Here Are The 12 Best Things To Do In Alice Springs

Hey!! Planning to visit Alice Springs? What are you thinking about? There are so many things to do in Alice Springs that you can’t even imagine. It would be better if you plan your schedule before coming here. It will help in saving your time and utilising it to the maximum.

There are so many exciting and interesting things to do in Alice Springs that once you come to this place, you won’t even get the time to think or plan. So better come with all your packing and planning.

And don’t worry; we are here to help you throughout your trip from Alice Springs and plan your visit. Here we are with a detailed list of the best things to do in Alice Springs.

How Many Days Should You Spend in Alice Springs?

It may take about 2 weeks to visit Alice Springs properly. But for those looking to view a few highlights, two nights/three days will be sufficient.

Okay, so much is there to talk about Alice Springs. Before we start listing the best things to do in Alice Springs, let’s talk a little bit about Alice Springs.

Alice Springs: The Heart Of Central Australia

Alice Springs is the third-largest town in Australia’s northern territory and is considered a gateway to the country’s vast and beautiful landscapes. Be it the natural attractions, deserts, mountain ranges, beautiful sights, wildlife, cultural heritage, botanic gardens, live music or caravan parks, Alice Springs has something for everyone.

Best Things To Do in Alice Springs

Let’s have a look at the things to do in Alice Springs –

1. Visit Alice Springs Telegraph Station

The Alice Spring Telegraph Station is about 4 km north of the town centre and is located within the Telegraph Station historical reserve. You can easily visit there by car along the Stuart Highway and Herbert Heritage Drive.

things to do in Alice Springs
Image Source: Alice Springs Telegraph Station Official Site

Key Features

National Park

It is a National park, so dogs or other pets are not allowed there. It is a famous tourist attraction. There are shaded lawns that are perfect for a picnic or barbeque.


It is a historical museum where restored stone buildings, house furnishings and artefacts from the past are preserved for display.

You can gain a lot of information about the history of Telegraph station and learn about the origin of Alice Springs with their guided tours.

Telegram And Post Office

It originally operated as a post office. You can purchase your postage stamp and post your mail at Trail station wi-fi code.

2. Explore The Wildlife At Alice Springs Desert Park

things to do in alice springs
Image Source: Desert Park Facebook Page

The Alice springs desert park is about a distance of 7 km from the town centre, where you can reach by bus, self-driving or hiring a bike. It is one of the best things to do in Alice Springs. The Northern Territory Government owns the Desert Park.

Key Features

Nocturnal Tour

A walking tour with guides will let you see the wildlife, birds and some endangered species found in the foothills of Macdonnell Ranges very closely.

You can easily book your nocturnal tours and spot the reptiles, bats, the Australian bilby, and much more.

Connect With Nature

Explore several species of plants, animals and people in the desert park. You can also learn about the native flora and fauna thriving in Central Australia at the desert park.

Become A Member

You can also become a member of a desert park to enjoy the natural beauty of Central Australia all year roundClick here to know about the details of membership.

Events And Activities

Join the various programs or events there. It will let you know more about the wildlife and culture of the desert park. Some of them are Survival in the desert, Free flying bird show, Kangaroo tales, Partjima- A festival of light and many more.

3. West Macdonnell Ranges Day Tour

things to do in Alice Springs
Chris Watson on Shutterstock.Copyright 2022

West Macdonnell ranges or Tjoritja is a popular National park stretched over more than 160 km. It offers a suitable walk to the visitors that includes swimming holes, a Larapinta trail, and camping grounds.

Key Features


You will enjoy several activities like walking trails, swimming, camping, and hiking along the mountains, rivers, chasms, gorges or gaps in the West Macdonnell Ranges.

Larapinta trail

It is a hiking track of 223 km from Alice Springs to Mount Sonder in the west. You can choose for either day walks or multi-day walks. There are 12 sections in between where you can opt for a food break.

Ormiston gorge

One of the best walks in Australia is the Ormiston Gorge walk, which expands about 8.5 km. Experience the absolute delight of passing through the scenic natural world of lookouts from high points, waterholes, birdlife, ochre red cliffs and icy pools.

Simpsons Gap

It is a 20-minute drive from Alice Springs in the West Macdonnell Ranges. There are many short walks, or you can go cycling and enjoy the magnificent views of the West Macs.


You can also join the provided tours around the range, where you will learn about Aboriginal culture and their bushy foods and medicines.

Dining and Accommodation

There you can enjoy the facility of restaurant and cafe at Ormiston Gorge, Glen Helen, Ellery creek big hole.


Camping facilities are available at Ellery creek big hole and Red bank gorge with basic amenities such as showers and flush toilets.

4. Crawl At The Alice Springs Reptile Centre

Located at 9 Stuart Terrace in Alice Springs Northern territory 087.

things to do in alice springs
Image Source: Alice springs Reptile Centre Facebook Page

It showcases an extensive range of reptiles in the rugged landscape that is itself a great adventure to experience and has the largest collection of indigenous reptiles. Spending some of your time with reptiles is one of the craziest things to do in Alice Springs.

Key Features

You can hold a snake in your hands, cuddle with the crazy lizards or get personal with the huge crocodiles if you dare.

Featured Reptiles

The centre has over 100 reptiles of 30 different species, some of which have been featured in famous National Geographic magazine, The Bounty Hunters TV show, Discovery Channel and many more.

The Reptile Show

While visiting the reptile centre, you can’t miss The Reptile Show, which assures lots of fun and informative talks on lizards and pythons that are handled under proper supervision.

Extensive Range Of Reptiles

The centre has Perentie Goannas, Thorny Devils, Terry the saltwater crocodiles, frill neck lizards, geckos and a lot more reptiles that you can’t spot at any other place.

Snake World

Get introduced to the world of snakes, where most of the snakes are venomous.

The most common snakes kept there are the Western Brown. These are highly variable in colour and extremely venomous but shy. The second most common snake is the Yellow-faced whip snake. These are fast-moving snakes and, again, shy. The third most common snakes caught here are Stimson’s Python. These are tiny and timid snakes of hardly one meter in length and also non-venomous.

Some other snakes captured there are the Curl snake, Venomous King Brown snake, and Centralian Carpet python.

5. Enjoy The Camel Ride

things to do in alice springs
Image Source: Alice Springs Camel Rides Website

One of the most exciting things to do in Alice Springs is to enjoy the camel ride with your family or friends. The kids will undoubtedly enjoy it.

You can’t miss the stunning backdrop of West Macdonnell ranges, whether you are riding in the afternoon or at sunset. Enjoy the rides with gentle and well-trained camels through the LLparpa valley with Pyndan camel tracks.

Key Features

Tour Timings

Camel rides are available at different times. You can opt for anyone or experience all rides. It’s completely your choice. The options available are :

Sunset Tour

It is a one-hour camel ride. Spot the birds, kangaroos, the vast ranges turning red under the sunset skies and experience an iconic Red centre memory ride. You will also get refreshments after this ride.

2:30 pm Tour

Try this one-hour camel ride for a relaxing afternoon and feel the magic and serenity of this sand country on sunny days.

Noon Tour

The third option is to choose the 12-noon tour. It is also a one-hour ride across the Macdonnell ranges with the perfect guides and experts who help you throughout the ride.

Camel Race

Also, try the iconic annual camel race for a unique experience. The race took place for the first time on the dry beds of Todd river in 1970.

The race track is 400 m long and a huge attraction for the spectators.

6. Float With The Hot Air Balloon

things to do in alice springs
Image Source: Outback Ballooning Facebook Page

One of the most exciting things to do in Alice Springs is to float in the hot air balloon alongside the west Macs with the spectacular sunrise in Australian Outback Ballooning.

Wake even before dawn to rise in the air with a hot air balloon and capture the magnificent view of landscapes and wildlife.

Key Features


You can go for either half-hour or full-hour flights. After the flight, the passengers are served refreshments, champagne and tropical fruit cocktails.

Complete Procedure

It takes around 4 hours to complete the procedure, from reservations, hotel picking, and flight to dropping off.

There are well-trained instructors to guide you along with the flight. You will also get a commemorative flight certificate after the journey is over.

7. Experience The Royal Flying Doctor Service

things to do in Alice Springs
Image Source: Royal Flying Doctor Service Facebook Page

Located at 8/10 Stuart Terrace, Alice springs Northern territory 0870 Australia. 

One of the major attractions in Central Australia is The Royal Flying Doctor Service, Alice springs tourist facility. It is also a key player in delivering emergency and essential primary health care services to locals and visitors.

Key Features

Embracing Diversity

All people are welcomed here irrespective of their faith, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • Experience the history and insight into the services in the Royal flying doctor service museum.
  • There is a short hologram presentation about the history of John Flynn. Also, there are some VR experiences for you if you want to try.
  • A display of several models of two-way radios that the remote station used to communicate in the past.
  • A large display of historical medical equipment which was used on RFDS flights in the past is exciting.
  • Also, travel with the aircraft to experience how it feels to be a patient at the height of 15000 feet.
Tour Timings

The tours run every half an hour, and a coach groups facility is also available. You have to book the Coach group facility in advance.

For A Good Cause

It is completely a non-profit organisation as the money received from the online store and tours is utilised only for the replenishment of medical equipment and services.

Donating to a good cause is nice, so this one must be added to your list of things to do in Alice Springs.

8. Explore The Todd Mall Markets

things to do in alice springs
Image Source: Todd Mall Market Facebook Page

Todd mall is one of the most famous pedestrian street markets in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. The market runs from the month of March to December. Your visit to Alice Springs would remain incomplete without wandering on the streets of this famous mall that portrays the aboriginal culture of people here has been popular among visitors over the last 20 years and is one of the fun things to do in Alice springs.

Key Features

Night Markets

The Alice Springs’ night markets are held once a month or on a Thursday night. Night markets are often themed occasionally to match local events that attract both locals as well as visitors.

Wide Range Of Products

A large number of stalls are there in the market that sells a wide range of craft clothing, foods, well-being products, aboriginal art and art galleries, jewellery, honey, hats, mats, dog products, books and much more.

Grab the street foods, have the best coffee or just chitchat with the stallholders; everything is so much fun here.

9. Visit The Kangaroo Sanctuary

things to do in alice springs
Image Source: The Kangaroo Sanctuary Facebook Page

Travelling Alice Springs (Australia) and not getting familiar with the kangaroos that’s just not possible. The famous kangaroo sanctuary is located at Parsons street and Todd mall, Alice Springs, NT 0871, Australia.

One of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries that take care of kangaroos and other wildlife and animals.

Key Features

Rescue Centre

The kangaroo sanctuary was basically a baby kangaroo rescue centre that was established by Chris Barnes in 2005.

Meet Kangaroo Dundee

In 2013 The BBC UK/National Geographic made a documentary, ‘ Kangaroo Dundee’, on the life of these rescued kangaroos that was shown in several countries and got hugely appreciated.

Guided Tours

The kangaroos sleep during the day, so the guided tours start in the late afternoon, just after they wake up. The tour is of 2.5 to 3 hours. You can visit the sanctuary on a pre-booked guided tour.

10. Enjoy In Olive Pink Botanic Garden

things to do in alice springs
Image Source: Olive Pink Botanic Gardens Facebook Page

The next on our list of things to do in Alice Springs is to visit The Olive pink botanic garden. It is located on Tuncks road, Alice Springs, NT 0870, Australia. It is spread over a huge area of 16 hectares, just a short drive away from the town centre.

Key Features

Lush Garden

A really nice laid-out native garden with several trees, shrubs and bushes.

Visitor Centre

There is a small visitor centre that organises various exhibitions during the year where you can learn about several species of native flora and other plants.

There is a meeting room, offices, and cafe with both outdoor and shaded seating arrangements. The venue allows you to organise private gatherings or concerts.

Wild-life And Birds

You won’t get disappointed with this arid zone botanical garden. It brings together the enormous birds and wildlife.

Catch the Black footed rock wallabies, European fox, Feral cat, Common wallaroo (Euro), Hill kangaroos and many other wild animals. Wedge-tailored eagles, Western bowerbirds, Australian ringneck, Cuckoo-shrike, Diamond dove, zebra finch and a lot more beautiful birds can be spotted there.

11. Day Trips To East Macdonnell Ranges

things to do in Alice Springs
totajla on Shutterstock.Copyright 2022

The gaps, gorges and rocks in the Red Centre of Australia constitute the East Macdonnell Ranges. Spend your day trip from Alice bushwalking, camping, and driving in the beautiful natural surroundings of East Macdonnell ranges.

Key Features

There are a lot of things around the east Macdonnell ranges that attract tourists.

Emily Gap and Jessie Gap

It is an aboriginal sacred site where you will get to see beautiful rock walls and paintings. These paintings elaborate on the story of caterpillar dreaming that tells about the formation of Alice Springs. The Jassie Gap is also a famous picnic spot with a number of sacred sites and wall paintings.


One of the perfect spots to visit with family. It displays the old mine equipment and highlights Australian aboriginal culture’s human history. It also has a visitor centre.

Corroboree Rock

It will take around one hour from Alice Springs to drive there. Click your amazing photos on the 20-minute walking track of Corroboree rock.

Trephina Gorge

One of the most beautiful attractions in the East MacDonnell ranges is The Trephina Gorge. Watch the beauty of cliffs and River Red gummed-lined watercourses.

12. Ayers Rock / Uluru

things to do in Alice Springs
Stickybeak TV on Shutterstock.Copyright 2022

It is in the southern part of NT, 335 km southwest of Alice Springs and one of the most spiritual places for aboriginal people there.

Key Features

Experience The Sunrise And Sunset

One of the fantastic things to do in Alice Springs is to enjoy the spectacular sunrise and the amazing sunsets where light changes all its colours from ochre brown to burnished orange to intense red and several colours.

Experience the different landscapes Uluru specifically built for this purpose.

Dinner Under The Stars

Have a memorable dinner under the night sky and twinkling stars deep into the desert. There are several dinner packages suitable for all tastes and budgets.

Walking Trails

There are many walking trails along the base of Uluru. Explore and learn more about the several species of plants, birds, mammals and reptiles along the walk at the base of Ayers Rock or Uluru base.

In the above list of things to do in Alice Springs, we elaborated on the 12 best things and spots where you can spend time during your visit to Alice Springs and make your trip from Alice Springs unforgettable and exciting.

Besides these places, there are some more spots where you can visit if you have enough time. Some other things to do in Alice Springs are mentioned below:

  • You can visit the Alice Springs School of the Air -Visitor’s centre, which is unique and exciting to do in Alice Springs.
  • Another exciting thing is exploring The Palm Valley in the West Macdonnell Ranges.
  • Become a part of The Araluen art galleries at Araluen arts centre. Also, join the annual Desert mob exhibition held there.
  • Explore The Finke Gorge National Park with your family and kids.
  • Also, try the spectacular places like Olgas and Kings Canyon and have some fun at their restaurants and swimming pools.

It is you can make your day trip from Alice Springs more exciting and enthusiastic. You must have liked this article on the best things to do in Alice Springs. Do let us know what to do you think of it.

To know more about Australia, keep visiting our website.

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