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What Are the Top 30 Australian Swimwear Brands?

Summer and spring are busy seasons for swimwear brands. While the warm climates of Australia may be busy with beach parties, it is still a need to find a way to keep your cool.

Hitting the surf can make for a summer or spring to remember. The competition can be tough among different swimwear stores in the country, so they need to be on the ball, offering something new. You will be able to see these swimsuits at one of their upcoming stores with the help of a personal consultant.

Why Do Women Love To Wear Australian Swimwear Brands? 

The beauty of Aussie swimwear brands is best designed, aesthetically pleasing, and highly comfortable to wear. The designs and creative work of Australian swimwear designers make them unique. From pastel-hued bikinis to chic monochromatic one-pieces, everyone enjoys the best Australian swimwear brands, some of the best globally in swimsuit styles. Even the australian swimwear brands logo also marks uniqueness. That’s why the swimwear market is so huge in Australia. Check these article for more information on fashion trends in Australia.

Here are the best swimwear brands that you have to try!

1. Ceacea

A chic swimsuit brand, activewear for fitness lovers. The swimwear range of Ceacea will be perfect for those who thrive on being by the sea activities. This brand offers high quality swimwear with variety. The range is full of bright, bold colours and flattery styles that take you from morning coffee to a yoga class straight to the shores. Lush, lightweight, and stretchy high-quality fabrics are perfectly comfortable for swimmers.

australian swimwear brands
By: Joshua Lim/Pexels

2. Zulu and Zephyr

Zulu and Zephyr Australian clothing and swimwear label was created for the beach by a small team of creatives. This swimwear will be perfect for those who love pastel shades and nostalgic fabrications.

3. Zimmermann

Zimmermann is one of the Australian swimwear brands. Steal the show in Zimmermann prints and styles with fancy flair. Frills, lace, embroidery, and the Zimmermann bikini line push the wearing season after season.

4. Somedays Lovin

Another best Australian swimwear company is known for the best fashion-forward swimwear. Their collection is adequate for the spirited babe; Somedays Lovin blends the laid-back Australian vibe with some rock chick nonchalance to offer designs perfect for a banging swimsuit.

5. Rhythm

Rhythm is another one of the most popular Australian swimwear brands. The swimsuit label has invested its time in order to make fun bikini styles perfect for a beach getaway. Bright colours and cheeky cuts give a fun approach to swim styles for the fun-sun-loving gal.

australian swimwear brands
By: CRYSTALWEED cannabis/Unsplash

6. She Made Me

The nostalgic one She Made Me is a handmade swimsuit crotchet swim crafted by artisans in Bali. It has done its job in offering a nod to the era of the 70s that resembles love and persistence.

The suites are crafted in Bali, but the brand is in Byron Bay, for the Australian coastal living, with luxury crotchet styles that will imbue with bohemian energy.

7. Sommer Swim

It is crafted from some of the highest quality Italian Lycra that you can find, with flattering cuts, unique colors, and innovative designs. Perfect for a spontaneous Lake Como getaway, these swimsuits can be your go-to for a memorable summer.

8. Matteau swimwear

It is effortless swimwear for the discerning woman. This brand delivers inspiration from the avenues of New York back towards the native Sydney.

This Australian swimwear brand is an ever-cool girl’s dream. Founders sisters Ilona Hamer and Peta Heinsen, this duo will provide you with convenient shapes reinforced by the superior quality of fabrications. This brand strives to make you feel confident in your swimsuit.

9. Tigerlily

Tigerlily was founded in 2000 in Australia, and it’s popularly known for its bohemian fashion fits and swimwear. Each collection offers potential buyers a laid-back, highly modern hippie charm with enchanting styles and exquisite details.

Tigerlily is one of the top Australian swimwear brands. Swimsuits with beautiful prints of each season also feature across fashion; women can buy matching throw-on dresses, skirts, and palazzo pants to turn their swimwear a bit more stylish and outshine the crowd.

10. Fella

This famous luxury swimwear is made out of quality Italian materials and finely stitched patterns. You will be able to feel flirty, and practically styled to feel comfortable while not the frills. With a spotlight on un-yielding quality, timeless beauty, and property production, Fella creates practical and flattering swimwear for everybody.

You’ll be subjected to endless cuts and various colors to decide on, so we tend to reckon this line is an excellent alternative for people who wish to customize their excellent set.

11. Minkpink

This brand is for those who are determined to stand out, and its swimwear lineup is not any different. Minkpink keeps up with the trends and often starts them. Many women often desire a Minkpink two-piece in their summer closet because of their popularity and beautiful styles.

12. Seafolly

Seafolly is amongst the top swimwear labels out right now in Australia! Seafolly has a range of fantastic quality swimwear in various styles and sizes for all tastes.

One of Australia’s oldest swimwear brands, Sea Folly, was created in 1975, and right now, it has many swimwear styles for adventurers. Several items include more supportive and important structures like an underwire, thick straps, and cozy cuts.

13. Lahana Swim

This swimwear brand has a collection that you won’t see in most Instagram swimwear pictures. The designer of Lahana Swim is aware of the way to take risks in fashion while staying comfortable.

Invariably on-trend, Lahana Swim has the most recent and trendy prints and colors. The designs are sensuous yet entirely gorgeous, planned to point out your body in a way that’s most idolizing to you. It is a whole that invariably keeps its huge stream of supporters on the edge with its new collection every season.

australian swimwear brands
By: Shawn Fields/Unsplash

14. Triangl Swimwear

This swimwear is deemed to be one of the foremost standard brands that you can find on Instagram. Triangl has caught the eye of famous figures and many influencers globally. Their iconic synthetic rubber styles are eye-catching and instantly recognizable at the highest of each summer lover’s wishlist.

15. Bondi Born

Bondi is one of the best Australian swimwear brands you can find on the market. These Australian styles and hand-seamed bikinis are all you need to have the perfect summer at your beach of choice. They make chlorine-resistant swimwear.

With attention to elegant and complex cuts, Bondi Born is explicitly designed for every kind of function—and their one-pieces are some of the best you’ll find around the country. Some of the most elegant yet sleek silhouettes are cut and made from superior performance materials that feel as sensible as they appear.

16. Peony Swimwear

It is one of the trendiest and most comfy Australian swimwear brands. Peony Swimwear determines the pretty look for cool girls everywhere. They have many exciting collections to check out for spring and summer.

17. Bond-Eye Swimwear

This swimwear brand was conceived and designed in Sydney. Bond-Eye Swimwear is an innovative whole that studies and understands the needs of beach enthusiasts everywhere. The designs from their collections are conspicuous and sexy, yet a perfect fit for swimmers alike.

Created in Bondi, Bond-Eye is determined to make beautiful, four-way stretched one-piece, and bikinis maintain their stretch and work perfectly for those who enjoy swimming. Some popular celebrities who’ve used this brand include Kim K, Lady Gaga, Kaia Gerber, and Hailey Bieber. This makes them one of the Australian competitive swimwear brands

18. Duskii 

This fantastic Australian swimwear offers perfect fits for water lovers. Practical yet stylish and developed to be admired for spectacular performance, this brand’s swimwear is flexible and suits several body shapes.

19.  Ephemera

This brand is considered classic; nevertheless, it offers beautiful and timeless designs that meet fun patterns and stunning pastel hues.

These beautiful and captivating swimsuits are the kind you will need to wear more than once. And in fact, we won’t ignore Ephemera’s primary black line consisting of swimwear, which is definitely eye-grabbing.

Ephemera is a summer staple in many fashion girls’ closets. If you have previously noticed a textile two-piece on your feed while scrolling mindlessly through your Instagram feed, this is often the brand that puts its style on the (fashion) map. They have a cult European aesthetic.

Their collections include some of the the-moment 70s florals that are some of the most popular.

20. JETS

Australian women have adored JETS swimwear for almost 20 years now. Sartorial elegance and timelessly enchanting construction are at the center of JETS; their pieces are developed precisely in order to praise the female form type.

They’re popular in producing lean bikinis, resort wear, and many more.


This brand was previously famously referred to as Franki Swim. IIXIIST is where you will find incomparable and flattering swimwear at a price that won’t make your bank balance shudder.

Since the beginning, this brand has been worn by notable celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner.

22. Myra Swim

This brand was founded by Bianca Elouise; the Myra Swim brand can be found popularly amongst Instagram influencers during the summer. This brand has a mission to reignite the hype of 80s and 90s glam.

Sleek lines, and warm, gorgeous neutrals are the basics of Myra Swim. Created to celebrate body inclusivity, it’s one of the most popular brands available on the market today.

woman in blue and white bikini
By Jernej Graj/Unsplash

23. Rebecca Vallance Swimwear

She’s adored globally when it comes to her line of dresses. The famous Australian designer Rebekah Vallance witnessed ten years of her name label by adding a gorgeous, European getaway-inspired swimwear collection.

Some of the most popular pieces include balconette bikinis, amongst other luxury styles.

24. SAUCEswim

SAUCEswim is handmade in the state capital of the country. The brand often collaborates with native artists to make its signature prints, making it unique from the other swimwear brands mentioned here.

25. Bamba

The Bamba Swimwear (pronounced Bum-ba) was made with the intention of celebrating female bodies, and it’s inspired by the 80s glam. Bamba hits the island vacation atmosphere with a celebrated bang consisting of enchanting silhouettes and eye-catching colors. Their Hawaiian-inspired florals combined with sunset shades are bound to guide you straight towards utopia.

26. Baiia

If you are looking to get bang for your buck with your swimwear collection this summer, you may wish to invest in the Australian swimwear label Baiia.

Each item will be titled in a few different ways—the Wrap suit will be titled in up to four alternative yet eye-catching ways. At the same time, the Baiia bikini will produce six or additional appearances. Each bit has been created from planet-friendly materials too.

27. P.E Nation

P.E.’s colorful swimwear is all concerning celebrating the Australian means of life during the summer. From the beach to the pool, this brand tends to effortlessly integrate swimwear into our daily wear, especially in the summer—because, let’s face it—the opportunity to dive into the ocean may appear at any given moment.

28. Cotton On

Big ups to get it for your wardrobe during the summer—their entire swimwear assortment is created from recycled materials. However, from bikinis to retro-inspired one-pieces, this brand’s in-house line is the right choice for updating your swimwear wardrobe while not splashing stacks of money.

You’ll see a collection of funky yet beautiful swimsuits, a wide range of fun colors, and basics. Want to know more about Melbourne and the things you can do, check this post out.

29. Palm Swimwear

Palm swimwear is made-to-order swimwear that embodies emotion and youth. Palm swimwear aims to be fashionable, classic distinctive but transcendental, high-quality sustainable; duality achieved during a fashionable creating age.

The core material is made from recycled Italian-only fibers and material regenerated from waste plastics and recent fishing nets to create an absolutely and endlessly regenerable cloth.

Designed and created to order in Western Australia, Palm Swimwear is concerned with timeless style and prioritizes your comfort.

30. Christopher Esber

woman standing wearing red monokini in beach
By Jernej Graj/Unsplash

Known for its sexy cut-outs, this brand is famous amongst the ones who want to make a bold statement. Their popular pre-fall 2021 collection, titled Lambada sands, featured bikinis and one-pieces in jewel tones and bright neons, featuring intriguing ties. Want to keep tabs on the fashion trends of the Australia, Check this page.


Summer and spring are the best seasons for swimwear brands. Women love to wear different styles designed by different brands. The swimwear from Australian brands is highly fashionable and comfortable to wear. Australian brands are seasonal-wise attractive; they offer something new every season with high quality along with sustainability.


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