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20 Fun things to do in Melbourne this Vacation

Melbourne is a hip, dynamic metropolis with an exciting city center. Its inner cities are filled with a special character, a lush green park, and a range of hills. You can also explore many features like the paved roads, the culturally diverse restaurants to provide you with excellent dining choices for every budget as well as other Fun things to do in Melbourne.

Fun things to do in Melbourne
Photo by David (flicker)Copyright 2022

Melbourne city is known as the most coffee-producing city in the world and has consistently been named the most livable city in the world. Melbourne is one of the best destinations for tourists having several fun things to do in Melbourne.

Here you see world-class things like Mornington peninsula, port Melbourne, national gallery Melbourne, Immigration museum Melbourne, Albert Park Melbourne, market, restaurants, gardens, great ocean road, Yarra river, national gallery of victoria, luna park and many more. You discover some great experiences on the occasion of the new year around the city of Melbourne. Let’s now look at some fun things to do in Melbourne.

Fun Things to do in Melbourne

Learn about Victoria’s convict past at Old Melbourne Gallery

Old Melbourne Gallery is a museum located near the city center that was largely occupied by prisoners from its inauguration from 1843 until 1929. It is one of the great places and counted as one of the Fun things to do in Melbourne. People arrange the tour forget to visit to check about victoria’s convict past.

You should plan a day trip for watching this world’s best gallery and state library. Get to learn about this gallery, by visiting any day of the week.

Get sporty at the MCG

Fun things to do in Melbourne
Photo by Pei-An Ho (flicker) Copyright 2022

The Melbourne Cricket Stadium is one of the great and most popular stadiums. Victoria is the most sporting city around and MGMCG is the focal point. The Stadium hosts Melbourne Cricket Club as well as international football tournaments, rugby league, and many other events.

Melbourne’s best stadium was built in 1853 but it has often been refurbished it is Australia’s largest stadium and 10th in the world and is currently home to more than 130,000 spectators. The MCG houses Australia’s Olympic Museum and Sports Museum. Moreover it is one of the Fun things to do in Melbourne.

Australian open is a world-famous sport taken by the government. Many famous celebrities have participated in the Australian Open. This Australian Open trophy is famous in the world. Here you visit the national gallery of victoria.

Drink the world’s best coffee

The ‘Best Coffee’ of the world was voted in Melbourne by more than a million online customers. Melbourne matched their great coffee with Rome and Vienna for the title and you’ll certainly be surprised by their dedication when you see Melbourne bars. Fun things to do in Melbourne. These bars provide you with great coffees in Melbourne. Melbourne prides itself as the world leader in coffee culture.

Visit the Immigration Museum

The world-famous Immigration Museum celebrates the melting pot of the present-day Australian culture and how the different cultures have gathered together to build the country today. The Museum is located inside the historic old custom house and shows the stories of the diverse peoples of Melbourne. Victoria at Large describes how immigrants experience and define identities. And One of the Fun things to do in Melbourne

Besides the Customs Gallery, the Old Customs Hall was the focus during the 19th century on immigration, trade, and shops. This tour of a museum built your self-knowledge about world history. children get knowledge of our great history. This museum takes a discount for old citizens. Immigration museums get other facilities for children like free coupons.

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Queen Victoria Markets

Things To Do In Melbourne- Queen Victoria Market (also known as the Queen Vic Markets or Queen Vic, and locally as Vic Market).
Image Source: Depositphotos

The Queen Victoria Markets are famous for having been a vital food hub for Melbourne since its opening in 1878. The site hosts many of Melbourn’s produce stalls and delicatessens and offers delicious cheeses, olive oil, and smoked meat.

It is one of the fun things to do in Melbourne. And a beautiful example of the Victorian style and features many artisan items by local artists. Throughout the year there may be many activities during market days, but make sure to visit their site. Visit suggested – Melbourne multicultural markets, culinary cultural tours.

Click pictures at Brighton Beach Boxes

Fun things to do in Melbourne
Photo by John Banson (flicker) Copyright 2022

Brighton bath boxes have been built over a century ago for the use of women in swimsuit changing rooms and their bright colours were introduced later. Today its colourful charm attracts visitors to these private boxes which have no electricity or water. It is one of the fun things to do in Melbourne.

Visit the Royal Exhibition Building

Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne
Image Source: Depositphotos

If you want to visit one of the great places around Melbourne City then you shouldn’t miss the Royal Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne Museum, and cinema. It is one of the Fun things to do in Melbourne. Every year this museum organizes an exhibition for history lovers. if you are one of them don’t miss it.

The site is listed on the United Nations World Heritage List and the town centre is easily accessible within walking distance around the city. It’s worth visiting because of its gorgeous grounds and its stunning architecture and fountains. The gardens are a beautiful place to take a stroll and learn in Melbourne. Make sure to not miss the three-day Small Group Travel.

Visit Flinders Street Station and Federation Square

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Australia
Image Source: Depositphotos

Flinders Street Station is an attractive cultural sign of Melbourne found in a number of postcards or travel brochures and is listed on the Victoria Heritage Register. This building is the fastest railway station in Melbourne, Australia. There are also shop markets and restaurants, in the vicinity, and you can walk to one of the great south banks of the Yarra river easily. It is one of the Fun things to do in Melbourne.

Federation Square is one of the great places to see moving images, these moving image attracts your attention. you watch advertisements or upcoming shows on this moving image. you check icons with an interesting architectural style that will leave you with something completely new. you don’t miss visiting this Federation Square.

Shop till you drop

In the Australian center, Melbourne is famous for world-class shopping. It is one of the Fun things to do in Melbourne. Chapel Street and Bourke street is popular for their outstanding selection of high-quality clothing from local and international celebrities. Richmond Bridge Road offers great shopping opportunities, good food and other things at low prices, and excellent home goods and accessories in Melbourne.

Fitzroy is known to the general public for eclectic and vintage items while High Point and Chadstone offer large shopping malls with a variety of Australian and international brand names. you don’t miss shopping here for your favourite things.

Learn how things work at Scienceworks

In science works you see planetariums and lightning rooms and a miniature metropolis these things are called Nitty Gritty Supercity. The planetarium hosts informative shows, while the Lightning room offers live 30-minute performances, including a Tesla coil that generates a massive 2 million volt power supply for three-meter lightning. Children, as well as adults, are don’t miss enjoy this fun place in Melbourne!

Yarra Valley

Is this a difficult day? wine can help! Take the exit from the CBD to Yarra Valley. Although it is just a minute’s drive from Melbourne city centre, the world-class Yarra Valley is still something completely different from other places in Melbourne. It is one of the Fun things to do in Melbourne

When planning a Yarra Valley weekend – don’t forget cheeses, chocolates, and wine! Get into the glamp pod or belle tent for a romantic and exciting weekend (or an exciting girls’ weekend!). Don’t miss visiting the Yarra River and Yarra valley trip, Melbourne.

Check out the amazing street art

Graffiti in Hosier Lane. Melbourne's graffiti management plan recognises the importance of street art.
Image Source: Depositphotos

Melbourne is famous for street art, it has been deemed one of the world’s most recognizable street art centres. It is one of the Fun things to do in Melbourne. The city government has identified areas for street artists, and the art here is very high quality and changes frequently like festivals wise.

Melbourne’s street is also great for budding street artists to get experience with graffiti art & having modern-day organized locations in Melbourne’s street. Flinders Street, chapel street the streets for famous street art, Melbourne’s streets are famous for great street art. Artists show their talent in street art. Tourists choose to walk for looking at street art, in Melbourne.

Have a gourmet Greek dinner

It is one of the Fun things to do in Melbourne. Melbourne boasts the largest Greek population in the country. The Greek city is one of Melbourne’s excellent places for consuming popular Greek food. There is a large number and a number of Greek cultural shop markets and Hellenistic art museums are located near Melbourne’s. Those in Melbourne in March or September might want to get visit the Antipodes festival or the Greek Art Film Festival as well.

China Town

China Town offers Chinese cities to find many incredible dishes and tourists also get popular delicious desserts here. Don’t miss a popular treat from the Desserts Kitchen— corn ice cream. You will have lots of fun and enjoy yourself here!

Visit Melbourne’s China town tour – 3-Day Food and Discovery Night Walk. When you arrive in Melbourne for New Year visit this one place to experience parades as well as lion dancing.

Free tram tours to get your bearing

Travellers don’t miss visiting Melbourne City in a day. worth checking hop on tram #35 in a public tram zone to listen to Melbourne city commentary. The Melbourne City Circle free cab runs for about 55 minutes and is free for you if you choose to go out and explore the tour. Melbourne City Circle Tram runs from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. This service is the world’s best service.

Puffing Billy

Since 1900, in Melbourne. it was one of the low-cost ways of opening a remote place. In 1953, when one portion was buried of the route, the railroad planned on closing it and get organizing a goodbye day. During to see 30,000 arrivals, trains fans get together to save the puffing ball. It continues every year through the Sherbrooke Forest on the open Dandenong coast. Book a trip to this popular place near Melbourne.


Brunch is in unique Melbourne. Here you get the world’s best brunch. On a day trip, you don’t miss eating fresh produce fairy floss pancake topped with waffle ice cream cone. On Melbourne’s street, you see many open shops.

Explore Lygon Street to have a taste of Italy

Don’t miss the great Lygon Street Little Italy is a beautiful leafy street. This is one of the best for rich coffee culture. This famous Lygon street will also find one of the well-known top-notch Italian cuisine and Italian shops for food and culture, In great Melbourne city.

Have a night out at the Crown Casino Complete

Crown Casino Complex is located near the great Yarra River. One of the best casino complexes in the south Melbourne, hemisphere. Opening seven days a week.

Visit the Block Arcade

The Block Arcade is a retail district surrounded by a historic mall opened in 1892 in Melbourne. one of Melbourne’s rich and boasting spectacular architectural features, one of the best quirky art galleries, the Dr. Seuss Hopetoun Tea Rooms, and The Haighs House.

Stroll the botanic gardens

The Botanic Gardens can be reached by walking from the Melbourne city center, offering the perfect oasis in the midst of the city’s buzz and noise. These are popular gardens to walk and go jogging in an open place, and the spectacular landscape is the best place to enjoy a calm meditation practice.

With nearly 8500 fresh produce botanical species, Botanical Gardens is beautiful, colorful, and fascinating like an artist’s art. You may bring your sketchbook with you. Being so accessible the garden makes it the perfect place to enjoy an evening picnic or simply have another meal at the weekend.

The Botanical Garden provides free entry between early day 8:30 am to sunset. Explore over 50,000 plants from around the globe. Royal Botanic gardens provide Stroll past peaceful lakes with lush grasses at this urban oasis. Don’t miss visiting botanic gardens to enjoy your tour and take some time to visit many places on day time tour. Here you can also do boating in the botanic gardens.

Hang out with animals at Healesville Sanctuary

In the summer months to see more famous Australian wildlife near Melbourne, you can visit Healesville Sanctuary. Not only can you see the Koalas but also hang out with Kangaroos here. Moreover, it is one of the Fun things to do in Melbourne

Admire Aboriginal art

The Melbourne art network for artists’ galleries throughout Melbourne’s City Centre area. Melbourne is an excellent place to learn about the importance of the arts of indigenous cultures. Tour available.

Wander through Laneways

Wandering through laneways is the perfect Melbourne way for a wanderer who wants to experience Melbourne’s many avenues and streets. The city map is provided at the Federation Square Visitor Centre. It’s possible for you to enjoy all things Melbourne’s urban culture.

Go hipster spotting in Brunswick

Brunswick Victorian architecture, Open Shops, and Concerts are places to spot Melbourne hipsters and those who participate in all alternative activities in Melbourne.

Catch a film at an outdoor cinema

you can go looking! From the rooftops of Melbourne’s gardens to the Cinema and beyond, this city is perfect for viewing movies and having fun with your friends.

Visit the Shrine of Remembrance

This 1934 memorial is created in great memory of ANZAC soldiers serving their country in WWI. During the ANZAC holiday in Melbourne, sunrise services can be incredibly memorable as well as inspiring. This is a great way to tribute to our great soldiers. This visit to Melbourne shows your open heart for the country.

Explore Melbourne’s alleyways and arcades

Melbourne is well known for coffee bars, art galleries, and beautiful alleyways and arcade buildings.

SEA LIFE Aquarium

Visitors looking at fish in Sea Life Aquarium in Sydney New South Wales Australia which displays more than 700 species and 13,000 individual fish and other sea and water creatures.
Image Source: Depositphotos

Take a trip for adventure SEA LIFE Melbourne. Experience an ocean journey. This is one of the great ocean roads in Melbourne.

Rock out

Melbourne has a modern-day vibrant music scene and popular night rock music. Melbourne City has numerous music art groups that can perform at different hours at night and attract international talent Nick Cave. Some popular places to see music like Corner restaurants, Evelyn restaurants, Spotted Mallards, Post Office Hotels, Melbourne.

Melbourne’s Victoria is a world-class tour city! You don’t miss to travelling such places as world-famous museums in Melbourne, trying good food in restaurants, and spending quality time or enjoying night parties in Melbourne’s gardens. On a day trip, you visit many popular places like Botanic Gardens, and Crown Casino. It provides live music like rock shows, museums, festivals, art exhibitions, art galleries, and many more things. In Melbourne, there will always be predictable weather like sun shadow!

Ghost tour

A ghost tour in Melbourne is a fun activity you must do. It is in one of the best artificial haunted places in Melbourne City. You will shiver when you experience this ghost tour.

Queen Victoria Market

The trip to Melbourne will never be complete without visiting Queen Victoria. The Open Market began over 120 years ago. Spend stumbling around the market. This place is your most important asset, as markets are so huge that you can’t cover them all in one day!

Check out the Sunset at the Eureka Skydeck

All of us enjoy good views. Sunset at the Eureka Skydeck should be your first visit to Melbourne to see the city’s beauty. Make sure to get discounted tickets in advance.

Explore the hipster area of Fitzroy

The view around Fitzroy Island, Queensland, Australia. The place is reachable by boat from Cairns
Image Source: Depositphotos

Melbourne also has a reputation for being hip-hop. Melbourne is famous for its grunge bar and great cuisine, rooftop, street art, and markets.

Visit Federation Square and Museums

Federation Square has Victoria’s biggest square and open spaces. Melbourne’s little square is essentially an ancient ‘time square’.

Eat some dumplings in Chinatown

Melbourne has one of the oldest Chinatowns in the world, where many Chinese migrants landed during the 1860 gold rush. Chinatown spans a few streets in the CBD at Little Bourke Street and houses countless hidden bars and restaurants near the town halls.

Find Some Amazing Hidden Laneway Bars

Finding hidden laneway bars is a fun five-star activity in Melbourne. Make sure to visit hidden bars in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Explore Colorful Street Art Laneways in the CBD

Melbourne has some popular street art sites including Hosier Lane and Presgrave Place. For dinner visit the restaurants at Degrave’s St Hardware Lane in Melbourne CBD.

Check out Flinders Street Train Station

Flinders Street Railway Station is the most famous building in Melbourne, making it a must-visit.

Explore the Great Ocean Road from your car

Melbourne’s most popular and open-drive tourist spot is the Great ocean road. Tourists often go on this great ocean road for road trips.

Melbourne is one of the greatest cities in the Australian centre. It is known for its world’s best cuisine, drinks, coffee, art, and culture. Melbourne is a great place to find your bucket list items and check them off. Don’t miss Melbourne’s best tourist attractions and plan a trip soon.

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