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Dorrigo National Park: 13 Fun-filled Experiences

Dorrigo National Park is an amazing and stunning location. It is located in New South Wales, Australia. It is a natural paradise having a lot of adventure options. This national park is highly rich in vegetation and wildlife. You can access this national park by following Dome Road.

There is a Dorrigo rainforest center for managing things here. The national park offers stunning scenery of forest, scenic picnic areas, rainforest canopy, elevated walks, crystal shower falls, secret waterfalls, Coffs Harbour, skywalk lookout, canopy cafes, and red cedar falls.

You can do many adventurous things here, such as forest camping, hiking, walking, picnicking, exploring secret waterfalls, and many more things. It is rich in walking trails, hills, rainforests, tracks, seas, and waterfalls.

1. History of Dorrigo National Park

Dorrigo National Park is a part of the New England Group. It is a world heritage site of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia. This national park was established on 1st October 1967. It was listed as a world heritage site in 1986.

In 2007, it was listed in the list of Australian National Heritage. It is spread over an area of 119km sq. The managing authorities of this national park are NSW national parks and wildlife service.

This national park has exceptional beauty and outstanding habitat for animals. It conserves various plants and animal species. It has a rainforest centre which takes care of the conserving species. It comes under the protected area of NSW.

2. Geography of Dorrigo National Park

Dorrigo National Park is located on the eastern coast of Australia. It has three rivers: Rosewood, Wild Cattle Creek, and Never Never. These three rivers are the source of water for all waterfalls.

It stretches from southern Queensland to northern NSW. It has broad-leafed rainforests which are the main source of attractions for visitors. The temperature of this national park allows the trees to live longer.

This park consists of seven mountains. Mount Moombil is the highest mountain here, having a height of 3418 ft. You can also see the northern tablelands here. The cities which are easily accessible from here are Sydney and Brisbane.

Dorrigo National Park
Photo by Clearviewstock on Unlim

3. The Climate Of Dorrigo National Park

In Dorrigo National Park, the summers are partly cloudy and wet. The summer season is comfortable for a visit. This season starts in mid-December and ends in February. It lasts for around 3 months only.

The hottest month of the year is January. The winter lasts for approx 3 months. The coldest month of the year is July. It is difficult to visit this national park in July. The climate is clear, and the days are short in winter.

The highest temperature is 26 degrees Celsius in summer. The lowest temperature in winter is 18 degrees Celsius. The mean temperature remains 22 degrees Celsius in this national park. The wettest month of this national park is February, and October is the Windiest month.

4. Vegetation of Dorrigo National Park

You will see a wide range of plants, shrubs, herbs, climbers, wetlands, health lands, trees, and coastal lands. You will see a wide range of colourful flowers. These flowers will give you internal peace when you look at the diversity in their shape, size, and colour.

Dorrigo National park has a protected area for endangered and exotic species of plants. You will also see many medicinal plants planted here. This national park has a wide variety of aquatic plant species.

You will encounter rose leaf brambles, creek sandpaper, burnie vines, giant stinging tree, native ramie, Emelia, variable buttonwood, prickly bearded heath, yellow persimmons, chain fruit, banana bush, pink knotweed, sweet morinda, and many more in this national park.

Dorrigo National Park
Photo by Darkfox on Unlim

5. Wildlife at Dorrigo National Park

Dorrigo National Park is very rich in wildlife. It has many different species of animals and birds. It is also home to many amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and insects. You will also encounter some endangered and exotic animals.

You will see 30 species of mammals, 44 types of amphibians, and 128 different kinds of colourful birds. Some of those birds are the satin bowerbird, superb lyrebird, common ringtail possum, Australian brush turkey, coachwood, rose crowned fruit dove, and many more.

You will also see many different species of snakes, such as death adders, brown snakes, tiger snakes, banded snakes, and black snakes. On the north coast, you will also encounter the mountain stream frog, broad-palmed frog, great barred frog, and pouched frog.

Dorrigo National Park
Photo by charlottebleijenberg on Unlim

6. Things To Do In Dorrigo National Park

Dorrigo National Park is a stunning location. It is full of natural beauty. You can do many adventure activities here. You can enjoy hiking, trailing, biking, walking, camping, wildlife photography, birdwatching, enjoy picnics with friends, and exploring many walks and falls.

You can enjoy the breathtaking scenes of waterfalls, watch the sunrise at the skywalk lookout, visit the secret glow worm colony, watch the sunset at Griffith lookout, swim in the Danger falls and have a walk on Wonga walks.

You can enjoy a coffee at a canopy cafe, hang out with spot red-necked pademelons and spectacular regent bowerbirds, drive with the incredible falls, and explore the nearby areas.

6.01 Walk Near Crystal Shower Falls

Crystal Shower Falls is one of the famous tourist attraction spots of Dorrigo National Park. The thing which makes it more beautiful is its location. It is located in the heart of the rainforest center.

You will see the amazing scenery of cascades covered with cliffside and ferns. It also has a picturesque suspension bridge in a fab location with breathtaking views. The best way to reach me here is through Wonga Falls.

6.02 Watch The Sunrise At Skywalk Lookout

If you are an early riser and want to see the sunrise, walk out at Skywalk Lookout. The sunrise scenes are so amazing. It illuminates the mountain tops and provides new light and energy to the rainforest.

You will see a lot of birds flying above your head. You will hear their sweet chirping sound. You can click the fab pictures of sunrise as well. The Dorrigo Rainforest Centre opens up at 5 a.m. for visitors who want to see the sunrise, but the opening time for regular visitors is 9 a.m.

6.03 Explore Secret Waterfalls

Exploring Secret Waterfall is going to be an adventure and a different experience because not all visitors are not interested in doing it. Even they don’t know about the secret waterfall. It is located near Crystal Shower Falls. It also has an elevated walk.

You will hang out near this waterfall at night along with the twinkling stars and low-hanging clouds. It will be a magical feeling. You will hear the sounds of some nocturnal animals and many birds which are returning to their nests.

6.04 Explore The Beauty Of The Secret Glow Worm Colony

Secret Glow Worm Colony is a beautiful place to visit. It is a hidden secret of Crystal Shower Falls. You will see beautiful twinkling blue lights here at night. It has a walking track and a historic tunnel, but people cannot find them.

The tunnel’s route is very adventurous because the tunnel is very uneven, rocky and slippery. It is very hard to walk in this tunnel. You must also carry a torch or something that illuminates light because it is very dark inside the tunnel.

You will see glowworms in the tunnel, as the name shows the glowworm colony. Try to reduce your sound because glow worms are very sensitive to sound. Be silent and patient in the tunnel because your actions may harm the glowworms. 

6.05 Go On A Long Drive With Your Loved Ones At Waterfall Way

The Waterfall Way is the route between Coffs Harbour, Armidale and Dorrigo. The best waterfall in the west direction is Armidale. Your first stop will be Ebor Falls. There are two falls in Ebor Falls.

The upper fall is near the car park, and for the lower falls, you have a walk on a short paved path. The next fall which you will see on the way is Wollomombi Falls. This waterfall has incredible natural beauty.

Wollomombi Falls has six fabulous lookouts and many different walking tracks. This place is home to kangaroos. You will witness many kangaroos on the way this fall.

6.06 Catch A Glimpse Of Sunset At Griffith Lookout

Griffith Lookout is a stunning sight with spectacular views. You can see the amazing view of the sunset from this location. Many photographers stay at this location to capture the fab view of the sunset.

After the all-day trip, you can relax here and watch the sunset. It will make you calm and take away all your tiredness. After watching the sunset, you feel fresh and relaxed.

This place is amazing for a walk with your loved one. You will see many couples walking here in the evening. It is the best spot for making memories.

6.07 Enjoy The Jump In The Water Of Danger Falls

Danger falls is the dream swimming spot for many swimmers. This is a huge waterfall with a pool of base 30 meters. But you should be good enough at swimming to swim here. You can also explore nearby hills, forests, walking trails, and falls from here.

It is very easy to reach here. First, you have to walk for 10 minutes and then cross some staircases; then, you will get to a wooden broadway. You have crossed it, and finally, you reached Danger Falls.

6.08 Explore the Natural Beauty of Wonga Walk

The best walking track in Dorrigo National Park is Wonga Walk. The thing which makes it more attractive is the Gondwana rainforest. This rainforest is very ancient, so when you enter here, it will give you a feel that you are entering a Jurassic Park.

If possible, visit on a misty day because the low-hanging clouds and wet walking trails make the view magical. The path of trails is paved, some hills fall, and rainforests are on the trails.

You will get a mystical feel from the walk as you will hear the echo sound of catbirds and the chirping sound of many other groups of birds.

Dorrigo National Park
Photo by bobby Hendry on Unsplash

6.09 Stop And Have Some Snacks At Bellingen

If you want to relax and have some snacks, walk down from Dorrigo National Park. If you are a foodie, then it will be your favorite spot. You have to drive 30 minutes and reach Bellingen.

Bellingen is a small town located near the Dorrigo National Park. It is famous for its incredible eateries. You can visit Hearthfire Bakery for a wide range of cakes, pastries, doughnuts, and other bakery products.

For delicious falafel pockets, veggies, pies, crispy and spicy dishes, and other middle eastern delights, you can visit Za’atar Restaurant. This place has a lot of little courtyards and gelato shops, and they are full of tropical plants, which give amazing vibes.

6.10 Walk With Birds On The Boardwalk

Boardwalk is for animal and bird lovers. This is where you get most of the birds of Dorrigo National Park. If you are an early riser and went out to watch the sunrise, then reach here after watching the sunrise at the Skywalk Lookout.

This is because the birds are predominantly active in the morning time. You can reach here beheading towards the rainforest. You have to walk for 300m on a paved path and then get information boards that will guide you to the boardwalk.

You will encounter many bird species, some of which are Riflebirds, Catbirds, Noisy Pittas, Lyrebirds, Wompoo Fruit Doves, and so on. You will also listen to the beautiful chirping sound of these birds. The sky looks colorful when the birds come out with their groups.

Dorrigo National Park
Photo by Stephen Tafra on Unsplash

6.11 Hang Out With Cute Pademelons

If you want to play and hang out with the cute little red-necked pademelons, then catch them up at Pademelon Picnic Area at the time of sunrise and sunset. They come to the picnic area to feed the grass.

The picnic area has benches so you can sit and watch them. They get frightened if you make noise or make them uncomfortable. They will spook, but they will come again when sitting quietly.

You have to follow some rules when you stay here. Don’t feed the birds, don’t get too close to them, don’t make noise, and so on. You will see the information board informing you about the do’s and don’ts in the park.

6.12 Touch The Sky From Dorrigo’s Highest Waterfall

Dorrigo National Park has the highest waterfall. It will be difficult to get there. It seems more beautiful in the crazy monsoon rain. It looks incredible and offers stunning scenery and forest environments that you cannot see from the ground.

Near this waterfall, you will see an enormous variety of birds, animals, and trees all the way. You will encounter spot red-necked pademelons, turkeys, doves, etc. You are also able to see all the other waterfalls from such heights. Overall it is going to be a great day trip.

6.13 Enjoy Your Time at Red Cedar Falls

Red Cedar Falls is the highest waterfall in Dorrigo National Park. It is very challenging to reach the top of the fall. The height of this waterfall is 58m. It has a shallow pool, but it is very challenging to swim in this pool.

Swimming is restricted in this area during heavy rainfall. Because the falls and the pool are in full flow during the rainy season. It has beautiful walking tracks and valleys this fall.

7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which is the nearest town to Dorrigo National Park?

Ans. Dorrigo is the nearest town to Dorrigo National Park.

2. Are there any hotels available near Dorrigo National Park?

Ans. Yes, there are many hotels near Dorrigo National Park. Some of them are Pacific Bay Resort, Opal Cove Resort, Toreador Motel, Aqualuna Beach Resort, and many more.

3. What act protects Dorrigo National Park?

Ans. Dorrigo National park is protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1967. It was considered a state park earlier. Later, it gets the status of a national park.

4. What are the main attractions of Dorrigo National Park?

Ans. The main attractions of Dorrigo National Park are dramatic waterfalls, Dorrigo plateau, Coffs harbor, amazing heritage, and rainforest.

5. What are the opening hours of Dorrigo National Park?

Ans. Dorrigo National park is open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day.

Dorrigo National Park
Photo by welcomia on Unlim

8. Final Note                                    

In this article, we have discussed a lot about Dorrigo National Park. This is the famous national near Dorrigo, NSW, Australia. It consists of a wide range of waterfalls, rainforest walks, trails, tracks, rainforests, barbecue spots, Dorrigo plateau, and a picnic area.

It has a rainforest center for the maintenance of the national park. It has an enormous variety of plants, animals, and birds. The managing authorities of this national park are NSW national parks and wildlife centers.

Plan a great day trip to this ancient rainforest. Hope you will feel relaxed in this forest environment. During summer, you can explore secret waterfalls, crystal shower falls, and red cedar falls. You will see different birds and animals throughout the trip.

Priyanshi Sharma
Priyanshi Sharma
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