29 Top Beaches in Italy to Spend a Quick Getaway!

Beaches chase a lot of tourists, especially during summers. The water touching our body feels like heaven, especially with scorching heat. So if you plan to visit Italy this summer, you should surely visit these beaches in Italy. It is one of the top beaches in Italy. So here are some of the top beaches in Italy that you should not miss.

1. Positano Campania- One of the top beaches in Italy

The streets are narrow and steep, so it gives hiking vibes. Also, the streets being lined up with cafes and shops makes it more eye catchy. The cliffside village, the pebbly beach, and the blue water all make it a gorgeous beach. The Sentiero degli Dei hikking trail links Positano to Bomerano. Another top beach in Italy.

Top beaches in Italy
Photo by Chor Tsang on Unsplash

2. Baratti Beach, Tuscany

Of all the famous Italian beaches, Baratti Tuscany is one of them, desired for its red sand, crystal clear sea water and calm spot. If you love untouched places, then you should visit this beach. It is a pristine and stunning beach. It also has some historical connections, so relics of ancient civilization are found on the beach. This is an amazing natural piece of beauty that shouldn’t be missed.

It is one of the top beaches in Italy.

Top beaches in Italy
Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

3. Polignano a Mare, Puglia

A famous beach located on Italy’s southern Adriatic coast. This beach is prominent for white pebble Lama Monachile. This is also located at the cliff with white-washed houses and white sand. It is a breathtaking sight.

4. Scala dei Turchi , Sicily

Scala Dei Turchi stands for Turkish steps. This sandy beach is famous for its Greek temples, white cliffs, and blindsided view. It is one of the top beaches in Italy. The partial reason for its popularity is that this beach was featured in Andrea Camilleri’s series.

5. Ischia Campania

This beach is famous for its fishing activity. If you want to escape the urban crowd, this is the right place to visit. To reach the destination, you must take a short journey from Naples. It is famous for fishing and is home to many fish eateries and local sea catchers. If you are fond of fishing, you should visit this famous beach.

6. Lio di Orri, Sardegna

This is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Sandy beaches with crystal clear water give breathtaking views. Sardegna is the second largest island in Italy, adding sparkle to it. It has around nine kilometres of coastline by the town of Tortoli. Also, white sand has been spread over 3.5 kilometres along panoramic highway 125.

7. Spiaggia Dei Conigli

It’s a famous beach in Italy. Also known as Rabbit’s beach, it is one of the serene beaches in Italy. This place gives that lovey-dovey vibes with warm weather, calm waters, numerous fishes, endangered loggerhead sea turtles and white sand. For tasty homemade affordable food, you can visit Onda Blu beach shack.

8. Tropea Beach

This is also an amazing beach offering a church on the rocky outcrop. This beach is all-rounder, offering something or the other thing to everyone. If you love swimming, you can swim in crystal clear blue water. If you love adventures, you can go boating, parasailing and other exciting beach activities. Tropea beach is a perfect place for adults and families. You can also rent an umbrella and enjoy cocktails and seafood. This beach also has Lido bars and good restaurants.

9. Cala Goloritze

It is a UNESCO world heritage site with undefiled beauty and unbelievable beauty. You can reach it via two things only, one is a boat, and the other is a hike. It has clear turquoise waters and pretty white pebbles. It is one of the pristine beaches of Italy, with a hike of about one and a half hours against a mountainous track. But trust me, this hike is worth it because the seascape you can glance at after this is astounding. It is one of the top beaches in Italy.

10. La Pelosa

La Pelosa is a perfect fit for children and adults who love swimming. It has shallow waters wherein children can enjoy and a deep end where swimmers can enjoy. This beach was made popular by James Bond movie. Though the beach remains crowdy with tourists and local people, it still gives beautiful and picturesque. It has beautiful transparent blue waters and white sand. It is one of the top beaches in Italy.

11. Porto Giunco

One of the most beautiful beaches in Italy with a peculiar characteristic, featuring the sea on one end and a lake on the other. It is one of the top beaches in Italy.

The best time to visit Porto Giunco is September. You can hike up to the Spanish tower or enjoy snorkelling below the waters if you love watching astonishing views. You can spot good aquatic life here. There are enough food shacks and beach clubs wherein you can chill out. Flamingos can be spotted here.

Top beaches in Italy
Photo by Cristina Glebova on Unsplash

12. Cala Mariolu

It is located in Golfo di Orosei and can be accessed only by boat. A gorgeous place for diving and snorkelling, where you can spot amazing marine life. It is a beautiful place with shades of turquoise waters mixing with sand, giving a beautiful seascape.

The colour of the water is just beautiful. It is one of the top beaches in Italy.

13. Spiaggia Dei conigli

It is one of the most astonishing black sand beaches in Italy. This beach drives the crowd faster as it’s located near Alghero, so to enjoy the best view theory of first come, first serve applies. The pine forests add to the great vibes. Imagine resting there after a great swim. Overwhelming right. The shallow turquoise waters make it easy for children to enjoy. You can also enjoy a sunbath here. It is a place wherein you can relax.

14. Marina Piccola

This beach gives a perfect beach view for photographers and travel bloggers with small boats sailing on the water. The perfect time to reach here is early morning to avoid crowds. Best for swimming under turquoise waters.

15. Cala Rossa Beach

The beach is rocky, so beach sandals or floaters are necessary. You can reach here through a dirt road or boat, and Cala Rossa is located in Favignana. Cala Rossa is suggested for experienced swimmers, as the water is deep and children should be avoided this place. You can also explore the caves along the rock pools and dive across the water.

16. Marina Grande beach

Most gorgeous beach in the town of Amalfi coast. The beach is pebbly, so you should always wear beach sandals or floaters. The path to reach the destination is real fun, as it’s windy. It is lined up with beach bars, restaurants, discotheques and much more. You can chase the magic of Positano. It is one of the top beaches in Italy.

17. Cala Granara beach

White sandy beach, located on Isola Di Spargi, is an art of nature. To your surprise, it is considered one of the cleanest beaches in Italy. People come here to bask in sun loungers. Adventurers from different parts of the world come here for diving and snorkelling. You can hire a boat to reach the beach. A perfect place for beach lovers and photographers to click aesthetic pictures.

18. Camogli beach, Liguria

Camogli beach gives stunning Mediterranean beauty. It is an hour’s drive from Milan. The beach is less crowdy, so it’s quiet and calm. A perfect place to freshen up. The whole place is rustic and photogenic. Another advantage you will get here is that if you are a non-swimmer, you can take swimming and diving lessons from here. You can also go canoeing on this beach and rent a beach umbrella here. It is one of the top beaches in Italy.

19. Atrani Beach

This beach is also situated on the Amalfi coast, one of Italy’s most popular coastal towns. It is set against the Tyrrhenian sea with amazing shades of blue. A beautiful photogenic place with cliffs alongside. So if you are a photo lover, you should visit this place. It is one of the top beaches in Italy.

20. San Fruttuoso Beach

San Fruttuoso is located in the middle of Portofino and the petite town. The view is stunning, and if you are a beach lover, you should visit this beach. The place has beautiful water and even a small cave that is hidden and can be reached if you catch a hike or ferry from Portofino.

21. San vito lo capo beach

It has a great stretch of white sand along its foot and is beautiful. The blue water and sand make this place more photogenic. Pictures clicked here would look like a luxurious beach destination. It is one of the top beaches in Italy.

22. Mondello beach

This is a breathtaking beach with great crystal clear water and a beautiful view. The palm trees make it more attractive. If you love such views, you should not miss this visit. It is an amazing beach for beach lovers. It is one of the top beaches in Italy.

23. Santa maria beach

This is one of the best beaches in Italy. Santa Maria is located in Cilento. It is a sandy beach with beautiful shady water. The best time to swim here is in October as it is sunny all day. A perfect beach for sun worshipers and sunbathers.

24. Marasusa Calabria

It is a beautiful beach with real art of pristine white sand, blue waters and eye-catchy cliffs.  This is also known as the coast of the gods or La Costa Degli Dei.

25. Vendicari nature reserve, Sicily

It is a protected natural reserve in Sicily where flamingos, herons and storks reside. The water is clean and clear. It is a calm and relaxed beach. If you walk a few miles, you will reach little coves and beautiful beaches, where you can enjoy more.

26. Isola Di Spargi, sardinia

It’s more like a tropical Tahiti with scenic cliffs. The palm trees add to the beach’s beauty with the aquatic plants and lush trees. The shallow waters are perfect for snorkelling and have silvery sand, which adds to the eye – a catchy view.

27. Bia delle Zagare, Puglia

The place is a real piece of beauty accessible by land or boat. It has limestone cliffs making it look more beautiful. Also, it has some amazing rock formations, which give a beautiful scenic beauty.

28. Isola Bella, Sicily

Isola Bella translates to the beautiful island. As the name suggests, it is an exquisite island with amazing beauty spots. Beautiful bird species reside here. You can take a cable car from Sicily to reach Isola Bella. You can also rent sun loungers and umbrellas. If you love adventures, you can go diving, snorkelling, boating and other water sports. The place is chased because of its natural scenic beauty. It is one of the top beaches in Italy.

29. Cavoli beach, Elba

The warm breeze and clear blue water make this beach an ideal one. The beach is surrounded by countryside and craggy cliffs. A perfect outing is placed for localists and tourists. The sand is also stony, but then, too, it’s chased most of the time. Cavoli is the most beautiful beach in Italy. It is one of the top beaches in Italy.

If you love adventures can join the groups and explore underwater. This is a good experience that one should not miss. If we glance at the beach properly, it is divided into two parts wherein one end consists of bars and sunbeds whereas another side is free and you can do whatever you wish to do. A perfect escape from hasty city life.



Beaches are a great escape; if you can’t think of any travel destination, you can visit beaches.  These are among the top beaches in Italy. There are also many other top beaches in Italy, but these are among the best. They are the gifts of nature that should be cherished. Plus, the expense is low. Thank me later for this suggestion, and do check out these beaches during your visit.








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