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How Can Bravecto Protect Your Pet

The safety of your pet is essential. And as a responsible owner, you’re always prepared to invest in quality tick and flea medication that will protect your pup from most parasites found throughout the Australian mainland.

Drugs such as Bravecto may be necessary for your puppy to thrive and to keep vet bills from increasing. Diseases caused by ticks can lead to significant complications, which in the long term, could even endanger the life of your four-legged friend. And the preventive measures you can take could be cost and time efficient.

Bravecto is a nationally recognised medication that exhibits outstanding efficacy against the majority of microorganisms that inhabit the bodies of Australian ticks and fleas. Being administered orally as chewable tablets, it is well tolerated by most pets. Moreover, it is recommended for both young pups over six months old and senior dogs who are no longer as energetic. The active ingredients in the medicine can also be used to protect cats, albeit the dosage will differ.

The medicine is approved for use in dogs weighing more than two kilograms. And a single administered tablet can protect for up to three months, offering broad coverage against most ticks or fleas in our country.

Australia is an arid place. And unfortunately, the incidence of parasites carrying dangerous bacteria is increasing. There are solutions, however. And the most effective way your pet can be protected from the dangers presented by this country’s environment is by administering regular antiparasitic drugs.

Why Should You Choose This Product?

For one, Bravecto is a systemic insecticide approved for use in Europe for some time. And in Australia, it has become a household name. The active ingredient in the product, Fluralaner, is scientifically proven to have a significant effect in treating tick and flea infestations. It can also be used as an adjuvant in managing allergic dermatitis.

For use in dogs, Fluralaner may annihilate the risk posed by Demodex canis, a parasitic mite that can cause Demodicosis. Demodicosis is an inflammation of the hair follicles of the skin, which can lead to burning sensations, itching, and the development of fluid-filled pustules.

Fluralaner prevent the appearance of scabies and is also effective against Babesia canis, a parasite that can lead to anemia, spread by the brown dog tick, endemic to Queensland and Eastern Australia.

For cats, Fluralaner is effective against ear mite infestation, and as for dogs, it can have a significant effect in the management of common allergic dermatitis. Fluralaner is one of the most efficient active ingredients that can be used against Australian parasites. And for this reason, it has become widely recommended by most veterinarians in our country.

It’s All About Long-Lasting Protection

Unlike other products found in Australian pet stores, Bravecto offers up to three months of protection per chewable tablet. And this can be a crucial advantage if you are always in a rush or your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to be constantly near your pet.

Fluralaner is effective against a broad range of parasites, can annihilate black-legged ticks and the brown dog tick variety increasingly found in the Sydney area and protects within the first twelve hours of administration. Furthermore, since it is given orally, the required dosage is always the same, and the risk of cross-contamination is reduced.

Fluralaner is an ectoparasiticide that acts against the ticks’ nervous system. Once they come into contact with the medication administered, Fluralaner targets the GABA receptors of the tick, paralysing it. Fluralaner is efficient against most species of parasitic ticks found in Australia and can disrupt their life cycle, interrupting their reproductive process and minimising the risk of further disease transmission.

Fluralaner is one of the safest anti-tick medications available in Australia, having been approved for use in our country since January 2015. And it is also among the cheapest options available on the market.

What Diseases Can Be Transmitted by Australian Ticks?

Our country is unfortunately home to countless species of ticks carrying dangerous diseases such as Babesiosis or Ehrlichiosis. Paradoxically, the most well-known tick-borne illness, Lyme Disease, is not endemic in Australia. But an increasingly pressing problem for pet owners is the accelerating rise in the ailment caused by Ixodes holocyclus, also known as the paralysis tick.

Once infected with tick paralysis, your dog may suffer a decreased degree of mobility in back leg muscles, may become more lethargic, and could, in severe cases, have difficulty breathing. And the same symptoms apply to cats.

Treatment for tick paralysis costs, on average, around $2000. But this amount could increase if the case is severe and complications arise.

Paralysis tick disease can, in extreme cases, affect your pet’s internal organs and even lead to death if the respiratory system has been damaged. To control the neurotoxic effects of Ixodes holocyclus, your vet will use Tick-Anti Serum. TAS is effective against paralytic tick infection, but at the same time, your pet’s insurance policy may not fully cover its administration.

The Best Protection for Your Pet

Unfortunately, Australia has an arid climate. And this is heaven for most tick and flea species that can spread dangerous diseases. The number of Tick paralysis, Ehrlichiosis or Babesiosis cases increases yearly, with global warming keeping their incidence on a rising path. However, there are solutions to prevent your pet from getting sick. Medications such as Bravecto can disrupt the neurological signals of parasites, neutralise them and provide long-lasting protection for your fluffy companions.

A Fluralaner tablet could completely protect against parasites for up to twelve weeks. And this can be convenient for pet owners for whom free time comes at a premium. Infection with tick-borne diseases can seriously affect your pet’s long-term health, may lead to significant vet bills, and could rob you of the company of your bundle of joy. And you should do everything in your power to prevent this.

Your dog or cat will do anything for you. And to them, you are their whole world. Taking preventive measures against the parasites found in Australian backyards may be one of the most inspired decisions you can make. And the benefits to your pet will be immense. From anemia to paralysis and even death, the diseases that can be caught from ticks are not to be trifled with. And their prevention could be far more cost-effective than the treatment necessary once symptoms appear.

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