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Beaches in North Sydney – 9 Exquisite Landscapes

North Sydney has no shortage of beautiful amusements to keep you busy during your leisure time, and the beaches in North Sydney fall under this category. These beaches have attracted several people worldwide to visit, explore the warm-welcoming communities, and have a fantastic time.

Some might even consider moving to homes near these Northern Beaches in Sydney, as living near the beaches would be an unforgettable experience. Imagine if you have the opportunity to visit them anytime and not just during vacation! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Moreover, North Sydney has more than a dozen beaches to consider. It will be challenging to choose among these beaches, as each of them is unique. So, without further ado, let us look at the various beaches on Sydney’s north shore frequented by residents and non-residents.

1. Beaches in North Sydney

The beaches in North Sydney weave magic with their beauty that will leave you spellbound. We have curated some of them below.

1.1. Manly Beach

Beaches in North Sydney
Image by cat mastro from Unsplash/ Copyright 2020

Manly Beach is said to be one of the most popular northern beaches in Sydney, and it is not hard to tell why. The beach is always full of people doing all sorts of fun stuff. These include sunbathing, boogie boarding, surfing, and shopping at the Corso.

1.1.1. Activities in Manly Beach

Beaches in North Sydney
Image by moisseyev from DepositPhotos

The beach is well-kept and easy to access since it has a promenade running alongside the beach. Seeing the children riding bicycles, scooters, and skateboards along the promenade is exciting and makes the summer even more beautiful.

Furthermore, the most captivating site on Manly Beach is the volleyball game happening on the beach. You can observe children, teenagers, and young adults engage in an endless series of volleyball games throughout the summer. Do you also love volleyball? Then visit Manly Beach and play a few matches.

1.1.2. Beach Safety and Security

As far as security is concerned, it should give you some comfort to know that this famous beach here is patrolled throughout the year and is safe for residents and visitors to have maximum fun during the summer.

1.1.3. Shopping 

Manly Beach Markets

Manly Beach comprises several cafes, restaurants, ice cream shops, and designer clothing shops. It is the ideal place for a short stroll or walk and do retail therapy at the Corso.

Furthermore, you will find a market on the weekend where you can do some actual shopping for groceries and other things.

1.2. Shelly Beach

Beaches in North Sydney
Image by mvaligursky from DepositPhotos

Shelly Beach is another northern beach you will love and is located on Bower Street, Manly. This beach is a short walk of five minutes from Manly Beach and has low tides. So you cannot surf but don’t count it out yet, as there are other activities to indulge yourself in.

1.2.1. Activities in Shelly Beach

Beaches in North Sydney
Image by sandwalker from DepositPhotos

With the calm waters, you can swim, go scuba diving and try stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking. Or, you could also try snorkelling in the crystal clear waters here.

As the name states, you can find several shells on the beach, which the children will find amusing. Collecting these shells is a hobby for many of them, and it will keep them entertained without you losing sight of them.

1.2.2. Restaurants and Cafes

Beaches in North Sydney
Image by KarSol from DepositPhotos

This sheltered beach is the perfect spot for a restaurant, considering the presence of tall palm trees providing shade from the hot summer sun. There is also a small reserve with tables and chairs right next to the beach where you can order tasty BBQs.

Furthermore, you can also visit Sandbar Cafe for a delicious meal or a casual snack. Hence, we can say that this is one of Sydney’s northern beaches you can explore and have a truly wonderful time with family and friends.

1.3. Freshwater Beach

Beaches in North Sydney
Image by khellon from DepositPhotos

As the name suggests, this beach has fresh water. It is found on Kooloora Avenue, in Freshwater, North Sydney, and this is the first beach just north of Manly.

1.3.1. Activities in Freshwater Beach

Summer Surfing @ Freshwater Beach Sydney

Speaking of activities, this beach is best for surfing since it has a headland at each end. It is also a busy spot on holidays and weekends, and thousands of people visit the place during the summer. On routine days, it is a bit private and is frequented by locals.

Furthermore, swimming at the beach is allowed, but there is also a rock pool where you can enjoy the waves with your children if you prefer to relax.

1.3.2. Attractive Features of the Beach

Albert and Moore Restaurant in Freshwater serving breakfast and snacks

This beach comprises several attractive features, including playgrounds, picnic tables, and electric BBQs. Additionally, you can find shops, cafes, and a kiosk just a few yards away from the beach. If you are scouting for something to drink or eat, you can find plenty of good places nearby.

Furthermore, you have parking facilities, which allow you to park your vehicles securely. Thus, undoubtedly Freshwater Beach is one of the northern beaches where you can have a good time with your entire family.

1.4. Dee Why Beach

Beaches in North Sydney
Image by Jason from Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

Dee Why Beach has become popular after its foreshore was revamped. It is a family-friendly beach close to the famous Manly Beach, and the sands of this beach are known for their softness. Moreover, surfers will love this place as it is the best place to surf.

1.4.1. Attractions in Dee Why Beach

Dee Why Beach

Dee Why Beach has a family vibe that fulfills the needs of its residents and visitors, most of whom are families. This beach has several attractions that appeal to those who go there.

There is the ocean swimming pool, fancy beach cafes, a safe area for toddlers, picnic areas, and several shops selling specific items. The beach also has a design similar to a resort with showers, a rock pool, a fishing area, a picnic area with picnic tables, parking, an enclosed playground, and a BBQ area.

Moreover, its Corso is uniquely designed with stainless steel street furniture. It also has well-designed lamp posts as well as shower units. And as mentioned above, this is one of the northern beaches that focuses on creating a family-friendly environment. The best example is the ramp leading to the beach, which is convenient for families with children in strollers and prams.

1.5. Avalon Beach

Beaches in North Sydney
Photo by James Donaldson from Unsplash/ Copyright 2018

Avalon Beach is a beach that is known to be the perfect place for surfing. This beach is described as the best sea-change destination, and you can find several attractions here.

1.5.1. Attractions in Avalon Beach

Avalon Beach, NSW

It is the perfect beach for a getaway holiday. You can explore the various attractions at this beach. Furthermore, this well-kept beach has a beautiful rock pool, cafes, and a shopping village.

Speaking of the rock pool, it is another feature that you will find fascinating. It is at a walkable distance from Avalon Beach. Also, swimming is authorized in the waters of this beach.

To enjoy this pristine beauty entirely, you can spend at least a day or two here.

1.5.2. Visit the Paradise Beach

Beaches in North Sydney
Image by kwest from DepositPhotos

Paradise Beach is one of the most scintillating beaches in this area. It is located west of Avalon Beach and is a great place to play. You can also witness a steep hill that leads down to the beach, where you can walk or run.

1.5.3. Visit the Narrabeen Lagoon

Narrabeen Lagoon

Narrabeen Lagoon is not far from Avalon Beach and can be found on the Northern Beaches peninsula. You can mark this as one of the most favored destinations during your trip. This lagoon provides several activities, including swimming, hiking, and picnicking.

Those above are just a few fantastic adventures that await you. Furthermore, visiting Narrabeen Lagoon should be on your to-do list while you are at Avalon Beach.

1.5.4. Have a drink at Modus Operandi, Mona Vale

October stop on The Australian Brewery Tour: Mona Vale's Modus

Modus Operandi is the best microbrewery in the Northern Beaches Council region. Do you prefer to end the day with a beer? Then pay a visit to Modus Operandi.

1.6. Palm Beach

Beaches in North Sydney
Image by structuresxx from DepositPhotos

Palm Beach is the favorite beach for several residents and is one of the famous northern beaches on the north shore. It also has several attractions, and we have listed them below.

1.6.1. Attractions in Palm Beach

Australia - Barrenjoey Head Lighthouse by Drone 4K

As stated earlier, Palm Beach has several alluring features starting with its unique physical landscape.

On one side of Palm Beach, there is a headland with breathtaking homes, while on the other side of Palm Beach, there is the Barrenjoey Lighthouse.

Furthermore, the waters on the southern and western sides of Palm Beach are calm and great for swimming, but you can observe waves hitting the eastern side of Palm Beach, making it great for surfing.

1.6.2. Features of the Beach

Dunes Restaurant and Kiosk at Palm Beach, Australia

It is an interesting fact that the popular television series Home & Away uses this beach for filming. Are you obsessed with this TV series? Then spend a day at Palm Beach, and who knows? You may meet one of the TV personalities, and you can consider your day made.

This beach also has other facilities, including BBQ provisions, two playgrounds, and picnic tables. Additionally, free parking and various cafes are also close to the beach.

Hence, this famous Palm Beach is certainly worth checking out. Take some time and visit this beach.

1.7. Collaroy Beach

Beaches in North Sydney
Image by Anthony Gomez from Unsplash/ Copyright 2023

Collaroy Beach is a surf beach in the North Sydney area that joins Narrabeen Beach, creating a long stretch of coast. This beach is the best for surfing, especially for beginners, because it is slightly sheltered from the wind and swell, but it still has mild waves for surfing.

Moreover, the waters are also calm enough for swimming because of low swells, and people, irrespective of their age, can swim in the rock pools and ocean pool water. Unfortunately, there are no patrols on the beach, so you may have to be a little cautious.

1.7.1. Attractions in Collaroy Beach

Collaroy Beach Playground

Collaroy Beach has several features that you could consider attractive to make it one of the beaches you want to visit. Here are a few listed below.

A ramp leads onto the beach, making it easily accessible to those with children in strollers and people in wheelchairs. You can also find a playground with a liberty swing for disabled persons. An MLAK key is required to use this feature. Additionally, the playground has a carousel available to people of all ages.

Private washrooms are available and can be accessed with an MLAK key, and you can borrow one from a lifeguard at the northeast corner of the Collaroy Surf Club Building. Furthermore, the surf club is one of the largest lifesaving clubs in the region.

Also, there is a large dome net structure for climbing, carved sandstone structures, and interactive water play. Finally, free car parks are also available, provided your vehicle displays a Council parking permit. If you lack one, you may incur a charge to get one. In addition, there are designated parking places for cars carrying disabled persons. So, please be observant.

1.8. Bondi Beach

Beaches in North Sydney
Image by Matt Hardy from Unsplash/Copyright 2018

This is the most popular of Sydney’s northern beaches and one of the most famous in the world. People worldwide throng this place to visit and relish the beauty of its shores. Are you wondering what makes this northern beach so attractive? Here is why.

1.8.1. Activities in Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach - Local surfers tuck into some perfect barrels

Bondi Beach is the most popular surfing spot in the region. Local and international people come to this beach to catch the best waves. It even has trainers from the surf club for learners and comes with accommodation at Bondi 38 Serviced Apartment that is convenient for the trainees during the training period.

The beach has so much to draw you in. Furthermore, a popular television program called Bondi Rescue has been aired here since 2006, and it is about the routine lives of Bondi Beach lifeguards. If you love acting, visit this beach, and watch the shootings. You may even get a role on the show if it is your lucky day.

1.8.2. Attractions in Bondi Beach

Beaches in North Sydney
Image by Road Trip with Raj from Unsplash/ Copyright 2018

Bondi Beach is famous for its unique beauty, vibrant environment, and strong surf culture. Furthermore, it has been the preferred spot among tourists for several decades, and it draws millions of them each year just for a chance to sit at the beach on its special soft sand.

This beach is also a source of Australian pride. It is rooted in its culture over the years, and the routine lifestyle is a beautiful summer experience. Moreover, its breathtaking scenery is excellent for adventure and relaxation.

1.9. Whale Beach

Australia - Whale Beach 4K Drone Flyaround

Whale Beach is located north of Avalon, south of Palm Beach, and is boarded by two high sandstone headlands, and you can access this beach by taking the Whale Beach Road.

Furthermore, because of its intriguing name, you might assume you can spot many whales here. However, that is not the case, and the name is associated with the shape of the northern headland.

Whale Beach is also a great surfing spot with heavy waves, and surfer experts love this beach. Furthermore, these surfers use the well-known surf break called the wedge at the northern end of the beach during take-off.

1.9.1. Features of the Beach

Whale Beach Surf Session

There is a rock ocean swimming pool at the southern end of the beach, and its design gives you an experience similar to swimming in the ocean.

Furthermore, the rocky platform just south of the pool is the best place to relax and enjoy the summer. Also, a team of trained lifeguards patrol Whale Beach during the summer to ensure everyone’s security. Additionally, there are restaurants, cafes, picnic tables, and a playground. Being an expert surfer, you have to try the waves at this beach.

2. Conclusion

When you visit the beaches in North Sydney, you will be captivated by its beauty. There will be countless activities and attractions, which will leave you longing for more. Hence, whichever of Sydney’s northern beaches you spend your time at, you will never regret it.

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