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Kangaroo Court Of Australia: 3 Vindictive Interpretation

The Kangaroo Court of Australia concentrates on the corrupt conduct of politics and law. The website for the Kangaroo Court of Australia is dedicated to highlighting and investigating unethical practices in the justice system, the government, and the police.

The page is managed by an Australian independent journalist/blogger, Shane Dowling. The site content posts bold words related to politicians and the failing judicial system for which he was warned, fined, and jailed.

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Tagged as a news and media website, the social media account for the Kangaroo Court of Australia, like Twitter, YouTube video, and Facebook, are active. The research, notes, and follow-up are thorough, and the log is meticulously tagged under individual names.

Articles about the first woman and former prime minister, Julia Gilliard, and related topics like that of journalist Michael Smith, even with Accusations against judges for child abuse, financial frauds, sexual affairs, political scams, character assessment, public misconduct, scandals, document leaks, is eyebrow-raising and chilling.

1. What does a kangaroo court mean?

The Kangaroo Court is a court that ignores recognized laws and legal principles, does not have official status on any territory on which it resides, and is generally adjudicated. A court can dismiss the proper procedures to reach a predetermined decision on the matter.

Kangaroo Court of Australia
Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels, Copyright 2022

Typically, a Kangaroo court is a meeting or a deciding panel that takes the law into hands for wrongdoing or misconduct. A kangaroo court has a negative light on it and is disproved widely because the victim does not get a fair, unofficial trial. Not Exercising fundamental human rights, Ignoring existing laws, bears little to no official authority in the region it is located in, with a prearranged outcome, are some of the validations of a kangaroo court.

So what exactly can you refer to as a Kangaroo court?? Why does it give out vibes of contempt? Have you seen a case where the mob mentality has more power over the existing law?

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

This usually happens when many people are tricked into thinking the situation is correct. Even though it is not, a mass of people cannot change their attitude towards a crime just because of the charming positive influence of the offender or because of excessive press coverage.

In law, it is referred to as an irregularly operated court, whereby the court has already decided the verdict against the victim due to malpractice. Kangaroo court of Australia covers it all.

2. Why do they call it a kangaroo court?

kangaroo court of australia
Image Source: Depositphotos

The history of the exact source of the word kangaroo court is debatable. How does a native animal named a kangaroo, familiar to Australians, relate to politics? Some say the term became commonly used in the 1840s during the gold rush in America, whereby among other frantic gold diggers, attracted many Australians as well.

The illegal land claimants were tried out in a mock courtroom, which came to be called a kangaroo court. It looks like the term has got its roots in the concept of jumping to a conclusion or taking a leap to issue punishment without required trial or legal proceedings.

It could also be from the nature of kangaroos, where the animal stares dazed when an action is required and scoots off without doing anything‚ÄĒcomparing the whole situation to judges who do nothing during trials and, in the end, pushes verdict crudely.

In a sense, a kangaroo court is somewhat like a lynch law, which means punishment by hanging, and the penalties in a prison kangaroo court are much harsher.

Kangaroo court is the image of a court soaring from one place to another with no interest in justice but rather the aim of delivering the best trials possible. It is still widely used among defendants, writers, and historians criticizing a court’s decision.

Some scholars link it back to the historic nomadic judges at the US frontier, whose pay was based on the number of trials presided over and the fines of offenders.

3. What is a kangaroo court of law?

The rights of the accused are violated when court proceedings are authorized, mock court, or legal proceedings. It was first commonly used for a period in 1850 in America’s West.

In terms of law, the meaning of kangaroo court is more defined and refers to a particular process. There are specific features that have been identified over time. An example of one feature is that Being aware of a person’s past instantly makes him a criminal, especially his presence in the vicinity of a crime.

If the law is applied post factum, without granting any basic rights, it is said to be a kangaroo court. The possibility of innocence is ignored entirely.

Kangaroo Court of Law
Photo by Sora Shimazaki, from Pexels, Copyright 2022

Another feature is corruption in court or a partial judge. In such cases, the sentence will be heavy-handed and intense, with an unfavourable judge making sure the verdict is against the accused.

The accused is usually denied fundamental rights, and the victim will be subconsciously aware that the outcome will not favour them. The witness cross-examination and other requests will be staged and simply a veil of dust to cover the corruption.


However, a kangaroo court does not mean the same in every aspect, Kangaroo court of Australia is a name given to a blog to expose indecent activities. In sports, it means a group of people or an authoritative person who takes action against rule-breakers. A concept used to keep the members “in line”.

The set-up is complete with a judge, law enforcer, defense, prosecuting counsel, and witnesses. In the case of a baseball game, the rules will include missing team interaction within the field or foul play. It is usually done in good spirits for team bonding, it does not affect the career or future of a team member, and the fine collected is either used for team outings or donated to charity.

Examples of a Kangaroo court in real life are infinite in our daily lives as a community and a society. In a community, for instance, if a trivial garden matter happens in a residential colony, the deciding panel, like a residents association, becomes the kangaroo court. Even social media has a version of kangaroo courts with judgment based on misleading but compelling content. The difference here is you are judged by people whom you have never met.

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