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Hidden Treasures in NSW: 11 Beautiful Places to Explore

New South Wales (NSW) is a destination in the Australian region. Here, you will be captivated by the awe-inspiring landscapes, immersed in heritage and find an array of diverse experiences that cater to every traveller’s desires. 

Furthermore, New South Wales has the most impressive hidden gems, including spectacular national parks, gorgeous hidden waterfalls, coastline, and southern hemisphere snow. In short, NSW lists everything you will need for a trip.

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By PolitUnion / Pixabay Copyright 2018

11 Beautiful Hidden Places in NSW to Explore

Though Sydney is the capital of Australia and the most visited place for the Sydney Opera House, the New South Wales region is also one of the most visited regions of Australia Aa since NSW is home to many popular tourist attractions, including the Royal Botanic Gardens, Circular Quay, and Harbour bridge stretching from Central Business District to the north coast. Want to know more about people’s lives and their lifestyles in Australia? 

If planning a trip to Australia, you should always put these places on your NSW bucket list. It even holds the Guinness world record for having the whitest sand. Your eyes will be pleased when you visit the hidden gem of New South Wales.

1. Bungonia National Park

It is known as the stunning limestone swather of the Southern Tablelands, creating some of the country’s deepest caves. In addition, this park is the driving force for the climbers and spelunkers.

Moreover, the Bungonia National Park caves have been protected and nurtured since 1872 and have been a famous tourist space. You will find this place ahead of both Sydney and Canberra. You can enjoy the bushwalking trails, which have excellent camp viewing platforms.

Solo Bungonia Gorge Slot Canyon (Red Track) - one of the best day hikes in NSW

2. The Bible Garden

Many tourists from the Palm Beach Peninsula will feel at home at the Barrenjoey Lighthouse. This place has to offer the most iconic view of the town from the top of the headland.

However, you should move into the Bible Garden for better views. It is a hidden gem in New South Wales that can give you a better idea of the main beach from the south coast. In addition to this view, the Bible Garden is beautiful and peaceful.

If you like to sit in a quiet place and admire the beauty of a distant place, then this garden is for you. It has a grassed terrace viewing platform that lets you see the fantastic district view.

3. Lightning Ridge

You will find that the New South Wales Outback is a land of stark plains and some broad horizons. However, it has served as a natural home to Lightning Ridge.

If you visit NSW’s iconic and hidden gems, you cannot afford to miss out on Lightning Ridge. You can get a detailed view of the town through the tours of the local opal mines. This place also claims to be the rare black opal capital of the world and offers its tourists fossicking and tours.

On top of all this, in Lighting Ridge, you will find the unique Black Queen Theatre, uniquely created from 14,000 glass bottles and regularly hosts many games.

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By danrooms / Unlimphotos Copyright

4. Shark Island

If you are near Bondi, then Shark Island is the place you can visit. It is an isolated gem in New South Wales and part of the Royal National Park. The island lies between Bondi and Sydney and can only be reached by boat.

This isolated island offers viewers a 360-degree view of the most iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. Some other famous tourist spots are the Hidden Grottoes, built by hand, and the rock pools and lush lawns ideal for a family picnic.

5. Merimbula

Around 450 kilometres south of Sydney, you will find the Merimbula on the Sapphire Coast. This place has some golden beaches and shimmering lakes and is known to be one of the parts of the national park.

However, this place is known well for the variety of seafood it offers tourists. The Rock Oysters are the best on the house. You can even get an overview of the town’s oyster farming, sponsored by the Wheelers Oyster Farm. In addition, this place will give you an on-site restaurant showcasing the oysters themselves.

6. Bendalong

This coastal town in the region of Ulladulla is famous for having the most beautiful hidden beaches in NSW. It also has the most scenic view of the Conjola National Park. Bedalong is set on the majestic jutting stretch from the coastline, also known as the Red Point.

It offers a lot for tourists to explore. Bedalong has many hidden gems, including Boat Harbour Beach and Inyadda Beach. You can even hand-feed the stingrays while in Boat Harbor Beach. Moving south of this place, you will find Potato Point, Jervis Bay, and Merimbula. Overall, Bendalong will keep you stunned while choosing which spot to visit since it has so many places to offer.

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By Alexander Serzhantov / Unsplash Copyright 2019

7. Queens Beach

The Syndey Harbour is already home to many small, secret beaches hidden from suburban streets and small towns. On these small hidden beaches, you will find Queens Beach in Vaucluse, the most popular Hermitage Foreshore walking track.

However, you may not find a high tide on these beaches since they are small, but if you have a short walk towards the north, you can even find another beach known as Milk Beach. It has some excellent spots for sunbathing.

[4K] Queens Beach Waikiki | People Hanging Around the Beach at Waikiki | Oahu, Hawaii

8. Jenolan Caves

It is located in the Blue Mountains region in New South Wales. It has a famous mountain, and most people visit the Three Sister Mountains. However, if you dislike a crowded place, you should go through the Jenolan Caves instead.

The Jenolan Caves are the ideal spot to see different sides of the Blue Mountains, which have yet to be revealed to the urban people. This underground network of limestone caves is known to hold 300 shelters made of some stunning rock formations. In addition to this, you will also find some underground rivers.

The caves here have a temperature of 15 degrees Celcius all year round. However, if you don’t want to wander in these caves alone, you can always take up an always-available guide.

9. Killalea Beach

New South Wales holds a spectacular coastline that covers more than 2,137 km. So, you will get to see many beaches around this place. Killalea Beach is stunning and falls among one of the coastline beaches. It covers over 250 hectares of pristine coastal reserves, providing surfing beaches.

You can view the great fishing rivers, stunning wetlands, Bass Point Reserve, and Shellharbour Village. You will also find some marine life offshore.

10. Crystal Shower Falls, Dorrigo Mountains

Crystal Shower Falls is one of the stunning waterfalls of NSW. If you move deep inside the lush rainforest of Dorrigo National Park, you can see the beautiful garden and the cascading sheet of water. On reaching the waterfall, you take up a suspension bridge, which will take you behind a waterfall into a rocky cavern through a beaten track. It will take only one to two hours of walking to complete.

You can also view the stunning Satinbird Stroll, which follows through the Wonga Walk from the lush rainforest, leaving the Glade Picnic area. However, the third tallest waterfall in the country is the Wollomombi Falls.

beautiful hidden places in nsw
By bhavik_jagani / Unlimphotos Copyright

11. Bermagui Blue Pools

If you want to get out of the city and admire some of the natural attractions of the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales, then Bermagui Blue Pools is the best hidden gem in NSW.

You can also see the fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean. It is a crystal clear saltwater swimming pool at the base of the rocky cliff face. In addition, this place offers a view from the southern end, which is a perfect view for whale watching.

Moreover, you can even swim and snorkel on the clean freshwater beach. This place is best for a weekend leave with friends. You cannot afford to miss this place when you are in NSW.

Final Words

In conclusion, New South Wales is a gem, with its beauty, rich historical significance and vibrant cultural scenes. From the landscapes to the rugged Outback terrain from the iconic cityscapes of Sydney to the peaceful charm, this Australian state truly has it all.

While in town, you can visit Gothic-style castles or Amigo’s castle and snowy mountains, or if you want to do some adventure, you can also visit Kosciuszko National Park. Also, if you are a big fan of cacti, you should visit Bevan’s Cactus Nursery. Also, you can look at the final resting place at Rookwood Cemetry. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to journey through this region.

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