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Beaches in Frankston: Exploring the Beauty

Frankston is a coastal city near Melbourne Central Business District in the state of Victoria, Australia. It is rich in beaches and a vibrant cityscape. The beaches in Frankston are such relaxing spots for family and friends to plan for a trip and relax from the stress.

So let’s discover the beaches in Frankston that are situated on the coast of Frankston, its main attractions.

1. Exploring the Tranquility of Beaches in Frankston

Frankston, located in the state of Victoria in Australia, is a great place to hang out with family and friends. It is also known as the ‘Gateway to the Mornington Peninsula’ as it is geographically near to the Mornington Peninsula. Frankston is around 40 km from the Central Business in the northwest of Melbourne. As it’s near the Port Phillip shoreline, it is a popular coastal destination in Melbourne.

Frankston has a lot of attractions for tourists from all over the world. It nestles one of the world-famous sand sculpting exhibitions and other events. Frankston Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Australian continent. Let’s look into the different beaches in Frankston:

Frankston Beach Melbourne Victoria

1.1 Frankston Beach

Frankston Beach is located at the southern end of the shoreline of Frankston. It is around 2.5 km long and is suitable for relaxing under the gentle sun and calm sea.  This beach is very much suitable for many water sports and other activities.

beaches in frankston
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1.1.1 Tourist Attractions of the Beach

This beach contains many attractions, such as a boat ramp, a pier, and even creeks passing through the beach.

The Olivers Hill Boat Ramp, which is located at the beginning of Frankston beach, is a popular tourist spot. The Long Frankston Pier and the Kananook Creek, located past the Olivers Hill Boat Ramp, is another attraction at the beach.

1.1.2 Geography 

Frankston Beach has Seaford Beach that is adjacent to it at the northern end and Olivers Hill Beach at the southern end. It offers a relaxing boardwalk along the shoreline, enjoying the sea’s beauty and sun blending up.

Frankston Beach has a steep shoreline of around 50 m width. Some sandbars break the waves, which can be seen from the pier. The Lifesaving Club of Australia was founded at Frankston Beach in the year 1924. It has all the facilities to train and view the sea activities and rescue processes.

1.1.3 Facilities at the Beach

Visitors to the beach can even plan for BBQ and camping at the beachside to make the trip more interesting. It has many boating facilities to roam through the gentle waters of the sea.

The beach also has a wide parking facility for cars and coaches, offering convenience to travelers. These make Frankston Beach the best among the beaches in Frankston.

Frankston Beach Melbourne Victoria Australia

1.1.4 Activities Offered

It has many activities to attract the tourists to the beach. Due to the gentle nature of the sea, it is very suitable for Canoeing and swimming. The varying winds at the beach make the sailors have an adventurous sailing through the calm waves.

The pathway on the beach is the best spot for cyclists and regular people to walk or cycle through the cool breeze from the sea.

1.2 Olivers Hill Beach

Olivers Hill Beach is another beach in the city of Frankston in Victoria. It is a beautiful coastline east of the Port Phillip pier.

This beach is located between the city of Melbourne city and the Mornington Peninsula.

Beaches in Frankston
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1.2.1 History Behind the Name

This beach is located at the steps of Olivers Hill in Frankston, which lies at the southern end of Frankston Beach. It is named after James Olivers, a local fisherman from Frankston.

Olivers is assumed to be the first resident at this hill who built a cottage and stayed over here in the mid-19th century. He was said to guard the Frankston waterfront and the coastline.

Later, the beach and the hill he resided in were named after him as an honor. Olivers Hill Beach offers a great scenic view across the ocean. Its beautiful landscape and the turquoise-shaded waters of Port Phillip Bay add to its undying beauty.

Oliver's Hill Frankston - Punchy Climbs EP #05

1.2.2 Facilities of the Beach

If you want to hang out with the family, enjoy some spectacular sunrise or sunset, and camp along, this will be a worthy choice. The hillsides of the beach have many cottages and even manual camping locations with campfires and BBQs.

1.2.3 Attractions to the Beach

One of the attractions of the beach is Melbourne’s New Year’s Eve. This takes place near the beach but could be best viewed from the bay. It is located just one hour away from Melbourne’s Central Business District and easy to reach.

1.2.4 How to Reach?

To reach the beach, just take a ride towards the north of Central Business District, Melbourne, and enter the Nepean Highway. This highway offers a beautiful view of the coast along the hillside and is a relaxing way to ride along the cliff.

Don’t hesitate if you don’t have your own vehicle. There are public transport mechanisms to the beach. Reach along the Young Street public terminus in Frankston and catch a bus along the Nepean Highway.

Frankston Beach/Olivers Hill

1.3 Seaford Beach

Seaford is a suburb located near the city of Frankston in the State of Victoria. It has a beautiful beach located along the Melbourne coast, which is named Seaford Foreshore Beach.

Seaford Beach, South Australia 🏖🏖🌊🌊

1.3.1 The Beauty of the Beach

The beach has a beautiful landscape that could relax the tourists and drain all their stress. A relaxing walk through the boardwalks along the beach could be enough to refresh your mind with fresh energy.

It has a tranquil nature with clear blue waters blending with white sands on the coast. It is backgrounded with many trees, including tea, oak, etc., that create a perfect camping spot and even take photos.

1.3.2 History of the Beach

Seaford is a place inhabited by the indigenous Bunurong people. It was used as a site for the karrum karrum swamp which was the source of food. Later, when Europeans settled in the city, the swamp was drained, and farmlands were built. At the present time, only a few swamps remain, which can probably be seen in the lowlands.

This place received the name ‘Seaford’ in the year 1913 during a meeting held in the town. It was a meeting with the residents at the settlement to name the new railway station that was about to open.

The name Seaford was adopted from the name of the town in England, Sleaford. Being migrated from Europe, this name could be easily adopted and was officially named to this town.


1.3.3 Attractions of the Beach

It has many attractions available at the beach, like the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands, Kananook Creek, Keast Park, and Seaford Pier. Head inland to discover hundreds of acres of beautiful wetlands home to various bird species and ancient river gum species.

If you love sunsets, you’ll love Seaford. Looking straight out onto the bay from the beach and watching the sun sink into the water is just magical.

1.4 Beaumaris Bay Beach

Beaumaris Bay is another suburb in the city of Melbourne near Frankston. It is located at the Port Phillip Bay near the Seaford Beach.

It is a beautiful beach surrounded by cliffs and sandstones that add to its tranquillity.

Beaumaris Beach on Anglesey


1.4.1 Geography of the Beach

The Beaumaris Escarpment, northeast of Table Rock, is formed by a steeply serpentine formation known as the Beaumaris Monocline Formation that overlies older Tertiary structures.

These include the underlying Silurian rocks known as the Fyansford Formation, surmounted by thick, dark-colored Beaumaris Sandstone, above which yellowish-red Bluff Sandstone forms a cliff outcrop.

A solid iron rock at the top extends to the platform. This monoclinic can be seen where the Beaumaris Cliffs are locally parallel to the turning point of the monoclinic, forming the drainage sheath between Gardner’s Creek. The strata of the cliffs are nearly horizontal but bend vertically at nearly 30 degrees to the southeast and toward the sea.

Beaumaris Beach, Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, Australia

1.4.2 Attractions of the Beach

The bay is an important part of Melbourne’s beach, boating, and water sports culture due to its proximity to long stretches of beautiful beaches, numerous coastal piers, boat launches, marinas, boat clubs, and several harbors.

Beaumaris will delight you with its fashionable style and village atmosphere. The specialty stores line the concourses and plazas. High above sea level, the property is a mixture of wide sandy beaches, flat beaches, and sheer sandstone cliffs.

1.4.3 Features of the Beach

It features densely populated and affluent suburbs, good access to highways and suburban trains, and relatively calm waves on Port Phillip Bay.

The northern half of Bayside is governed by Bayside City Council and Kingston City Council, while the southern half is governed by Frankston City Council.

Beaumaris Beach

2. Conclusion

In the heart of the shoreline of Australia, Frankston is a beautiful coast located near Melbourne. These beaches in Frankston are the perfect holiday spot that offers great relaxation.

From Frankston Beach to Beaumaris Bay Beach, lying in a line near each other, each beach offers a unique experience. These beaches in Frankston extend their charm beyond.

The city is the gateway to the charming Mornington Peninsula and hosts numerous cultural events and sand sculpture exhibitions that attract visitors worldwide. Oliver’s Hill Beach and its picturesque scenery complete Frankston’s coastal landscape, along with the serene charm of Beaumaris Bay Beach.

Whether you’re looking for water adventures, leisurely walks along the coast or simply enjoying a breathtaking sunset and gentle waves, beaches in Frankston have it all.


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