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11 Super Things to do Daylesford this Year

Daylesford is a spa town located in the Home county of Hepburn, Victoria, Australia, larger than 100 kilometres northwest of Melbourne. Let’s know things to do Daylesford this year!

This place was founded in 1852 as a gold-mining town with 2,548 citizens as of the 2016 census. It is popularly known as a spa country.

Daylesford is a top destination because it is one of Australia’s few spa towns. Daylesford attractions include greenery, nation-styled bed and breakfasts, and the town’s numerous spas, restaurants, and galleries. You can also visit some of the famous destinations of Australia on your trip to Australia.

Daylesford is a beautiful destination.

Daylesford is the type of place to visit whenever you want to slow down and appreciate the finer things in life.

.It is now a flourishing mix of exotic art galleries, posh boutique shops, farmers’ markets, and other businesses.

Daylesford could be the ideal weekend getaway. It’s not far from Melbourne (about 108 kilometres northwest), and it’s nestled in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. It has that nice and cozy, Hotel, natural hot springs vibe.

This article is a comprehensive list of places to stay, eat, and things to do in Daylesford. We’re going to spa country, so pack your things and enjoy the site.

11 Things to do Daylesford with your Family & Pals

1. Hepburn springs

The leafy drive into Daylesford welcomes you to spa country. With Australia’s greatest proportion of natural mineral springs, you certainly get what you pay for and can enjoy your spa treatments.

The ultimate Hepburn mineral springs reserve bathing experience is amazing. It is three kilometres from Daylesford.

Hepburn bathhouse and spa facility is divided into two sections: the historic Bathhouse, which includes a mineral bath and a spa bath, and the modern Bathhouse.

The Sanctuary, a newly built area, offers truly rejuvenating spa treatments, with a sauna, steam bath, spa couches, endota spa, and an open-air bathing space where you can let your troubles float away while relaxing in Hepburn Bath.

Some brave souls drink the tangy, mineral-rich water (pump stations are available at different places), while others bathe in it for its reputedly therapeutic properties.

Things to do in Daylesford
Photo by Kunal Kalra on Unsplash

2. Take your time in Mill Markets

Check your pulse if your jaw does not drop below your shoulder line when you walk into the Amazing Mill Markets.

This vast indoor market is brimming with a dizzying array of books, furniture, clothing, and all manner of kitsch and odd memorabilia. Allow yourself at least a half-day to complete it.

Enjoy a great walk down memory lane as you browse hundreds of thousands of items for sale at all 3 places, with over 400 stallholders across three venues, Australia’s largest mix of collectibles, home furnishings, antiques, vintage, fashion, and industrial.

Everyone will find something to their liking! Explore the ‘Golden Triangle of the Incredible Mill Markets while enjoying top-notch food and coffee at every location.

3. Enjoy your picnic at Hanging Rock

Make your Hanging Rock picnic a memorable trip with your lunch from nearby farm gates, provedores, and wineries, and serve it with a side of theatre and curiosity in the company of beautiful wildflowers, roos, and parrots.

Whenever the area bursts with colour in spring, it’s difficult to deny the Rock’s supernatural qualities.

The sanctuary is home to nearly 100 indigenous plants and 40 species of birds, koalas, kangaroos, sugar gliders, echidnas, and wallabies.

4. Shop Vintage Clothes

Daylesford is recognized for its amazing collection of elegant and vintage shops, and you could easily spend several hours, though not days, browsing through them all.

There’s the Brick Lane Bazaar and Artedeco, both of which are located just off Vincent Street. Both have fantastic collections of vintage furniture, clothing, collectibles, memorabilia, fine china, and books.

5. Cocktails at Frangos

Many passers-by are drawn to Hotel Frangos by the circa 1880s architecture and distinctive wrought iron gates. Still, it’sthe cocktail collection and prime people-watching opportunities that keep them there!

This notable edge on Vincent Street is draped in grapevines and features Parisian-style row seats on the pavement, making it the ideal place to unwind with a beverage and plan your next move. After several days in Daylesford, that could also become a permanent one.

6. Room around Daylesford’s Streets

Surrounding area with plenty of history has unfolded here, modern and simply taking in the vibe of a major highway, with its heritage homes and trendy cafes and galleries.

7. Hepburn’s Cliff Top

Do you want to get a little even more out of town? Cliff Top in Hepburn is a must-see. The Cliff Top property is mostly glass, framing breathtaking views of an old pine forest and bushland.

Sip a glass of Champaign in your spa, warm it up by the French-imported fireplace, and try to sleep gazing out the window at a million stars. You’re not going to have to leave this place.

It’s a world of gleaming flames and breathtaking views from windows that drop from the spot of an old forested area down a sheer cliff face and unroll onto native bushland below.

Clifftop at Hepburn, designed by Daylesford architect Robin Larsen, is a stunning getaway of exceptional design and unrivalled luxury. Remember that this place is extremely popular, so you’ll need to act quickly.

8. Lavandula

Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm, located twenty minutes north of Daylesford, Victoria, transports you from rural Victoria to the heart of Europe.

Please take a deep breath and lose yourself in the purple haze as you visit the store for skin care products, fragrant oils, and fragranced bags of dried blooms.

9. Daylesford Cider

With craft cider made from English heritage-listed cider apples and an English-style cellar door, Daylesford Cider Co transports you to the rolling green hills of England.

There’s a nice garden with enough space to soak up some rays or let the kids and pups run wild. However, we prefer to visit during the colder months, when a mulled cider by the warm cozy fireplace is the ideal remedy for the evolving leaf and brisk air outside.

Grab a flavorful plane to sample the best ciders on offer, which are best paired with a wood-fired pizza, hearty toastie, or delectable apple crumble.

10. Vincent Street Retail Therapy

The magnificent Victorian-era architecture along Vincent Street, Daylesford’s main retail strip, is teeming with diverse clothing and home furnishing boutique shops, food stores and cafes, and even a fourteen-room bookshop housed in an old bank.

To ensure you don’t miss anything, work up one side of a street, then back down the other. Expect a few detours to the car to decline off shopping bags — resistance is futile.

Things to do in Daylesford
Photo by AT on Unsplash

11. Lake

While it may be difficult to believe, Lake Daylesford, the town’s tranquil recreational centrepiece, is artificial.

Wander the entire length of lake Daylesford, then stop for a bite to eat on the deck of the Boathouse Fast food place.

If the water looks enticing and you’ve brought your bathing suit, there’s a small resort at the close of Chatfield Avenue on lake Daylesford’s southern hemisphere.

For locomotive enthusiasts, the market is next to the heritage railway, and heritage trains run from the need to the town of Bullarto every Sunday.

12. Walking through the Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens

The scenic Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens is a famous destination to vacation in Daylesford, no matter the season.

They are located on the top of the ubiquitous Wombat Hill, an active volcano seen from almost every corner of Daylesford.

Things to do in Daylesford do not end here. The list is long and full of fun.

Best Daylesford Restaurants

This is many restaurants in Daylesford, but these are the famous restaurants you should visit.

  • Pancho Cafe

You can satisfy your sweet tooth head to Pancho Café on Vincent Street. The rustic café serves an all-day breakfast menu in furthermore to a choice of pastries and sweet treats.

Caffeine hit combined with avocado toast and a steamed egg on toast is the ideal hangover cure from a day of delicious cocktail taste and an evening at the Farmers Arms.

  • Wine at Passing Clouds Winery

No trip to a rural gourmet hub is complete without spending an afternoon among the Passing Clouds Winery, located just a few minutes from Daylesford center, which is a great place to spend your time.

Passing Clouds is a family affair, evident throughout their offerings, particularly in the dining room, where the thought of sharing a rustic communal dinner with family members comes alive with their spit-roasted meats and raw vegetables, bread, and salads.

With a small, mostly handcrafted approach to wine production, getting in past Clouds is about conserving the different flavours of the scenery.

The plums that you can smell during a wine tasting at their Cellar Door.

  • Sault Restaurant

There are two things you should be aware of regarding Sault. It has very influencing vibes that will make you spend a long time in fine dining.

You will also enjoy the place if you want to eat somewhere that is breathtaking so that you’ll be getting excited about it to your grandchildren in 50 years.

The Sault Restaurant is set on a 125-acre estate with views of its lake and lavender fields, set against the Wombat State Forest postcard backdrop. You can choose from a variety of tasting menus.

Things to do in Daylesford
Photo by Daan Evers on Unsplash
  • Gin flights

Animus Distillery, founded by group members with a passion for gin, fresh ingredients, and sustainable materials, is a must-see for a drink while still in the Daylesford neighbourhood. The distillery is 30 minutes from Kyneton town, which is in the Macedon ranges.

Animus higher budget small-batch, handcrafted Aussie gin from native Australian botanicals.

  • Farmers Arm

If you’re looking for a way to drink aside 2020 and end up in the 19th century, the Farmers Arms is Daylesford’s gift.

The pub, built in 1957, is a town landmark and has long served as a dependable water hole for locals. After lunch, head to this pub for a no-frills, true Aussie country pub amazing atmosphere (or dinner).

Places to stay in Daylesford.

L’Atelier Daylesford

L’Atelier Daylesford is a boutique Airbnb in the heart of town that will serve as the ideal basecamp if you’re looking to certify yourself as a local official.

This apartment, located just a skip away from the main attractions, provides an invaluable combination of comfort and style.

The apartment sleeps six people and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Lake House

The Lake House is a luxury hotel in Daylesford with six acres of national gardens. The road extends to the lake, providing guests immediate access to the water and walking trails.

The lake house property features a restaurant, bar, spa, cooking class, conference rooms, wedding venues, and tennis courts. There’s no reason to leave the lake house, which feels like heaven.

Apart from the famous places to stay, you can also check out other sites for your stay in Daylesford.

Plan your trip to Daylesford, Victoria, leave the tension of everyday life behind, and work your way the right way. Take a bath in the region’s healing mineral springs and indulge in various wellness treatments with healing waters and outdoor activities.

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