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How to Change Language in Word: A Complete Guide

The multiple language feature in Microsoft Word has made communication more effective. But are you stuck with how to change language in Word? If yes, don’t worry! You can get all your questions solved.

With the advent of digitalization, the graph for Microsoft Word users has increased exponentially. Moreover, Microsoft Word comes with versatile features that match the needs of every individual.

In addition, every field uses this indispensable tool. Get your way through trendy features. If you choose editing languages you aren’t acquainted. No worries! You can draft your documents, proofread them, and convert them into the required language.

1. What’s the Need to Change Language in Word?

It is always important to ask yourself the need to access a feature. So why do you even need to change the default display language in Word? 

how to change language in word
Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Although English is accessible, there might be certain situations when you need to change language.

Let’s understand it in detail. 

1.1 Language Barrier in Writing

You may have a mindset of adopting the common mode of speech. But what about a person who isn’t so fluent in English? 

How to change language on Microsoft Word (2021)

The famous Netflix series “Emily in Paris” speaks a lot about language discrepancies. Businesses do suffer due to verbal and written communication.

You never know the place you work might have several people with their native language. But at the same time, it takes a way long time to learn a language right?

Although you need to know the basics the Word’s feature of desired language change can be a boon to you. You can spell-check, and format in any appropriate language you want. 

1.2 Collaboration

Now, let’s say, you work in a place where you have English speakers. But you still need to incorporate the language barrier. But how?

While attempting a collaboration, you need sales calls or cold emails. Right? But what if the person on the other side doesn’t understand English? Will you be able to convince him?

Again the only solution is the language change features that render your problem. 

How to Change Language in Windows 11 Operating System

1.3 Proofreading and Editing

There may be times when you receive documents in different languages. You may not understand this language. And if you do so, you might be working hard to grasp the words by googling.

Why invest much time in getting hard on you? When you have the excellent language feature in Microsoft Word itself.

You can change the language of the whole page. Or may stay calm for the multilingual document. Because you can move ahead section by section.

Microsoft Word | Enhance Your Proofreading with Editor

2. How to Change Language in Word In Windows? 

The language change options can be overwhelming sometimes. It’s not because it is so difficult. Rather there are several features for different tasks. 

Identify your requirement and then get through it. I assure you, it’s quite an easy task.

2.1 Changing Default Language

In Microsoft Word, the default language is always set to English. So, let’s understand how to change the editing language in Word, according to our convenience.

Advanced Microsoft Word - Formatting Your Document

2.1.1 Open Microsoft Word

You can just type “Microsoft Word” in your search bar. You will find the option popping out. Just double-click on it to get started.

2.1.2 Access Word Option

When diving into the Word file, click the “File tab”. In addition, you can find the “File Tab” in the top left corner of the word.

Further, click “Options” in the left bottom of the navigation menu. Select the option and a dialog box appears.

Change Proofing / Spell Check Language in Microsoft Word | Set Default Language

2.1.3 Get Your Preferred Language

  • Click the language option on the left-hand side of the navigation menu. 
  • Now, you select your preferred language from the drop-down menu in the “Choose Display and Help Languages” section. Thus, this changes the language of your whole document.
  • Additionally, you can even add your preferred language. Just click the “Add additional editing language button” in the “preferred editing languages” section.
  • You can see a list of available languages. Then you can select the language you want to add for editing
  • Once selected, click Add
  • Moreover, you can even set it as your default language by selecting the “Set as Default” button.

2.1.4 Confirm Changes

After, making the required changes, Click “OK” to confirm. And apply the changes.

How to Change the Language Settings in Microsoft Word 2019 | Changing the Default Language in Word

2.2 Change Language in Word for Specific Selected Text

Some projects need changes in specified selected areas. Here is a step-by-step guide to do it:

2.2.1 Open Microsoft Word

You have to open Microsoft Word by searching in the search bar. After getting results just click it to open the page.

How to open Ms office (Ms word) in windows 10.

2.2.2 Select the Text

The next step is to select the text or the area where you want to see the language to change the display. Click and drag your mouse to select that specific area.

Note – If you want to change the language for the whole document, you can use the steps mentioned for the whole document.

2.2.3 Review Tab

Further, move to the review tab in the word ribbon. Click the language group. Then click on the “language” option.

2.2.4 Choose Language

A drop-down list of different available languages is displayed. You can scroll through the system language below to find your preferred language.

Select and click on it. Click “OK” and then you can see new language settings in the already selected language test area.

How to change language by press a shortcut key in ms word

2.2.5 Save Your Document

Once done with the language setting, proofread it once. Then go to the “File” menu and click “Save” or “Save As” to save your work.

How to change the language in Microsoft Word

2.3 Language-Specific Styles

There may be situations when you need to apply language-specific styles. This can be an important step if you have text in different languages.

2.3.1 Open MS Word

You can also help language and launch Microsoft Word, by searching it in the search option. Further, you can open the document that needs to be changed to a specific language.

How to Change Language in Windows 11 Operating System

2.3.2 Select the Text

You can hover, click, and drag the mouse to select the text you need to change. If you want to format a paragraph or section, just click on it.

2.3.3 Format Text

  • Move to the styles group in the Home Tab.
  • Click the more button present in the bottom right corner of the styles group.

2.3.4 Apply the Required Style

  • Scroll to the list of styles and find the language-specific style. 
  • Click on the desired style to apply it to that specified text.

2.3.5 Review and Save Your Document

After formatting the chosen language for the required area. Proofread once and edit if needed. Moreover, you should run a spelling and grammar check.

MS Word - Styles and Outline

2.4 How to Change Language-Specific Section? 

The language-specific section is the feature that is needed when you are dealing with different sections. The steps are:

  • Open the Word document by typing in the search button. 
  • Place the cursor at the end of the part in which you want to change the settings.
  • Now go to the “Layout” tab and click the “Breaks” dropdown menu in the page setup group
  • Select the Next page in Section Break
  • You can now add language from the language group and then confirm the language change.
  • You can now review, edit, and save the document when the requirement for language-specific sections is fulfilled.

How to Change Language in Microsoft Word back to English

2.5 How to Change Language Packs? 

Now, when you frequently work with documents, some advanced language-specific features may be needed. Right? 

Thus, you can do this easily by installing language packs for Microsoft Office. This office authoring languages provides a clear language support system. 

Further, it gives a crisp view of spell-check, grammar-check, and language-specific tools.

How to download and install Microsoft Office language packs

Here are the steps to manage this feature too:

2.5.1 Find Appropriate Language Packs

You can just open Microsoft Word. Then click the File tab and then select language options. You can now move to the “language” category in the word options window.

Go to the “Office Display Language” section to find additional editing languages. 

2.5.2 Install the Language Pack

After you find the appropriate language package for you, just click the “Install additional languages from Office.com” link.

This will redirect you to the web browser where you can download your required language package.

2.5.3 Change Language

Getting your required language, now you can hop into the language category. Find the Choose Display and Help languages and select “Display Language”. Finally, you can change the language as described above.

Installing Language Pack for MS Office | Change Office Interface Language

3. Common Troubleshooting

While changing to a new display language you can even face some problems that can hinder your word. Here are a few troubleshooting tips that can save you time.

3.1 Missing Language 

If you find any language that isn’t available in the language section, you can always add additional language.

[Solved] Hindi Font Problem in MS Word

3.2 Language Compatibility Issue

Although you must have an updated system, you need to always check the compatibility of the language pack with the version in your operating system first.

Fix: Microsoft word language keeps changing to French/Spanish

3.3 Changes Don’t Implement

At times you may find that the words haven’t implemented the changes. However, in such cases, it’s better to restart “Word”. This will solve your issue.

Cannot change Word language on windows - Fix language doesn't change while set correctly

4. Key Takeaway

Microsoft Word is a common tool used in business, education, medical, and whatnot due to its smooth user interface. Thus, the language barrier cannot be a hurdle in working with Word. 

By following the methods discussed above you can deal with the language setting effectively.

Moreover, this can help you in drafting content in foreign languages and proofreading different languages. What’s more? Get back into your work! And explore each feature for a different language, to enhance your content.


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