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Australian Culture: 5 Surprising Facts

Known for being the sixth largest country in the world, and the oldest inhabited continent, Australia is home to a rich history, with timeless traditions. It has now become a melting pot of a variety of different cultures and religions, but some of the most unique aspects of true Australian culture have ingrained themselves into people who have come to settle into Australia from a number of different countries.

Australia has the unique ability to make anyone fall in love with it, including Napoleon Bonaparte himself, who was a very well-known lover of Australia. The love comes from its beautiful culture, rich history, welcoming people and the inclusivity that it promises to anyone who decides to visit or stay here. Australian culture is easy to adapt to and most people who are new to it find it pleasant.

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This article takes you through 5 unique things about Australian culture that are sure to astound you.

  1. A Special Strain of English

Although Australia’s national language is English, and it is spoken by a vast majority to the population, it might not be the same kind of English you’re used to. The slang when spoken in the characteristic Aussie accent makes it sound like an entirely new language. 

Australians like to abbreviate words, give new names to common things and use completely new phrases to describe everyday experiences. For example, a ‘toilet’ to Australians is a ‘dunny’, a ‘stubby’ means a can and if someone is looking for some fresh gossip, they’ll ask you ‘What’s the John Dory?’

It sounds overwhelming but learning a few of the common phrases and slangs online before you head out to experience the culture is always a good idea and helps you feel more at place. 

2. Love to Drink

Having ranked third in terms of the most alcohol consumption per capita, according to the World Health Organization, it comes as no surprise that Australians love to drink. 

Drinking is one of their favorite past-times and forms a big part of Australian culture. Whether they’re hanging out with friends or having a good old barbecue, Aussies make sure they have a good amount of alcohol to complement the occasion. This is aided by the country’s massive supply of vibrant bars, classic wineries and breweries all around.

3. Equal Rights and Opportunity

Being as diverse as it is, Australia has been one of the front-runners when it comes to displaying an open heart towards immigrants. Not only are the citizens generally very friendly and welcoming, but the Australian government itself also promises the best healthcare and educational opportunities to everyone without discrimination.

A majority of the world’s religions are practised here, and Australia does justice to providing them with mosques, churches, temples etc so that they can continue their practice in peace. It tries to provide equal rights to all its citizens. Australians themselves are very vocal in their disdain towards racism or other forms of discrimination.

4. The Indigenous Culture

Australian Culture
Image Source: Depositphotos

The Indigenous people of Australia are the oldest civilization on earth. Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals are two important components of Australian culture and they garner a lot of respect from everyone around them.

Having lived in Australia for around 60,000 years, they bring their own particular cultural elements into the society. From special songs, dance, cuisines and art, they proudly show off their rich history and welcome anyone who wants to learn more of it and is respectful to them.

5. Almost No Tipping!

For those who work in the service industry, tips aren’t a common occurrence. With one of the highest minimum wages in the world, Australia stands out with the financial assistance it provides its working staff with.

Because of the high salaries, waiters, bartenders and other service industry workers don’t expect or demand any tips. However, it’s always a good way to thank someone for providing great service, so if someone has gone out of the way to make you comfortable, tipping them is encouraged.


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