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Crows Nest National Park: 4 Essential Facts

Crows Nest National Park is situated or located in Australia. This national park is surrounded by the eucalyptus forest and a beautiful and amazing series of boulder-strewn cascades. This park also has a Koonin lookout which is very much renowned world wide. This is one of the most popular and famous national parks in Australia.

Around 6 kilometers east of crow’s nest and 50 kilometers north of Toowoomba, this amazing park is located. This park has unique features.

This park is like a haven for many wildlife, including swamp wallabies, bandicoots, platypus, brush-tailed rock wallaby, and Petrogale penicillata, and some among these are the vulnerable species of Queensland.

In this article, we will cover various aspects of the Crows Nest National Park in detail; we will also talk about the different famous walking trails of this national park.


Crows Nest Creek National Park is very famous among the local aboriginal people because they prefer this place for the nut feasts in the mountains. Crows nest creek is called forest red gum, which eastern yellow robins surround. This is among the most popular national parks.

This place has picnic tables with brush-tailed rock wallabies. You can collect wood and cook your food camping here at this place. This Crows Nest National Park is an open forest with greater glider soaring, and birds feed. The timber and Red cedar Toona Australis are extracted from this forest. These are used in making many useful things for humankind.

The cleared land in this place is also used for beef cattle grazing. This area was declared the Crows Nest National Park in 1922 with 440 hectares.

Crows Nest National Park
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

1. Crows Nest National Park

Crows Nest National Park is one of the most amazing and beautiful national parks. Its picnic area has crows nest falls, nest creek, distant rolling hills, slippery rocks lead, eucalypt forest, steep crevices, rock hopping, creek banks, water and ant trails, dark brown swamp wallaby, intricate lichen patterns, high granite hills, and many more.

The other famous places that attract most visitors include striped marsh frogs echoing, high granite cliffs, shallow water tumbles, creek crossings, caravan sites, rock pools, rock falls, and the river she-oak Casuarina.

There are a lot of walking tracks available in crows nest national park, which is the center of attraction for many visitors. People from all over the world visit this place to spend some time in nature’s lap with peace and harmony.

2. Walking tracks

The walking tracks are covered with surrounding granite hills, and Crows Nest falls section. The walking tracks provide many facilities to the walking visitor. They have their drinking water, steeper cliffs, bush showers, rock hop, some rare plants with eucalypt forests, and colorful displays.

Swamp mahogany lophoston suaveolens with rose robin is the best place for the person who wants to spend some time alone with themselves. The sandy beach, with amazing rock falls, makes this place more adorable. Bottlebrush pool along with creek sidewalk.

Crows Nest National Park
By artistrobd on Unlim

2.01. Crows’ nest falls lookout barriers

Water used to tumble over almost 20 m high granite cliffs at the Crows nest falls. For your and your family’s safety, try to stay behind the Crows Nest lookout barriers. It provides a walk of almost around 45 mins.

This is a very risky place in the Crows Nest National Park. Yes, this place is a little bit unsafe and dangerous, but it has a picnic area, picnic tables, gas or fuel stoves, and drinking water facilities. Crows nest falls lookout is one of the best places in the Crows Nest National Park.

2.02. Crows nest falls via Kauyoo pool

Kauyoo pool, bottlebrush pool, and cascades make this place special, and native animals with normally shallow water add more wonderful effects. Kauyoo pool is very easily accessible. Slippery rocks and steep-sided gorge with steep crevices lead to the cascades.

If you want to swim and relax for some time, then the bottlebrush pool is the perfect place. It provides colorful displays to the swimmers. Just keep one thing in mind for your safety purpose never dive or jump into the water.

Crows Nest National Park
By xicoputini on Unlim

2.03. Koonin lookout

To complete this walk, around 1 hr 30 mins are required. It gives a bird’s eye overview of the valley of diamonds. The deeper gorge is also known as the diamonds because the sun glints as the crystals at this place.

Koonin lookout in crows nest national park is a well-planned layout that experts designed to give this place a great look and appearance.

2.04. Bush campground unpowered tent

Toilets, caravan sites, unpowered tents, fireplaces, and boil your water in this place are some features or facilities provided to the visitors.

The staff members do not provide firewood, so you can either collect wood or carry it with you from your place. This park has its website, which makes the visitor easy to book their booking in their comfort zone.

Crows Nest National Park
By Arrxxx on Unlim

3. Vegetation

This national park supports many species and popupopulationsthe eucalyptus tereticornis; this is the reason this is also known as the red gum forest. Along with the eucalyptus, the creek banks also support the lusher vegetation.

This place also supports many different wildflower species, these wildflower species are very rare and very exhaustive.

4. Animals

Along with the vegetation Crows, Nest National Park also houses many animal species. Sugar glider, greater glider, and brushtail possum are some of the animal species which are very common in this place.

And you are rarely lucky if you come across them because these species are very hard to find in any other place apart from this national park.

Crows Nest National Park
By charlottebleijenberg on Unlim

Final Note

Crows Nest National Park is well known for its Koonin lookout, vegetation, and animal species. This place is very beautiful, with many different colorful and lovable places. We discussed in detail the animals and vegetation found in this national park.

Along with this, we also discussed the worldwide famous walking tracks present in these national parks.


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