Where To Go For Bungee Jumping In Melbourne: 5 Best Places

Bungee jumping is the most interesting activity one can opt for. Standing on the edge of a mountain and feeling your heartbeat like crazy in excitement is an amazing feeling. 

White water rafting and skydiving are some other exciting activities that one can try in Australia. You can always look for new locations or buy tickets for your favourite bungee jumping place.

One of the most scenic bungee jump spots globally is Victoria Falls Bungee Jump. People can try a lot of different bungee jumping Melbourne options and choose their best destination.

All About Bungee Jumping Melbourne

When you visit Melbourne, please do not leave before doing bungee jumping. It is the most exciting adventure sport and will be an experience worth a lifetime. You’ll get an option of ticking something off your bucket list. Isn’t that great?

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Melbourne bungee jumping locations are famous all over the world. The unlimited Bungy jumps in Australia are one of the reasons for its popularity. Here is a list of some of the best spots and styles of bungee jumping.

1. Tower Bungy Jump

The Tower Bungy Jump is the best place for adrenaline junkies. It offers one of the best bungy jumping experiences in Australia.

In this place, you’ll get an option to choose from sixteen different jump styles. The instructors will guide and educate you about the rules one needs to follow during the jump.

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During the free fall, you are sure to experience an adrenaline rush and witness a spectacular Bungy site. Overall, this is a very lovely bungee jumping location in Melbourne.

2. Jungle Swing and Bungee Jump Combo

The only place in Melbourne that offers Jungle Swing and Bungee jumping at the same place. Every year-round, this place updates its styles and techniques of a Bungy jump.

The place is located in the Cairns rainforest of Northern Queensland and has a 50-metre-long bungee jumping tower. The people who want to enjoy the best Bungy jump of their lives are advised to climb on this tower, take proper precautions and wait for their jumpmaster to count.

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On the count of 3, you are sure to get an adrenaline flow all over your body. If you want you can book online to save time and rush. 

This place has your back for the people who love jungle swings. After you finish your jump, you can head over to the giant swing. The swing can hold three people for a short course. The swing can go up to a speed of 120km/hr.

Two sports back-to-back is a challenging task for many people. Those who excel at it are sure to have gained an experience worth a lifetime.

No wonder why this place is everyone’s hot favourite.

3. Victoria Falls Bungee Jump

The Victoria Falls Bungee Jump is a trendy place among the Melbourne bungee jumping locations. It offers incredible views along with the best bungee jumping experience. In addition, it also has the mighty Zambezi River flowing under it.

The Victoria Falls Bungee Jump offers a free fall from 111 meters. What makes this place more beautiful is the presence of Victoria Falls in the background.

Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

To experience this excellent bungy jumping, one must be 15 years or above. Other attractions of this place include different water sports and white-water rafting.

The Victoria falls in the background, the Zambezi River flowing underneath, and the lush green environment are the factors that make this place more beautiful.

4. Cairns Skypark And Gaint Swing Combo

Skypark Cairns is another famous location in Australia. It offers free hotel transfers and e-certificates to its customers. You can have a two-in-one experience at this place.

It offers the experience of riding a giant swing and along with the experience of walking through a plank.

The Cairns Skypark also offers a spectacular view of the Great Barrier Reef, an add-on for this place.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

It is also the only place in Melbourne that offers plank walking and giant swing riding at the same place.

People generally have a great time here walking on the plank at a height from sea level. It is a clear plank, and people can see what is underneath while walking. IT can be challenging for people who suffer from fear of height. If you can overcome this fear, skywalk plank will be your favorite place.

5. Barron River Rafting, Skydiving and Bungy Jumping

Located in Cairns, this place offers adventure water sports like white water rafting and skydiving and bungy jumping.

It also offers a triple challenge to the people who are adventure lovers. It is a two-day challenge that is further divided into sections. On the first day, the customers are picked up from their Cairns accommodations for white water rafting, and on the second day, they are picked up for skydiving and bungee jumping.

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The customers are also provided with accommodations for their convenience. In case of any problems, they also provide the facility of free hotel transfer.

In short, people should try this experience at least once.

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Bungee jumping is considered an extreme sport. Most people find it interesting, while some are still afraid to try. Besides bungee jumping in Australia, people can also try other water sports like sea kayaking and rafting. 

Sydney and water sports go hand-in-hand. The white-water rafting place in Sydney is everyone’s favorite, and people tend to visit this place often. The fantastic view and surreal experience are other attractions of this place. It is the best place in the world that offers various sports options to people.

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You can enjoy all these experiences in Sydney and Melbourne at affordable prices. It is designed so that all the customers can get a chance to explore these sports.

Another famous spot for these adventure sports is Cairns. It offers a lot of variety in adventure sports that everyone loves. People from all over the world visit Australia to be a part of all the crazy happenings. Some other places in Australia are famous for adventure sports.


Bungee Jumping Melbourne is famous all over the world. It is seen that people from all over the world visit Melbourne to experience bungee jumping. It provides the best experience at an affordable price range. Read more about amazing things you can do at Auckland. 

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