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8 Most Instagram Worthy Restaurants in Melbourne

If you are on a quest to find the best Instagram worthy restaurants Melbourne serving mouth-watering delicacies amidst aesthetic décor, you have come to the right place. Also, if you are looking for restaurants in Australia, then develop an insight into 20 of the most instagrammable restaurants, bars, and hotels in Australia 

You can flock to the authentic restaurants, cafes, and bars (some as a former power station) listed below with your friends or family for a quick lunch, mid-day coffee breaks from a long journey, or business dinners as these venues provide the perfect backdrop for any occasion and they are an Instagrammer’s dream.

Alas! Who doesn’t like the perfect combination of city skyline view and delicious food?

1. Industry Beans

Industry Beans in Melbourne
Photo by Benjamin Ashton on Unsplash

Needless to say, Industry Beans has quite become an Instagram sensation with its highly grounded tasty coffee, perfect shot espressos, and a variety of beverages on its menu.

They also have both indoor and outdoor space, surrounded by greenery to let you enjoy your feast in amazing weather, giving you a feeling no less than of heaven especially in summers.

So, if you are looking for a perfect Instagram worthy restaurants Melbourne to dine in near south Yara, you should explore this café. This café is always buzzing on weekends.

What is Special?

For coffee lovers, this restaurant cum café space would be no less than heaven because it is a coffee king in the Melbourne Suburb. Therefore, people must visit, accept, and try drinks like seasonal espresso blends and cold brew sodas.

2. The Stables of Como

The reputation of this restaurant in Melbourne surely proceeds it. The stables of Como give you complete satisfaction with its delicious food prepared by renowned chefs, access to bright sunlight for Sunkissed photos, and interiors inspired by vintage art.

This rustic café is a perfect location to visit on any day as it serves most of the Instagram worthy restaurants Melbourne dishes and offers a picnic option. You can also take your lunch and enjoy it in the estate’s beautiful gardens under the sun.

When to Visit?

There is usually a little waiting time in this café, so make sure to grab your friends or family and book the corner table by the windows in advance. The café offers a mesmerizing view of the beautiful grounds of the town for clicking pictures for your Instagram account.

The Stables of Como
Photo by Jackson Jones on Bing

3. The Bakers Wife

Looking for the perfect venue to go on a date night with your match? This is a perfect place to take your beloved ones to make the date memorable.

The Bakers Wife is Melbourne’s pride and has earned a spot on this list as one of the best Instagram-worthy restaurants in Melbourne. From its beautifully presented food, and high-rise windows to warehouse-like artistic floors, this restaurant will add more art and beauty to your Instagram feed and give it a more Pinterest-inspired vibe.

Which Delicacies to Order?

Something as simple as French toast with coffee to CBD Zucchini & feta fritters would be worth ordering because of their simple and satisfying taste. You can also choose to make a journey here from St Kilda for a wholesome experience.

The Bakers Wife
Photo by Jen on Bing

4. Kitty Burns

Kitty Burns is the place to be in the city’s heart if you are looking for having some private space away from the hustle-bustle of Melbourne city with delicious food on the menu and Instagram-worthy restaurants in Melbourne décor. The restaurant is full of aesthetic décor, kettle black, and vibrant hues.

With the perfect link of timber and teal, this venue also accounts for fulfilling every Instagrammer’s dream. You can see many people coming here from South Melbourne to try the full English breakfast and Roasted Pumpkin Lasagna as these are a must-try of this restaurant.

The Best Part of Kitty Burns

Kitty Burns has a wide choice of coffee to choose from along with fresh juices and smoothies, offering a combination of both restaurant and a café at the same venue. So visit this restaurant with your friends and catch a calm and loving vibe here.

Kitty Burns
Photo by Matthew Hurst on Bing

5. Higher Ground

Higher Ground is a magnificent restaurant in Melbourne city waiting for you with a delicious feast ready.

For morning people who like to start the day bright and early with a cup of coffee at a café, this restaurant serves everything fresh from its live menu. People flock to this Instagram-worthy restaurant Melbourne not only to eat but also for its alluring walls lined with art and beautiful hues marking the floor.

This place is located in the heart of Melbourne city and has quite become the favourite of the elites of Melbourne. It is also often booked for events and parties. Higher Ground has also been featured in the weekly newsletter of many downloaded magazines.

What should You Try?

Avocado on Pretzel and Spanner Crab Benedict are the two unique and tasty dishes you must eat whilst soaking under the sun.

6. Gray and Gray – Refined Wine Bar

Making a place for itself on the list of Melbourne’s best bars is Gray and Gray. This venue has a wide array of delicious CBD-cooked meals and cocktails with a fully stocked bar. With a touch of vintage art on the edges, Gray and Gray makes for the IT location for an Instagram-able perfect shot.

The wide space with wooden floors and high-rise windows offers you a perfect view of Melbourne city. Any time is perfect for visiting this Instagram-worthy restaurant Melbourne’s beautiful space, may it be a business event or a night out with friends.

The mesmerizing Russian Wine bar and refined cocktails are something to like the most about this place.

Gray and Gray
Photo by Kate Shanasy on Bing

7. Etta

As unique as its name, Etta is the place to visit if you are looking ahead to a classy date. The black, beige, and white hues of the walls and the floor will uplift the mood in just seconds.

The chic and classic décor reserves a place for Etta in the list of Instagram-worthy restaurants Melbourne. And, if you want to loosen up after a long week, you can also have a look at their Bar list.

The Half Chicken and Rainbow Trout are some of the recommended dishes to order if you want to try something different and click perfect shots for your Instagram feed.

Photo by Ann-Louise Gower on Bing

8. The Carlton Wine Room

As pleasing as the Carlton Wine Room sounds, it delivers. There is a long list of selective wines with about 100 classiest wines you can find here in Melbourne.

It is necessary to notice the beverage options; this is, after all, a wine room. Before you even take a look at the meals section, the staff delivers you a one-pager of aperitifs and drinks when you are seated. In today’s informal dining culture around St Kilda, this is an old-school dining sense that has been forgotten.

Dine with Class

Coming towards what you should eat in this Instagram-worthy restaurants Melbourne majestic space, you must balance it with your wine preference. As for recommendations, you can try Rigatoni Pasta and CBD fried potatoes made by celebrity chefs, cracking the password for a perfect meal.

The Carlton Wine Room
Photo by Phoebe Lewis on Bing

The Footnote

There are so many cafes in and around Melbourne Suburb, that finding the correct one for you may be a hassle. Therefore, in this article, one residing in Melbourne or exploring restaurants of Melbourne can find a brief description of the 8 most Instagram-worthy restaurants Melbourne. These are renowned restaurants with lovely interiors and exquisite cuisine.

You can plan an event or also go for a quick drink from the above-mentioned 8 Instagram-worthy restaurants Melbourne , you should make a reservation beforehand to save time as these locations are quickly gaining popularity.

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