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Top 9 Things to Do at Wilson Promontory National Park

Wilson Promontory National Park is a three-hour drive from southeast Melbourne. It is best known for its rugged landscape.

It is a famous spot for Hiking tracks and Wildlife. Hence it is a crowded place in Melbourne in the summertime. Wilson Promontory National Park is also called “The Prom”.

Wilson Promontory National Park
Source Wilson Promontory National Park

It is a significant aboriginal cultural landscape. Wilson Promontory National Park offers a variety of accommodation options. It is a famous and popular tourist place in Australia, so it is always recommended to visit the Parks Victoria website and book your slot before arrival.

1. Tidal River at Wilson Promontory National Park

In Wilson Promontory National Park, the Tidal River is the main camping spot and visitor hub of the PArk. The tidal river also gives access to breathtaking beaches.

There are amenity blocks available at the Tidal River with hot showers, safe drinking water, and other facilities. You can have a walk at the Tidal River footbridge and click some photos.

Tidal River Campground at Wilson Promontory National Park
Source Tidal River Campground

You can also find a general store with stocks of basic supermarket items. There are free barbeques to cook food.

Also, well-maintained garbage and waste management are in place. You will most likely see the wildlife during your visit, and for wildlife safety, you should not feed them and keep your food packed overnight.

Please make sure you are not causing any disturbance to neighbors, and make sure you do not carry firearms and pets.

There are no fires permitted in Wilson Promontory National Park throughout the year. In any emergency, you can contact the office at the park. You will easily find these numbers in visitor guides.

2. Things to do at Wilson Promontory National Park

2.1 Pillar Point Walk

Pillar Point is about a 2-hour walk, and the views are amazing on the journey. It is a relatively easy walk. While walking, you pass by the Tidal River footbridge and will be greeted with the board Pillar Point when you reach the point. 


You can see the Tidal River meeting the ocean at this point, and the views are lovely. You will find beaches here to sit and appreciate the lovely view of the Tidal River.

When you reach the top of Pillar Point by walking an additional half an hour, you can see Skull Rock with spectacular views.

2.2 Norman Beach

The normal beach is 1.6km long and located nearby the Tidal River campground. This beach is crowded with visitors. If you want to enjoy a quieter place, then you need to walk in the south direction. You can see Mount Oberon from this beach which makes an eye-pleasing view.

Norman Beach is well known for surfing, snorkeling, and swimming. Remember you can surf only south of the 5th ramp, and the surfing experience is best at high tide. The starting point of Tidal River to Squeaky Beach starts for this beach.

2.3 Visit Skull Rock with Cruise Ride at Wilson Promontory National Park

At Wilson Promontory National Park, you can take 2 and half hour ride to visit Skull Rock. It is a granite monolith called Skull rock which has a shape like a skull that has been formed by clue ocean waves.

This point allows you to check the southernmost point of mainland Australia.

Skull Rock with Cruise Ride at Wilson Promontory National Park
Source Skull Rock

The Cleft Island is called Skul Rock locally. Here you can witness the Australian first seal breeding colony. It has more than 5000 seals living here.

Skull Rock is a big-sized rock that has taken its shape just like a skull when you look at it. You can spot dolphins while riding the cruise.

2.4 Light House at Wilson Promontory National Park

Another Spot at Wilson Promontory National Park is the Lighthouse which was built from local granite in 1859. At that time, the families who stayed here were disconnected from the outside world. Captain Thomas Musgrave was a keeper from 1869 to 1878.

Lighthouse stay at Wilsons Promontory National Park
Source Lighthouse stay

To Visit this place, you need to pass through Bass Strait, and from its top point, it gives a 360-degree view of Bass Strait. Now you can book a cottage here before visiting and it has all the basic accommodation facilities, from ovens to cooking utensils. 

2.5 Roaring Meg Campsite at Wilson Promontory National Park

Roaring Meg is almost 6 Km of hiking route at Wilson Promontory National Park. This walking route is not very easy. Roaring Meg is a challenging point to cover, and you will be required to walk for 2 hours. It can be treated as a quiet place apart from hiking.

Roaring Meg at Wilsons Promontory National Park
Source Roaring Meg

2.6 Telegraph Saddle at Wilson Promontory National Park

This point starts from Telegraph Saddle Carpark, and it is a fairly long route. It is around 17 kilometers which takes more than 5 hours each way. With prior booking, camping is allowed at Oberon Bay.

Make a note that the water supply at this site is not confirmed. Hence it is recommended to carry sufficient water along with you.

2.7 Squeaky Beach

Being located at the western coastline of Wilson Promontory National Park, Squeaky Beach is unspoiled, and it is a quiet place for visitors.

It is an ideal place for all ages. Children can play with the dry sand here at Squeaky Beach. The access to this beach starts from the Squeaky Beach car park. It is definitely a picture-perfect location. 

Squeaky Beach wilsons prom
Source Squeaky Beach

You also have the option of swimming in the turquoise water. You can also go surfing as it is a popular surfing destination. Having a walk on the white sands of Squeaky Beach is a great experience in itself.

2.8 Whisky Bay and Picnic Bay

The unpatrolled Whisky Bay is a 400-meter-long walk. It starts from the car park and you can have a walk to the adjutant  Picnic Bay.

The nearby Picnic Bay is a good place for swimming. The Picnic Bay is a 4 Kilometer walk from Tidal River and takes around an hour, but it is definitely worth visiting.

2.9 Lilly Pilly Gully Nature Walk at Wilson Promontory National Park

This 5 Kilometer walk through Wilson Promontory, National Park forests, is a great opportunity to connect with nature. It has groveled track, and it is suitable for all people.

It is definitely fun for children as they can see the variety of nature. You can also go for bird spotting here.

Lilly Pilly Gully
Source Lilly Pilly Gully

It takes less than 2 hours to complete and is equipped with toilets.

3. Mount Oberon at Wilson Promontory National Park

Climbing the 558 mete high Mount Oberon at Wilson Promontory National Park can be a challenge in itself, but the panoramic view that it offers when you reach the top is breathtaking.

The walking path starts from Telegraph Saddle Carpark and goes through whisky bay, Norman Bay, and Picnic Bay. 

Mt Oberon Summit Walk sunset at Wilson Promontory National Park
Source Mt Oberon Summit Walk

Make sure to have your hiking attire on. It will make walking the steep incline easy. Having good pair of shoes is a must while on this trip. You can carry sufficient water and snacks so that when you reach the point at the top, you can relax and witness nature at its best.

It is best for spotting sunsets as well. It is a 2-hour hike, and make sure you carry a torch while climbing. If the weather is not supportive, you might not get the amazing views at the top, but you can spot wombats, emus, and kangaroos along the way.

If you want to witness the epic sunrise, you need to start hiking early in the morning. Once you reach the top, the sunrise makes everything come to life. Mount Oberon at Wilson Promontory National Park gives a 360-degree view of the Prom.

4. Other Offerings of Wilson Promontory National Park

Wilson Promontory National Park also offers you to enjoy the night sky with its designated Dark Sky Park. You can spot stars and enjoy the other details which are available in the clear sky. Spotting stars can be a very satisfying experience.

Fishing is allowed at the Prom. Make sure to check the visitor’s guide before you start fishing, as fishing can be restricted in some places. You are not allowed to take pets at many places here.

4.1 Importance of Wilson Promontory National Park

There are few unspoiled places in them, and when you visit such spots you can feel very relaxed in the wilderness of this place.

The Lighthouse in Prom shows the rich history of this place. It also shows aboriginal life and the significance of this place for people. The prom is very strict about protecting the wildlife and the species which are present in the park.

5. Conclusion

It is always recommended to plan your visit to Wilson Promontory National Park. Make sure you check the website for details of conditions and also check weather conditions before arriving here.

The wildlife at the Prom makes the Prom a Biodiverse location. The beaches and the breathtaking landscapes leave a calming effect on you. Visit the Prom will leave a calming experience on your body, just like any therapy.

So if you want to explore the southern part of Victoria, then you should plan your visit to Wilson Promontory National Park.


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