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Top 10 Pioneering Australian Fashion Designers

Fashion is known to tell our lifestyle. It is a medium that tells everything about you without saying anything to you. Fashion is given much importance in today’s time, and people accept it. In the fashion industry, from human beings like us to big companies worldwide, invest in it to give a better look to themselves.

Clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, beauty care products, and body care are the parts of fashion. Who does not want to look very attractive these days?

This method was not very important for men in earlier times, and only women used to give more importance to it. But now the whole idea has changed, and men share a lot of significance in fashion.

Fashion has changed the way we live, and today we are addicted to it. In today’s time, Australian styles are pretty popular around the world. People and companies are also investing a lot in various Australian label brands. In the Australian fashion industry, the Australian fashion laureate is the biggest honor.

Here we will show you some of the best fashion designers and label brands in Australia, which will attract you more about fashion. You also get to know about the best Australian fashion brands.

australian fashion designers
By: S Pakhrin/Flickr

Top 10 Best Australian Fashion Designers

1) Romance Was Born

“Romance Was Born” was formed in 2005 by the Sydney-based designer duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales. And since then, the prolific and dreamy label has become an iconic fixture in the Australian fashion scene. It helped propel Australian fashion to the fore so people could shop and buy great designs.

This fashion house is one of Australia’s most famous international fashion exports. Shopping here became very popular after their launch. They’re also loved by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, Olivia Munn, and Kitty Spencer.

 Pioneering Australian Fashion Designers
By: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

This fashion has given us stunning and dramatic designs which completely changed our lifestyle. Romance Was Born is a great designer brand in its own right. Their designer pieces are a perfect fit for art and your lifestyle.

They had worked a lot to improve this designer brand of their dreams, and they finally fulfilled it too. In today’s time, ‘Romance Was Born’ is one of Australia’s best fashion designer brands. All the clothes come with unique designs, and people show quite an interest in their work. Its design makes you feel as if you are wearing some magical garments.

We feel this because its designers have paid a lot of attention to their clothes. You will love the designer’s art of Romance Was Born, and you won’t be disappointed wearing their garments.

Australian Fashion Designers
By: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

2) Dion Lee

Dion Lee is Australia’s second-largest fashion and Sydney-based designer. Lee started this fantastic fashion brand at the Australian Fashion Week in 2010 after graduating in 2009.

Lee showcased his outstanding quality in front of the logo, and soon the brand emerged as one of the most loved brands in Australia. The Lee fashion brand is so famous in Australia today that almost all Australian women have its clothes in their wardrobe.

Lee always knew very well that if he wanted to give a unique role to his brand, he would have to present the best designs at the Fashion Week. And he did so, which earned him a lot of respect and admiration from celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner M Rata, and Kaia Gerber.

His brand’s got more signature party dresses and stylishly tailored silhouettes than any other brand in Australia. That’s why we can consider Lee one of the top Australian fashion designers.

Australian Fashion Designers
By: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

Dion Lee is the collection leader, which is packed with everything from unique hand-embroidered pieces to in-house designed lace fabrics. Lee is known for his marvelous combination of creations with traditional tailoring on the strength of his unique designs. There is no doubt that you feel astounding when wearing his designs.

If you are not familiar with Dion Lee’s fashion, there is no doubt about it that you will quickly recognize his designs. Lee is considered one of Australia’s best fashion designers at the moment, as he has showcased his art in clothes. The Australian fashion house epitomizes a techno aesthetic with a discreet sensuality.

From each of its mini dresses to denim staples, the labels are hugely popular worldwide. Lee is known for numerous high fashion editorials and Vogue cover shoots. Celebrities like Dua Lipa, Solange Knowles, Troye Sivan, and Christine Santander love its modern and sultry design. Many celebrities and investors invest in it because of Lee’s exquisite design.

Australian Fashion Designers
By: Leandro Givisiez/Flickr

3) Camilla And Marc

Camilla & Marc are Australian fashion designers. In today’s time, its brand is considered unique among the top brands across Australia.

‘Camilla and Marc’ was established by the siblings Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman in 2003. This fashion designer brand is known for its unique style and feminine silhouettes power. The celebrated Australian label ‘Camilla and Marc’ is best known for its endless supply of timeless fashion garments.

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By: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

Camilla Freeman Topper is an Australian sisterhood fashion designer. Its ionic design summer dresses feature beautiful details that celebrate the female form and classic workwear like silk shirts and tailored trousers that make you fall in love with yourself. This sister brand has an eccentric collection of resin clutches and handbags designed to add a pop of color.

They can appear quite beautiful compared to other fashion brands. You can guess this from the details provided that CAMILLA AND MARC FREEMAN (and their sister brand, C&M) are top-selling Australian clothing brands.

‘Camilla And Marc’ are tailored to perfection. The celebrated Australian label ‘Camilla and Marc’ are also known for their timeless, modern pieces with an unexpected edge.

Its fashion designs are a part of every Australian woman’s wardrobe as its designs reflect ultra-feminine silhouettes that allow you to shine on every occasion. Plus, almost every woman loves to wear the stylish and comfortable designs they provide. Also, they sell you their best and most unique designs from time to time at affordable prices.

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By: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

4) Alice McCall

Alice McCall is a beloved Australian label fashion designer. Alice Mccall started her brand at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2004. Since the brand opened, it has had 14 stores in Australia.

This type of success makes her one of the Queens of Australian Fashion Designers in the fashion industry. Mccall is one of the best fashion designers who create dresses that most women love.

This fashion designer’s cutting-edge looks are stunning, unique, attractive, and stylish. Her designs are feminine and exquisite, which gives you luxurious ready-to-wear outfits, and there are ethical clothing items as well.

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By: Savanna Smiles/Flickr

Celebrities Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Hawkins are also impressed by Australian fashion designer Alice McCall’s luxurious design. This brand joyfully experiments with bohemian and retro styling elements to create a modern signature look that’s equal parts delicate and fierce.

Each collection is known for everything from unique hand-embroidered pieces to in-house designed lace fabrics combined with their feminine aesthetic.

There is no doubt that you will feel as if you have achieved the best success of your life when you wear Alice McCall’s clothes. These feminine designs range from flirty mini dresses to chic denim staples, and the label has a winning formula that has won the world over.

The brand has created Australia’s best-selling fashion designs exclusively for the feminine style and sells them worldwide associated with several international brands, Nike and Levi’s. Its designs attract our eyes and relax our hearts.

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By: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

5) Zimmermann

Zimmermann is a well-known label of an Australian fashion brand and also from a Sydney-based designer. This brand was invented by sisters Nicky and Simone. Since then, this fashion brand has made some incredible designs for women.

These brands are the 5th most significant and most popular across Australia, considered the best-known international fashion export.

Its design varies to fit perfectly with your personality. Most of its garments are swimwear, casual, and luxury, which you can enjoy by wearing anywhere you like. The effort put into the creation of its clothes makes the clothes magnificent.

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By: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

Wearing this fantastic design, most women feel like they are on the dance floor. This brand gives you free-spirited, neutral color palettes and relaxed silhouettes.

These designs with playful prints create unique and detail-oriented pieces with beautiful fabrications and wearable designs. It complements its designs with high quality, durability, sustainability, and classic tailoring, making these ready-to-wear collections.

Zimmermann is a fashion-forward brand. The design of its clothes is no less than any architectural silhouettes. It gives you street-style looks of off-duty models.

6) Bec & Bridge

Bec & Bridge is an Australian go-to-label fashion designer. The brand was founded in 2003 by Becky Cooper & Bridget Yorston and launched its brand from Australian Fashion Week in May. Both Bec & Bridge started their fashion design together 18 years ago, in which both had to face a lot of difficulties in the initial time.

But both of them knew that this brand of theirs would be famous among the people very soon and this fashion design would establish a different identity. With this thinking, they both worked hard and succeeded in their plan. As of now, this brand has some of the best-selling styles in Australia.

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By: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

Bec & Bridge is known for its innovative design. Its design comes in the form of massive sizes, masculine tailoring, and creative constructions considered perfect for females. The method of this brand is unique, available the latest styles, limited edition design, affordable price, and free delivery. Because of this reason, people are attracted to their designs a lot and is one of the best Australian Fashion Designers.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian & Miranda Kerr lauded the brand and called them Australia’s best fashion. This instance led to the promotion of sale styles and selected styles.

They’re an exciting young brand that offers garments filled with flirty cuts, bold prints, and textured pieces that you’ll undoubtedly want in your wardrobe.

These fashion designers understand feminine power and are ready to give it an irresistible look. Many people are attracted to its design as it provides you with high-quality clothes with magnificent arrangements.

7) Aje

Aje is a prominent go-to Australian women’s fashion designer. The brand was discovered in 2008 by two best friends, Adrian Norris & Edwina Forest.

Aje reflects the quintessential Australian lifestyle. Its design is perfect for urban-style womenswear and womenswear essentials. Aje’s designs are tailored into effortless style, everyday wear, and any other occasion you’d like. Not only this, but the brand also sells everything from types of denim to ready-to-wear women.

This brand’s design gives you garments crafted with luxurious sensibilities, which show the importance of statement occasion pieces. Its designs come with vivid colors, bold silhouettes, and stylishly garish patterns, which give you quality pieces. Its clothes design attracts many women towards it.

If you are looking for a classic white cotton tee, luxe activewear, or a dress for any occasion, then Aje Designs is the perfect choice for you. Aje is a flirty, feminine staple in any woman’s wardrobe.

Aje Fashion Brand’s high-quality pieces and anything from assembly labels will blend seamlessly into your wardrobe. Its womenswear brand is dedicated to raw beauty, rugged femininity, and an effortlessly cool style. Aje’s pieces carry a unique signature, incorporating crafty inspirations with luxurious sensibilities. Also, each of its collections utilizes innovative construction to create flattering pieces set for your wardrobe.

These brands always provide a comprehensive guide with new collections for their users on using them efficiently.

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By: S Pakhrin/Flickr

8) Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a go-to Australian brand for beautifully designed, sustainably sourced wardrobe-essentials.

The brand was created by sisters Isabella Pinfeather and Elizabeth Abegg. The opening of this brand became a dream for many aspiring Australian fashion designers.

Since it makes magnificent clothes for the feminine, you can wear its brand on any occasion. Its brand quality is unique and sustainable, which gives you a more pleasing feel.

The brand initially offered only women’s and men’s seasonal collections, including outerwear and knitwear; the brand has grown to include swimwear, footwear, and accessories. Then later, its founders changed their fashion designs a lot. Their brand has now evolved into neutral color palettes and natural fabrics to create the epitome of Bohemian glamour.

Apart from all this, the founders paid a lot of attention to their new collection to take their brand to the selected styles. Due to this, its fashion design became quite popular in Australia, and women were very impressed by its visionary designs.

This fashion label is both consciously crafted and beautiful to wear. They added their brand’s high-quality basics in neutral tones; anything from Assembly Label will blend seamlessly into your wardrobe. Keep an eye out for their cozy knits and durable denim. Predominantly comprised of breezy dresses, it’s the ultimate one-stop-shop for casual summer dressing.

9) Christopher Esber

Christopher Esber’s name may not come up when it comes to selected styles of fashion brands. Yet, he’s established himself as one of the best fashion Australian Fashion Designers.

Christopher Esber established his brand in 2010 from Sydney. Today its brand is not only the pride of Australia but is known all over the world for its best designs.

Christopher Esber’s design received a lot of praise worldwide as it has crafted its design with precision tailoring and feminine dresses in such a pleasing manner. Due to this, its brand-selected styles gave better results in the market.

Its designs have been used for many award-winning movies and TV shows, including entertainment such as Faithful the Brand, Ginger & Smart, Hansen & Gretel, JAC + Jack, Rebecca Vallance, and Shona Joy.

As of now, the Christopher Esber brand has been in the limelight for quite some time. Each of its collections exudes elegant minimalism and laid-back sensuality.

It has created a slew of dresses that include signature slinky silhouettes, party dresses, and sensual skin-comfortable cloths to add a stunning sparkle to its design. Everyone can enjoy wearing their garments on any occasion.

Its brands come with neutral color palettes with innovative fabrications. It started its industry according to the needs of the consumers, who have assumed a breathtaking form for precision tailoring and feminine dresses.

10) Anna Quan

Anna Hoang is an Australian women’s label fashion designer. She has left her mark on women with her incredible designs for the ‘Anna Quan’ brand. Anna Hoang discovered this brand in 2011.

Anna Quan has always had a great interest in fashion. She always wanted to create a clothing brand that all types of people could wear on any occasion.

This designer started making her fashion line by understanding the world’s needs, and soon her brand became one of Australia’s most loved fashion brands. Her brand is Australia’s second-largest fashion brand with free-spirited and selected styles. Anna Quan offers timeless styles and clean lines.

Its excellent fashion design has been tried out by celebrities like Karlie Kloss to Kendall Jenner and is considered one of the best in the industry. The brand’s styles focus on chic minimalism with clean lines and a neutral color palette.

Its brand walks between playful and purposeful with its long lines and feminine details. Its top designs include classic white shirts and sleek, powerful suiting with ultra-wearables and miniature sets.

This is all about Australian couture designers. Hope you like it.


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