjoying refreshments at cafes and kiosks.

2.2.Tacking Point Lighthouse 

The Tacking Point Lighthouse is the thirteenth-oldest lighthouse in Australia. Standing on the rocky headland the lighthouse is located at a distance of 8 kilometers South of Port Macquarie.

This historic Lighthouse was designed by Colonial Architect, James Barnet. It was constructed in the year 1879 and is still operating. The Lighthouse is a point of attraction to people interested in Maritime history.

best beaches in Macquarie
Photo by Stephen Tafra on Unsplash

2.3.Koala Hospital

Koala Hospital is an indoor-outdoor wildlife rehabilitation centre in Port Macquarie. The destination is located on the historic site of Roto House.

Welcome to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

There are guided tours that the visitors can take up. Just as the name suggests, one can learn about the evolution of koalas and their biology. They have an interactive method that teaches us about this species. On your way back home don’t forget to carry home gifts from their souvenir shops.

3. Fun Facts about Beaches in Port Macquarie

  • Port Macquarie was first visited by Europeans in 1818 and named after the Governor of New South Wales, Lachlan Macquarie.

Port Macquarie - A brief Early History

  • Now a tourist heaven, once was chosen for its isolation and was founded as a penal settlement in 1821.
  • Town Beach’s iconic break-wall rock art originally started as an art competition back in 1995.
  • It took over 20 shipwrecks in the Tacking Point area before a lighthouse designed by James Barnet was erected there in 1879.
  • Port Macquarie is expected to be the fastest-growing place in New South Wales with a growth rate of over 1.1%.

4. Frequently Asked Questions – Beaches in Port Macquarie

Q. Which of the beaches in Port Macquarie have barbecue facilities?

Ans. Flynns Beach and Shelly Beach in Port Macquarie have picnic tables and barbecue facilities.

Q. Does Port Macquarie have an Olympic-sized swimming pool?

Ans. Port Macquarie has an Olympic-sized pool measuring 50 meters in length and 1.8 meters deep located in Gordon Street.

Q. Where in Port Macquarie one can enjoy the Coastal Walk?

Ans. Port Macquarie’s beaches and surrounding area have serene coastal walks to enjoy. A few of them include Westport to Town Beach (2km), Town Beach to Flynns Beach (2.2km), Flynns Beach to Shelly Beach (2.2km), and Shelly Beach to Tacking Point (2.7km).

Q. What are the amenities available at Town Beach?

Ans. Town Beach is a nice beach with amenities like a beachside kiosk, picnic areas, a skatepark, an outdoor gym, and a bathroom.

5. Conclusion – Beaches in Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie is a great spot and a world-class destination. The beaches in Port Macquarie are sweet spots to attract tourists from all over the globe.

You can enjoy the serenity of the beaches and create memories for life time.  Do not forget to carry a camera to capture nature’s beauty and your memories.

Have you been to any of the beaches in Port Macquarie before?  Tell us in the comment section.

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