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What Are 5 Exciting Facts about Tasman National Park?

National parks are full of biodiversity, wildlife, trails, etc. In this article, we will discuss one of the famous Tasmanian parks of Australia- Tasman National Park. Tasman national park is located on the Port Arthur highway near Tasman island.

Tasman national park has a spectacular coastline, sea cliffs, pirates bay, capes track, totem pole, sandy beaches, colorful coastal heathlands, sea stacks, well-graded trails, and tessellated pavement.

This national park is rich in natural diversity and is home to many threatened species. This national park is equally rich in flora and fauna. The native wildlife of Tasman national park is fairy penguins, wedge-tailed eagle, fur seals, blue penguins, and swift parrot.

1. History of Tasman National Park

In the year 1642, Abel Janszoon Tasman discovers Tasmania. He found both the Tasman culture and Tasmania. This park is working under the Regional Forest Agreement.

Tasman National Park
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2. The Geography Of Tasman National Park

Tasman national park is spread over an area of 107.5 km sq. This national park is located 980 ft above sea level. It is located in the southern coastal regions. Tasman island has columnar dolerite cliffs at the Cape pillar, Australia’s highest sea cliff.

Dolerite is the rarest type of rock found only in mainland Australia. The monumental rock formations, rock hole, waterfall bay, Fortescue bay, and pirates bay takes place in this national park. You can easily view this process from the Southern Ocean.

You can also observe the Candlestick, Cathedral Rock, Totem pole, and Tasman Arch from the southeastern corner.

Tasman National Park
Photo by Stephen Mabbs on Unsplash

3. The Tasman Peninsula

The Tasman Peninsula is located in the southeast of Tasmania. It connects Tasmania with the East Bay Neck. Ocean waters surround it from all directions. In the north direction, it has Norfolk Bay, in the south and west by Storm Bay, and in the east order by the Tasman Sea.

Tasman National Park
Image Source: Depositphotos

The popular attractions of visitors near the Tasman peninsula are the Port Arthur historic site and sandy beaches. There is a fascinating bird area southeast of the Tasman peninsula known as BirdLife International.

4. Best Trails Of Tasman National Park

Tasman national park is full of natural beauty. It is located near the Tasman peninsula, so there are many fascinating trails and natural sceneries that visitors can enjoy.

Some of these natural places are waterfall bay, Fortescue Bay, cape pillar walking track, crescent bay, cape Hauy Track, three capes track, canoe bay, remarkable cave, cape Raoul Track, mount brown, dolerite cliffs, totem pole, devils kitchen.

You can enjoy hiking, camping, walking, and biking in this national park. There is a campground office which will inform you about the camping. Those offices clear the elevation gain of the trails.

Tasman National Park
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4.1. Cape Pillar Track

Cape pillar track is located near Fortescue bay and is 336 km long. It is a very challenging track that takes around 13-14 hours to complete the route. People like to explore this track’s places, forests, and wildlife.

This place is popular for hiking, walking, and birdwatching. This is open year-round, and you can visit this place anytime. It would help if you carried a pair of walking shoes because it is a long walking trail.

There is heavy and unpredictable rain in this area, so be prepared along with your clothing for the shower. Take a compass or map with you to stay updated about the directions.

Tasman National Park
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4.2. Crescent Bay Track To Mount Brown

Crescent Bay is a trail that is 9.2 km long and ends up at Mount Brown. Its elevation gain is 287 meters. Walking on this track and completing it takes only 2-3 hours, so you can enjoy it is just free time you want to enjoy and freshen up yourself in just 2-3 hours.

This place is known as the gem of this area because it has many crystals, clear water, and giant dunes. The views are panoramic, and you can see rocky mountains and the coastlines of the seashore.

4.3. Tasman Coastal Trail

Tasman Coastal Trail is a fascinating coastal journey. You have to walk through the forests and heathland. If you reach the top of the rail, you can see the amazing top views of Cape Hauy and Waterfall bay.

This track takes you to the highest point of the Tasman peninsula, 571 meters in Tatnells Hill. Take some important things like prescribed medicines, food items, and water bottles during hiking on this trail.

4.4. Tunnel Bay Or Shipstern Bluff Lookouts

Shipstern Bluff, near Cape Raoul, is approximately a 30 km boat/jet ski ride from the coast to the Bluff and is regarded amongst the surfing community as one of the most dangerous and wildest locations in Australia.

It is nestled inside the beautiful eucalypt forest of the Tasman National Park, with amazing lookouts. It is a fascinating place, and you can relax and enjoy bird watching and the sweeping coastal views of the cliff edges. 

The trail starts from Stormlea Road and reaches the Cape Raoul Track. If you take a right turn, you will go to Tunnel Bay Track. You can also see the dolphins, seals, and whales in the big waves rolling in.

Tasman National Park
By Bateleur on Unlim

4.5. Bivouac Bay

Bivouac Bay Walk is 10 km long. It is the grade 3 hike situated in the Tasman National Park. It takes around 4-5 hours to complete the walk.

A good place to go hiking and enjoy nature. Enjoy the time to the fullest by forgetting yourself in your heart. Many facilities are available at Bivouac Bay, such as Camping, a boat ramp, drinking water, a picnic, and a toilet. There is a fee for the park entry, so do not forget that.

Things to be taken care of are you have to supervise your children. There are also unpatrolled beaches and unprotected track edges, so be aware of them. Pets are not allowed here. You can take your bicycle to enjoy the place by relying on yourself.

4.6. Remarkable Cave Track

A remarkable cave track lies just after Maignon Bay. First, enjoy the beautiful views and lookouts of the Maignon Bay and then step into the Remarkable cave. This cave is tunnel-shaped and formed by crashing waves.

It is near the car parking so you can reach here by walking. There are many ancient sandstone cliffs in the Remarkable cave track. You get amazed by the spectacular views of Penguin rocks and wild waves pounding on the dramatic coastline.

4.7. Three Capes Track

Three Capes Track is a 3-night track that is connected, and they are one-way track that is 46 km long. It starts from Port Arthur and ends up at Fortescue Bay. This track takes around 4 days to complete.

There are many places from which the three capes track passes, such as Mount Fortescue, Cape Hauy, Arthurs Peak, Cape Pillar, and Ellarwey Valley, and ends up the Fortescue bay. This track has a 3-night stay, so there are huts to live in.

4.8. Cape Hauy Track

Tasman National Park
Image Source: Depositphotos

Cape Hauy track is a short steep hill area with a rough surface. This track is moderately challenging, and you will also experience bushwalking during this trail. This track is 9.4 km long, so it will take around 4 hours to complete this track.

This track is the first part of the Three Capes track, and you can enjoy the walk through the undulated woodlands on this trail. There are a lot of seabirds and eagles so that you can take pictures of birds.

4.9. Tasman Arch To Waterfall Bay

Tasman Arch is the shortest trail in the Tasman National Park. So it can be completed in just 15 minutes. It is only 0.9 km long. The elevation of his path is 5 meters. The Tasman arch is a natural bridge. The waves of the Tasman Sea pass below this arch, and it gives an impressive view.

Tasman National Park
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4.10. Cape Surville

Cape Surville is a 2.4 km long trail. It is an out-and-back trail located near the Murdunna. During this trail, you can enjoy the impressive views of the rocky coast and cliff edges. This place is very calm so you can even relax for some time. This trip is very nice for the few hours of entertainment.

4.11. Mount Fortescue Bay

Fortescue Bay has a campground with long, towering forests that meet the sea. It is the second-day track of the Three capes track. The two main campgrounds of Fortescue bay are Mil Creek Campground and Banksia Campground. You can take some necessary things needed for camping along with you.

4.12. Cape Raoul Track

Cape Raoul Track is a very long and rough track. It is a 14 km long track, and it is followed by the heathland and light forests. There is a surprise for the walkers as there is a newly refurbished track. This track starts in the woods and ends up on the cliff edge. This track shows you the impressive and breathtaking views of Tasman national park.

4.13. MacGregor Peak Track

MacGregor Peak Track is a challenging track in the Tasman national park. The way of this track passes through the lush temperate rainforest and takes you to MacGregor Peak.

You can see many species of plants in the rainforest. Due to heavy rain, the area remains moist so that you can see a lot of leeches on this track. It would help if you had a map during this track.

Tasman National Park
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4.14. Tumble Point

The route of the Tumble Point trail is out and back. The elevation of this trail is 647 meters, and it is 18.7 km long trail. 

4.15. Canoe Bay

Tasman National Park
Image Source: Depositphotos

Canoe Bay is located southwest of the Tasman National Park. The route of his path is moderately challenging, and it is famous for hiking, camping, and backpacking. This trail was 16 km long, with some short steep sections. It is a grade 3 trail, and you can also enjoy bushwalking on this trail.

5. Wildlife Of Tasman National Park

Tasman national park protects many animals, birds, and plants. There are many species of flowering plants found in Tasman national park. A herbaceous flowering plant has three species, and these species are found here.

You can also see the rarest shrub Cape Pillar Sheoak in this national park. This shrub grows in the restricted area of Tasman Island to the Tasman Peninsula. Many endangered species of plants are found here, like the Giant Kelp.

There are many different species of birds found in this national park. There is a conservation range of woodland birds in which the endangered species of birds are kept. The endangered species are owned and maintained by wildlife service providers.

Some bird species found in Tasman national park are Forty Spotted Pardalote, Australian fur seal, Swift Parrot, and so on.

Tasman National Park
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Final Note

Tasman national park is located in the southern ocean and has a rugged coastline. Many processes take place in Tasman national park, like rock formations. It is like deep chasm, which means a deep cleft in the earth’s surface.

There are many amazing places in the Tasman Peninsulas, Fortescue bay campground, cape pillar, Tasman Arch, sea cliffs, cape Hauy, capes track, three capes track, cape Raoul, rocky coastline, dolerite cliffs, safety cove, Tasman Blowhole, devils kitchen, tessellated pavement and so on.

There are many eucalypt forests. You can enjoy a short walk, birdwatching, and watching a herd of wild animals. If you want to learn more about wildlife, then you can visit the wildlife service website of Tasman national park.

Plan a trip to Tasman national park and you this trip a lot along with your friends and family.

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