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Top 10 Amazing Beaches in Gold Coast – Australia

With Sandy beaches, themed parks, booming culinary systems, and laid-back neighborhoods, there are many things to do in Gold Coast along with beaches in gold coast Australia.

Gold Coast is famous for its golden sandy beaches. So you will be spending a lot of your time enjoying the landscapes along the coastline. Gold Coast is situated close and within an hour’s drive from Brisbane.

beaches in gold coast
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

It is here, that the Gold Coast still shines the brightest. You can head to the Sky-point Observation Deck to see the beaches in Gold Coast with around more than 15 kilometer long area with headlands and waterways. At the Sky-point Observation Deck, you can see the Gold Coast from a 230-meter height.

1. Important Attraction along with beaches in Gold Coast Australia

It is clear to understand why this place has always been an aboriginal gathering place for many years in history. The Gold Coast offers plenty of thrills besides beaches in Gold Coast. It can also be termed the theme park capital of Australia. You can enjoy a lot at the rides and water tubes with your children.

Dreamworld Park has themed lands like Tiger Island and has more than 40 rides. It is the most visited and most famous theme park in the country.

At Warner Brothers Movie World you can have a Hollywood movie experience. Then Buckle up, for Hollywood Stunt Driver show.  The next thing you can enjoy is some of the country’s horsemen and women celebrate the spirit of the bush. There are plenty of rides to explore between the shows.

1.1 Nature’s touch along with Beaches in Gold Coast Australia

If you want to move away and have a quiet experience with nature then you can surely start walking and just head to the hills. Within half an hour’s journey by road and you can reach a magnificent place, an ancient volcano, Mount Tamborine.

Explore the rainforest trails and skywalks. Here you will have lots of options like wine tasting and local farmer’s products at the  Tamborine Village.

Springbrook is a world heritage-listed parkland it has a lot of waterfalls and forests. Springbrook is located in the southern direction and you can easily get there. From here, it is understandable why the Gold Coast has been Australia’s brightest vacation destination for so many years. 

1.2 Hot Air Balloon among Beaches in Gold Coast Australia

Another fun and exciting way to see the incredible sights that only Australia has to offer is on a floating hot air balloon, and you can find those here on the Gold Coast. Most of the hot air balloons take off at dawn so you can, indeed, rise with the sun.

Hot air balloon ride
Image by PIRO from Pixabay copyright 2017

If you book a session early enough, you can even have the hot air balloon provider pick you up at the hotel to the launch site. Indeed you will have fun hovering over the city and getting the top view of many attractions in the city. 

1.3 Some Fast Rides at Wet n Wild among Beaches in Gold Coast Australia

There are many slides at this theme park. You climb to the highest point and then you can choose a ride from the 3 rides available. Two rides are enclosed in a tube and one is open. When you jump from the top then you come down at the speed of 40 KM/hr. This ride is definitely for you if you are a speed lover.

Things to do in townsville
Photo by Yuriy Bogdanov on Unsplash

Also, you can go for Four Person Dinghy for a different kind of adventure then Mammoth Falls is a must-do. It is a 250-meter slide and in this slide, your dinghy takes lots of turns and picks up speed which gives you a unique experience.

There is a ride blackhole where you jump into a tube and it is pitch dark inside. You will be screaming through the tube while you come down and it has a different kind of experience to the people who are afraid of the dark.

There is also one more ride similar to the black hole but that ride has little more light than the black hole ride. Hence it is not that scary.

1.4 Some Slower Rides at the Wet n Wild among Beaches in Gold Coast Australia

There is one more u-shaped slide which is called Kamikaze and it will drop you 11 meters vertically before reaching the top of a 70-degree angle and then rocking you along the path back and forth. It is an exhilarating experience for two people on the slide.

There is a ride called Tornado which is a huge funnel ride. This ride is similar to a Kamikaze ride and you might have surfed a similar ride at some other water park but this ride will give you a lot of thrill and in the end, you are dropped into the water which gives a great fun experience to the whole family.

Wet n Wild Tornado
Source Wet-n-Wild

There is a Super 8 whack crowd races slide, in this slide, you lie down on your front body and you slide down from a height. The main attraction of this slide is that you can race with your mates and see who reaches the bottom of the ride first.

1.5 Interesting rides at the Wet n Wild

The Aqua loop ride at Wet n Wild is a great ride that from the top point drops you free-falling down and you do a loop before you hit the bottom. This ride is one of the best rides at the park.

There is also a sky swing bungee jump ride at the park which is one of the best attractions at the park. This ride gives a giant wave pool at 60 KM/hr and the other side is a giant surfboard that offers you thrill like no other ride. It rolls back and forth to extreme heights and angles with two seating spots.

This ride is a must-visit ride and it is recommended to try this ride at the end of the day after all the other rides.

2. Top Beaches in Gold Coast Australia

beaches in Gold Coast Queensland Australia
Photo by Damon Hall on Pexels

2.1 Surfers Paradise Beach top beach among beaches in Gold Coast Australia

With its high-rise skyline Surfers Paradise Beach provides the best viewing experience and it has a laidback relaxed environment. Despite being the most crowded and high-demand beach this beach has always been among the most popular beaches in Gold Coast its natural beauty has stayed intact. 

2.2 Cooling Data Beach Queensland

Cooling Data Beach is renowned for its fun and lovely atmosphere and casual approach. This quiet little suburb has a very quiet lifestyle and it is one of the quiet beaches in Gold Coast

2.3 Kurawa Beach great beach among beaches on Gold Coast

Kuwara Beach is located near the coastal suburb and it is the most developed among the Gold Coast beaches in Australia. It stretches for around 2 kilometers and it has lots of modern-day facilities to offer like clubhouses.

2.4 Greenmount Beach 

Breathe in the fresh air and be charmed in this green expanse with blue water and white sands blinding the landscape. You can settle down on nature’s beauty and enjoy the greenery around you.

2.5 Main Beach

This beach has been formed by a very thin section at the emergence of the Narang River and the Pacific Sea. Main Beach has been a kind of beach among beaches on the Gold Coast where you can dive into the waves and explore the never-ending beauty of the Australian Waters and Wildlife.

2.6 Broad Beach best family beach among beaches on Gold Coast

Broad Beach has emerged as a beach where people of all ages can visit. It will not be wrong if we call it a family beach where kids can play on the beach and the parent can enjoy a shopping experience in the nearby marketplace.

2.7 Mermaid Beach

When an Explorer named John Oxlet sailed here and discovered this area and named this beach a mermaid’s beach. It is surrounded by the Mermaid Waters.

2.8 Maimi / Knobby Beach

With the long stretch of Golden Sands Miami Beach is the perfect vacation beach for those people who want to have a fun experience on the beach and want to enjoy what life has to offer. There is a story behind the development of this suburb. Wealthy investors had decided to develop a great locality where people can live a better life.

2.9 Currumbin Beach

Currumbin Beach is a distinct beach that has a different vibe and unique enjoyment options compared to other beaches on Gold Coast. This beach has a very good surfing experience to offer to its visitors.

2.10 Palm Beach

This beach is ranked as the cleanest beach among the beaches on Gold Coast. Laguna Beach located here can be termed as the most famous attraction in Palm Beach.

3. Conclusion

The Gold Coast Australia which has a population of around 600000 people has a lot of beaches and fun experiences to offer.  It has nature connections, theme parks, and sandy beaches which give a great experience to the surfers.

Gold Coast Australia is a top tourist location in Australia attracting millions of visitors every year. The Gold Coast beaches are well connected by road and transportation methods.

It hosts many events in the year like Gold Coast 600 motor racing event. It has lots of world-class landmarks which will make your visit to this place worthwhile.


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