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6 Remarkable Law Schools in Melbourne

Australia is famous in the Asia-Pacific region for having many world-class higher education institutions. A few law schools in Melbourne, Australia, provide degrees anyone can pursue.

Australian law schools also have a global network that helps students participate in exchange programmes or study law at a foreign university of their choice. We will focus on some of Melbourne’s most excellent law schools.

1. Know About the Law Schools in Melbourne

The Law schools in Melbourne have various LLB and LLM degree programs. They also give exclusive courses for deep study and knowledge of modern Law.

1.1 The Victoria College of Law and Justice

Studying Law and justice at Victoria University is like practising in the court area. This law school allows its students to work tie-ups and learn from additional professors and practising lawyers.

This institute gives classes in Australia’s migration law, and they are considered the first to do so. The Victoria College of Law and Justice helps students prepare for many job paths in private setups, government or financial offices, and community law centres.

Their LLB, LLM, and training programmes have strong industry tie-ups. They have many options to help students reach their career goals. It doesn’t need an extra year to do the honours programme in Law at Victoria University.

1.2 Monash University Law Chambers

The Monash Law School was set up in 1963. They now also have campuses in Malaysia and Italy. This law school in Melbourne, Victoria, is one of the best law schools in the world and Australia. Entry to their LLB course is challenging.

The Monash’s Faculty of Law is known for being a lively and forward-thinking law school while teaching an old and familiar subject. They provide law courses of LLB (Honours), LLB (Honours) double degree, J.D., LLM, Clinical Legal Education, and research degrees.

Monash University Australia: Faculty of Law

They are one of the earliest law schools in Australia to include Community Law in their syllabus. The Department of Law also has two Community Law Services centres that are primarily looked after by the students. The Centres offer advice on debt, family, employment, and criminal laws. They also publish materials on law reform.

Monash is also the first law school in Australia to give trustworthy clinical training to LLB and Juris Doctor (JD) students. Students also work with professional advisors and firms through the School’s Family Law Assistance Program.

The David Derham Law School Building contains the library for the Faculty of Law on four storeys. The building’s design exemplifies the popularity of modernism after World War II.

1.3. Swinburne University

There are many reasons to choose Swinburne University. They are the very best for a stable future in legal jobs.

Their position on essential academic rankings worldwide shows their commitment to student achievement. They are known well for their excellent teaching and research.

Swinburne offers courses that lead you to be either in the headlines in a courtroom or make a mark behind the scenes.

Swinburne also draws the best teachers and researchers because of their reputation for providing high-quality education and research. One can either study online or part-time, based on the course. One can also do their coursework during the summer and winter semesters. This can help one keep up with both work and education.

Their law and justice degrees prepare students with the knowledge and skills to help people with the help of one of democracy’s essential tools. One can study policing, commercial Law, criminal or property Law, or related courses here.

1.4 Deakin Law School

Deakin Law School is an Australian law school with a Deakin University tie-up. It has setups in Warrnambool, Melbourne, and Geelong.

Deakin University offers a great choice of law courses. They give LLB degrees after four years. The School also provides postgraduate programmes such as the Master of Accounting and Law, LLM and J.D.

The Deakin Law Clinic, a community legal centre that gives free legal help, is run by Deakin Law School. Five practice groups are available to Deakin law students, covering civil and trade Law, family law, work law, criminal Law, and details for new businesses.

1.5 RMIT Law School

The RMIT’s Graduate School of Business and Law is an Australian graduate school inside the Faculty of Business of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) in Melbourne, Victoria.

The lessons needed to learn about the course of today’s technology-based Law can be learned here.

Law schools In Melbourne
Courtesy: RMIT University

Their law degree is in the academic hub of one of the world’s most lively cities. Australia’s most-known cases occurred in RMIT’s Building, the Magistrates’ Court.

One underlined case at the Magistrates’ Court was of bushranger Ned Kelly. He was held responsible for the murder in 1880 when the building was used as the Supreme Court.

RMIT’s law degree prepares future lawyers for the growing area of Law, from settling problems to changing criminal justice systems. Through the course of study, one will also learn how criminology helps individuals and society via rules, practice, and change.

Students will also be able to study the framework of Law in modern Australian and global society from all angles, covering business activities, Law, governance, sociology, and criminology.

1.6 Melbourne Law School- University of Melbourne

One of the University of Melbourne’s professional graduate schools is the Melbourne Law School.

It is in Carlton, Victoria and has J.D., LL.M., PhD, and LL.D courses. In the World University Rankings 2021-22, the law school was placed first in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region and fifth globally.

university of melbourne

Students must complete their undergraduate degree before joining the law school at the University of Melbourne. It also has a strong student network all over the world.

The Melbourne Law Library also has one of Australia’s most significant law libraries, with a vast selection of legal texts. There are four ways to meet the entry rules to Melbourne Law School. Firstly, through General Entry, then under Melbourne Chancellor’s scholarship programme, through Graduate Degree Package and Fee Place Guarantee.

2. Other Prime Law Schools in Australia

Apart from the above law schools in Melbourne, there are several other finest law schools in Australia, as named below:

2.1 The Australian National University

The Australian National University is situated in Canberra and was founded in 1960. ANU is a leader in legal research. It has five research centres focused on public Law, International Law, and Environmental Law.

Law schools In Melbourne
Courtesy: ANU University

ANU College is next to the High Court of Australia, Commonwealth courts, and federal departments. Students here have a straightforward approach to attorneys, judges, and legislators. ANU provides many scholarships, including the famous Tuckwell Scholarship.

2.2 The University of Sydney

Established in 1855, the University of Sydney Law School is set up in Camperdown, NSW. They offer LLB, J.D., LLM, specialist masters, PhD, and LL.D degrees.

Law schools In Melbourne
Photo by Andy Wang on Unsplash

Sydney Law School also has tie-ups with worldwide universities. They provide many courses, including international student exchange and the chance to study in different countries.

2.3 The University of New South Wales

It is based in Kensington, Sydney. UNSW Law School has LLB, J.D., LLM, and Practical Law Training programmes.

At UNSW, a Bachelor of Law is part of a double degree. This means one can study Law with another non-law degree, like Arts, Commerce, or Science. UNSW Law School has a tie-up with more than 80 overseas law institutions.

3. Why Study Law?

The Law helps us understand the situations that keep our society fair. Studying Law will help you develop the skills to deal with challenges, understand human reasoning, and solve real-life cases.

It will also give you precise solutions and a stronghold of oral and written communication. It’s about ensuring that every part of society functions appropriately and pulling the proper controls when it doesn’t.

4. End Note

Law has become one of the most active and fast-growing lines. Studying Law in one of Australia’s well-known National Law schools gives you an edge. They will equip you with the skills needed to become a famous lawyer and a chance to make a difference.

This article shortlists essential law schools in Melbourne and Australia for readers to choose for themselves. Think about all factors before studying in the right law school.

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