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The Best Places to Visit in Tasmania

Tasmania is a state in Australia, nicknamed “Tassie,” which is the 26th most significant island in the world. There are many places to visit in Tasmania which are famous and incorporate natural attractions.

places to visit in tasmania
Photo by Steve Penton from Flickr

It is the less populated state of Australia and is surrounded by 1000 more islands. It is settled 240 km to the south of the Australian mainland, capturing an area of around 90758 km²(including land = 68,401 km² + water = 22,357 ²) after separation due to rising sea levels that formed bass strait.

Hobart is the state capital and the largest city among the various towns in Tasmania. Tasmania is found to have the second smallest economy in Australian states and territories formed because of agriculture. It is the most significant agricultural exporter, tourism as there are many places to visit in Tasmania and aquaculture facilities.

Various places to visit in Tasmania include many national parks, historic sites, islands, valleys, markets, museums, farms, waterfalls, gardens, beaches, lakes, mountains, etc. These serve Tasmania as a tourist destination attracting people from Australia or other tourist destinations in other countries to visit Tasmania.

The list of places to visit in Tasmania is as follows:

1 . The Tasman Peninsula

Photo by Prince Roy from Flickr

The Tasman Peninsula is situated on the southeast coast of Tasmania in Hobart, which includes many designations considered tourist attraction spots worth exploring. 

Places to Visit in Tasmanian Peninsula

a) Freycinet National Park

Photo by Peter Robinson from Pixabay

Freycinet national park was the first national park established in 1916 to protect the spiky coastline and pure and fresh white sand beaches nearer to coles bay town on the east coast of the Freycinet peninsula.

Freycinet national park is the most popular place to visit in Tasmania as Tasmanian attractions reflect its natural beauty. The two most famous attractions of the Freycinet national park are wineglass bay and rough red and pink granite peaks called hazards.

Freycinet national park is also used to protect 49 endangered species only found in Tasmania, including the world-famous Tasmanian devil, wombat, quoll, and various rare breed dolphins and whales. When talking about birds, red-necked wallabies, white-bellied sea eagles, and many other breeds, eagles and parrots are usually found.

Tourists can enjoy many hiking trails of wineglass bay lookout, Mount Amos, hazards beach, sleepy bay, cape Tourville, etc. Enjoy sunrise and sunset together with the peace and satisfaction of beaches with seeing wildlife in its natural habitat.

To protect wildlife, there are many rules used to be followed by visitors and natives like you cannot drive vehicles at high speed as you are sharing the road with wild species, even some places are restricted to visit in the park. You are even allowed feed or treat animals only if it is recommended to be safe according to park rules.

b) Bruny Island

Bruny Island is located within the Tasman Sea on the southeast coast of Australia, separated by the Tasmanian mainland through the D’Entrecasteaux channel. In 1996 Brunyy island was disabled from service and became a part of the fantastic South Bruny National park, which shows natural scenery and protects wilderness.

Photo by Peter Robinson from Pixabay

Bruny is an opening Island open in places to visit in Tasmania throughout the year for adventure trips and take a look at bushwalks, coastal tracks, beach wandering, and impressive coastline on a cruise or sailboat.

On Bruny Island, what attracts tourists and are famous are Dennis point, Robert point, Great bay, the Neck, Lunawanna, cloudy bay, oyster bar, cheese Factory, and oyster farms vineyard. The most crucial cape Bruny light first glowed in 1938, a recognizable fourth-longest lighthouse in Australia and third-longest in Tasmania.

Bruny Island is also famous as a foodies paradise serving local delicious foods and vines and enjoying bird watching on the day trip as the white eagle, wallabies, albatross, fairy penguins, fur seals, etc. are found there.

c) Tasman National Park

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

Tasman National Park is located on the vast Tasman peninsula offering a beautiful view of sea cliffs and Southend highest 300-meter cliff dolerite with coastal sceneries, two irregular geological formations as blowholes, Tasman arch, waterfalls, white sand beaches, a remarkable cave, tessellated pavement, bushwalk, waterfall bay, the Devil kitchen, and most famous three cape track that is a one way 46 km track for enjoying trails which starts for port Arthur and end at Fortescue bay including natural diversities like bush tails possums, Australian fur seals, penguin, dolphins, migrating whales, swift parrot, etc.

Tasman National Park is considered to be one of those places that offer the most beautiful sceneries in Australia which put Tasman National park on the list of best places to visit in Tasmania.

d) Mount Field National Park

Mount field national park is the first and oldest park of Tasmania homeland of the world’s tallest eucalypt forest considered a park of all seasons located in the west of Hobart facilitating both view and climate due to which it is named among the best places to visit in Tasmania also kept in Tasmania’s wilder world heritage area.

Photo by Dan Breckwoldt from Shutterstock

Mount field national park consists of Russell Falls, Horseshoe Falls, lady Barron Falls, Dobson lake famous for day trips, etc. Various animals found in Mount field national park are wallabies, wombats, eastern quoll, cockatoos, etc.

e) Cape Pillar

Photo by José Barbosa from Pexels

The Cape pillar is beneficial for coastal scenery and offers the most fearful sea cliff in the world also famous for trails and camping found to be situated on the Tasman Peninsula on the southeast coast of Tasmania.

f)  Maria Island National Park

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

Maria island national park was established in 1972 on Tasmania’s east coast 1972 holding complete Maria island. The history of Maria island includes many periods as a convict, farming, and industrial.

Maria island is most popular for painted cliffs at Hopeground, the Reservoir circuit for wildlife view, and is also treated as a hotspot for bird watching like the swift parrot, grey kangaroo, barren geese, forty spotted pardalotes, white-lipped snake, seal, and whales.

The best places to visit in Tasmania’s Maria island national park are the marine area, fossil bay, and Darlington probation station which is a convict site.

g)  Cape Hauy

Photo by Mandy Creighton from Shutterstock

Cape Hauy is treated as one of the tracking destinations along with the Three Capes track accessible from Fortescue bay located in Tasman National Park accompanied by beautiful views.

h) Cape Barren Island

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

Cape Barren Island is the largest island of Furneaux Group located off the northeast coast of Tasmania, Australia on the Bass Strait.

i) Fortescue Bay

Photo by Vadim Lu from Pexels

Fortescue Bay is a part of Tasmanian national park located on the southeast coast of Tasmania nearest to port Arthur offering many tracks and trailing options.

j) Flinder Island

Photo by Asuna Lyne from Pexels

Flinder Island is located in the northern Bass Strait, Victoria, and is the largest section of the Furneaux Group island.

k) Eaglehawk Neck

Photo by Steven Penton from Flickr

Eaglehawk Neck is a narrow link that connects the Tasman Peninsula with Tasmania’s mainland and also with the Forestier Peninsula.

l) East Moncoeur Island

Photo by Iqx Azmi from Pexels

East Moncoeur Island is located in the northern Bass Strait, Victoria, and is one section of Tasmania’s Redondo Group.

The Tasman Peninsula is a hub of places to visit in Tasmania that offers exciting views of scenery, adventurous outdoor hiking, walking trails, beaches, bird watching, wildlife views, camping, sky diving, etc attracting most tourists.

2 . Port Arthur Historic Site

Photo by Digital Buggu from Pexels

Port Arthur is a historical site and one of the historic towns in southern Tasmania, sitting on the Tasman peninsula and serving as an outdoor museum listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites list established in 1830 is one of the most famous and historical places to visit in Tasmania that attract tourist toward it.

Port Arthur’s historic site is turned into a museum to protect the vast prison, the remaining shell of the Convict church, Isle of the dead, harbor cruise, garden, port Arthur gallery pass for art lovers, house museum, etc. with their own story. Port Arthur is preferred as a place to visit with guided tours to enjoy its worthiness.

3 . Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava from Pexels

Cradle mountain lake St. Clair National park is a place where cradle mountain is located which is in the core piece of the wild national park where dolerite type of rock is found on the west coast of Launceston.

Places to visit in cradle mountain national park are Dove lake circuit, various trails on horseback, cradle mountain wilderness experience, cradle mountain canyons, hiking overland track, barn bluff, Hanson’s peak, pencil pine fall, and wombat pool makes this place a world heritage area and also among one of the best places to visit in Tasmania.

Cradle mountain national park is famous for its delicious food, vines, nightlife, and especially wilderness as wombats, Tasmanian devil, pink robbins, tiger snake, etc species are found there including flora and fungi of type alpine, subalpine, button grass with various parasitic profitable ecological fungi is also landed there.

4 . Liffey Falls

Photo by Jonathan Meyer from Pexels

Liffey Falls is named to a connection of 4 waterfalls(Alexandra falls, Hopetoun falls, Albert Falls, Victoria falls,) and the Liffey river located in the midland region of Tasmania. The main attraction why tourists consider Liffey falls among the best places to visit in Tasmania is especially two walk trails considered in Liffey falls state reserve.

5 . Mount Wellington

By: Julia Volk from Pexels

“Mount Wellington or kunanyi” is a mountain situated in the largest city Hobart, wellington range within the wellington park reserve on the southeast coast of Tasmania, Australia. Mount wellington offers great opportunities for various trails, climbing, camping, picnic, and tracking that attracts tourist and force them to consider Mount Wellington as one of the best places to visit in Tasmania.

6 . MONA Museum and Art Gallery

Photo by Riccardo from Pexels

The Museum of old and new art is a privately funded art gallery owned by David Walsh, established in 2011, and consists of a collection of new, old and contemporary art altogether situated within Morilla winery in the capital city Hobart on the Berriedale peninsula Tasmania, Australia.

7 . Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Photo by Irina Iriser from Pexels

Royal Tasmanian botanical gardens are the best place to visit in Tasmania if you want to know about gardening, ancient and rare plants, seeds, and vegetation techniques spread across 14 acres the only subantarctic plant house in Australia was established in 1818. Tourists can enjoy port Arthur wall, Herb gardens, Cactus House, Botanical shops, etc.

8 . Richmond Bridge

Photo by Oziel Gómez from Pexels

Richmond Bridge is a historic place included in the Australian national heritage area. It is Australia’s oldest bridge established around 1825 full of ancient stories.

9 . Cataract Gorge

Photo by Ken Cheung from Pexels

Cataract Gorge is located in Launceston, Tasmania about 1.5 km from the city center providing various wild species and fascinating sceneries.

10 . Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park

Photo by Antony Trivet from Pexels

Franklin Gordon wild watercourses park may be a combination of Gordon watercourse and Franklin park situated in the western state capital marked in 1908. it’s a section of the Australian state geographical region World Heritage space.

Franklin Gordon wild watercourses park offers varied watercourse cruises just like the Franklin river, Gordon river, and also the famed land track in the course of lovely sceneries verdure, life views mountain peaks, Lake Rhona, etc.

11 . Satellite Island

Photo by Oliver Schmid from Pexels

Satellite Island is a tiny piece of Partridge island Group that lies nearer to the southeastern coast of Tasmania within Bruny Island and Tasmania’s mainland offer bird watching and many fruitful herb plants.

12 . Salamanca Market Place

Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding from Pexels

For the people who love shopping then probably Salamanca market is the best place to visit in Tasmania for them. Well, this is a local street market with more than 350 stalls consisting of local fresh products, arts, and crafts and had won many awards of excellence located in Hobart. People can visit this market on Saturday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

13 . Tasmania’s West Coast Wilderness Railway

Photo by Juan Salamanca from Pexels

Tasmania’s west coast wilderness railway offers a special train journey to the ancient rainforest full of historical stories and wonderful sceneries. Tasmania’s west coast wilderness railway is formed after the reconstruction of Mount Lyell Former Mining town and Mount Lyell railway company in western Tasmania in 2014.

14 . Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata from Pexels

Bonorong wildlife sanctuary is a most famous wildlife park in Brighton, Tasmania marked in 1981 for the protection and care of wild species like the kangaroo, Tasmanian devil, kolas, etc. Animal lovers are advised to visit this place in Tasmania and enjoy their time with those species.

15 . Bay of Fires

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Bay of Fires is a place famous for white beaches, blue sky, and orangish-looking granite creating a view of the fire. Bay of Fire is situated within Binalong Bay to Eddystone Point on the northeast coast of Tasmania.

16 . Tamar Valley Wine Region

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu from Pexels

The people who are fond of wines then Tamar valley is one of the best places to visit in Tasmania as it consists of many grapes yards in the Tamar Valley wine route as wine production is performed here and captures award-winning wineries producing many top-quality wines situated in Launceston on the northeast coast of Tasmania.

17 . Penguin

Photo by Joseph Phillips from Pexels

Penguin is a town established in 1861 on the northwest coast of Tasmania. It is an area on the bass highway between burne and Ulverstone under the central government. Penguin is famous for its seaside town, pretty scenery, and trails in the city center.

Penguin offers hiking trails like Mount Montgomery, Mount Dail, Mount Gnomon, Mount Duncan, Ulverstone, and Wynyard picnic sites with a view of the Ocean, seaside walk, and penguin gathering at penguin point, perry ling garden, color burst Hiscutt park, etc.

On reaching Penguin while roaming around places to visit in Tasmania one must visit Tasmania’s largest market hosted by penguins each Sunday with many stalls loaded with a variety of local and customized products.

18 . The Mole Creek Karst National Park

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava from Pexels

The Mole Creek Karst National park is the smallest National park in Australia situated on the east coast of the mole creek detected on the slope of the Great Western tiers in 1996. The Mole Creek Karst National park is built to protect the environment’s remarkable karst system as karst landforms form with beautiful colors.

Including a large karst landscape of caves, this park also has many skin holes, gorges, streams, springs, underground rivers, and animals like spiders and crickets, which is considered in the Tasmanian wilderness world heritage zone and among the most famous places to visit in Tasmania.

The Mole Creek Karst National park includes an inconsistent underground environment as Marakoopa cave known for its fearful display of huge caverns termed as Great Cathedral, sparkling crystal, glow worms, and music of the underground creek. King Solomons’s cave is a covenant drier enhanced with lavish decorations and unusual formations including shawls, stalactites, and stalagmites.

Together with the above places to visit in Tasmania’s Mole Creek karst National park tourists can enjoy various trails such as Westmorland fall, Sensation gorge fall, fern glade walk before Marakoopa cave.

People can also enjoy natural voice Eco in the Cathedral chamber, local produce delicious foods, and vines but cannot take them with them to the cave also are restricted to take photos in the glow chamber. Well, tours are provided to tourists between 9 am- 3 pm after 15 days earlier booking except on Christmas eve.

19 . Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

Photo by Los Muertos Crew from Pexels

Cascade Female factory historic site is a UNESCO world heritage site that used to be a prison for women, followed by various stories of convict women and their children transported to Van Diemen’s.

Tourists are suggested to visit this place to complete the list of best places to visit in Tasmania under guided tours and plan a day trip because of haunted paths and past stories.

20 . Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

Queen Victoria Museum and art gallery is located in northern Tasmania in Launceston and was established in 1891 and is the largest museum in Australia. This place also has the victoria cross awarded to Lewis Mcfee.

Queen Victoria Museum and art gallery is a gathering of old and new art, history, craft, design, and natural sciences on the riverside wandering zone. Few gems and trails of Queen Victoria Museum and art gallery are museums in Inveresk, the gallery in the royal park, Launceston planetarium, etc., that can attract Tourists to choose Launceston while planning a trip of places to visit in Tasmania.

Tasmania is one of the wonderful places to visit in Australia. The state is full of spectacular locations and destinations that you can enjoy. This article was full of places to visit in Tasmania, but there are much more. Do visit them to find out.

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