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Incredible Woolworths Pet Insurance Choices For You

Woolworths pet insurance is a scheme from Woolworths group of companies. The scheme covers a wide range of causes that may be harmful to your pets and provides access to numerous services and additional benefits.

Safeguard you and your shaggy relatives with Woolworths Pet Protection. It comes with a variety of cover choices for your cat or dog at easy installments.

woolworths pet insurance
Photo by Cparks from Pixabay

About Woolworths Group of Companies

Woolworths is a retail parent company based in Australia with its branches in New Zealand. The company has a chain of supermarkets in Australia and New Zealand. It is the largest Australian country by revenue and the second-largest company in New Zealand.

Woolworth’s main business is in retails and supermarkets. Recently, they started an insurance company- Woolworths insurance company, that stands off from the rest of the insurance companies in Australia. They provide home insurance, landlord’s insurance, renters insurance, CTP insurance, car insurance, life insurance, and pet insurance. You can even get Woolworths home insurance.

pet insurance
Photo by Nick from CreativeCommons

Types of Cover from Woolworths Pet Insurance Policy

Woolworth’s pet protection can cover 80% of eligible vet bills assuming your dog or cat is sick or coincidentally harmed. Woolworth’s insurance policyholders get five types of cover to suit a range of financial plans: Comprehensive Plus Cover, Comprehensive Cover, Standard Cover, Basic Cover, and Indoor Cat Cover for accidental injuries, illness, and routine care. Here is the further information.

1. Basic Cover

  • Get up to $5,000 annual benefit limit or 80% claim on eligible Vet bills with an additional excess of $0 or $200.
  • Provides specified accidental injury along with illness cover.
  • Get access to the GapOnly feature with Woolworths pet insurance.
  • Claim including charges for hip joint surgery that includes hip replacements in the basic cover.
  • A crucial ligament sub-limit claim per leg, per policy every year.
  • Free access to Vet Assist to solve little health problems with your pet.
  • 10 percent off on purchasing from Woolies once a month.

2. Indoor Cat Cover

  • Receive up to $15,000 annual benefit limit or 80% back on valid Vet expenses.
  • Get specified illness cover for the pet.
  • Access to GapOnly feature provided.
  • Get optional dental Illness benefits with Woolworths pet insurance.
  • Also, get benefits for consultation fees with home visits, including up to $300 annually.
  • Free access to Vet Assist feature.
  • 10% discount on a purchase from Woolies shop once in a month.

3. Standard Cover

  • Up to $10,000 annual benefit with a limit of 80% refund on eligible vet bills from Vet.
  • Select an additional excess of $0 to $100.
  • Have specified accidental injury and covers illness too.
  • Access to GapOnly with Woolworths pet insurance.
  • Get a claim for hip joint surgery that includes hip replacements along with a crucial ligament sub-limit for each leg for the complete policy period.
  • Pays for your consultation fees up to $300 annually.
  • Free access to online chat consultation Vet Assist.
  • 10% rebate on purchasing from Woolies shop once a month.

4. Comprehensive Cover

  • Comprehensive pet insurance covers up to $24,000 annual benefit with a limit of 80% compensation on eligible Vet bills.
  • Get an additional excess of $0 or $100.
  • You also get optional non-insurance routine care benefits.
  • Specified accidental injury for pets and illness cover.
  • Access to GapOnly service.
  • Claim for hip joint surgery includes hip replacements and crucial ligament sub-limit per leg for the policy period of Woolworths pet insurance.
  • Get consultation fees up to $300 annually.
  • Free access to Vet Assist.
  • 10% price deduction worth purchasing from Woolies for a single time in a month.

5. Comprehensive Plus Cover

  • Gives you a $30,000 annual benefit limit or 80% payment on eligible Vet bills.
  • Select an additional excess of $0, $100, or $500 from the options.
  • You also get access to optional non-insurance routine care benefits.
  • A specified accidental injury that comes with illness cover.
  • Access to GapOnly feature.
  • Claim for hip joint surgery with hip replacement.
  • Crucial ligament sub-limit for all four legs and per leg for the policy period.
  • Receive consultation fees of up to $300 benefit annually with Woolworths pet insurance.
  • Free access to online chat consultation.
  • 10 percent reduction worth purchasing from a woolies grocery shop on a single purchase.

6. Accidental Injuries Cover

woolworths pet insurance
source: deposit photos

Accidental injury cover can cover your pet for vehicle accidents, fire burn, electric shocks, and hypersensitive responses from bites by another animal. 

Woolworths pet insurance covers any bone fractures, toxic creature’s bite, tendon or ligament injury, a fight wound, a bite wound, a crucial ligament condition, or laceration for your pets.

You will not have any waiting periods for accidents, but your pet should be no less than about two months old to be covered.

7. Illnesses

In case your dog or cat becomes ill, Woolies pet insurance can pay 80% of qualified vet bills. However, pets beyond nine years of age will not be covered for any disease under the Woolworths pet insurance. Similarly, you will have to serve a 180 day or half-year waiting period for crucial tendons claim settlement before you pay the amount.

Examples of some life-endangering illnesses that are covered are cancer therapy and cases that are skin-related issues, eye/ear cases, swallowing a non-edible foreign object, gastrointestinal problems, dental procedures, congenital and genetic conditions, intervertebral disc disease, and non-sensational tick.

However, any pre-existing condition is not covered by the insurance. It implies that the disease must occur after the insurance has been bought for the pet.

pet insurance
Photo by Mirkosajkov from Pixabay

8. Routine Care with Woolworths Pet Insurance

Routine care is consequently included with Woolworth’s extensive pet insurance scheme. It is intended to enhance the care for your pet as it allows you to have a $50 reimbursement for vet visits and well-being checks. It is an added protection to make sure your pet remains healthy. Many insurance subscribers have felt better safeguarding their pets with this scheme.

You can also receive an extra $50 towards the cost of the microchipping, desexing, dental issues, teeth cleaning, dewclaw removal, behavioral therapy, alternative therapies, obedience training, prescription diets, council registration fees, and cremation or burial charges.

Price for Woolworths Pet Insurance Policy

So, how much do you have to pay for the insurance cover for getting such benefits? Here, the article assists you by giving a thought regarding costs for Woolworths pet insurance. It takes into account a couple of things like Australia’s beloved dog breeds in light of things like your dog’s breed, their health statistics in these years as well as your location, atmosphere, climate, temperature, and more.

For the Maltese crossbreed, you have to pay $624.06 for a 1-year policy and $817.95 for a 5-year policy. If you have a Caboodle breed, then you can buy a year policy for $657.19 and a five-year policy at $850.28.

If you own the Labrador breed, then a single-year policy can be bought for the price of $849.97 and $1144.43 for five years policy. For the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Border Collie breeds you can buy insurance at $770.28 for one year and $1026.86 for the five-year policy.

How to Make a Payment?

Those who are interested in purchasing Woolworths insurance can make the payment online. You can also pay directly with your bank account or make the payment through your credit card.

New customers have to set the direct debit option which starts to work under five business days and future payments will be directly deducted from this bank account. You will receive an SMS notification or email confirmation once the payment is successful.

Photo by Merhanhaval from Pixabay

Why Choose Woolworths Pet Insurance?

  • Price Beat Promise – Woolworths pet insurance has the greatest valuation in the market. If you can bring a lower valuation policy, Woolworths will bear the value for your policy.
  • GapOnly – Woolworths pet insurance is one of those few exceptional providers that allow you to get your payment on the spot. Hence, you don’t need to get stressed over claim settlement, but yes you will have to pay 20 per cent of the claim as the company bears the rest of 80 per cent.
  • Higher yearly cut-off from Woolworths pet Insurance – Where the limit of other insurance providers is at $15,000 annually, Woolworths pet insurance provides double at $30,000 yearly. This makes Woolies Insurance the best value insurance policy provider in the market.
  • Supports Pet Rescue – Woolworths pet insurance sends $10 from each new policy bought towards the rescue pet mission. The venture assists rescue operations to help sick and injured animals along with helping them find another home.
  • Routine care included with Woolworths pet Insurance – Routine care which includes organizing activities like immunizations, well-being checks, and therapies like dental therapy, and others, is naturally included with all policies for a certain extra amount you need to pay for it, just like every other policy in the market.
  • 93% Claims Processed – Woolworths pet insurance has a track record of the highest claim settlement in the least period. The article has covered a total of 93 per cent of claims processed in less than 5 days.
  • 35 million Plus Paid – Assuring you that your claims will be settled, over 35 million payments have been made by Woolworths pet insurance for policy settlement. Now, you know that your pets are safe with Woolworths pet insurance.

Additional Benefits

woolworths pet insurance
source: deposit photos

1. Free access to Vet Assist with Woolworths pet Insurance

Get free access to the Vet Assist feature for a policy purchase of $199 or higher. With Woolworths pet insurance Vet Assist, you can have a video call or online chat with an authorized Australian Vet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Woolworths Pet Insurance

1. What is Vet Assist?

Doctor examining Beagle dog with woman assistant at a veterinary clinic
Image Source: Depositphotos

Vet Assist is a feature from Woolworths pet insurance that interfaces you to authorized Australian Vets through video calls or online talk. It permits you to get dependable guidance at home, regardless of whether you are on the way home.

You can address a vet through video call or online chat facility every minute of every day and get consultation notes on whether your pet requires crisis care or not, and on the other hand, you get assurance that you can take care of them even when you have to left them alone at home.

2. What is Routine Care?

Routine care is a service from Woolworths pet insurance that takes care of certain aspects of health checks and procedures regularly to ensure that your pet remains healthy. There are two types of routine care – insurance routine care and non-insurance routine care.

With the non-insurance routine care benefit from Woolworths pet insurance, you can guarantee your $50 yearly advantage on either health checks or vaccination.

Besides another $50 for one of the accompanying aids through non-insurance routine care, you can get services like:

  • Teeth cleaning.
  • Behavioral therapy (By a qualified animal behavioural therapist or vet).
  • Alternative therapy.
  • Dental illness treatment.
  • Desexing.
  • Microchipping.
  • Prescription diets.
  • Prevention against Heartworm.
  • Obedience training (at the recognized facility).
  • Dewclaw removal.
  • Cremation or burial.
  • Council registration fees.

3. Can a person have Another Pet Added to his Insurance?

  • As all pets are remarkable, sadly you can’t take care of various pets under a single policy from Woolworths pet insurance, however, the good news is that you can apply for their policy.
  • You can apply for pet protection for your new pet at Woolworths pet insurance by getting a quote on the web or calling the 1300 10 1234 number.
  • When your pets are covered with Woolworths pet insurance policy, you can add every other pet in their policies to your MyPet Entryway account, so you can manage them online in one spot.

4. How to Call for a Pet Insurance Claim from Woolworths pet Insurance?

There are various ways you can cite a Pet insurance claim from Woolworths pet insurance:

1. Claim your Vet – If your Vet clinic is part of a GapOnlyTM Center, your Vet has the option to represent the case for you with Woolworths pet insurance on the spot while you are consulting the Vet.

2. Claim on the web – You can present a case through MyPet Gateway. Transfer a duplicate of the receipt and the notes from your vet visit and if you are not enlisted then register now.

3. Make a paper claim – You can likewise present a paper called for by finishing a Woolworths Pet Protection form. You can get a copy of the required documents segment of the website, or you can reach them by calling at 1300 10 1234.

5. What is not included in Woolworths pet Insurance?

Similar to many other insurance policies from other pet insurance companies, there are fixed circumstances where you will not be covered, for example:

  • Conditions that happened before the beginning of your pet insurance policy period or during any period before you bought the policy.
  • Dental problems like a teeth fracture or any dental procedures and diseases like gingivitis except you have a comprehensive cover or comprehensive plus cover which gives indicated benefits.
  • Routine items or preventive items such as vaccinations, vitamins, foods, or microchipping. Such items will be covered only if you have routine care cover included in your pet insurance policy.
  • A few elective treatments and medicines are also not covered in the Woolworths pet insurance policy. They are medicated baths, training of various kinds, socialization therapies, behavioural conditions such as anxiety disorders, and cell replacement therapies like stem cell therapy.

6. What is an Excess in Pet Insurance?

This implies the primary measure of a chunk you don’t pay and which you are expected to pay yourself. It has been displayed on your Certificate of Insurance that applies whenever you claim your policy.

The extra amount is deducted from the advantage you get in your policy for each condition treated during the policy time frame that is not connected with some other condition treated during a similar policy period. Refer to your policy document the ‘Cases’ for an illustration of how instalments are determined section for more information.

7. How to Renew the Policy?

At Woolworths, the insurance policy is renewed automatically. If you have opted out of the automatic renewal process, then the company sends a reminder 14 days before the policy renewal date.

It is recommended to opt for the automatic renewal process as your pet will be fully covered under the policy. You can also opt out of the automatic renewal process anytime.

8. How to Get a Refund for My Policy?

When you make a claim online, then the company reviews the claim. You get a refund directly in your bank account once the claim is confirmed by the company. The refund will take 5 – 10 business days as per the financial services guide to reflect in your bank account.

9. What about Customer Support?

Customer support is available on all working days. You can call them during working hours and get support for the issues you may be facing. It is also possible to make a complaint with their customer support. At Woolworths Insurance, people are committed to resolving your disputes as quickly as possible.

10. How to Cancel a Policy?

Let’s say circumstances have changed and you would like to cancel the policy. Then, you can do so by calling at 1300 10 1234 helpline during working hours. Their executive will hear out your problem and offer many services that may solve your problem. You can also get this support over email. And if things don’t work out, then you may cancel the policy at any time.

Pros and Cons of Woolworths Pet Insurance


  • It is seldom beaten on cost. It will match the value in case you can discover a policy from any other company that is less expensive with a similar approach.
  • It is great assuming you shop at Woolies. You get 10% off your Woolies shop once a month.
  • It is great for animal lovers because a part of your charges goes to pet rescue.
  • Its $30,000 yearly advantage limit is superior to most other pet insurance options in the market.


  • It pays 80% of qualified vet charges which is similar to most other insurance policies, however, some like Petsy give you 100 per cent charges for your vet bills.
  • Its 10% Woolies items rebate is not advantageous, assuming that you like to shop somewhere else.
  • Assuming your pet has an ongoing previous condition or is a non-homegrown pet, you will not have the option to get cover.

Reviews of Woolworths Pet Insurance

woolworths pet insurance
source: deposit photos

​​Not satisfied with their reports? You need not worry as the article has arranged reviews from real users across Australia. The reviews have been collected through Woolies pet protection client surveys on websites like productreview.com and other similar websites which have been reviewed for a long time since July 2021. Some of them are given below:

  • “This is a summary of the way Woolworths client acquisition went on different brands.” Taren, Sydney
  • “Most claims are acknowledged under fourteen days.” Bob, Melbourne
  • “It has more than 125 five-star surveys, which is more than Knose and Seniors Pet Protection, however, they have fewer surveys compared to these companies.” Robby, Sydney
  • “It has a higher rating than few of its components including Pet Protection Australia, Knose and Bow Amazing.” Dave, Adelaide
  • “It has more than 270 negative appraisals that are 50 more than its competitors like Pet insurance Australia and Bow Amazing, the two of which have gotten 1,000 more negative appraisals than Woolies.” Peter, Alice Springs
  • The insurance policy is clear and detailed. I like this pet insurance! Cinzia, WA.

These are the reviews to show how satisfied our customers are with our services. We hope these reviews help you choose better insurance for your lovely pets.

A Message to Take Away

Woolworths pet insurance provides financial cover for the treatment of your pet for a wide range of causes that may harm your pets from a wide range of issues. You also get additional benefits and services that no other insurance company provides.

The insurance protects the health interests of your pet with five cover plans including basic, indoor, standard, comprehensive, and comprehensive plus plans. Choose according to your financial needs.

Accidental injuries, illness of pet food, or any other kind are also covered. An extra benefit of routine check-ups for your pet is provided for free. The price for one year plan ranges from $800 to $1100, whereas the five-year policy costs in the range of $800 – $1100.

With affordable plans and features like Vet Assist, Routine care, and GapOnly, and providing pet rescue services, Woolworths pet insurance is the number one choice for pet owners.

With offers like getting a monthly 10 percent discount on shopping from woolies gives a solid reason to buy Woolworths pet insurance. The only disadvantage is that you don’t get a cover for a pre-existing condition.  

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