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Puberty Blues Cast: 4 Intriguing Facts

The cast of Puberty Blues and the tv series has reached the pinnacle of interest in recent days. This rise in the public interest is mainly due to the re-streaming of the series on Netflix.

Puberty Blues is an Australian television series of romantic-comedy-drama telecast on network ten in 2012 (series 1, 8 episodes), and 2014 (series 2, 9 episodes). The series originally adapted the novel of Gabrielle Carey and Kathy Lette bearing the same name written in 1979. The series was co-produced by Imogen Banks & John Edwards.

The novel meticulously depicts the coming-of-age of two inseparable teenage friends Debbie and Sue Knight in the male-dominated Australian beach surfing society in Southerland Shire, Sydney, Australia back in the 70s.

The Cast Of Puberty Blues

A film was made based on the novel with the same name ‘Puberty Blues’ in 1981. The tv series took the imagination of the Australian tv audience by storm and was an instant hit. The Puberty Blues cast of the puberty blues achieved stardom overnight.

It was like presenting a slice of the Australian beach surfing community of the 70s to the people of Australia of 2012. Inspired by the audience response a 2nd series was produced in 2014 with almost the same cast. With the Greenhills gang girls in the show the series went off air subsequently.

Now NETFLIX Australia is streaming all episodes of this Australian classic once again. As a result, the public interest in the series increased manifolds.


1. The Authors

The real stars amongst all others are the author duo Gabrielle Carey and Kathy Lette who wrote the novel Puberty Blues. They were 20 years old when the novel was first published in 1979. Puberty Blues is the story of their own lives and those of the people around them in suburban Australia during the social chaos of the 70s.

During the early 70s, the middle baby boomers were attaining their adolescence and early childhood. Emerging pop culture, post-Vietnam war anti-establishment sentiments, the sexual revolution, etc. were rocking Western Societies.

The rapid change in the societal fabric and the lifestyles of teenagers and young adults had struck the Australian shore by then. Violence, Sexuality, unruliness, abortion, drugs, etc. became the instruments of rebellion for the teenagers, including girls, against the establishment.

Girls were trying to break the boundaries by intruding into the domains reserved for boys until then. As a result, there were frequent conflicts with the gender politics prevailing at that time and gender war began.

The same happened within the beach surfing communities during the surfing season as well. Girls started surfing making the statement that they are more than merely sex toys, and this didn’t go well with the boys.

Not only for teenagers, but the lives of their parents were also changing very fast with bankruptcies, secret life, inertia against ongoing rapid changes, generation gap, etc. were putting the existing order of the society in jeopardy.

The authors lived the experience and chronicled an authentic portrayal of the era in their novel. They knit an unbiased and true history of the changing time, especially its impact on teenagers. It’s heartening that the cast of the puberty blues and the creators of the series follows the novel closely, making it so enthralling.

2. The Star Cast of the Series

Brenna Harding as Sue Knight

The cast of Puberty Blues - Brenna Harding as Sue Knight
By Eva Rinaldi/Flickr. Copyright 2022

The cast of this series starts with one of the two protagonists Sue Knight portrayed by Brenna Harding.

Brenna Harding (DOB May 19, 1996) is an Australian television and film actress best known for her acting in the lead role of Sue Knight in Puberty Blues.

She was nominated for the coveted AACTA Award for Best Young Actor in 2013 and won the 2013 Logie Award for Most Popular New Female Talent. Her portrayal of the character of Sue Knight in Puberty Blues is commendable.

Ashleigh Cummings as Debbie Vickers

The Cast of Puberty Blues - Ashleigh Cummings as Debbie Vickers
By Eva Rinaldi/Flickr. Copyright 2022

Ashleigh Cummings (DOB 11 November 1992) is a versatile artist. She has an impressive acting career on stage, in television series, and in films. Ashleigh Cummings also recorded vocals with Dan Webb in his debut album.

The inclusion of Ashleigh Cummings has enriched the cast of the Netflix series. Her portrayal of the role of Debbie Vickers with all her conflicting emotions is the jewel of the series.

As an outcome of her brilliance in acting, she earned nominations for almost all film & television awards in Australia. She is a perfectionist as well. She took surfing training for her role as Debbie Vickers in Puberty Blues.

Sean Keenan as Gary Hennessey

Sean Keenan as Gary Hennessey
By Eva Rinaldi/Flickr. Copyright 2022

Sean Keenan (DOB 18 January 1993) is the main male protagonist in the cast of the Gary Puberty Blues playing Gary Hennessey in the series Puberty Blues. He has appeared in several films, Television shows, and stage. Puberty Blues is enriched with his acting in one of the male lead roles.

Ed Oxenbould as David Vickers

Ed Oxenbould as David Vickers
By Robert Connolly/ Flickr. Copyright 2022

Ed Oxenbould (DOB 1 June 2001) is an acting progeny who is acting since he was 10 years old. He has already acted in several films and television series. In Puberty Blues, he plays the important role of 10 years old David Vickers and does full justice to the role.

Charlotte Best as Cheryl Haynes

Charlotte Best as Cheryl Haynes
By Eva Rinaldi/Flickr. Copyright 2022

Charlotte Best (DOB 16 January 1994) is a model & actress. She has acted in many tv series, movies and has appeared in top fashion magazines as a fashion model since she was very young. Charlotte Best shines in this series as Cheryl Haynes.

Isabelle Cornish as Vicki

Isabelle Cornish (DOB 22 July 1994) is known for her roles in different television series, especially her role in all episodes of Puberty Blues.

Susie Porter as Pam Knight (Sue’s Mother)

Susie Porter as Pam Knight (Sue’s Mother)
By Eva Rinaldi/Flickr. Copyright 2022

Susie Porter (born 1970 or 1971) has an impressive career with long lists of films and television series to her credit. She has also earned several accolades for her acting skills in films and television shows.

Daniel Wyllie as Roger Knight—Daniel Wyllie (Born 1970) is a veteran artist known for his long acting history and he proves his worth in this series as well.

Claudia Karvan as Judy Vickers (Debbie’s Mother)

Claudia Karvan as Judy Vickers (Debbie’s Mother)
By Eva Rinaldi/ Flickr. Copyright 2022

Claudia Karvan (DOB 19 May 1972) did a splendid job as Debbie’s mother. It was quite expected because she has an impressive career and is 21 times nominated actress who has won the top spot 6 times.

Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Martin Vickers

Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Martin Vickers
By Eva Rinaldi/ Flickr. Copyright 2022

Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (DOB 19 September 1973) plays the important role of Debbie’s father quite reliably.

The series will not be complete without the mention of casts in two vital roles.

3. The Scriptwriters

The coming-to-age comedy-drama is written by Tony McNamara, Alice Bell, Fiona Seres, Jonathan Gavin, Shyt Henderson-Croft. A special thanks to them as they followed the main Novel ‘Puberty Blues’ quite closely.

The novel captures the lives and emotions of the small suburban Australian beach surfing community, especially teenagers, so meticulously that too much deviation could have been the spoiler.

One more applaud to them to show everything as it was actually in the 70s. There is no exaggeration of disturbing crime scenes, nudity, and substance abuse. They are there just to carry the story forward justifiably.

4. The Creators

The series is co-created by John Edwards and Imogen Banks. They must be applauded for their aesthetic sense and restraints.

The picturization of the beautiful sea, surfing scenes, beaches, and the locale of the peaceful and beautiful hamlet of Australia is a testimony of their aesthetic sense.

Their sense of restraint has navigated the series to its final destination, unfolding the coming-to-age saga of the protagonist duo – Sue Knight and Debbie Vickers. Otherwise, the story had all the provocations to become either a dark movie, a crime thriller, or erotica.


The beauty of raw realities of adolescence in a picturesque Australian suburban beach society in the early 70s is entertainingly depicted in the series. Altogether, the series is a real treat for the viewers. Wanna know more about Katherina Langford, check out this amazing article.

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