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5 Things to Discover Whale Watching Hervey Bay

Whale watching Hervey Bay is very popular as being one of the best in the world. It has also been named as the world’s first whale heritage site, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint its tourists.

Every year, humpback whales travel north from Antarctica to Queensland, Australia, to give birth to their young since the water in the freezing waters is too cold for them.

The comparatively tranquil Hervey Bay provides adequate refuge for moms and their calves, making it a frequent rest stop before continuing their voyage north or south.

While the Humpback migration can be observed from many locations along Australia’s east coast, Hervey Bay is unique as the whales can be seen frequently resting for extended periods.

Hervey Bay is the Whale Watching capital of the world. The humpback whale is the most common sighting in Hervey Bay, but other members of the species can also be seen.

Whale watching Hervey Bay is an unforgettable experience. You can experience the best whale-watching tours in Hervey.

When is the best time to see humpback whales in Hervey Bay?

People enjoying a nice summer day on a beach in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia
Image Source: Depositphotos

The whale watching Hervey bay season runs from mid-July until mid-November. Between August and late September is the best time to go whale watching.

You can plan your trip from late July to late September. Hervey Bay is one of the best and most secluded whale-watching destinations in Australia.

The tranquil waters between Hervey Bay and Fraser Island provide a haven for humpback whales, many of whom will be nursing their calves, during this period.

The Whale Watching Hervey Bay Ocean Festival is held every year to celebrate the commencement of the whale season in Hervey Bay. Paddle out for whales is one of the main events during the Whale Watching Hervey Bay Festival. Thousands of other kayakers can be seen only a short distance from the Torquay Jetty.

Whale Watching Hervey Bay
Photo by Sue Rump on Unsplash

Hervey Bay is one of the best and most secluded whale-watching destinations in Australia.

Whale Watching Tours Hervey Bay

There are a lot of tour operators in Hervey Bay, ranging from a couple of hours to a full-day trip. The majority of tour operators will provide a shuttle bus to pick you up from your accommodation. You can book your Hervey whale watching tour here.

There are several things to consider when booking a whale-watching cruise like the price, the number of hours, etc. You should be able to observe whales on any of the cruises.


You’ll learn a lot about these intriguing mammals on a trip from the boat operators, who are always delighted about these annual visitors. Compare all tours of Whale watching Hervey Bay.

Many tour operators also have a high-tech hydrophone onboard for a rare opportunity to listen in on the whales singing. Whalesong Cruises offer this opportunity to its tourists.

Includes: Morning tea, buffet lunch, a Close Encounters Whale Watch DVD, free WiFi, and courtesy transfer from your Hervey Bay accommodation

Best things to do in Hervey Bay

There is so much to explore in Hervey bay than whale watching.

1 – Urangan Pier

Urangan Pier is one of the longest in Australia and it stretches up to the ocean. It is a famous recreation spot and is also used for fishing.

The view is spectacular at the time of the sunset. The Hervey Bay whale watching trips depart from here.

Tourist town of Hervey Bay Queensland Australia, Urangan Pier
Image Source: Depositphotos

There are plenty of parks around which are great for picnics.

2 – Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens

The Hervey Bay botanical gardens are lovely and well-maintained which makes for a perfect place to spend your afternoon.

There are manicured gardens, bush tucker gardens, oriental gardens, and other types of gardens that can be found.

You’ll also observe a variety of birds and fauna that have made the gardens their home.


There are beautiful green lawns to enjoy for a picnic and don’t forget to visit the charming Chinese-themed gardens while you’re there.

The fish and turtles in the pond at the Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens will also be a hit with the kids.

3 – Point Vernon

You can see Kangaroos which are the national animal of Australia. Kangaroos have made this area their home.

The best spot to see the kangaroos is either North Street or Dougan Street.

4 – Hervey Bay Historical Village

The Hervey Bay Historical Village & Museum is an excellent resource for learning about the Wide Bay Area.

Over 3000 exhibits from the early years can be found there.

On Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., a variety of demonstrations are available, ranging from woodturning to blacksmithing to log sawing.

Whale Watching Hervey Bay
Image by Kathryn Bowman (nee Selfe) from Pixabay

Over 12,000 distinct items are housed in the buildings, giving visitors a peek into life in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

While many of the pieces on show are fragile and should not be touched, there are plenty of toys for the kids to play with as well as some fantastic photo opportunities.

Adults pay $10, students (14 and under) $3, and children under the age of 14 are admitted for free.

5 – Wetside Waterpark

This waterpark is very famous among local families as the entrance is free. This is a site where the kids will not only have a fantastic time playing in the water, but they will also learn about water sustainability.

This is a zero-depth water park with foundations, interactive play equipment, tipping buckets, and a large water screen, among other things.

The Topside area caters to children under the age of five, while older children will enjoy the Flipside BoardRiver and waterslides, which are available for an additional fee.

There is also a fantastic coffee, restaurant, and fish and chip store for the parents.

6 – Hervey Bay Go-Karts

Families will enjoy the Hervey Bay Go Kart Track.

There are both single and tandem go-karts, so no one will be left out, regardless of their age.

You must be at least 9 years old and 145 cm tall to drive a single go-kart; however, anyone as young as 2 years old can ride in a tandem kart with an adult.

Opening Hours: 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily during school vacations; otherwise, 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Monday.

Go-karts start at $25 for ten minutes.

7 – Fraser Island Tours from Hervey Bay

One of the best day trips from Hervey Bay is to visit the world heritage listed Fraser Island.  Fraser Island is just a short 45-minute ferry ride from Hervey Bay. Fraser Island is one of Australia’s most stunning places.

There are plenty of tour operators that operate day trips to Fraser Island.

The waters here are crystal clear and it is much more economical.


There are a variety of tour alternatives available, and what you choose will mostly depend on your family’s interests and, the money you want to spend.

The white sandy beaches are gorgeous and you can also spot turtles here. It is well worth the trip to this island!

How to get to Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is just a 3-hour drive from Brisbane or you could opt for a 45-minute flight. Hervey Bay is a wonderful family holiday destination, especially during whale migration season, due to its beautiful quiet waters and the richness of marine life.


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