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20 Best Italian Restaurants In Perth—You Must Visit

Best Italian restaurant Perth
Image by Igor Link from Pixabay, Copyright 2022

Best Italian restaurant Perth, who really can blame us for our unwavering devotion to Italian eateries? The real maestros have perfected the art of detectability. Just don’t squander your weekly carb allowance on the mediocre. Authentic Italian takes time and effort to find.

We’ve done the job for you and separated the players from the stayers. Later, you can say thank you very much to us.

Unbuckle your seatbelt, because these are Perth’s top Italian eateries.

1. Lulu La Delizia (Subiaco)

Lulu La Delizia
Image by Nenad Maric from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

Lulu La Delizia is one of the best Italian restaurant Perth, if you’re one of the insane people who refuses to eat spaghetti in a restaurant? Do you think you can make a carbonara at the house? After dining on Joel Valvasori’s masterpieces, you’ll eventually be swallowing your words, as well as a slice of humble pie.

Lulu La Delizia has established itself as one of the top restaurants in the country, not only in Perth. If you don’t like making selections, get the chef’s menu and hope for the burrata (or simply ask for it!)

If you’re looking for the best Italian restaurant Perth—trust us when we suggest that this is an excellent place to start.

2. Galileo Buona Cucina (Shenton Park)

If the Ospitalità Italiana quality stamp isn’t a giant tick of approval, we don’t know what is!

Galileo Buona Cucina is up there with some of Perth’s top best Italian restaurant Perth, with a strong focus on seasonal cooking and ingredients imported from all across Italy.

Over 400 wines from all over the world are available on their wine list.

3. Ischia (Highgate)

Image by Antony Trivet from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

Ischia, which is located on Highgate’s busy Beaufort Street strip is one of the best Italian restaurant Perth, has wowed us with its laid-back ambiance and carb-heavy fare since day one.

They have lots of cheesy treats like fondue, croquettes, and burrata salad, as well as great classics like chili mussels, gnocchi, and pappardelle ragu.

But we can’t get enough of their enormous pizzas, which can be ordered by the meter.

4. Mummucc (Wembley)

Mummucc (pronounced ma-mooch) in Wembley is the place to go if you’re looking for real Italian cuisine. Even though the menu is brief and simple, we can’t decide which dish is our favorite. Don’t worry, the personnel here is nice and eager to assist.

As it is one of the best Italian restaurants Perth, it has fantastic pasta, but the Saffron Capellini, Gamer, and Nduja Butter deserve special attention. Be patient; this location is only open to walk-ins and is always packed, but it’s well worth the wait.

5. Three Coins (Inglewood)

Three Coins (Inglewood)
Image by Wow Phochiangrak from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

Three Coins, which is one of the best Italian restaurant Perth, is just a short walk from Cecchi’s.

This eatery is about as real as it gets—from the Italian team to the red-checkered tablecloths—and it’s run by the Trequattrini family (which, FYI, translates to three coins).

Rustic, regional nice food reigns supreme, with dishes like polenta coated squid, woodfired ricotta gnocchi, and handmade pasta. Pappardelle with slow-cooked wagyu ragu—all washed down with an Italian drop from the beverages menu.

6. Cecchi’s (Inglewood)

Cecchi’s lovely patio is well worth the walk along the Beaufort Street strip, notably on Wednesday evenings when they serve some incredible woodfired pizza and pasta meals for only fifteen dollars.

Quite a fantastic way to begin a week in this one of the best Italian restaurant Perth.

7. Post (Perth)

Post (Perth)
Image by Pexels from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

Post, one of the best Italian restaurant Perth located in the gourmet paradise of The State Buildings, has established itself as one of the greatest in the city.

Expect bold, modern Italian-inspired meals influenced by the greatest Western Australian food of the season, attractively presented in fashionable surroundings.

Whatever you do, save room for dessert because the tiramisu is incredible.

8. No Mafia (Northbridge)

No Mafia, a Perth wine bar, is inspired by Southern Italian traditions; the food is basic but good, and the wine list and Italian cocktail menu are remarkable.

The cheese-filled roman arancini and the smooth and delectable duck pappardelle are our favorites, but everything on the set menu is great.

If they’re just the two of you, a balcony seat with a view of the street is the way to go—what could be more European?

9. Francoforte Spaghetti Bar (Northbridge)

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar (Northbridge)
Image by David Mark from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar, a lovely little establishment nestled away in Williams Lane, is adventurous while remaining unpretentious—a winning combination.

They’ve grown in popularity, and they’ve even given in to requests for gluten-free spaghetti no regretting.’ Bring your bottle of Chianti, some cash, and channel your inner Lady and the Tramp.

10. Birraz Ristobar (Mount Hawthorn)

To be honest, it’s surprising that we took so long to arrive at Birraz. This establishment checks all the boxes: first-rate Italian tapas, seductive pasta, warm ambiance, and great cocktails.

If you can’t decide, go with Egidio’s special selection—for $55 per person for meat (or $65 for seafood), you’ll have all the best stuff brought directly to your table without the hassle of narrowing down choices.

11. Garum (Perth)

Garum (Perth)
Image by user32212 from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

Garum, a large-scale, rustic Roman restaurant brought to us by Melbourne restaurateur Guy Grossi, champions the exceptional local ingredients that first drew Grossi to WA.

The menu is influenced by Roman cuisine and dining customs, and it gives the original heritage building a much-needed modern flavor.

Let us be that gentle nudge in the direction of fried-balls-of-risotto-with-cheese.

12. Capri (Fremantle)

People give two points to each establishment that provides complimentary soup with the main course.

Capri has been prospering since the 1950s, serving honest, hearty Italian dishes and excellent service to the people of Fremantle.

The minestrone is a must-try, and don’t be afraid to pile on the parmesan.

13. Spritz Spizzicheria (Mount Hawthorn)

Spritz Spizzicheria
Image by Karrie Zhu from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

What’s not to like about that? Spizzechiaria Spritz is pure joy & it is one of the best Italian restaurant Perth.

Their great traditional menu is gentle on your money, providing you with extra cash for that Aperol Spritz you just can’t stop yourself from ordering.

What’s the catch? Locals in Mount Hawthorn keep their favorite eatery crowded, but its popularity is well-deserved.

Get your besties together and put on that vintage gingham gown because you’re ready for a big night.

14. Il Lido (Cottesloe)

We all know that beach eating in Perth is a high-risk proposition, but Il Lido has always shown to be a safe bet.

Try this for a date night at Il Lido, when you need a little low-key romance in your life: a spectacular Cottesloe sunset followed by the finest Italian-inspired supper.

It’s okay if you just want to watch Netflix and relax.

15. Si Paradiso (Highgate lulu)

Si Paradiso (Highgate lulu)
Image by Shzn from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

The antique Italian ambiance of Si Paradiso will make you feel like vintage Amalfi has come to Australia.

You can anticipate amazing beverages and a space you’ll never want to leave, all backed up by their mouth-watering classic Italian food.

16. Lalla Rookh (Perth)

Head to Lalla Rookh one of the best Italian restaurant Perth, a super-sophisticated wine store/bar/restaurant with elegant decor and a drinks list longer than most young adult books.

If you’re wanting real Italian with a dash of elegance and a good splash of top-quality wine, head to the enoteca for a glass of Tuscan wine before heading to the dining room for a fresh modern Italian feast prepared by Head Chef Alexandra Haynes.

Their Il Capo meal, which consists of six-course, will leave you well satisfied.

17. Perugino (West Perth)

Image by RitaE from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

Perugino is unquestionably one of Perth’s top finest and one of the best Italian restaurant Perth to visit.

Giuseppe Pagliaricci, the head chef and owner, and his wife Rosalba give a genuine and refined Italian experience that has survived the test of time (they’ve been serving wonderful Italian cooking since 1986).

The food is traditional with a contemporary touch, and the dessert cart is renowned. They also offer a wide selection of wines.

This is the place to go for a memorable authentic Italian experience.

18. Santini (Perth)

Santini Bar and Grill serves a combination of authentic Italian and West Perth cuisines, all prepared in an open kitchen so you can sit there and watch the action develop.

Taste the Handmade pasta, Kalbarri Snapper, Wagin Duck, and New York Strip Sirloin will be available thanks to the woodfire oven & grill.

19. Monsterella (Wembley)

Image by PublicDomainImages from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

You’ll wish Monsterella was your local after just one visit to this family-owned and operated neighborhood eatery. Monsterella is your go-to for a stress-free night out at one of the top Italian restaurant Perth.

It’s casual, BYO, and serves up fiery pizzas and booming pasta. Every night of the week, the place is generally full of loyalists and ardent locals.

Monsterella’s bustle is not just a reflection of the high quality of the cuisine offered, but also of the friendliness of the family-style service. It’s all about Bufalina and Frankie.

20. La Madonna Nera (Mount Hawthorn)

When it comes to this Mount Hawthorn jewel, there aren’t many flaws. It is hard to find anything to criticize as it is one of the best Italian restaurant Perth.

La Madonna Nera not only serves some of Perth’s greatest Italian cuisine but also has one of the best-curated wine lists we’ve seen in a long time. So it’s no wonder they won the WA Good Food Guide’s Best Bar Dining title last year.

You’ll understand the fuss if you taste their Shark Bay prawn with house tartare, chili, and focaccia crostini.


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